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									This Bill of Sale for a Pet is a written acknowledgement of the transfer of ownership of a
pet from a Seller to a Buyer. The document includes the terms, and conditions of the
sale. This document contains both standard clauses, and opportunities for the use of
optional terms and conditions, making it fully customizable to fit the needs of the
contracting parties. This document should be used by individuals that want to buy or
sell an interest in a pet.

THIS AGREEMENT IS EFFECTIVE, as of the ________ day of ___________, 201____.

B E T W E E N:

                            (hereinafter referred to as the “Vendor” or "Seller")

      1A N D :

                            (hereinafter referred to as the “Purchaser” or "New Owner")

          WHEREAS the Vendor and the Purchaser have entered into an agreement of purchase
and sale wherein the Vendor has agreed, to sell, assign and transfer to the Purchaser, and the
Purchaser has agreed to purchase from the Vendor, a certain Pet owned by the Vendor (the
“Pet”). This pet is described and identified as follows:____________________________.
{Instruction: Describe the animal. Species; sex; age, if known; any identifying marks; an ID
chip, if any; the pedigree or papers of the animal, if any, if the Seller is representing that the
animal is a purebred, the animal's parents, if relevant, etc..}

         NOW THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration and the sum of
_________________ ($________) Dollars now paid by the Purchaser to the Vendor pursuant to
this Agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by the Vendor,
which consideration includes the consideration for the transfer of the Pet hereinafter referred to,
the Vendor hereby grants, bargains, sells, assigns, transfers, conveys and sets over unto the
Purchaser, its successors and assigns, the Pet.

        The Vendor covenants, promises and agrees with the Purchaser that the Pet is owned by
the Vendor as beneficial owner thereof with a good and marketable title thereto, free and clear of
any encumbrances or other claims whatsoever.

{Instruction: Select either of the 2 paragraphs, below. Delete or cross out the paragraph that
is not used}
          The Vendor makes no warranties as to the health or condition of the Pet.

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        Vendor warranties that Pet is currently in good health. Pet was last examined by a
veterinarian on _______________, 201___. Other than the following health conditions, the
veterinarian has identified no other current medical issues with this animal.
{Instruction: List any relevant medical issues discovered by a veterinarian, if an exam was
performed prior to the sale}


        Vendor makes no additional warranties as to the health or condition of the Pet. New
Owner may, however, at New Owner's sole expense, bring Pet to a licensed veterinarian for an
examination within ____ days of the date this Agreement is signed. If this examination reveals
any health issues for the Pet, then New Owner will have the option of returning the Pet to Seller
for a full refund. In this case, New Owner will return the Pet to Seller, along with a written
report from the veterinarian with his or her medical findings. For New Owner to receive any
refund, he or she must inform Seller of the intent to return Pet within ____ days of when New
Owner receives the veterinarian's report.

{Instruction: If this Warranty paragraph is used, Seller should consider the pros and cons of
giving New Owner an unreasonbly short or a long period of time to do this vet examination. A
few days is probably not enough time to set up an appointment with a vet and then receive a
report. On the other hand; giving an extended period, like a year or longer, may show health
issues that were not present at the time of sale, or ones that were caused by poor treatment of
the Pet by the New Owner. If Seller decides to give a warranty, he or she is encouraged to pick
a time limit of a few weeks to a few months.}

        This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the
State of ______________________. In the event of a dispute, Parties agree to submit to the
jurisdiction of the county of ________________.

         IN WITNESS WHEREOF this Indenture has been executed by the Vendor as of the
day and year first above-mentioned.

in the presence of:


                                                        Buyer/New                            Owner

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