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									WiSE Constitution
Table of Contents
I. Description of Organization A. Mission Statement B. Affiliations II. Constituents A. Unofficial Members B. Official Members C. Lifetime Members D. Junior Members III. Cabinet A. Executive Officers B. Committee Officers C. Floor Representatives IV. Elections for Executive and Committee Officers V. General Voting Procedures VI. Impeachment of WiSE Cabinet Officers VII. Appendix A. WiSE Majors

I. Description of Organization
Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) is an Iowa State University student organization whose members are female students of the science and engineering departments [see Appendix 1 for a list of inclusive majors]. The organization maintains the fundamental objective to bestow support and encouragement, both academically and socially, for these women as they pursue their dreams and ambitions. The current activities of WiSE are depicted within the organization’s webpage as well as within the weekly electronic newsletter entitled eWiSE that all women of Iowa State University majoring in science or engineering receive. A. Mission Statement Our program’s goal is to improve the climate for those women who are majoring in science or engineering at Iowa State University. We will provide mentoring programs and educational support through informal networks of women pursuing degrees in technical majors. These networks will establish social, volunteer and fundraising opportunities that will enable our program’s participants to become involved in both university and community events. Along with involvement opportunities, our program will assist participants with information regarding career and post-undergraduate experiences. The program also strives to strengthen leadership skills by way of becoming elected into an office position or by participating in a committee. We are dedicated to providing positive experiences and networks of lifelong friendships for those women pursing a science or engineering degree at Iowa State University. B. Affiliations

The WiSE student organization works with the Program for Women in Science and Engineering (PWSE). PWSE organizes the WiSE Learning Communities of Iowa State University. These learning communities are located within the university residence halls and provide a unique learning and living atmosphere for women studying science or engineering. The members of the learning communities are encouraged but not required to participate in WiSE activities. Each floor must, however, elect at least one, but preferably two, representatives from the floor to attend both the WiSE executive and general meetings [the duties of the floor representatives are outlined within Article III]. These floors are subject to change but include: Eaton Tilden Elm Turner Friley Anthony Murphy Palmer Pennell O’Bryan Larch Kehlenbeck Oak Fosmark

II. Constituents
A. Unofficial Members The WiSE organization encourages all women majoring in science or engineering [see Appendix 1 for a list of inclusive majors] to participate in the social and volunteer activities as well as to attend the general WiSE meetings. Any woman majoring in a science or engineering field at Iowa State University is automatically placed on the email list [eWiSE] and is therefore eligible to receive information about upcoming WiSE activities, career prospects and post-undergraduate opportunities. These women are classified as unofficial members. As an unofficial member, they are unable to run for an executive officer or a committee leader position; however, they may embrace the duties of a committee member or a floor representative. The unofficial member is not entitled to the discounts and activities that are reserved solely for the official member. B. Official Members

The WiSE organization declares those women of science and engineering fields [see Appendix 1 for an inclusive list of majors] who pay a $15.00 fee, an official member. After a one-time payment of this fee, a member remains an official member throughout her academic career at Iowa State University. Official members are given student membership cards and are automatically entered into the WiSE membership database. The official member receives discounts on T-shirts and WiSE sponsored events, priority registration for WiSE trips, presentations and activities, a monthly members-only newsletter and eligibility for free prize drawings. In addition, official members are able to run for an executive position and vote in elections. C. Lifetime Members When a WiSE member, unofficial or official, graduates from Iowa State University, they have the opportunity to pay a $25.00 fee and become classified as a lifetime member. After a onetime payment of this fee, a member remains a lifetime member until so desired to be removed from the mailing list. Lifetime members are given a lifetime membership card and are entered into the WiSE membership database, but do not receive the benefits of an official member. They do, however, have the opportunity to be invited to return to the Iowa State campus as a speaker or a host of a WiSE activity. Lifetime members are encouraged to support the actions and decisions of the younger WiSE members. D. Junior Members The WiSE organization reserves the right to declare women of high school age or younger as junior members. To become classified as junior members, a woman must fill out an informational sheet and become entered into the WiSE membership database. Junior members will receive a junior membership card, but do not receive the benefits of an official member.

III. Cabinet
The WiSE organization will hold an executive meeting once a month, as well as a general meeting once a month. Attendance at both the executive and general meetings is required for all cabinet members; these members include the executive officers and committee officers. If an officer cannot come to the scheduled WiSE meeting due to a night exam, illness or emergency, she should notify the Secretary ahead of time and send their report via email to the executive officers. If there are more than two unexcused absences, the WiSE Cabinet will move to impeach the officer from her position. A. Executive Officers An executive officer is required to attend all general and executive meetings. They must show dedication and support to the WiSE organization as well as to its constituents. Their objective must always be to enhance the programs and activities of WiSE. President-

The President facilitates both the general and executive meetings where the executive and committee officers will give a report of their activities and accomplishments. She is responsible for following the progress of each committee and providing assistance whenever necessary. Additionally, she is responsible for arranging presentation or tours throughout each semester. She should show initiative and leadership plus responsibility and commitment. Vice-PresidentThe Vice-President is responsible for organizing the yearly T-shirt and coordinating the semester WiSE elections. She is required to update the Constitution, run the general and executive meetings at the absence of the President and support the President, the WiSE Cabinet and the WiSE constituents throughout her term. SecretaryThe Secretary is dedicated to keeping a record of attendance at all meetings, report any unexcused absences and reserves the right to arrange attendance award activities for the WiSE Cabinet. It is her duty to record the minutes at both the general and executive WiSE meetings and then e-mail these minutes to the Executive Officers, the Committee Officers and the Floor Representatives. She must show responsibility and commitment to the WiSE organization and to her position. TreasurerThe Treasurer is accountable for maintaining WiSE's financial records and providing intramurals and vouchers to officers. She is responsible for reporting the WiSE organization’s financial standings to the WiSE Cabinet during each general meeting. The Treasurer will communicate and arrange activities with the Fundraising Officer. B. Committee Officers Each Committee Officer oversees the progress of one committee and is responsible for organizing and coordinating their committee's meetings both during and outside the WiSE general meetings. Committees are formed from floor representatives and general WiSE members who are interested in the objectives of the committee. Each committee is required to facilitate and arrange for the activities of the present semester as well as to plan the activities for the following semester. Committees should make known any room, food, or equipment requests to the WiSE cabinet board well in advance of the activity date. ActivityThe responsibility of this committee is to plan a combination of social and volunteer events for WiSE organization. Members of this committee must plan at least two events a month, one social and one volunteer, and may enlist the help of other committees. Activities include the

Pizza with the Profs program, special presentations, tours and speakers, the Boys and Girls Club, the Girl Scouts program and local nursing homes. Their goal is to facilitate interactions within the members of the WiSE organization. Big Sis/Lil SisThis committee is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition into the environment of Iowa State University for incoming women who think they will major in science or engineering. Committee members are responsible for arranging the pairing of the incoming undergraduates with an older student mentor of the same sex in addition to planning the monthly activities in which the big sis/lil sis pairs can together participate. FundraiserAll fundraising events of the WiSE organization will be the responsibility of this committee. Members will work with the Treasurer to budget and maintain the financial status of WiSE. GetawayThe goal of this committee is to inform high school senior women about the WiSE organization and about college life at Iowa State University. Members will plan and execute the activities of the Getaway Program during the month of March. PublicityThe head of this committee shall oversee the publicity committee, in which all floor representatives shall be required to participate. This committee is in charge of taking pictures at each WiSE event and asking for submissions from other WiSE members in order to put together a WiSE display board that will be displayed at recruiting events, such as Clubfest. This committee is also responsible for making and distributing flyers and issues of The Toilet Paper, WiSE’s official newsletter, to all WiSE residence hall floors. ISU EventsThis committee coordinates the presence of WiSE at Iowa State University events. Activities in which to participate are at the discretion of the committee members but may include Homecoming, sporting events, VEISHEA and WiSE Wars. Members may enlist the help of other committees to carry out prescribed events. Lovestruck BallThis committee coordinates the annual Lovestruck Ball, a campus-wide, substance-free Valentine's Day dinner and formal dance. Several subcommittees are formed to choose a location, a dinner menu, a DJ, transportation, how and when to advertise, and what decorations will be needed. The Lovestruck Ball proceeds are donated to help a charity of choice.

MembershipThis committee is accountable for collecting membership applications, distributing WiSE membership cards and updating the membership database. They will coordinate with the activity committee and plan a special ceremony for the graduating seniors at the WiSE annual Spring Picnic. They will take initiative in distributing the monthly official members only newsletter and planning a small monthly activity for official members only. Science ExplorationsThis committee plans and carries out the Science Exploration program. This traditional event teaches science and engineering concepts to the younger girls of the Ames Community through the use of interactive activities. WebsiteThis committee is accountable for modernizing and updating the WiSE organization’s website. Members will take requests from Cabinet Officers as well as WiSE constituents as to what they would like to see on the site. Conducting the online elections twice a year is also the responsibility of this committee. C. Floor Representatives Each WiSE floor is required to elect at least one, but preferably two, WiSE representative who will attend both the WiSE executive and general meetings and serve as a committee member on the publicity committee. These Floor Representatives must attend each of the general WiSE meetings. The Floor Representative will serve as a liaison between their residence hall floor and the WiSE community. They will provide information on WiSE programs during house meetings, hang up flyers and report the feedback gained from the WiSE members on their floors at the general meetings and/or publicity committee meetings. If a Floor Representative cannot come to the scheduled WiSE meeting due to a night exam, illness or emergency, she should notify the Secretary or head of the publicity committee ahead of time and send her report via email to both the executive officers and floor representatives. If a Floor Representative has more than two unexcused absences, the WiSE Cabinet can make a motion to impeach the Representative and the floor will be responsible for electing a new Representative. D. Other Representatives The WiSE cabinet and its constituents reserve the right to create representative positions in order to strengthen the organization and provide more opportunities to the WiSE members. The representative office position is governed by the same rules reserved for executive and cabinet officers. These positions may include but are not limited to the Engineering Student Council Representative and the Ag Student Council Representative.

IV. Elections for Executive and Committee Officers
Officers will serve a two-semester term. Elections will be held twice a year, electing half of the WiSE Cabinet during each election. Terms beginning in the fall semester will include the following offices: Big Sis/Lil Sis Getaway Publicity ISU Events Science Exploration Secretary Treasurer WiSE Representatives [see article III, section D] Terms beginning in the spring semester will include the following offices: Activity Fundraiser Lovestruck Ball Membership President Vice President Website WiSE Representatives [see article III, section D] To run for an executive office, a candidate must be an official WiSE member [see article II, section B]. Once nominated, the candidate must then prepare a short self-written description of why she would like to be elected and what her goals will be if elected to the position. All candidate information will be posted online for WiSE members to refer to when choosing the best candidate to vote for. Any committee office may have co-chair officers. In this case, candidates may request during the elections to make their position a co-chair position. Approval of creating a co-chair will require a majority vote with 2/3 of the executive officers present. Elections will be held online with link established from an e-mail to official members only. The voting ballot must be made available for at least two weeks to ensure that all WiSE constituents have the ability to vote if so desired. A majority is required to elect any of the candidates to a specific office. If there is an office with no candidate running, the chair will remain closed until a candidate is found and approved by 2/3 of those present at a general meeting. If a vacancy occurs within an executive or committee office position, a candidate that gains the approval of 2/3 of those present at a general meeting may fill it.

V. Voting Procedures

VotingVoting occurs only when there are at least 1/2 of the Executive and Committee Officers and Floor Representatives present and there must be a 2/3 majority to win the vote. Only those WiSE members who are considered official are eligible to participate in the voting procedure [see article II, section B]. MotionA motion requires at least 2/3 majority vote of the Executive and Committee Officers and 1/3 majority vote of the Floor Representatives to pass. ConstitutionThe constitution can be ratified only when 1/2 of the Executive and Committee Officers and 1/2 of the Floor Representatives are present. It must pass a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive and Committee Officers and 1/3 majority vote of the Floor Representatives. The Constitution will be posted online for two weeks before the voting date.

VI. Impeachment of WiSE Cabinet Officers
In the event that an executive officer does not fulfill her duties, the President is responsible for giving the officer a warning in writing that she must either resume her duties, or she will be impeached. If the officer does not respond within two weeks of written notification, the board may continue with impeachment. Possible reasons for impeachment may include, but are not limited to, more than two unexcused absences at meetings, not planning programs, not attending programs, etc. If she does not improve her performance the WiSE Cabinet may file for her impeachment. One half of all Executive Officers, Committee Officers and Floor Representatives must be present and of those present a 2/3 majority must approve her removal.

VII. Appendix
A. WISE Majors


Agricultural Engineering Animal Ecology Aerospace Engineering Agriculture- undeclared Agricultural Biochemistry Agronomy Animal Science Animal Science (Pre-Vet) Applied Physics Agricultural Systems Technology Biochemistry Biology Biophysics Botany Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Chemistry Computer Science Construction Engineering Computer Engineering Dietetics (Ag) Dietetics (FCS) Dairy Science Dairy Science (Pre-Vet) Engineering Applications Electrical Engineering Engineering Science Earth Science Economics Engineering- undeclared Environmental Science (Ag) Environmental Science (LAS)


Entomology Exercise and Sports Science (being replaced by HHP) ** Forestry Food Science (Ag) Food Science (FCS) Genetics (Ag) Genetics (LAS) General Preveterinary Medicine Geology Health and Human Performance ** Horticulture Industrial Engineering Industrial Technology Mechanical Engineering Materials Engineering Mathematics Microbiology Meteorology Nutritional Science (Ag) Nutritional Science (FCS) Pre-Computer Science Pre-Professional Health Programs Preparation for Human Medicine Pre-Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration Physics Plant Health and Protection Statistics Zoology (LAS) Zoology (Ag)

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