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					February 2009

Feb 4 (Wed) Dad’s Day 3’s & Pre-K Rm 2 Feb 5 (Thur) Dad’s Day Early 3’s & Pre-K Rm 1 Feb 12 (Thur) Valentine’s Parties Early 3’s & Pre-K Feb 13 (Fri) Valentine’s Parties 3’s AM & PM Feb 16 (Mon) No School President’s Day

Our Mission: "To provide a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters within each child a lifelong love of learning, self-confidence, and respect for others and the world around them."

Dear LCNS Parents and families…

Mark your calendars for our annual fundraiser Saturday, March 14th, LCNS Sham-Rock the House. An evening filled with food, drinks, music & dancing. Just wait and see all the incredible items you can bid on in the silent auction!



Feb 27 (Fri) No School Teacher In-Service

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Early 3’s 3’s AM & PM Pre-K Music Corner Calendar 2 2 3 4 5


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Early 3’s
For the parents: We have many fun activities planned for February! Please remember Dad's Day is 2/5 from 9-9:30 and our Valentine's party is 2/12 from 11-11:30. The children will have a valentine exchange before the party. Please send your child to school with valentine cards signed with their name, but do not label the names of the children in the class. This makes for a much easier valentine exchange! Theme: Colors/Valentine's Day/Dinosaurs Our goal this month is to learn our colors! Each day will be a different color and we encourage you to dress you child in the color of the day! For those of you who have scheduled snack days, feel free to bring in colored snacks that coordinate with the day. Some of our projects include orange carrots, yellow clowns, pink pigs, green dinosaurs and rainbows. The media table will be filled with dinosaurs.

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Books for February: Yellow Hippo, Bonnie's Blue House, Color Zoo, Red Is Best, and One Very Best Valentine Day Days and Colors: 2/3 yellow 2/5 blue (Dad's Day) 2/10 purple/pink 2/12 red (Valentine's party) 2/17 green 2/19 orange 2/24 black/white 2/26 rainbow

3’s AM & PM
The 3’s will keep moving and warm this February with the fun topics of poetry, colors, friendship and the very popular dinosaurs! Social Studies/Literacy February gives us two wonderful opportunities to celebrate and enjoy important people in our lives. First is Dad’s th Day on the 4 . The children are all excited for their Dad to visit. We are making special surprises and have a fun project to complete with the dads in the classroom. The children have been sharing about their dads to write stories. These stories are a first step in their literacy development--to see their words in print. The book Dad Makes the Best Spaghetti is a fun way to celebrate dads too. Valentine’s Day allows us to celebrate friendship and our families and to share our feelings with important people in our lives. We will create a class mailbox and write letters to friends and family all through the month. A child writing their own letters gives them an opportunity to put their ideas on paper, whether they are at the early stage of random marks on the page, are ready to make letters, or perhaps write their name. For our Valentine’s party the children are encouraged to bring a Valentine card for each of their school friends. Please have your child sign the card (if they are interested let them do some) but please do not put names on the outside, this makes it easier for the children to pass them out to their friends. Books this month will highlight the beauty and fun of color in our world. Remember to read our class board each day to see the daily book, here are some highlights of this month: A Color of His Own, The Dot, and Little Blue and Little Yellow. We will also have dinosaur books, How Do Dino’s Eat Their Food? and Can I Have a Stegosaurus Mom? Math/Science Colors and dinosaurs give us the chance to participate in graphing and comparisons. We will graph colors in a variety of ways, giving the children a chance to observe and compare which colors are worn the most or which colors are our favorites.

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3’s AM & PM continued…
Colors and dinosaurs also give us the opportunity to introduce the math concept of patterns. We will begin to make patterns of two. At the easel the children will get to see what happens when you mix two colors together. The children will compare their footprint to a dinosaur to compare big and little. We will also th review our shapes while we create a Stegosaurus. Beginning February 9 a different color will be featured each day, so please have your child wear something of that color (see below for schedule). The media table continues to be a source of fun, while providing different sensory experiences and measuring opportunities. If it continues to be too cold to play outside we will put snow in the table (so remember those snow mittens), colored water will be fun on our specific color days and sand will be a great medium to play with dinosaurs.

Get ready to Sham-Rock the House Saturday March 14th

Color Days February 9 – blue February 11 – yellow February 13 – red February 18 – green February 20 - orange February 23 – purple February 25 - rainbow

February 2-5 Themes: Groundhogs Day Chinese New Year Dad’s Day

For Children: During our first week of February we will discuss Groundhogs Day and explore shadows by experimenting with light. We will continue our week learning about Chinese New Year. For Parents: On February 4 (Bretts/Davis) and February 5 (Forman/Johnson) we will host a breakfast for Dads at 9:00 AM, which will culminate with a special project to be created with your child. We hope all Dads will be able to attend. Fine Motor Skills: cutting and gluing Chinese lanterns, play dough, easel painting, make it/take it table. Math Readiness Skills: Learning phone numbers and addresses, calendar and counting activities. Literacy Skills: Journaling, ABC books and book corner. Stories include: Go to Sleep Groundhog by Judy Cox Chinese New Year by Saviour Pirotta

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Pre-K Continued…
February 9-26 Themes: Valentines Day Presidents Day Dinosaurs For Children: We will celebrate Valentines Day, which will include a discussion about friendship and love. We will also talk about President’s Day, who the President is, what the President does and famous Presidents of the past. Towards the end of the month we will explore dinosaurs, their habitat, life cycle and eating habits. For Parents: Pre-K Valentines Day parties will be held Thursday, February 12 at 11:00 AM, in our classrooms. Please send a signed valentine from your child to each classmate. Fine Motor: Painting hearts at the easel, marble painting, coin rubbings, dinosaur skeletons using Q-Tips and glue, dinosaur stencils, play dough and make it/take it table. Math Readiness: Continue to master phone numbers and addresses, valentine bingo, counting coins and number books. Science: Dinosaur fossils Literacy: Journaling, ABC books, book corner. Stories include: Franklin’s Valentine by P. Bourgeois and B. Clark I LoveYou with all My Heart by Noris Kern Little Grunt and the Big Egg by Tommie dePaola Can I have a Stegosaurus Mom? Can I Please!? by L. Grambling

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February is here and there is still plenty of snow on the ground! Even though it has been unseasonably cold outside, the 2’s and 3’s are making snowmen in music. One of our favorite activities is “I’m a Little Snowman” (to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”). We start by patting ourselves all over with pretend snow. We add buttons (1 2 3), check our hats, and finally tie up our scarves with a dramatic flourish! Then the rhyme, “I’m a little snowman short and fat, here are my buttons, here is my hat. When the sun comes out I melt away, but I’ll come back another day.” The 4’s are learning a new folk song and dance called “Jump Jim Joe”. We sing, “Jump, jump, jump Jim Joe. Nod your head and shake your head and tap your toe. Round, round, round we go then you choose another partner and you jump Jim, Joe.” This is great fun and good practice socializing with the whole class.

Mrs. Dempsey

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