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John D. Wood Chapter 201.066 P.O. Box 16932 • Mobile, Alabama • 36616

The Wood-Pile
February 2002

Message From the President OFFICERS
President ITC V.M. Diemert Vice President ET1 B. Jaet Secretary QM1 P. Mathews Treasurer SKC Brantley Chaplain MS2 Tom Christian Newsletter ITC V.M. Diemert

"We Stand By You"

I am pleased to announce arrangements have been made for us to conduct our
Chapter Meeting at the Anchor & Shield club on the Coast Guard base at Brookley field. This months meeting will be held at

1900. We are trying to increase our drill deck participation and conducting our business at A&S, along with scheduling our meetings during drill weekend will help us maximize the participation. Don’t miss it. Make plans to attend. Lon Heinrichs has been very gracious in allowing us to meet at his place. He always provides snacks, coffee & drinks. The Chapter owes him a great deal of gratitude & appreciation. Thank you
shipmate, from all of us. NERA now has its own bulletin board at the Reserve Center thanks to the new C.O.

Upcoming Events Calendar
February African American February 23rd 1900, Chapter
Meeting at Anchor & Shield Club, Coast Guard Base, Mobile March Women’s History Month April 25th, 28th Military Historians Conference, Mobile, AL Info 251-208-7741 May 3rd, 4th Southeast Regional Conference, Memphis, TN, Info 770- 477-2481 May 18th, 19th Culinary Jubilee, Info 251-342-4386 July 4th Sail Mobile, Mobile River October 23rd, 27th 45th Annual National Conference, Newport, RI Info (733) 239-6462 History Month

Secretary of the Navy Gordon England hosted a group of visiting German naval officers at the Pentagon, Feb. 1. Among the group were the German naval attaché, Capt. Arnim Dischereit, and Cmdr. Michael Meding, commanding officer of the German destroyer GFS Lutjens (D-185) . On Sept. 14, three days after last year's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Lutjens sailed past USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81) from the port of Portsmouth, England, with the German Sailors manning the rails in dress blues and an American flag flying at half-mast from the German destroyer's mast. Lutjens also displayed a large handwritten sign that read: "We stand by you." The gesture brought tears to the eyes of Churchill's crew and illustrated the outpouring of international support for the United States following the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. "This was more than just a gesture to Churchill, this was a gesture to the United States Navy and to the American people on behalf of the German Navy and the German people," Secretary England said during the visit. After learning of the gesture, Mr. England requested to meet with the German officers to offer his gratitude on behalf of the Navy and the American people for Germany's unforgettable show of support. "Both at home and abroad, we shall persevere along our course, however the winds may blow." — Sir Winston Churchill, Sept. 5, 1940.
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This will be a valuable tool in keeping the entire drill deck informed. Our newsletter will be posted along with announcements, membership info and contact information. We need a volunteer to keep the board up to date. We will find one at the upcoming Chapter meeting. Don’t delay, when you get the notice – RENEW! And, sign that shipmate up too.
“Each One, Reach One”

Chapter in Action

Morale, Welfare, Recreation
Coast Guard Base, Mobile

Alterations Service Deputy Executive Director, SKCM (Ret) Gene Brown gave an in depth briefing on the recent National Executive Councils meeting in Memphis. It was informative and we are honored to have Gene as a member of John D. Wood. LCDR Riehms & LCDR Hardesty attended the meeting. Both have a tremendous commitment to the development of young sailors & reliance on leadership from senior enlisted. Captain Riehms conveyed his desire to concentrate on our young sailors. His thinking, which focuses on the new sailor, draws on experience & includes all is out of the box thinking. We are looking forward to both of their involvement & leadership.
The seamstress will be at the Exchange every Thursday from 1200 to 1400 to pick up clothing, measure for fittings, etc., & will return the items the following Thursday. You don't need to call for an appointment, just show up. A price list is available at Admin.

Discount Movie Tickets Movie tickets for Carmike Cinema's are on sale at the moral locker for $4.50, sure beats paying $6.50 for an evening show! Bay Bear Tickets Spend your nights at Bay Bear Stadium! Tickets are only $5.00. Dauphin Island

Cottages 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, central heat & air conditioning, satellite television, electric stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee pot, toaster, blender, beds (sleeps 10), sofa, chairs, dinette, cooking utensils, tableware, pots and pans, dishes, picnic tables, barbecue grills, linens, blankets, pillows, towels.

NEW! Check it out!

Sail Mobile!
July 3, 2002 will Mark the first time In modern history That a fleet of tall sailing ships will enter the Gulf of Mexico, but this Time they won’t Be carrying invading armies. Aboard will be friendly crews from around the world spreading good will and the spirit of international cooperation. Leading the Parade of Sail up the Mobile River on July 4th will be the U.S. Coast Guard’s EAGLE, the largest tall ship flying the Stars and Stripes and the only square-rigger in U.S. government service. EAGLE serves as a seagoing classroom for approximately 175 cadets and instructors from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. To maneuver the 295’ EAGLE under sail, the crew must handle more than 22,000 square feet of sail and five miles of rigging. Several other tall ships have committed to join the Sail Mobile!-A Salute to the Sea event from July 3rd-7th and dozens (if not hundreds) of smaller ships are expected to participate in the regatta. This spectacular maritime event will be filled with pageantry and nostalgia and visitors to Mobile’s waterfront will be able to see up close these “noblest of man’s machines,” as American Sail Training Association refers to the ships. They represent a hands-on, direct link to the past, especially for visitors who spend time on deck. Few sights are as majestic as the armada of brigs, barques, schooners and sloops; both under sail and berthed along the waterfront! Along with the Parade of Sail and free tours of the ships, several other events are planned for Sail Mobile-A Salute to the Sea! For more information call 251-342-4386 or visit

(Partial meeting notes-Chapter Meeting-January 24th, 2002) Chapter to draw up resolution to National to study feasibility of $10.00 membership incremental dues or dues based on rank or time in service or members not wanting to receive The Mariner Magazine. 27TH February next issue of The Mariner to be published. Fund raiser discussed, 50-50 raffle – 200 tickets winner & Chapter to split pot. Drawing of winner only after all tickets sold. CDR Riehm, C.O. of the Reserve center requested the Chapter look into the possibility organizing of Chiefs in the area, drill deck & retired in developing a Chiefs mentoring program for young sailors.

A Few Minutes

There's No Cold War Medal for Legal Wear on Uniform NNS020201-02 2/1/2002 By Army Staff Sgt. Marcia Triggs, Special to the Navy News Service WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Department of Defense will not be creating a Cold War Service medal, and commemorative medals being sold by private vendors are not authorized for wear on military uniforms, defense officials said. "After careful consideration, it was decided not to create a medal," said Brad Loo, deputy director of Officer and Enlisted Management Personnel for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. "Throughout the Cold War years, commanders used a full spectrum of individual, unit and service awards to recognize the achievements and sacrifices of service members," he said. Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen approved a Cold War Recognition Certificate in 1999, and the Army, as executive agent, has been responsible for issuing them to any eligible applicant. The certificate recognizes all service members and federal employees who faithfully served in the U.S. military during the Cold War era, Loo added. For certificate purposes, that era is the end of World War II, Sept. 2, 1945, to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Dec. 26, 1991. Last year, someone began sending e-mail to people informing them of the approval of a Cold War medal, as shown in an attached picture, said Arlette King, chief of policy for the Army Award Branch. "We've tried to correct the issue by putting out messages on our Web site stating that there is not an authorized medal," King said. Several different designs of medals are offered on the Internet -- and even at military clothing sales stores. "This is America. Anyone can purchase the commemorative medal from private vendors, just not wear it on his or her uniform." The only official site to apply for a Cold War Recognition Certificate is the Army's Web site at Any other sites offering certificates, replicas or other commemoratives for sale are neither official nor endorsed by Department of Defense or any of the individual services.

Medicare Premium Increases Set for 2002 Premiums for Medicare Part B will increase to $54 monthly in 2002. Hospital deductibles will increase to $812. In addition, coinsurance for hospitalization will be $203 a day for the 61st through 90th day of each benefit period, & $406 a day for the 91st through 150th day for each lifetime reserve day. Also, skilled nursing facility coinsurance will rise to $101.50 a day for the 21st through 100th day of each benefit period. E Upcoming Retiree Seminar There is an Upcoming Retiree Seminar to be held in the Spring of 2002 at CBC Gulfport in the Smith Theatre. It will begin at 0800 and finish at Noon. For the latest information call 228-871-3000 Extension 35 or email Extra Duty Pay & Benefits Some active duty & reserve component troops may qualify under federal law for extra duty pay & benefits for their contributions in the war on terrorism. Reservists called to active duty by President Bush Sept. 14 in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks on the New York World Trade Center & the Pentagon are eligible for a variety of contingency benefits. Military commanders & unit personnel offices determine service members' eligibility for contingency pay and benefits.

ITc Said
On the 2nd to last day of deer season I was fortunate enough to bag a 180lb 10 point buck in Atmore. My firearm of choice was a sleek 2002 Geo Metro, courtesy of Enterprise Rent A Car. It is no longer serviceable. It was totaled. Unfortunately, only 20lbs of meat was able to be harvested. The rack went with a passing hunter who happened by to see what the commotion was all about. We found the tail and it is now a good luck charm. I am not much of a hunter but do I plan to give venison chili a go. Judging from what people have been telling me, I am not much of a driver either. I was very lucky. Count blessings friends, wear your seatbelts. Life is unpredictable.


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