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									// HALF-LIFE SPEECH SYSTEM SENTENCES. DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE! Max of 1023 sentences. // HUMAN HG_GREN0 HG_GREN1 HG_GREN2 HG_GREN3 HG_GREN4 HG_GREN5 HG_GREN6 GRUNTS hgrunt/clik(p120) grenade! clik hgrunt/(t30) clik take!(e75) cover!(s5) clik hgrunt/clik clik oh! shit! clik hgrunt/(p110 t40) clik(p120) get!(e78) down!(t30) clik hgrunt/clik(p110) (t40) of!(e75) god! clik(p110) hgrunt/clik no! clik hgrunt/clik move! clik(p120)

// Player Alert HG_ALERT0 hgrunt/(t30) squad!, we!(e80) got!(e80) freeman!(t20 p105), clik(p110) HG_ALERT1 hgrunt/clik(p110) target! clik HG_ALERT2 hgrunt/clik movement! clik HG_ALERT3 hgrunt/(t40) shit!(t20), (t50) we! got! hostiles!(p120 t0) clik HG_ALERT4 hgrunt/(t20) clik(p110) squad!, get!(e80) freeman!, clik(p110) clik HG_ALERT5 hgrunt/(t20) clik squad!, neutralize!(e90) freeman! clik HG_ALERT6 hgrunt/(t30) clik clik move!(e75) in! clik(p120) // Monster Alert HG_MONST0 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t50) bogies!(t0), my! sector!(t0) clik HG_MONST1 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t40) clik(p120) we!(e75) got! bogies! clik HG_MONST2 hgrunt/clik clik (t30) alien!(e85) alert! clik HG_MONST3 hgrunt/clik clik (t30) alien!(e85) movement!(t0) clik(p120) // Take cover HG_COVER0 hgrunt/clik (t30) HG_COVER1 hgrunt/clik (t45) fire!(t10) clik HG_COVER2 hgrunt/clik (t45) HG_COVER3 hgrunt/clik(p120) HG_COVER4 hgrunt/clik(p110) HG_COVER5 hgrunt/clik(p120) HG_COVER6 hgrunt/clik (t40) HG_COVER7 hgrunt/clik (t40) // Throw grenade HG_THROW0 hgrunt/clik(p120) hole!(e100) clik HG_THROW1 hgrunt/clik (t30) HG_THROW2 hgrunt/clik (t35) HG_THROW3 hgrunt/clik(p110) // Taunt HG_TAUNT0 HG_TAUNT1 HG_TAUNT2 ass! clik HG_TAUNT3 HG_TAUNT4 take! cover!(t0) clik (e75) I!(e80) need!(e80) suppressing!(t20) we! need! backup!(t10) clik (t40) two!(e75) hot!(e80) here! clik (t30) fall!(e80) out! clik clik (t20) clear! this! area! clik god! damn! clik cover!(e75) fire! clik (t40) fire!(e90) in!(e90) the!(e60) take!(e75) this!(e100 t0) clik fire in the(e50) hole clik(p120) (t35 e80) squad, stay down clik

hgrunt/clik (t30 e75) uhh, we got heavy fire here clik hgrunt/clik(p120) (t40) roger, hold position clik hgrunt/clik (t40) we!(e80) will!(e75) kick!(e80) your!(e75) hgrunt/clik (t40) mister, you(e75) are going down clik hgrunt/clik(p120) (t40) you got nothing clik

HG_TAUNT5 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t40) request! backup! clik(p120) clik // Charge HG_CHARGE0 HG_CHARGE1 HG_CHARGE2 HG_CHARGE3 hgrunt/clik (t40) go! recon! clik(p120) hgrunt/clik(p110) (t40) move!(e75) in! clik hgrunt/clik go! clik(p120) hgrunt/clik lets! go! clik(p120)

// Idle HG_IDLE0 hgrunt/gr_idle1 HG_IDLE1 hgrunt/gr_idle2 HG_IDLE2 hgrunt/gr_idle3 HG_QUEST0 hgrunt/clik (t25) stay(e80) alert people clik(p120) HG_QUEST1 hgrunt/clik (t30) radio(e75) check, over clik(p120) HG_QUEST2 hgrunt/clik (t20) maintain lookout clik(p120) HG_QUEST3 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t30) squad, quiet(e75) down clik(p120) HG_QUEST4 hgrunt/clik(p120) (t30) hold position, clik HG_QUEST5 hgrunt/clik(p120) (t30) sweep(e80) that sector, clik(p120) clik(p120) HG_QUEST6 hgrunt/clik(p120) (t30) uhh, go tango sweep formation clik(p120) clik(p120) HG_QUEST7 hgrunt/clik(p120) (t30) echo(e75) mission is go clik(p120) clik(p120) HG_QUEST8 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t30) fire(e75) team, weapons(e75) check ok clik(p120) clik HG_QUEST9 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t30) fire(e75) team, objective foxtrot niner clik(p120) HG_QUEST10 hgrunt/clik (t30) ok(e75) mission, zero(e75) niner clik HG_QUEST11 hgrunt/clik (t30) squad, stay(e80) alert(e80) four freeman, over clik HG_ANSWER0 HG_ANSWER1 HG_ANSWER2 HG_ANSWER3 HG_ANSWER4 HG_ANSWER5 HG_ANSWER6 hgrunt/clik(p110) hgrunt/clik(p120) hgrunt/clik(p120) hgrunt/clik (t30) hgrunt/clik(p105) hgrunt/clik(p105) hgrunt/clik(p105) (t20) uhh roger(e75) that, clik(p120) clik (t10) yessir clik (t30) affirmative, sir clik negative clik(p120) clik (t30) roger clik (t30) ok control clik (t30) that(e75) is, uhh, affirmative clik

HG_CLEAR0 hgrunt/clik(p130) (t30) all(e75) clear sir, clik HG_CLEAR1 hgrunt/clik (t30) bravo(e75) post, clear clik(p120) HG_CLEAR2 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t30) delta(e75) team, clear clik(p120) HG_CLEAR3 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t40) no sign hostiles sir, over clik(p120) HG_CLEAR4 hgrunt/clik (t30) no(e80) sign objective sir, over clik(p120) HG_CLEAR5 hgrunt/clik (t30) no(e75) movement this level clik(p120) HG_CLEAR6 hgrunt/clik(p120) (t28) sir, sector secure, over clik(p120) clik(p120) HG_CLEAR7 hgrunt/clik(p120) (t30) command(e75) post, team in position, over clik HG_CLEAR8 hgrunt/clik (t30) recon, in(e75) position, all quiet clik(p120) HG_CLEAR9 hgrunt/clik(p110) (t30) lookout(e90) post, all quiet, over clik(p110) HG_CLEAR10 hgrunt/clik (t40) sir, I(e80) here(e75) something clik

HG_CLEAR11 hgrunt/clik(p120) (t30) sir, uhh, zero movement, over clik HG_CLEAR12 hgrunt/clik (t30) area secure sir, over clik(p120) HG_CHECK0 hgrunt/clik (t30) HG_CHECK1 hgrunt/clik(p110) clik(p120) HG_CHECK2 hgrunt/clik (t30) HG_CHECK3 hgrunt/clik (t30) HG_CHECK4 hgrunt/clik (t30) HG_CHECK5 hgrunt/clik(p130) HG_CHECK6 hgrunt/clik (t30) HG_CHECK7 hgrunt/clik (t30) //narrative HG_SNOOP1A HG_SNOOP2A HG_SNOOP3A HG_SNOOP4A HG_SNOOP5A HG_DRAG1A HG_DRAG2A HG_DRAG3A HG_DRAG4A HG_DRAG5A HG_DRAG6A hgrunt/c2a2_hg_chat1a hgrunt/c2a2_hg_chat2a hgrunt/c2a2_hg_chat3a hgrunt/c2a2_hg_chat4a hgrunt/c2a2_hg_chat5a hgrunt/c2a3_hg_1drag hgrunt/c2a3_hg_2drag hgrunt/c2a3_hg_3drag hgrunt/c2a3_hg_4drag hgrunt/c2a3_hg_5drag hgrunt/c2a3_hg_laugh ok, check(e75) in clik (t30) squad, are(e80) hostiles clear check(e80) in people clik lookout, check(e75) in clik(p110) recon(e90) team, check(e80) in clik (t30) movement check, over clik check your zone, over, clik everything(e85) ok(e75) there, clik(p130)

HG_SUCKS hgrunt/hg_sucks HG_CIVVIES hgrunt/hg_civvies // BASE COMPUTER // C1A0 intercom\ C1A0_START dadeda vox_login C1A0_0 dadeda (e95) agent(t0) coomer(t0), report to(e70) topside tactical operations center(e100) C1A0_1 dadeda inspection team, to(e70) radioactive materials handling bay(e100) C1A0_2 dadeda (e95) agent sixteen, report to(e70) administration sub level two(e100) C1A0_3 doop (e95) doctor johnson, please call observation tank one(e100) C1A0_4 doop (e95 p96) doctor west(t0), please report to(e70) lambda(s0) reactor complex(e100) C1A0_5 doop (e95) doctor cross, call seven two nine please(e100) C1A0_6 doop (e95) sargeant(s0) bailey(s0), to(e70) topside checkpoint bravo(e100) C1A0_7 dadeda (e95) cryogenic safety crew, report status at eleven hundred please(e100) C1A0_8 dadeda (e95) coded message for captain black, command and(s0 e100 t0) communication center(e100) C1A0_9 dadeda (e95 p102) sector c(e100) science personnel, report to(e70) anomalous materials test lab(e100)

C1A0_10 doop (e95 p103) doctor freeman, (e95) to(e70) anomalous materials test lab immediately(e100) C1A0_11 bloop (e95 p98) attention. experimental propulsion lab test fire in(s0 e100 t0) ninety minutes(e100) C1A0_12 bloop (e95 p98) hydro plant now(s0 e100 t0) operating at(s0 e100 t0) sixty percent(e100) C1A0_13 bloop (e95) black mesa topside temperature is ninety three degrees(e100) C1A0_14 bloop (e95) launch officer reports, alpha satellite deploy is(t0 s0 e100) nominal(e100) C1A0_15 bloop (e95) doctor birdwell reports(e95) superconducting interchange is(t0 s0 e100) activated(e100) C1A0_16 bloop (e95 p104) attention. report any security violation, to(e70) administration sub level one(e100) C1A0_17 bloop (e95) attention. service personnel please clear helicopter hangar one(e100) C1A0_18 bloop (e95) shield inspection(s0) crew reports primary reactor nominal(e100) C1A0_19 bloop (e95 p98) transportation control reports all systems on time(e100) C1A0_20 dadeda (e95) doctor victor, report to(e70) supercooled(e100) laser lab please(e100) C1A0_21 dadeda (e95 p104) sargeant guthrie, report to(e70) topside motorpool immediately(e100) C1A0_22 deeoo (e95 p98) uranium shipment inspection team, to(e100) sector d(e100) // C1A1 intercom anomalous materials test lab sector c, coolant resevoir facility sector b C1A1_0 bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn warning, high energy detonation detected in materials lab C1A1_1 buzwarn buzwarn attention, security personnel to sector c immediately C1A1_2 buzwarn buzwarn (p102) warning, unauthorized biological forms detected in sector c C1A1_3 buzwarn buzwarn (p102) warning, unauthorized biological forms detected in coolant maintenance area C1A1_4 bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn any damage control team to sector c immediately C1A1_5 buzwarn buzwarn warning, sector c elevator failure. do not use. C1A1_6 bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn (p102) biohazard warning in sector b and c(p104) C1A1_7 buzwarn buzwarn attention. sector c science personnel evacuate area immediately C1A1_8 buzwarn buzwarn warning, flooding detected on sub level three, sector b C1A1_9 bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn warning, anomalous energy field detected in administration center C1A1_10 deeoo deeoo (p104) attention. any sector c science personnel, please report status C1A1_11 deeoo deeoo (p104) attention. sector c science personnel please report status immediately // C1A2 intercom administration center sector d

C1A2_0 deeoo (e95) emergency cleanup team to(e70) biological waste processing plant(e100) C1A2_1 buzwarn buzwarn attention, administration personnel evacuate sector d immediately C1A2_2 deeoo deeoo attention, security personnel to sector d C1A2_3 deeoo (e95) service team, check elevator one(s0 e100 t0), (p100) sector c(e100) C1A2_4 buzwarn buzwarn warning, unauthorized biological forms detected in ventillation system C1A2_5 deeoo (e95 p103) lieutenant backman and cleanup team, to(e70) sub level three(e100) C1A2_6 bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn danger, turret defense systems activated, sector d C1A2_7 deeoo deeoo security officer reports men down in sector d, medical help required C1A2_8 bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn extreme danger, all turret defense systems activated, sector d C1A2_9 deeoo (e95) turret repair personnel, to(e70) high security materials storage area(e100) C1A2_10 deeoo deeoo attention. electric shock hazard detected in administration center C1A2_11 buzwarn buzwarn. security officer reports medical emergency, administration center // C1A3 intercom high security materials storage area sector d C1A3_0 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) attention. all science personnel report topside for immediate questioning C1A3_1 (p120) buzwarn buzwarn (e95 p100) all personnel evacuate high security materials storage facility C1A3_2 bizwarn bizwarn (e95 p98) emergency uranium containment team, to(e100) sector d(e100) C1A3_3 deeoo (e95) turret maintenance team, to(e70) central command and communication(s0) center(e100) C1A3_4 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) military personnel, prosecute kilo india lima with extreme force C1A3_5 (p130) bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn (e95 p95) attention. this announcement system now(e100) under military command C1A3_6 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) search and destroy force bravo, reports secondary objective terminated C1A3_7 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) bravo force reports hotel sierra mike facility is secured C1A3_8 (p130) bizwarn bizwarn (p100 t15 e95) attention. all military personnel, atomic biological chemical alert C1A3_9 (p130) bizwarn bizwarn (p100 t15 e95) attention. all military personnel, extreme atomic biological chemical alert C1A3_10 (p110) bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn (e95 p95) attention. black mesa announcement system now(e100) under military command C1A3_warn (p120) buzwarn buzwarn (p100 t15) attention. security lockout alert. security door will engage. C1A3_lock (p120) bizwarn bizwarn (p98 t15) security door engaged, five, buzwarn(p130), four, buzwarn(p130), three, buzwarn(p130), two, buzwarn(p130), one, buzwarn(p130), lockout activated

// C1A4 intercom experimental propulsion labs silo d C1A4_0 buzwarn buzwarn. attention. experimental rocket test fire disengaged. C1A4_1 deeoo (e95) repair crew report to(e70) track control, sector e(e100) C1A4_2 deeoo (e95) maintenance team blue(p100 t0 s0 e100), check heat exchange coolant level(e100) C1A4_3 deeoo (e95) maintenance team green, check voltage(e100) on cable seven two nine(e100) C1A4_4 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) medical team to materials storage facility, team bravo reports men down C1A4_5 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) alpha force move out, science personnel resistance extreme C1A4_6 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) attention. all black mesa security personnel wanted for immediate questioning C1A4_7 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) attention. gordon freeman report to military personnel for immediate security check C1A4_8 buzwarn buzwarn (p102) warning, hostile biological forms detected in track control sector e FUEL_OFF fuel and power must be engaged to activate rocket test fire // C2A1 intercom track control sector e C2A1_0 buzwarn buzwarn. warning. track power failure. check lower level power plant. C2A1_1 deeoo (e95) maintenance team yellow, please(s0 e100) service relay three hundred ninety four(e100) C2A1_2 (p130) dadeda (p98 e95) attention. gordon freeman report to military personnel for immediate security check C2A1_3 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) delta team reports launch control secured C2A1_4 bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn danger, turret defense systems activated, silo e C2A1_5 deeoo sector e track control please report status C2A1_6 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) echo force reports perimeter breach, sector e C2A1_7 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) attention, search and destroy force go to code three. eliminate all biological forms. C2A1_8 bizwarn bizwarn danger, unauthorized detonation detected in experimental propulsion lab POWER_OFF buzwarn main power is not on POWER_ON deeoo main power is on // C2A2 intercom launch control silo e C2A2_0 buzwarn buzwarn. attention, clear silo e launch area immediately C2A2_1 deeoo (e95) containment inspection team, to(e70) advanced biological research lab(e100) C2A2_2 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) medical team to sector e, echo team has men down C2A2_3 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) alert, military personnel authorized to prosecute gordon freeman with extreme force C2A2_3 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) alert, military personnel, you are authorized to shoot the renegade on sight

C2A2_4 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) alert, squad in silo e, freeman may be operating inside your perimeter C2A2_5 deeoo deeoo launch control train activity detected C2A2_6 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) medical team to sector e, echo team squad failed to reach checkpoint C2A2_7 deeoo deeoo satellite rocket loading bay reports status green C2A2_launch (p50) deeoo deeoo deeoo (p100) satellite launch system activated. five deeoo(p50) four deeoo(p51) three deeoo(p52) two deeoo(p53) one deeoo(p54) launch is go // C2A3 observation tank1, 2. cryogenic system // silent // C2A4 intercom bio waste processing plant. advanced biological research lab C2A4_0 buzwarn buzwarn warning. emergency containment system activated C2A4_1 bizwarn bizwarn. alert. biological containment breach detected C2A4_2 bizwarn bizwarn. warning, biological sterilization system activated C2A4_3 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) attention, hostile alien military force detected, advanced biological research lab C2A4_4 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) search and destroy force reports back up required, engaged with extreme resistance C2A4_5 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) topside containment force alert, hostile alien military force detected C2A4_6 deeoo deeoo high power laser status is green C2A4_7 bizwarn bizwarn, alien containment system failure, use sterilization chamber C2A4_8 bizwarn bizwarn attention. all topside military personnel clear helicopter hangar four C2A4_9 bizwarn bizwarn, hostile alien breach, topside checkpoint alpha, checkpoint delta C2A4_10 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) alert topside containment force, use any force to prosecute gordon freeman. you are authorized to shoot on sight. C2A4_11 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) alert topside containment force, freeman may approach your perimeter C2A4_12 (p105) gordon, all science personnel will be terminated until you surrender C2A4_ster bizwarn bizwarn sterilization system activated // C2A5 intercom tactical operations center, motorpool, armory, hydro plant, checkpoint alpha/bravo/delta, barracks, hangars // silent // C3A1 intercom central command and communications C3A1_0 buzwarn buzwarn warning primary antenna failure detected C3A1_1 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) clear topside motorpool for emergency medical helicopter C3A1_2 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) warning, topside armory security bypass detected

C3A1_3 bizwarn bizwarn warning, radiation leak detected in primary antenna area C3A1_4 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) search and destroy force kilo, central command reports hostile alien force inside perimeter C3A1_5 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) message for gordon freeman, you will not escape this time C3A1_6 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) attention all units, renegade freeman is now your primary target C3A1_7 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) alert remaining containment force, freeman may have experimental weapon C3A1_8 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) all personnel evacuate lambda complex, extreme dimensional malfunction detected C3A1_9 bizwarn bizwarn fire control team to topside armory, checkpoint delta, topside hydro plant // C3A2 intercom lambda reactor complex.main reactor facility. radioactive materials handling bay C3A2_0 bizwarn bizwarn warning, cross dimensional power field activity detected C3A2_1 bizwarn bizwarn warning, unauthorized biological force detected in cross dimensional power field C3A2_2 (p130) buzwarn buzwarn (p98 e95) all personnel evacuate lambda complex, extreme dimensional malfunction detected C3A2_3 bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn, unauthorized activity detected in main reactor core C3A2_4 bizwarn bizwarn, danger, high energy exchange detected in radioactive materials handling bay C3A2_5 bizwarn bizwarn, biological force detected in primary coolant system C3A2_6 (p120) bizwarn bizwarn, (p100) lambda complex reports dimensional contamination C3A2_7 bizwarn bizwarn, lambda complex reports dimensional containment system failure C3A2_target bloop(p150) bloop(p150) satellite target system, engaged C3A2_portal bizwarn(p80) bizwarn(p80) bizwarn(p80) warning, cross(e80) dimensional portal device power level is one hundred twenty percent C3A2_core bizwarn bizwarn bizwarn, attention lambda complex personnel, primary core activated // countdown CTR0 zero CTR1 one second CTR2 two CTR3 three seconds CTR4 four CTR5 five seconds remaining CTR6 six CTR7 seven CTR8 eight CTR9 nine CTR10 ten seconds remaining

CTR11 CTR12 CTR13 CTR14 CTR15 CTR16 CTR17 CTR18 CTR19 CTR20

eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen seconds remaining sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty seconds remaining

// doors, general NA0 access denied NA1 access is denied NA2 unauthorized access NA3 illegal access NA4 this door is locked NA5 unauthorized access NA6 entry forbidden NA7 entry not permitted NA8 no unauthorized personnel NA9 you do not have access to this facility NA10 (p102) sorry, you may not enter NA11 (p102) sorry, this door is locked NA12 (p102) please, move away from this area NA13 (p102) please, move away from door NA14 (p103) you will not get in NA15 (p103) entry is not an option NA16 (p104) will we do this all day NA17 (p104) move on immediately NA18 (p105) no, no, and no(p80) EA0 access granted EA1 access permitted EA2 entry granted EA3 entry permitted EA4 access authorized EA5 entry is permitted EA6 access authorized EA7 access to facility, granted EA8 access granted // doors, security lockout ND0 security lock is engaged ND1 secure area, no entry ND2 security lockout, no entry ND3 secure door, no entry ND4 security system in force ND5 security system armed, no entry ND6 door is secured ND7 illegal access, move away ED0 security lock disengaged ED1 security clear, proceed ED2 security lockout, released ED3 secure override accepted

ED4 security access acknowledged ED5 security system disengaged ED6 door security disengaged // blast doors NF0 emergency blast door activated NF1 emergency blast shield activated NF3 the blast containment shield is down EF0 emergency blast door, open EF1 emergency blast shield, deactivated EF3 blast containment shield is, open // fire door NFIRE0 fire containment door is down EFIRE0 fire containment door, open // chemical door NCHEM0 chemical leak containment door activated ECHEM0 chemical leak containment door, open // radiation door NRAD0 radiation containment door activated ERAD0 radiation containment door, open // generic containment door NCON0 emergency containment door engaged ECON0 emergency containment door disengaged // broken locked door NG0 sorry, this door is inoperative NG1 sorry, door out of service NG2 door damage detected, please call service personnel // maintenance door NH0 no access, maintenance area NH1 no personnel permitted in maintenance area EH0 maintenance area access granted EH1 maintenance area door open // turrets, defensive systems T0 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 extreme hazard, defense system is armed in this zone hazard area, defense system activated danger, turret perimeter defense system armed extreme hazard, nearest defense system engaged danger, base defense turret system may power up danger, automatic defense system activated

// warnings WE0 WE1 WE2 WE3 warning, warning, warning, warning, high voltage cable high power cable electric shock hazard severe electric shock hazard

// danger DR0 DR1 DR2 DR3 DR4 DC0 DC1 DC2 DC3 DC4 DB0 DB1 DB2 DB3 danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, radiation leak detected radiation hazard detected high radiation level detected severe radiation hazard, evacuate area immediately safety violation, extreme radiation level detected chemical leak, area now a high health hazard chemical coolant leak, health hazard zone chemical containment breach, all personnel evacuate this area supercooled chemical leak supercooled helium leak liquid biohazard leak in immediate area coolant leak, severe biohazard now in this area liquid biohazard released, evacuate area biohazard detected in immediate area

// training room TR_A three, two, one, deeoo(p110) TR_B deeoo(p110) (p102 t20) target system deactivated

// HEV Suit // powerup HEV_AAx fvox/bell, HEV_logon, powerarmor_on, atmospherics_on,vitalsigns_on, automedic_on, weaponselect_on, munitionview_on, communications_on, safe_day HEV_A0 fvox/bell, HEV_logon HEV_A1 fvox/blip blip(p130) powermove_on HEV_A2 fvox/blip blip powerarmor_on HEV_A3 fvox/blip blip(p130) atmospherics_on HEV_A4 fvox/blip blip vitalsigns_on boop, boop, boop HEV_A5 fvox/blip blip(p130) munitionview_on HEV_A6 fvox/blip blip communications_on HEV_A7 fvox/blip blip(p70) weaponselect_on HEV_A8 fvox/blip blip(p70) automedic_on HEV_A9 fvox/fuzz power_level_is onehundred percent HEV_A10 fvox/safe_day, bell // medical HEV_DEAD0 fvox/beep beep, beep beep, beep, beep, flatline HEV_DEAD1 fvox/beep beep, beep beep, beep, flatline HEV_MED0 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) innsufficient_medical HEV_MED1 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) automedic_on HEV_MED2 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) administering_medical

HEV_HEAL0 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) wound_sterilized, blip(p130 v50), blip(p130 v40), hiss, morphine_shot HEV_HEAL1 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) torniquette_applied, bleeding_stopped HEV_HEAL2 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) bleeding_stopped HEV_HEAL3 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) blood_plasma HEV_HEAL4 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) hiss, antitoxin_shot HEV_HEAL5 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) hiss, antidote_shot HEV_HEAL6 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) hiss, wound_sterilized HEV_HEAL7 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) hiss, morphine_shot HEV_HEAL8 fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) medical_repaired HEV_DMG0 HEV_DMG1 HEV_DMG2 HEV_DMG3 HEV_DMG4 HEV_DMG5 HEV_DMG6 HEV_DMG7 fvox/(p160) fvox/(p160) fvox/(p160) fvox/(p160) fvox/(p160) fvox/(p160) fvox/(p160) fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, (p100) (p100) (p100) (p100) (p100) (p100) (p100) (p100) minor_lacerations major_lacerations internal_bleeding blood_toxins minor_fracture major_fracture blood_loss seek_medic

HEV_HLTH0 fvox/(p120) HEV_HLTH1 fvox/(p120) HEV_HLTH2 fvox/(p120) HEV_HLTH3 fvox/(p120) HEV_HLTH4 fvox/(p140) HEV_HLTH5 fvox/(p140) evacuate_area HEV_HLTH6 fvox/(p140) immediately

beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,

(p100) health_dropping (p100) health_dropping2 beep, (p100) health_critical beep, (p100) near_death (p100) health_dropping2, evacuate_area beep, (p100) health_critical,

beep, beep, beep, (p100) near_death, evacuate_area

HEV_SHOCK fvox/(p120) beep, beep, (p100) warning, shock_damage HEV_FIRE fvox/(p120) beep, beep, (p100) warning, heat_damage // items HEV_AIM_ON fvox/blip targetting_system activated HEV_AIM_OFF fvox/blip targetting_system deactivated HEV_BATTERY fvox/blip get_battery acquired HEV_MEDKIT fvox/blip get_medkit(v80) HEV_PISTOL fvox/blip get_pistol acquired HEV_SHOTGUN fvox/blip get_shotgun HEV_GRENADE fvox/blip get_grenade acquired HEV_ASSAULT fvox/blip get_assault acquired HEV_44PISTOL fvox/blip get_44pistol acquired HEV_RPG fvox/blip get_rpg acquired HEV_SATCHEL fvox/blip get_satchel acquired HEV_TRIPMINE fvox/blip get_tripmine acquired HEV_HORNET fvox/blip get_alien_wpn HEV_SQUEEK fvox/blip get_alien_wpn HEV_EGON fvox/blip get_egon acquired HEV_GAUSS fvox/blip get_gauss acquired HEV_XBOW fvox/blip get_crossbow acquired

HEV_9MM fvox/blip get_9mmclip acquired HEV_44AMMO fvox/blip get_44ammo acquired HEV_BUCKSHOT fvox/blip get_buckshot acquired HEV_BOLTS fvox/blip get_bolts acquired HEV_RPGAMMO fvox/blip get_rpgammo acquired HEV_AGRENADE fvox/blip get_assaultgren acquired HEV_EGONPOWER fvox/blip get_egonpower acquired // time //HEV_C1t fvox/bell time_is_now one AM //HEV_C13t fvox/bell time_is_now one PM // power levels HEV_D00 fvox/fuzz fuzz(p130), power_restored HEV_D01 fvox/fuzz fuzz(p80), hev_shutdown HEV_0P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_below five percent HEV_1P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), ten percent HEV_2P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fifteen percent HEV_3P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), twenty percent HEV_4P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), twenty five percent HEV_5P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), thirty percent HEV_6P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), thirty five percent HEV_7P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fourty percent HEV_8P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fourty five percent HEV_9P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fifty percent HEV_10P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fifty five percent HEV_11P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), sixty percent HEV_12P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), sixty five percent HEV_13P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), seventy percent HEV_14P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), seventy five percent HEV_15P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), eighty percent HEV_16P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), eighty five percent HEV_17P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), ninety percent HEV_18P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), ninety five percent HEV_19P fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_level_is onehundred percent // weapon/ammo HEV_AMO0 fvox/blip ammo_depleted // suit HEV_V0 fvox/blip, voice_on HEV_V1 fvox/blip, voice_off HEV_E0 HEV_E1 HEV_E2 HEV_E3 HEV_E4 fvox/buzz buzz, armor_gone fvox/buzz, armor_gone fvox/buzz, hev_critical_fail fvox/buzz, hev_general_fail fvox/buzz, hev_damage

HEV_E5 fvox/buzz, powermove_overload // time remaining countdown //HEV_F10t //HEV_F15t //HEV_F20t //HEV_F30t fvox/bell fvox/bell fvox/bell fvox/bell time_remaining time_remaining time_remaining time_remaining ten seconds fifteen seconds twenty seconds thirty seconds

// detections HEV_DET0 fvox/blip blip blip, biohazard_detected HEV_DET1 fvox/blip blip blip, chemical_detected HEV_DET2 fvox/blip blip blip, radiation_detected HEV_DET3 fvox/blip blip blip, bio_reading HEV_DET4 fvox/blip blip blip, antitoxin_shot(e50), onehundred percent HEV_DET5 fvox/blip blip blip, antitoxin_shot(e25) radiation_detected(e50), onehundred percent //HEV_GR0r fvox/range twenty meters(t60) //HEV_GR1r fvox/range nineteen meters //HEV_GR2r fvox/range eighteen meters // BARNEY BA_OK0 BA_OK1 BA_OK2 BA_OK3 BA_OK4 BA_OK5 BA_OK6 barney/teamup2 barney/dobettertogether barney/imwithyou barney/teamup1 barney/gladtolendhand barney/letsgo barney/letsmoveit barney/helpothers barney/iwaithere barney/slowingyoudown barney/illwait barney/seeya barney/standguard barney/hellonicesuit barney/howdy barney/howyoudoing barney/haybuddy barney/hayfella barney/heybuddy barney/heyfella barney/beertopside barney/wayout barney/getanyworse barney/gladof38 barney/workingonstuff




BA_QUESTION5 barney/wayout BA_QUESTION6 barney/whatsgoingon BA_QUESTION7 barney/aintscared BA_QUESTION8 barney/nodrill BA_QUESTION9 barney/gettingcloser BA_QUESTION10 barney/youhearthat BA_QUESTION11 barney/crewdied BA_QUESTION12 barney/somethingmoves BA_QUESTION13 barney/thinking BA_QUESTION14 barney/missingleg BA_ANSWER0 barney/noway BA_ANSWER1 barney/ireckon BA_ANSWER2 barney/soundsright BA_ANSWER3 barney/yessir BA_ANSWER4 barney/youbet BA_ANSWER5 barney/yougotit BA_ANSWER6 barney/yup BA_ANSWER7 barney/dontaskme BA_ANSWER8 barney/dontbet BA_ANSWER9 barney/dontbuyit BA_ANSWER10 barney/dontfigure BA_ANSWER11 barney/dontguess BA_ANSWER12 barney/hardtosay BA_ANSWER13 barney/justdontknow BA_ANSWER14 barney/nope BA_ANSWER15 barney/nosir BA_ANSWER16 barney/cantfigure BA_ANSWER17 barney/maybe BA_ANSWER18 barney/notelling BA_ANSWER19 barney/bequiet BA_ANSWER20 barney/youtalkmuch BA_ANSWER21 barney/alreadyasked // player BA_STARE0 BA_STARE1 BA_STARE2 BA_STARE3 is staring at scientist barney/yup barney/yessir barney/howyoudoing barney/heyfella

BA_IDLE0 barney/whatisthat BA_IDLE1 barney/coldone BA_IDLE2 barney/guyresponsible BA_IDLE3 barney/bigmess BA_IDLE4 barney/luckwillturn BA_IDLE5 barney/bigplace BA_IDLE6 barney/targetpractice BA_IDLE7 barney/badfeeling BA_IDLE8 barney/ambush BA_IDLE9 barney/survive BA_IDLE10 barney/stophere BA_ATTACK0 barney/openfire(e50) BA_ATTACK1 barney/openfire(s50)


barney/standback barney/whatisthat barney/diebloodsucker barney/aimforhead

BA_HEAR0 barney/hearsomething BA_HEAR1 barney/icanhear BA_HEAR2 barney/soundsbad BA_SMELL0 barney/somethingdied BA_SMELL1 barney/somethingstinky BA_SMELL2 barney/stench BA_CUREA barney/checkwounds BA_CUREB barney/youneedmedic BA_CUREC barney/realbadwound BA_SCARED0 barney/donthurtem BA_SCARED1 barney/leavealone BA_WOUND0 barney/imhit BA_WOUND1 barney/hitbad BA_MORTAL0 barney/imdead //If you BA_SHOT0 BA_SHOT1 BA_SHOT2 BA_SHOT3 BA_SHOT4 BA_SHOT5 shoot Barney: barney/ba_whoathere barney/ba_dotoyou barney/ba_watchit barney/ba_whatyou barney/ba_friends barney/ba_pissme

//When Barney’s really pissed at you: BA_MAD0 barney/ba_stepoff BA_MAD1 barney/ba_iwish BA_MAD2 barney/ba_uwish BA_MAD3 barney/ba_somuch BA_MAD4 barney/ba_endline BA_MAD5 barney/ba_dontmake BA_MAD6 barney/ba_tomb //When Barney’s killed something BA_KILL0 barney/ba_gotone BA_KILL1 barney/ba_another BA_KILL2 barney/ba_buttugly BA_KILL3 barney/ba_seethat BA_KILL4 barney/ba_close BA_KILL5 barney/ba_firepl BA_KILL6 barney/ba_bring //If you use Barney in Hazard Course BA_HAZ_OK0 holo/tr_ba_use

//If you unuse Barney in Hazard Course BA_HAZ_WAIT0 holo/tr_ba_unuse //Barney in Hazard Course BA_LIGHTSON holo/tr_ba_lightson //If you use Barney before the disaster BA_POK0 barney/ba_post BA_POK1 barney/ba_duty BA_POK2 barney/ba_raincheck BA_POK3 barney/ba_later // if barney can't follow you BA_STOP0 barney/stop1 BA_STOP1 barney/stop2 BA_STOP2 barney/stop3 //scripted_sentences //c1a0 scripts BA_LATE barney/c1a0_ba_late BA_HEADDOWN barney/c1a0_ba_headdown BA_DESK barney/c1a0_ba_desk BA_BUTTON barney/c1a0_ba_button BA_HEVNO barney/c1a0_ba_hevno BA_HEVYES barney/c1a0_ba_hevyes //c1a1 scripts BA_GLAD barney/c1a1_ba_glad //c1a2 scripts BA_BULLSQUID barney/c1a2_ba_bullsquid BA_ZOMBIE2 barney/c1a2_ba_2zomb BA_ZOMBIE4 barney/c1a2_ba_4zomb BA_CLIMB barney/c1a2_ba_climb BA_SLEW barney/c1a2_ba_slew BA_SURFACE barney/c1a2_ba_surface BA_TOPSIDE barney/c1a2_ba_top //c1a4 scripts BA_WHISPER barney/c1a4_ba_wisp BA_TENTACLE barney/c1a4_ba_octo1 //c2a1 scripts BA_HUB1A barney/c2a1_ba_hub1a BA_HUB2A barney/c2a1_ba_hub2a BA_AGAIN barney/c2a1_ba_again //c2a2 scripts BA_LAUNCH barney/c2a2_ba_launch //c2a3 scripts

BA_ASSN barney/c2a3_ba_assn //c2a4 scripts BA_LONGNITE barney/c2a4_ba_longnite BA_STERIL barney/c2a4_ba_steril BA_TEACH barney/c2a4_ba_teach BA_ARG1A barney/c2a4_ba_arg1a BA_ARG2A barney/c2a4_ba_arg3a BA_ARG3A barney/c2a4_ba_arg5a BA_TAU1A barney/c2a4_ba_1tau BA_TAU3A barney/c2a4_ba_3tau BA_TAU5A barney/c2a4_ba_5tau BA_ALIVE barney/c2a4_ba_alive //c2a5 scripts BA_LETMEOUT barney/c2a5_ba_letout BA_RPG barney/c2a5_ba_rpg BA_HELPME barney/c2a5_ba_helpme BA_SNIPED barney/c2a5_ba_sniped //c3a2 scripts BA_SURVEY2A barney/c3a2_ba_2surv BA_SURVEY4A barney/c3a2_ba_4surv BA_SURVEY6A barney/c3a2_ba_6surv BA_SURVEY8A barney/c3a2_ba_8surv BA_PORTSTAY barney/c3a2_ba_stay // SCIENTIST SC_OK0 SC_OK1 SC_OK2 SC_OK3 SC_OK4 SC_OK5 SC_OK6 SC_OK7 SC_OK8 scientist/excellentteam scientist/fellowscientist scientist/fine scientist/hopeyouknow scientist/leadtheway scientist/letsgo scientist/yesletsgo scientist/yes3 scientist/alright scientist/beenaburden scientist/slowingyou scientist/reconsider scientist/whyleavehere scientist/illwaithere scientist/istay scientist/illwait


// fail to follow player any more SC_STOP0 scientist/stop1 SC_STOP1 scientist/stop2

SC_STOP2 scientist/stop3 SC_STOP3 scientist/stop4 // player SC_STARE0 SC_STARE1 SC_STARE2 SC_HELLO0 SC_HELLO1 SC_HELLO2 SC_HELLO3 SC_HELLO4 SC_HELLO5 SC_HELLO6 SC_HELLO7 SC_HELLO8 is staring at scientist scientist/yees scientist/areyouthink scientist/noidea scientist/hellothere scientist/freemanalive scientist/afellowsci scientist/greetings2 scientist/hello scientist/goodtoseeyou scientist/newhevsuit scientist/hellofromlab scientist/inmesstoo

SC_ANSWER0 scientist/notsure SC_ANSWER1 scientist/notcertain SC_ANSWER2 scientist/perhaps SC_ANSWER3 scientist/whocansay SC_ANSWER4 scientist/inconclusive SC_ANSWER5 scientist/theoretically SC_ANSWER6 scientist/whyaskme SC_ANSWER7 scientist/lowervoice SC_ANSWER8 scientist/ofcourse SC_ANSWER9 scientist/absolutely SC_ANSWER10 scientist/yes SC_ANSWER11 scientist/ibelieveso SC_ANSWER12 scientist/right SC_ANSWER13 scientist/imsure SC_ANSWER14 scientist/positively SC_ANSWER15 scientist/nodoubt SC_ANSWER16 scientist/yees SC_ANSWER17 scientist/ofcoursenot SC_ANSWER18 scientist/absolutelynot SC_ANSWER19 scientist/noo SC_ANSWER20 scientist/idontthinkso SC_ANSWER21 scientist/completelywrong SC_ANSWER22 scientist/cantbeserious SC_ANSWER23 scientist/dontknow SC_ANSWER24 scientist/ridiculous SC_ANSWER25 scientist/shutup SC_ANSWER26 scientist/noguess SC_ANSWER27 scientist/stopasking SC_ANSWER28 scientist/justasked SC_ANSWER29 scientist/repeat SC_QUESTION0 SC_QUESTION1 SC_QUESTION2 SC_QUESTION3 scientist/everseen scientist/needsleep scientist/areyouthink scientist/evergetout

SC_QUESTION4 scientist/rightwayout SC_QUESTION5 scientist/cantbeworse SC_QUESTION6 scientist/rescueus SC_QUESTION7 scientist/fascinating SC_QUESTION8 scientist/stimulating SC_QUESTION9 scientist/luckwillchange SC_QUESTION10 scientist/hearsomething SC_QUESTION11 scientist/doyousmell SC_QUESTION12 scientist/uselessphd SC_QUESTION13 scientist/waithere SC_QUESTION14 scientist/survival SC_QUESTION15 scientist/headcrab SC_QUESTION16 scientist/goodpaper SC_QUESTION17 scientist/catchone SC_QUESTION18 scientist/dinner SC_QUESTION19 scientist/alientrick SC_QUESTION20 scientist/alienappeal SC_QUESTION21 scientist/rumorclean SC_QUESTION22 scientist/nothostile SC_QUESTION23 scientist/announcer SC_QUESTION24 scientist/smellburn SC_QUESTION25 scientist/noidea SC_QUESTION26 scientist/whatnext SC_IDLE0 scientist/ipredictedthis SC_IDLE1 scientist/containfail SC_IDLE2 scientist/chaostheory SC_IDLE3 scientist/howinteresting SC_IDLE4 scientist/neverseen SC_IDLE5 scientist/peculiarmarks SC_IDLE6 scientist/whoresponsible SC_IDLE7 scientist/nogrant SC_IDLE8 scientist/bloodsample SC_IDLE9 scientist/administrator SC_IDLE10 scientist/improbable SC_IDLE11 scientist/organicmatter SC_IDLE12 scientist/lambdalab SC_IDLE13 scientist/ihearsomething SC_NOGO scientist/dontgothere SC_MONST0 scientist/seeheadcrab SC_MONST1 scientist/importantspecies SC_HEAR0 scientist/ihearsomething SC_HEAR1 scientist/didyouhear SC_HEAR2 scientist/whatissound SC_SMELL0 SC_SMELL1 SC_SMELL2 SC_SMELL3 scientist/somethingfoul scientist/odorfromyou scientist/peculiarodor scientist/stench

SC_WOUND0 scientist/iwounded

SC_WOUND1 scientist/iwounded2 SC_MORTAL0 scientist/iwoundedbad SC_MORTAL1 scientist/iwounded2 SC_CUREA scientist/youlookbad SC_CUREB scientist/youwounded SC_CUREC scientist/youneedmedic SC_HEAL0 SC_HEAL1 SC_HEAL2 SC_HEAL3 SC_HEAL4 SC_HEAL5 SC_HEAL6 SC_HEAL7 scientist/heal1 scientist/heal2 scientist/youneedmedic, letstrythis scientist/youlookbad, holdstill scientist/youwounded, letstrythis scientist/heal3 scientist/heal4 scientist/heal5 scientist/whatyoudoing scientist/canttakemore scientist/madness scientist/noplease scientist/getoutofhere scientist/sorryimleaving


SC_FEAR0 scientist/nooo SC_FEAR1 scientist/startle2 SC_FEAR2 scientist/startle1 nooo SC_FEAR3 scientist/dontwantdie SC_FEAR4 scientist/getoutalive SC_FEAR5 scientist/startle3 SC_FEAR6 scientist/startle4 SC_FEAR7 scientist/startle5 SC_FEAR8 scientist/startle6 SC_FEAR9 scientist/startle7 SC_FEAR10 scientist/startle8 SC_FEAR11 scientist/startle9 SC_FEAR12 scientist/startle1 SC_SCREAM0 scientist/sci_fear1 SC_SCREAM1 scientist/sci_fear2 SC_SCREAM2 scientist/sci_fear3 SC_SCREAM3 scientist/sci_fear4 SC_SCREAM4 scientist/sci_fear5 SC_SCREAM5 scientist/sci_fear6 SC_SCREAM6 scientist/sci_fear7 SC_SCREAM7 scientist/sci_fear8 SC_SCREAM8 scientist/sci_fear9 SC_SCREAM9 scientist/sci_fear10 SC_SCREAM10 scientist/sci_fear11 SC_SCREAM11 scientist/sci_fear12 SC_SCREAM12 scientist/sci_fear13 SC_SCREAM13 scientist/sci_fear14 SC_SCREAM14 scientist/sci_fear15

SC_SCARED0 scientist/whatyoudoing SC_SCARED1 scientist/stopattacking SC_SCARED2 scientist/youinsane // predisaster scientist SC_PHELLO0 SC_PHELLO1 SC_PHELLO2 SC_PHELLO3 SC_PHELLO4 SC_PHELLO5 SC_PHELLO6 scientist/hellofreeman scientist/greetings2 scientist/goodtoseeyou scientist/greetings scientist/hello scientist/hellothere scientist/freeman

SC_PQUEST0 scientist/beverage SC_PQUEST1 scientist/statusreport SC_PQUEST2 scientist/tunnelcalc SC_PQUEST3 scientist/shakeunification SC_PQUEST4 scientist/correcttheory SC_PQUEST5 scientist/analysis SC_PQUEST6 scientist/purereadings SC_PQUEST7 scientist/newsample SC_PQUEST8 scientist/perfectday SC_PQUEST9 scientist/cascade SC_PQUEST10 scientist/delayagain SC_PQUEST11 scientist/softethics SC_PQUEST12 scientist/tunedtoday SC_PQUEST13 scientist/donuteater SC_PQUEST14 scientist/seencup SC_PQUEST15 scientist/hungryyet SC_PQUEST16 scientist/recalculate SC_PQUEST17 scientist/checkatten SC_PIDLE0 scientist/hideglasses SC_PIDLE1 scientist/weartie SC_PIDLE2 scientist/runtest SC_PIDLE3 scientist/limitsok SC_PIDLE4 scientist/asexpected SC_PIDLE5 scientist/thatsodd SC_PIDLE6 scientist/allnominal SC_PIDLE7 scientist/shutdownchart SC_PIDLE8 scientist/reportflux SC_PIDLE9 scientist/simulation SC_PIDLE10 scientist/hopenominal //If you use Scientists in Hazard Course SC_HAZ_OK0 holo/tr_sci_use //If you unuse Scientists in Hazard Course SC_HAZ_WAIT0 holo/tr_sci_unuse //Scientists in Hazard Course SC_GOODWORK holo/tr_sci_goodwork

SC_HARDLYNOTICE holo/tr_sci_hardlynoticed SC_NEXTSTATION holo/tr_sci_nextstation //If you use Scientists before the disaster SC_POK0 SC_POK1 SC_POK2 SC_POK3 SC_POK4 scientist/sci_alone scientist/sci_bother scientist/sci_busy scientist/sci_aftertest scientist/sci_somewhere

//narrative audio SC_1MUMBLE scientist/c1a0_sci_mumble SC_DISA scientist/c1a0_sci_disa SC_DIS1A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis1a SC_DIS1B scientist/c1a0_sci_dis1b SC_DIS1C scientist/c1a0_sci_dis1c SC_DIS1D scientist/c1a0_sci_dis1d SC_DIS2A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis2a SC_DIS3A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis3a SC_DIS4A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis4a SC_DIS5A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis5a SC_DIS6A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis6a SC_DIS7A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis7a SC_DIS8A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis8a SC_DIS9A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis9a SC_DIS10A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis10a SC_DIS11A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis11a SC_DIS12A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis12a SC_DIS13A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis13a SC_DIS14A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis14a SC_DIS15A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis15a SC_DIS16A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis16a SC_DIS17A scientist/c1a0_sci_dis17a SC_GETAWAY scientist/c1a0_sci_getaway SC_GMORN scientist/c1a0_sci_gm SC_BIGDAY scientist/c1a0_sci_bigday SC_SAMPLE scientist/c1a0_sci_samp SC_NOTTHAT scientist/c1a0_sci_desk SC_LOCK1A SC_LOCK2A SC_LOCK3A SC_LOCK4A SC_LOCK5A SC_LOCK6A SC_LOCK7A SC_LOCK8A SC_LOCK9A scientist/c1a0_sci_lock1a scientist/c1a0_sci_lock2a scientist/c1a0_sci_lock3a scientist/c1a0_sci_lock4a scientist/c1a0_sci_lock5a scientist/c1a0_sci_lock6a scientist/c1a0_sci_lock7a scientist/c1a0_sci_lock8a scientist/c1a0_sci_lock9a

SC_CRIT1A scientist/c1a0_sci_crit1a SC_CRIT2A scientist/c1a0_sci_crit2a SC_CRIT3A scientist/c1a0_sci_crit3a SC_CTRL1A SC_CTRL2A SC_CTRL3A SC_CTRL4A scientist/c1a0_sci_ctrl1a scientist/c1a0_sci_ctrl2a scientist/c1a0_sci_ctrl3a scientist/c1a0_sci_ctrl4a

SC_CONSOLE1A scientist/c1a1_sci_1scan SC_CONSOLE2A scientist/c1a1_sci_2scan SC_CONSOLE3A scientist/c1a1_sci_3scan SC_CONSOLE4A scientist/c1a1_sci_4scan SC_CONSOLE5A scientist/c1a1_sci_5scan SC_CONSOLERPT scientist/c1a1_sci_scanrpt //c1a2scripts SC_ZOMBIE1A SC_ZOMBIE3A SC_ZOMBIE5A SC_ZOMBIE6A scientist/c1a2_sci_1zomb scientist/c1a2_sci_3zomb scientist/c1a2_sci_5zomb scientist/c1a2_sci_6zomb

SC_DANGLING scientist/c1a2_sci_dangling SC_DARKROOM scientist/c1a2_sci_darkroom SC_ELEVATOR scientist/c1a2_sci_elevator SC_LOUNGE scientist/c1a2_sci_lounge SC_TRANSMISSION scientist/c1a2_sci_transm //c1a3 scripts SC_1MAN scientist/c1a3_sci_1man SC_ATLAST scientist/c1a3_sci_atlast SC_RESCUED scientist/c1a3_sci_rescued SC_SILO1A scientist/c1a3_sci_silo1a SC_SILO2A scientist/c1a3_sci_silo2a SC_TEAM scientist/c1a3_sci_team SC_THANKGOD scientist/c1a3_sci_thankgod //c1a4 scripts SC_TRAINEND scientist/c1a4_sci_trainend SC_ROCKET scientist/c1a4_sci_rocket SC_BLIND scientist/c1a4_sci_blind SC_POWEROFF scientist/c1a4_sci_pwroff SC_POWERON scientist/c1a4_sci_pwr SC_GENER scientist/c1a4_sci_gener SC_TRUST scientist/c1a4_sci_trust SC_TENT scientist/c1a4_sci_tent //c2a3 scripts SC_ICKY scientist/c2a3_sci_icky SC_TRACK scientist/c2a3_sci_track //c2a4 scripts SC_ARG1A scientist/c2a4_sci_arg2a

SC_ARG2A scientist/c2a4_sci_arg4a SC_TAU2A scientist/c2a4_sci_2tau SC_TAU4A scientist/c2a4_sci_4tau SC_1PSURG SC_2PSURG SC_3PSURG SC_ALLDIE SC_LETOUT scientist/c2a4_sci_scanner scientist/c2a4_sci_sugicaloff scientist/c2a4_sci_surgury scientist/c2a4_sci_alldie scientist/c2a4_sci_letout

//c2a5 scripts SC_BOOBIE scientist/c2a5_sci_boobie SC_LEBUZ scientist/c2a5_sci_lebuz //c3a2 scripts SC_STRAWS scientist/c3a2_sci_straws SC_GLUON2A scientist/c3a2_sci_2glu SC_FLOOD scientist/c3a2_sci_flood SC_LINGER scientist/c3a2_sci_linger SC_SURVEY1A scientist/c3a2_sci_1surv SC_SURVEY3A scientist/c3a2_sci_3surv SC_SURVEY5A scientist/c3a2_sci_5surv SC_SURVEY7A scientist/c3a2_sci_7surv SC_LJUMP scientist/c3a2_sci_ljump SC_UPHERE scientist/c3a2_sci_uphere SC_PORTAL scientist/c3a2_sci_portal SC_PORTOPEN scientist/c3a2_sci_portopen SC_POSITION scientist/c3a2_sci_position SC_FOREVER scientist/c3a2_sci_forever SC_NOTYET scientist/c3a2_sci_notyet SC_FOOL scientist/c3a2_sci_fool //miscellaneous useful scripts SC_LETYOUIN scientist/letyouin SC_OVERHERE scientist/overhere // outdoor WILD0 ambience/(v30) quail1(p103), quail1(t10), quail1(p101) WILD1 ambience/bee1(v75) WILD2 ambience/bee2(p105) WILD3 ambience/hawk1(p98 v30) WILD4 ambience/hawk1(p105 v20) WILD5 ambience/(v50 p97) quail1, quail1(t15) WILD6 ambience/bee1(p98 v50) WILD7 ambience/bee1(p97) WILD8 ambience/quail1(p98 v20)) WILD9 ambience/des_wind1(v50) WILD10 ambience/des_wind2(v50) WILD11 ambience/des_wind3(v50) WILD9 ambience/des_wind1(v40 p105) WILD10 ambience/des_wind2(v40 p98) WILD11 ambience/des_wind3(v40 p103)

WILD12 ambience/wren1(v80) // rocket ROCKET0 ambience/steamburst1 ROCKET1 ambience/steamburst1(p80) ROCKET2 ambience/steamburst1(p120) ROCKET3 ambience/rocket_groan1 ROCKET4 ambience/rocket_groan2 ROCKET5 ambience/rocket_groan3 ROCKET6 ambience/rocket_groan4 // distant war zone FAR_WAR0 ambience/(v50) distantmortar1 FAR_WAR1 ambience/(v60) distantmortar2 FAR_WAR2 ambience/(v50) distantmortar3 FAR_WAR3 ambience/(v15) biggun3 FAR_WAR4 ambience/(v20) rifle2 FAR_WAR5 ambience/(v10 p120) jetflyby1 FAR_WAR6 ambience/(v10) mgun_burst4 FAR_WAR7 ambience/(v30) distantmortar1 distantmortar3 distantmortar2 FAR_WAR8 ambience/(v10) biggun2 biggun2 biggun2 FAR_WAR9 ambience/(v15) mgun_burst1 FAR_WAR10 ambience/(v20) biggun1 rifle2 FAR_WAR11 ambience/(v60) distantmortar1 distantmortar1, distantmortar2, distantmortar1 FAR_WAR12 ambience/(v30) distantmortar2, distantmortar2 distantmortar2 distantmortar2, distantmortar3 distantmortar1 FAR_WAR13 ambience/(v10) mgun_burst2 FAR_WAR14 ambience/(v15) mgun_burst3 mgun_burst3 FAR_WAR15 ambience/(v10) rifle1 rifle1 FAR_WAR16 ambience/(v10) biggun2, biggun2 biggun2 // near war zone NEAR_WAR0 ambience/(v60) mgun_burst3 mgun_burst3 mgun_burst3(v50) NEAR_WAR1 ambience/(v60) rifle1 rifle2 rifle2 rifle1 rifle1 NEAR_WAR2 ambience/(v60) alienflyby1 NEAR_WAR3 ambience/(v60) biggun3 biggun3 biggun3 NEAR_WAR4 ambience/(v60) mgun_burst4 mgun_burst3 rifle1 mgun_burst4 NEAR_WAR5 ambience/(v60) jetflyby1 NEAR_WAR6 ambience/(v60) mgun_burst4 mgun_burst3 NEAR_WAR7 ambience/distantmortar1 distantmortar3 distantmortar2 NEAR_WAR8 ambience/(v60) biggun2 biggun2 biggun2 biggun2(v30) NEAR_WAR9 ambience/(v60) mgun_burst1 mgun_burst1 rifle2 mgun_burst3 NEAR_WAR10 agrunt/(v40) ag_fire1 ag_fire2 ag_fire2 ag_fire1 NEAR_WAR11 ambience/distantmortar1 distantmortar1, distantmortar2 NEAR_WAR12 ambience/(v60) mgun_burst2 mgun_burst2 mgun_burst3 mgun_burst2

// alien slave SLV_IDLE0 aslave/slv_word1 SLV_IDLE1 aslave/slv_word2 SLV_IDLE2 aslave/slv_word3 SLV_IDLE3 aslave/slv_word4

slv_word2 slv_word3(p95) slv_word4 slv_word5 slv_word5(p90)

SLV_IDLE4 aslave/slv_word2(p110) slv_word6 slv_word7 slv_word3 SLV_IDLE5 aslave/slv_word6 slv_word7 slv_word2 SLV_IDLE6 aslave/slv_word7 slv_word8 slv_word3 SLV_IDLE7 aslave/slv_word8 slv_word1 slv_word8 slv_word8(p95) SLV_IDLE8 aslave/slv_word1(p115) slv_word6 SLV_IDLE9 aslave/slv_word3 slv_word3(p90) SLV_IDLE10 aslave/slv_word7(p85) SLV_ALERT0 SLV_ALERT1 SLV_ALERT2 SLV_ALERT3 SLV_ALERT4 SLV_ALERT5 //HOLOGRAM HOLO_3JUMPS holo/tr_holo_3jumps HOLO_BREAKBOX holo/tr_holo_breakbox HOLO_BREATH holo/tr_holo_breath HOLO_BUTTON holo/tr_holo_button HOLO_CHARGER holo/tr_holo_charger HOLO_COMMENCING holo/tr_holo_commencing HOLO_CONGRATS holo/tr_holo_congrats HOLO_DONE holo/tr_holo_done HOLO_DROWN holo/tr_holo_drown HOLO_DUCK holo/tr_holo_duck HOLO_FALLSHORT holo/tr_holo_fallshort HOLO_FANTASTIC holo/tr_holo_fantastic HOLO_FLASHLIGHT holo/tr_holo_flashlight HOLO_GREATWORK holo/tr_holo_greatwork HOLO_GRENADE holo/tr_holo_grenade HOLO_HITALL holo/tr_holo_hitall HOLO_INJURY holo/tr_holo_injury HOLO_INTRO holo/tr_holo_intro HOLO_JDUCK holo/tr_holo_jduck HOLO_JUMP holo/tr_holo_jump HOLO_JUMPDOWN holo/tr_holo_jumpdown HOLO_JUMPGAP holo/tr_holo_jumpgap HOLO_KEEPTRYING holo/tr_holo_keeptrying HOLO_LADDER holo/tr_holo_ladder HOLO_LEADGUARD holo/tr_holo_leadguard HOLO_LIGHTOFF holo/tr_holo_lightoff HOLO_LONGJUMP holo/tr_holo_longjump HOLO_MEDKIT holo/tr_holo_medkit HOLO_MOVE holo/tr_holo_move HOLO_NICEJOB holo/tr_holo_nicejob HOLO_PIPEDUCK holo/tr_holo_pipeduck HOLO_PULLBOX holo/tr_holo_pullbox HOLO_PUSHBOX holo/tr_holo_pushbox HOLO_RADIATION holo/tr_holo_radiation HOLO_RETRY holo/tr_holo_retry HOLO_RUNSTART holo/tr_holo_runstart HOLO_SPINBRIDGE holo/tr_holo_spinbridge aslave/(p105) aslave/(p105) aslave/(p105) aslave/(p108) aslave/(p108) aslave/(p108) slv_alert1 slv_word2 slv_word8 slv_word8 slv_word8 slv_word5 slv_alert4 slv_word4 slv_alert3 slv_alert1 slv_word5 slv_word5(p110) slv_word8 slv_word8 slv_alert4 slv_word7 slv_alert1

HOLO_STARTLIFT holo/tr_holo_startlift HOLO_STEAM holo/tr_holo_steam HOLO_TARGET holo/tr_holo_target HOLO_TRYAGAIN holo/tr_holo_tryagain HOLO_USETRAIN holo/tr_holo_usetrain //GMAN //c1a0 narrative GM_1MUMBLE gman/gman_mumble1 GM_2MUMBLE gman/gman_mumble2 GM_3MUMBLE gman/gman_mumble3 GM_4MUMBLE gman/gman_mumble4 GM_5MUMBLE gman/gman_mumble5 GM_6MUMBLE gman/gman_mumble6 //c5 narrative //GM_OFFER gman/gman_offer [long version: what follows is chopped into sections] GM_SUIT gman/gman_suit GM_NASTY gman/gman_nasty GM_POTENTIAL gman/gman_potential GM_STEPIN gman/gman_stepin GM_OTHERWISE gman/gman_otherwise GM_1CHOOSE gman/gman_choose1 GM_2CHOOSE gman/gman_choose2 GM_WISE gman/gman_wise GM_REGRET gman/gman_noreg GM_WONTWORK gman/gman_nowork

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