Pet Sitting Service Agreement

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									This Pet Sitting Service Agreement is an agreement between a pet sitter and a client for
the provision of pet sitting services. This document contains the material terms and
conditions of the agreement including the services to be provided, payment details, and
representations and warranties of the sitter. The agreement contains numerous
standard provisions and may be customized to address the specific needs of the
parties. This document should be used by pet sitters and their clients when providing

            THIS PET SITTING SERVICES AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”)
made this ____ day of ___________, 2________, by and between
_____________________ (the “Client”) and ______________________ (the “Sitter”).

                  WHEREAS, the Client is desirous of obtaining the services of the Sitter;

                  AND WHEREAS the Sitter provides pet sitting services (the “Services”)
to individuals;

              AND WHEREAS, the Sitter shall provide the Services to the Client on the
terms and conditions contained herein.

               NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and of the mutual
promises and covenants contained herein, and for other good and valuable consideration,
the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the Sitter and the Client hereto agree as

1.00              SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED

        1.01        The Sitter shall provide the Services to the Client in respect of the
Client’s __________________________________ (enter pets) pets (the “Pets”).

        1.02           The Sitter and the Client hereby agree that the Sitter shall visit the
Client’s residence located at ______________________, ______ (___) times daily to
provide the Services to the Pets.

        1.03           The Sitter and the Client hereby agree a fuel charge shall be added
to the amount(s) due and owing to the Sitter, in respect of the Sitter traveling to the
Client’s residence to perform the Services.

       1.04          The Sitter and the Client hereby agree that the Services to be
performed by the Sitter for and on behalf of the Client are contained in Schedule “A”
attached hereto.

       1.05          The Client hereby acknowledges that the Client’s information and
information regarding the Client’s Pets contained on Schedule “B” attached hereto is

        1.06            The Client shall provide to the Sitter, prior to the commencement
of the Services, a key to the front door of the residence for the purposes of the Sitter to
carry out all of the Services contemplated herein.

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        1.07           The Sitter hereby agrees that it shall deliver the key to the Client’s
residence, directly to the Client, upon the Client’s return and the Sitter hereby further
agrees that he/she shall not reproduce a copy of such key or distribute the key to any
other party.
        1.08           The Sitter and the Client hereby agree that this Agreement shall
remain valid for the purposes of the Sitter providing Services to the Client in the future,
save and except for any agreed upon amendments to the Services to be provided and fees
to be provided to the Sitter.


       2.01             The Sitter hereby represents and warrants to the Client as follows:

               (i)      the Sitter shall provide the Services contemplated herein in a
                        professional and trustworthy manner;
               (ii)     the Sitter shall not at any time diagnose or provide any veterinary
                        services to the Pets;
               (iii)    the Sitter shall take any and all Pets which the Sitter in his/her sole
                        discretion believe require medical services or attention from a
                        qualified veterinarian and any such services provided by a
                        qualified veterinarian to the Pets shall be paid for by the Client;
               (iv)     the Sitter shall not provide the Services to any Pets which are ill,
                        have uncontrolled medical problems or who are aggressive;
               (v)      the Sitter cannot accept time specific calls from the Client;
               (vi)     the Sitter shall prescribe all medications required to the Pets as
                        close as possible to the required times;
               (vii)    the Sitter shall terminate all Services contemplated under this
                        Agreement due to any safety concerns of the Sitter; and
               (viii)   the Sitter has in place and will maintain liability insurance in
                        respect of the Services to be performed.

       2.02             The Client hereby represents and warrants to the Sitter as follows:

               (i)      all of the Pets of the Client have a qualified veterinarian and all of
                        the Pets have their current rabies shots and all vaccinations are up-


        3.01            The Client hereby agrees that any and all amounts due and owing
to the Sitter shall be paid promptly by the Client to the Sitter within ____ (___) days of
the Client’s receipt of an invoice for Services from the Sitter.

       3.02           The Client hereby further agrees that any and all additional or
unforeseen Services provided by the Sitter, including but not limited to, veterinary visits,

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food or supplies, shall be invoiced to the Client by the Sitter, and the Client shall pay
such additional Services and expenses promptly to the Sitter within _____ (___) days of
the Client’s receipt of any invoice for additional Services or expenses.

        3.03         The Client hereby agrees that any and all returned checks shall be
subject to a ___________ ($______) Dollar service charge, payable by the Client.

       3.04           The Client hereby agrees that the Client shall be responsible for all
charges incurred should a Client fail to cancel a schedule visit by the Sitter. All
cancellations must be directed to the Sitter via telephone or voice mail within ______
(___) hours before such scheduled visit by the Sitter.

       IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Agreement to be
executed as of the date first above written,

DATED this _________day of ____________, 20___.

Witness:                                             (Client)

Witness:                                             (Sitter)

or if Sitter is a Company


                                                     I have     authority   to   bind   the

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                                SCHEDULE “A”


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                                  SCHEDULE “B”

                             CLIENT INTAKE FORM

Client Name:


Telephone:                                 Email:


Emergency Contact Information:



Special Instructions in Respect of Pets:

Any Health or Medical Concerns for Pets:

Name of Veterinary:

Address:                                            Telephone:

Date and Time of Departure:

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Date of Return:

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