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									John Farr

Film Advocate, Moderator, and Columnist

In a clear, engaging way, John Farr can synthesize movies and the media like no one else. He began his
career as an ad executive, rising at Ogilvy & Mather to Senior Partner. There, Farr branded and sold everything from airline tickets to feminine hygiene products. Clients included AT&T, Kimberly-Clark, Starwood Hotels, Seagram, and the famous “I Love New York” campaign. After nearly twenty years on Madison Avenue, Farr departed to pursue his first love: identifying and promoting the best of film–old and new, domestic and foreign. What started as a popular local movie club and newspaper column is now a multi-media enterprise called “Best Movies by Farr.” Farr’s mission is to de-mystify great film, applying engrained selling techniques to promote the best movies available, particularly those prone to being overlooked or forgotten. In a world that’s increasingly on-demand, Farr is convinced the standard question, “What’s Out?” will soon become: “What’s Great?” And now via lectures, a website and a blog, he helps viewers answer that question more easily and accurately, according to their own moods and tastes. Selected by as a “Favorite Website of the Niche and Famous,” lists close to 1,5oo timeless film titles on DVD, searchable by genre, mood, decade, actor, director, even country. Farr’s blog,, includes writings, commentary and discussion on the merits of his picks, and other film-related issues. In 2oo3, Farr also co-founded the Avon Theatre Film Center in Stamford, Connecticut—a non-profit cinema showing independent, foreign, and classic films. At the Avon, Farr has interviewed an impressive range of today’s best film actors and directors. The following year, he launched “DVD Detective,” a weekly film column for the Tribune Company’s Stamford Advocate. As a sought-out speaker and moderator, Farr features customized talks, applying the messages of outstanding films to the education and awareness of young people, as well as suggesting healthier movie diets for adults. His lectures are brilliantly laced with insights on film, and he’s darn funny too. Just this year, the Tribeca Film Festival tapped John to host and moderate several of their high-profile screenings. With 7o,ooo+ DVDs and so many “bigger, louder, faster” titles in release, Farr mixes the top current offerings with enduring older films, whose human stories usually play out in slower, subtler ways. A Princeton graduate, Farr speaks to an intelligent, curious audience under-represented in current Hollywood entertainment, encouraging and empowering them to see a great movie every time.

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The topics for John Farr’s presentations reflect years of experience within the intensely competitive world of Madison Avenue as a communications consultant and account manager, then later as a leading film critic, columnist and founder of “Best Movies by Farr.” Audiences respond enthusiastically to the insights, analysis and practical instruction John offers as he applies his distinctive style and perspective to each individualized program. The City in Film: Around the World in 20 Minutes Engaging glimpse into how cities and their inhabitants are portrayed throughout the world, and the human themes and conditions these portrayals reflect. (Customizable) What Our Kids Watch, And What We Can Do About It In an age of mega-violence and lowest common denominator entertainment targeting our children, this timely talk suggests how parents can use great films to strike a more appropriate balance in their kids’ overall development. Great Movies, Good Health Via specific examples and clips, explores how film can positively affect your physical and emotional well-being.

John Farr
Previous Engagements (Partial listing) Film Festivals Tribeca Film Festival (host/moderator) Colleges & Universities University of Pennsylvania University of Connecticut Schools/Museums St. Mark’s School Children’s Museum

Film Advocate, Moderator, and Columnist

Testimonials: “It’s wonderful to have a website devoted to someone’s opinion of great films, in all categories, if you really respect who that someone is. John Farr is a passionate lover of films, and Best Movies by Farr is a grand website.” Gene Wilder, actor/director “John Farr knows film, and he knows great films that have been largely forgotten. This is an indispensable guide for movie-lovers.” Eric Schlosser, author Fast Food Nation “John’s depth of experience and passion for film was apparent from the moment we initiated a project with him. John’s keen understanding of our residents’ demographics resulted in films that were right on target.” Jessica Rohm, Managing Director, The Sunshine Group, Ltd. Published Columnist

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Life’s Lessons In Great Film And Marketing Secrets
As an experienced marketing consultant, John knows the tricks of the trade and the power of suggestion found in great films - and the boardroom. Using evocative film clips, John suggests how to energize your industry and encourage leadership creativity and assertiveness in the work environment. (Customizable)

Community/Associations Bedford, NY Historical Society Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich Private Clubs Maidstone Club Piping Rock Club Jupiter Island Club Bedford Golf & Tennis Club The Union Club, New York City Country Club of Fairfield Loblolly Club ( The vast majority of clubs have re-booked) Lectures Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Pride of America” (On board lecture series) Theatres Westport Playhouse Avon Theatre Some of Farr’s high-profile celebrity interviews include: Paul Newman Tim Robbins Gene Wilder Robert Altman Joanne Woodward Robert Altman Chevy Chase Barry Levinson Seymour Cassel Charles Grodin Campbell Scott

Examining Current Events
A timely look at the domestic and international scene of “Art Imitating Life.” (Customizable)

Films And The Art Of Story-Telling
Reviews how great films teach universal life lessons, and the unique communications impact of sight, sound and motion.

Timeless Film In A New Century Over 100 articles on timeless films. View these and more at Noir At Its Noirest Hitchcock in Dying Color Presidential Pictures The Heist Picture The Lure of Strong Women War is Hell Films On Trial: Top Courtroom Dramas Accessing Ingmar Bergman Divine Documentaries Best Movies By Farr Online Enhancements ~ Short reviews available in text, audio and video formats for downloading to PCs, iPods and cell phones leveraging John’s upbeat, amusing style in advocating the best movies available. ~ Active blog and pod-casting components to build further awareness, audience, and loyalty ~ Conceptual development of a review show TV pilot
(adults and students) Specific movie screenings, including detailed introductions, trivia contests and post-film Q&A sessions. (Customizable) Getting More Out Of Movies In An On-Demand World With accelerating advances in technology, a media maelstrom is consuming today’s popular culture, bringing limitless choice–and highly uneven quality. John helps navigate and make sense of this bewildering new landscape, and promotes informed movie viewing as an antidote.

Farr is also available for corporate retreats to inspire and boost employee morale by teaching teamwork demonstrated through the best of film.

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