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					VALE MAIL (No. 67) 28th March 2008 A newsletter for the whole Vale of Berkeley College community Y11 Exams By the end of next week, all Year 11 students will have been issued with a revision guide for their GCSE exams. Over the next few weeks, further tips for revision will appear on the school’s website ( World Pi Day Ms Norman (Head of Maths) writes: On Friday 14th March the school celebrated World Pi Day. The children were set the challenge of remembering Pi to as many decimal places as possible. I am pleased to announce the winner was Chantelle Mould in Year 8 who remembered 3.141592653589793238 (18 decimal places!!) and Corrie Bowen in Year 8 who remembered 3.1415926535897 (13 decimal places). Well done to the both of them!! Basic Food Hygiene Certificates Thirteen students in Year 10 and Year 11 were presented with their Basic Food Hygiene Certificates at the end of the lower school assembly yesterday morning. Congratulations to them all: Holly Harnden, Chloe Hatten, Becky Hewer, Jessica Lee, Kerry Long, Steph McMillan, Adam Mackie, Becky Stitt, Matt Stump, Sam Varnam, Anna Wicks, Charlotte Wicks, Charlotte Williams, Enterprise Celebrations Over the last couple of months the Year 11 ASDAN group have been taking part in an Enterprise project to raise money for charity. They held a Disco on Valentine’s day, sold roses, made a box for people’s Valentines cards to go in and then be delivered and also organised a non–school uniform day on the 15th February. In total, £254.36 was raised. The chosen charities were SARA and Make a Wish Foundation, the money was equally divided between the two.

As a reward, Mrs Stevens and Ms Squire took the ASDAN group to a Chinese restaurant in Thornbury for a meal. Miss Ross also came. A GREAT evening was had by all. Thank you Mrs Stevens, Ms Squire and Miss Ross. Art at Sharpness Primary School Last Wednesday, Miss Lai and Mrs Stevens went to Sharpness Primary School to run a watercolour workshop. The theme was mutated fruit. Pupils in Years 3 and 4 produced a postcard depicting the types of fruit they had designed. Children learnt how to use watercolours and how to draw from observation. The results were fantastic! The children’s creations were imaginative and colourful. Both Miss Lai and Mrs Stevens were impressed by their enthusiasm and the quality of work produced. After the holiday, Miss Lai will be running an eightweek course on watercolour painting for adults and members of the community. Anybody interested and wanting more information, please contact Miss Lai on 01453 811396. Expressive Arts Year 11 Soiree! The Expressive Arts Department is holding a Year 11 Eevening on Thursday May 8th when students will showcase their exam performances for their parents and friends. Their stunning artwork will also be on display in the hall and the group will perform a variety of other musical pieces. This short and informal soiree promises to be a very enjoyable evening. Fair Trade Fortnight 25th February – 7th March 2008 During Fair Trade, a raffle was held in school with Fair Trade prizes, including a Fair Trade chocolate cookbook, Easter eggs, jam, honey, tea, coffee and a Fair Trade bag. Prize winners were Amy Broder, Lisa Langford, Harriet Maiden, Sam Weaving, George Jones, Harry Molyneux and Mr Bailey. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and special thanks to Corrie Bowen, Breiz Lynes and Luke Hewings who sold the tickets every morning in registration. Year 7 at Wycliffe On Wednesday of this week, five Year 7 students spent the day at Wycliffe College on a PE Gifted & Talented programme. There were

various activities, including having to work with students from other schools. Everyone had a excellent time. . Primary Dance Festival Vale of Berkeley College is delighted to be again hosting this annual dance festival. It will take place next Wednesday 2nd April in the Drama Hall and includes schools in the Tyndale Cluster. Students from Vale of Berkeley will be providing musical entertainment in between dances. Cake & Biscuit Tins Food Technology is desperate for your empty biscuit and cake tins! If you are able to help out, please could you send tins into school, for the attention of Mrs McCredie. Many thanks. Easter Eggs The Easter Egg raffle took place on Thursday of last week. Lots of money was raised for the Friends of Vale of Berkeley. Year 10 Work Experience All of Year 10 will spend next week on Work Experience. Some accounts of their experiences will be published in the next edition of Vale Mail. Dates for the Diary Last day of Term 4 First day of Term 5 Vale Mail no. 68 Friday 4th April Monday 21st April Friday 25th April

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