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									A Certificate of Completion is a document which is completed by a contractor or
engineer which states that certain construction has been completed and in accordance
with the detailed specifications of the underlying agreement. This form is intended to
provide standard language, including a clause about the total cost of the construction
completed, but can also be customized to fit the needs of the contractor or engineer
drafting the document.
                      CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION
                         Construction Completion Certificate No: __

THE UNDERSIGNED, ___________________ (the “Contractor/Engineer”), hereby certifies
that the construction completed pursuant to Servicing Agreement No: ________, dated the
_______ day of ______________, 2_______, between __________________ (the “Owner”) and
______________________ Contractor/Engineer, has been completed in its entirety as of the
_____ day of _______________, 2_______.

1.     Contractor/Engineer hereby certifies that all construction completed is in compliance
with the provisions of the Servicing Agreement, including but not limited to, all specifications,
amendments, and drawings.

2.     Contractor/Engineer further certifies that all payments due and owing to any and all
employees of Contractor/Engineer and to any other third parties in respect of the completion of
the construction, have been paid in full.

3.      Contractor/Engineer has obtained full and final releases from all suppliers, who provided
services or material to Contractor/Engineer in its performance of the construction contemplated
in the Servicing Agreement and certifies that there are no liens by any supplier or subcontractor.

4.     Any and all defects in workmanship or materials used for or in connection with the
construction completed have been corrected.

5.    The total cost of the construction              completed    by   Contractor/Engineer     is
_____________________ dollars ($_______).

DATED this ____ day of _______________, _______.


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