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									Ghost Town - Wister, Oklahoma...
Submitted by – -- Orville Holt - Email: "I was born December 15, 1921 at Wister, OK. My birthplace is now covered by the Wister Lake which was build as a flood control in that area and became a part of the Wister State Park. My Dad, W. S. Holt, went to Pine Valley in 1925 to work as a carpenter for Dierks Lumber and Coal Company. He worked with the builders of the company owned homes and businesses. After a few months he moved his family to the area that later was the Valley School building area. He lived in a tent until he saved enough money to buy a couple of lots in the township of Muse. There he built our home. We lived there until the carpenter work had slowed down. Later in about 1926 we moved to Mountain Pine, Arkansas where another new Dierks sawmill was being built. We moved back to Muse in time for me to start school in the fall of 1926. I have many memories of Dad helping put the Sears Roebuck pre-cut homes together. They were two-story buildings for the upper managers to live in. Watching the huge drainage ditch being dug by a large steam powered 'Steam Shovel' was a treat for a boy of my age. It was the drainage for sawmill and business areas being built between there and the Kiamichi River. It drained into the Kiamichi river below the part supplying the drinking water. Since Muse had no doctors the company doctor was used in emergencies by locals even though they did not work for the company. On one occasion… I needed to have an abscess lanced for drainage -- it had developed from a wire puncture of my ankle while playing bear-footed. Another was for my sister and I to receive a diphtheria shot when we became exposed while playing with our neighbor's child that died that night from the disease. When Muse and Pine Valley consolidated their schools, the first 6 grades were all at Muse and 7 through 12 at Pine Valley. The year of the consolidation was my first year at Pine Valley. The next year Muse could transfer to Whitesboro High School, 8th through 12th, and we would be picked up by bus at my front door. I graduated May, 1939 from Whitesboro High School. In September of 1941… I started to Oklahoma University, Norman to get my pre-med studies. WWII caught me after the first year to come back in 1946 to finish pre-med and the Med School in Oklahoma City. Starting private practice in Family Medicine at Claremore, Oklahoma in 1953, where I practiced until July, 1998.

Many memories of Muse, Pine Valley, the saw mill and the people. Between my junior senior year in high school, I worked at the ice plant making the ice for the delivery trucks to deliver to customers in both Muse and Pine Valley. Another experience remembered was working on a farm for a man that worked at the saw mill. The pay was in 'chits' -nothing more than a note signed by the mill worker that I could charge a specified amount to his charge account. With most of these ‘chits’ I bought movie tickets and used it at the drugstore across the street from the theater. My Dad was known as Judge Holt of Muse. He was the Justice of the Peace for many years. One of his frequent duties was to perform marriage ceremonies for couples in a hurry to get married."

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