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Minutes for October Meeting


									County Council Minutes October 9 2007
Chelsey Rogers called our meeting to order. She also lead us in our pledges. We welcomed new guest, Haley Beauchamp. We talked about State Council Conference, ARI Academy, and SOMK Part 2. We recognized Chelsey Rogers and Haley Beauchamp for their "Best of Shows" in the county fair, and that Chelsey’s Oil painting went on to the state fair. We had nominations for Parliamentarian. Olivia Rogers nominated Kesi Murray for parliamentarian and Kesi accepted. We talked about "Favorite Food Show" and suggested to hold it on November 16. The adults agreed. We also suggested holding the Annual Awards and Recognition Night on February 12 and the adults agreed, and hold the Fashion/talent Show on March 14. We decided to hold County Activity Day on *May 13*and start at 6:00 instead of 7:00 to have more time for presentations and public speaking. We also suggested holding the different ages in different rooms. We suggested to hold a public speaking contest on January 8. We talked about 2008 District Activity Day at Scotland High School, June 26 and 2008 4-H Congress which is July 21-25. We voted our new County Council Officers: President- Ashley Williams Vice President- Olivia Rogers Secretary/Treasurer- Emma Brown Reporter- Chelsey Rogers Parliamentarian- Kesi Murray We adjourned our meeting at 7:52 (before the adults)

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