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					Unique Wedding Invitations for Unique People Like You! Have your unique wedding invitations reflect you and your fiancé’s individual personalities. You don’t want boring, generic wedding invitations that your friends and family will just toss over to the side when they open the envelope, do you? You want wedding invitations that will pop! That will wow your guests and have them posting your invite to their corkboards, like a decorative painting or a forever keepsake. Let the world know about your special day with unique wedding invitations, which speak volumes about you and your fiancé’s individual personalities. So, let’s get started. Below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing in order to create the most unique wedding invitations perfect for you. Colors! Colors! Colors! Forget about the plain white or cream paper with the fancy shmancy, difficult to read font to match the overly ornate calligraphy on the envelope. Nowadays, anything goes! Think bright, fun and colorful. So, if your favorite color combination is purple and green, give it a shot! Try avocado colored cardstock with an amusing eggplant colored font. Keep in mind you want a color combination that is, of course, aesthetically pleasing to your guests, but one that both you and your finance adore, as well. Our advice: Just stay away from the color “puce.” Seriously. Nobody likes the color puce. The best thing about modern invitations is that they can be more than just words on paper. Much more. When you choose your unique wedding invitations, think about incorporating a theme. For example, let’s say you are getting married in the winter. If winter weddings always seem to invoke images of crisp white snowflakes wafting through a pretty sky blue horizon, go with it! Use snowflakes as your theme and have little snowflake graphics make appearances throughout the coordinating pieces. This means that not only will your invites feature a delicate snowflake design, but your unique save the dates cards (or magnets!), wedding programs, maps, envelopes and perhaps even the stamps will feature the same and/or similar snowflake theme. Cohesion is a beautiful thing. Your friends and family know you, but how well? Do they know how you and your fiancé met? Do they know about the interests you have in common? It’s time to get personal. Let them in and allow your guests to know a little bit more about you and your partner by incorporating your shared interests in your wedding invitations. For example, is conservation an important issue both you and your fiancé hold dear to your hearts? Well, not only do your part for the environment, but let your friends and family know how important being green is to the both of you by printing your invitations on recycled paper or even plantable seed paper. With seed paper, your guests will see for themselves how eco-chic you are; plus, they will be able to plant flowers from your invitations! Now that is truly unforgettable. To make your wedding invitations really reflect your individual personalities, be original and don’t settle for the pre-written versus you find in the catalogs. Use your own voice and write from your heart. Let your guests know how important this day is and how their attendance will add to the joy and excitement of the event. So, take your time. Sit down with your sweetie and brainstorm. What do you want your wedding invitations to say about you as a couple? Remember, you not only want your invites to be informative, you want them to set the tone of your wedding and really tell people that this will not be your average, run-ofthe-mill wedding. No way! Your wedding will be a party that no one will forget. Unique wedding invitations are the first step to a really extraordinary wedding day.

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Description: Have your unique wedding invitations reflect you and your fianc�’s individual personalities.