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					v1.0 - original Frozen Throne beta released - cvar mp_restrictmaps added, it prevents war3:FT from running on iceworld and dustworld (bc it crashes) - removed cvar mp_grenadeprotection - added function (walker) that stops the footsteps sound when unholy aura (level 3) is used while walking v1.1.6 - fixed "CANNOT USE ULTIMATE BEFORE FREEZETIME" message appearing after freezetime - fixed undead moving during freezetime and people with boots of speed - fixed error : [AMX] Function is not present (function "roll_the_dice") (plugin "warcraft3FT.amx") v1.1.7 - fixed Protectant not starting AFTER freezetime v1.2.0 - fixed ultimates sometimes not being reset after five seconds if sv_restrictultimate = 0 - some weapon xp multipliers changed (scout) - tried to give shields back if user has weapon reincarnation (not 100% of the time) - Price for MOLE changed to 16000 v1.2.1 - changed the way freezetime is set so it will not be reset if someone respawns - changed specatating info b/c of loss of text (HUD Messages) after so many characters (damn steam) - Added amx_xp function that allows admins to give experience to players (displays a menu), not complete yet though - Removed some useless functions/comments/bools v1.2.2 - Fixed Go Go Go Freezetime Exploit v1.2.3 - amx_xp Menu works... (I hope :) ) v1.2.4 - another update on the damn amx_xp menu v1.2.5 - increased chances for Hex to 5,10 and 15% - banish now does 7 damage with a slap :) v1.2.6 - fixed - fixed anymore - fixed - fixed it so wardens don't always spawn with a shield it so on KA maps, people that are warden will not get a pistol playerskills bug (orcish horde appeared as humans) weapon reincarnation bug where player could have 2 weapons

v1.2.7 - added cvars "FT_mysql_host", "FT_mysql_user", "FT_mysql_pass", and "FT_mysql_db" * add definitions for the above cvars in your mysql.cfg file if you are using mp_savexp and if sv_mysql is 1 v1.2.8 - Having flaming gloves disables orc nade's special abilities (it's too damn powerful) - Ultimates not take 20 seconds to reset - MOLE now works EVERYTIME, as well as fan of knives.. no longer buggy - Items were encorporated in different ways - code optimized - removed MOLE Protectant - Added Headshot bonus - Human health shows instantly - No more level up sound when changing race - added blink as an option for human ultimates - encorporated a fix so pistols will not be given to players on KA maps - pistols no longer thrown on the ground v1.2.9 - Made it so that if BLINK_NOCEILING is 1, then players will be slayed for skywalking and entering certains places they normally shouldn't be v1.3.0 - Percentages are displayed correctly in 1.5 - fixed testing for abilities after respawning (buying an item) - added cvar mp_grenadeprotection (only tested w/steam) v1.3.1 - Removed many runtime errors - Also fixed the bugged carrion beetles skill - Carrian beetles displays correctly now in skills_info v1.3.2 (thanks ^^plan.los^^ for posting these bugs) - Fixed undead not being able to buy scroll of respawn until dead - Fixed Mole still displaying as an item after it was already used - Can no longer place a serpent ward after the round ends (supposedly causes a crash) - Added SHORT_TERM, MYSQL_ENABLED, and MYSQL_AUTO_PRUNING (from war3 2.22.9) - Fixed autoselect in changerace v1.3.3 - Fixed respawn bug caused by droppistols function - MULTI_WEP_FIX removed, it is default - Also, you must be alive in order for pheonix to revive a teammate - You are now unable to have more than 200 armor w/the life preserver - Added NO_GLOVES_ON_KA to prevent gloves on ka maps - Fixed pheonix reviving other team on accident (silly me) - Fixed pheonix reviving teammate after the round has ended - Fixed scroll of respawning reseting pheonix

v1.3.4 - If you are warden with blink, you will no longer be killed by undead's suicide bomber - if you are killed by a warden w/blink, you will no longer revive a teammate w/pheonix - Fixed defuse kit not coming up w/weapon reincarnation - You are now given 2 flashbangs if you bought 2 the previous round (and you deserve reincarnation) - you no longer lose your ankh when you do not die (sorry bout that one :( ) v1.3.5 - removed hostage tax - added option to say resetskills as well as reset_skills - flamestrike is now only 1 use every 20 seconds - fixed fan of knives not working (actually it was assigned to shadow strike on accident) - will not spawn w/a pistol on scoutzknivez or scoutzknivez2 v1.3.6 - flame strike does less damage, it was too powerful - added HUD_MESSAGE_FOR_ITEM which allows u to disabled using a hud channel to display items (it will display the items like the traditional war3) - fixed being revived not giving humans the correct health - fixed being revived stopping cooldowns - fixed reincarnation happening every round after being revived - fixed pheonix sometimes not working - bug fixed w/helm not working the next round (thanks to ^^plan.los^^) - bug fixed were you get xp for killing the bomb carrier after the bomb was planted (thanks to ^^plan.los^^) v1.3.7 - fixed ANKH for good? - fixed respawning as chameleon if you died as a mole - fixed gloves sometimes not working - made it so if you are near someone w/blink, invisibility no longer works - if using big bad voodoo, you will no longer be killed be the undead's suicide bomber (or thorns aura) - big bad voodoo can now be reused after respawning - siphon mana now steals money - thorns now works with serpant wards v1.3.8 - fixed mole's spawning on top of each other (thanks bad-at-this) - big bad voodoo problem fixed - no more respawn bug v1.3.9 - you will not get XP for events until there are at least 2 players in the game - fixed bombcarrier and bombdefuser awarding false XP

- fixed changerace menu being selected when choosing a skin v1.4.0 - EXTENSIVE CHANGES - Vault introduced - war3FT.cfg file introduced (now you don't have to recompile all the time) - mp_allowchangerace removed, by default it is on - removed unneeded functions - changed how the race menu is shown when you join a game - boots of speed actually work now - Undead will actually stop moving when entangled - Problem w/chameleon being exploited fixed - fixed some problems w/elf abilities v1.4.1 - removed Life Preserver, added Mole Protectant v1.4.2 - removed savelog() function, caused endround lag after file became over 1MB - fixed some skin functions - short term set up correctly (just make sure mp_savexp and sv_mysql are 0) - weapons will reincarnate if the bomb kills you - MANY more configuration options in war3FT.cfg v1.4.3 - entangling roots will actually stop undead w/unholy aura now - fixed small reincarnation bug (if bomb explodes after round end) - fixed shadow hunter's dying w/big bad voodoo by undead's suicide bomber - tome gives more xp per level - shield reincarnates (not 100%, but about 80% of the time, better than nothing) - message displayed in console about what ability killed you (if any) - added amx_givexp <name> <xp> - added icons (FT_show_icons) - added more sounds - if a warden has blink, he/she will now do damage to a shadow hunter during big bad voodoo - mole will not be a little disoriented after being transported - no longer uses the war3 dll - fixed ankh bug where you would lose your weapons if you lived and had the ankh (opps) - complete re-wrote how damage is dealt and how it determines if someone is dead (do_damage function) - FINALLY fixed a warden bug that I've had since v1.0 (sometimes items wouldn't work, runtime errors.. etc) v1.4.4 - added FT_kill_objectives, shows how much XP you gained for killing the enemy (and for HSs) - changed the cham and walker process (cham is gone)

- fixed shadow strike bug (runtime error 4) - fixed another warden bug - big bad voodoo dropped to 2 seconds - fixed big bad voodoo sometimes killing you - fixed another runtime error (dealth with healing wave) - fixed another runtime error (hex) - removed "don't buy scroll yet" message for those that have vengeance (bc sometimes you will not respawn if killed by a warden) - fixed bug where ultimates weren't always being used by bots - fixed another runtime error (shadow strike) - fixed another runtime error (impale) - ankh bug fixed (sometimes it wouldn't reincarnate when you didn't die the round before) - added option for only 5 races (and no shopmenu2)... similar to war3 RC20 except a different 5th race - added a sound for weapon reincarnation (through sound files from war3x into the mix) v1.4.5 - can no longer use ultimate during freezetime - fixed gaining multiple XP for one kill - prevents ultimates from injuring people after the caster has died (chain lightning, entangle, locust swarm) - added flashbang effect after using blink instead of that blue thing (human teleport) - fixed run time error 10 (get_weaponname(wpnid,wpnname,31)) - fixed run time error 4 (set_task(p_heal[p_skills[id][1]1],"healitnow",id+90,parm,2)) - added cvar FT_teleport_cooldown - special kills displayed in the console for everyone - hostage rescuer XP wasn't showing, is now - won't get XP for killing your teammates now (killing teammate w/bomb) - ultimate icons won't show until freezetime is done - if you have the necklace of immunity, you will now damage those using big bad voodoo - amx_givexp is EXACTLY like amx_clexec (you can type amx_givexp @CT 1000 or amx_givexp @TERRORIST 100), I also added an @ALL to send XP to everyone :) - added amx_savexp command (similar to amx_givexp except it saves XP for players, same syntax as amx_givexp (except for the xp, ie: amx_savexp @CT) - walker process called every .1 seconds instead of every .2 - removed all debug messages v1.4.6 - new ultimate for the crypt lord, the swarm of locusts leaps from you and follows the enemy (can show you where the enemy is :) - Unholy Aura speed increased - fixed bug where if you changed race and menu was displayed the next round, you MIGHT have received some abilities from your previous race - changed critical grenade damage back to 2,4,6 times normal damage (don't know why it wasn't that originally) - fixed bug where if u had 5 rings, then bought another item, you would get the other item for free

- fixed "Cannot be performed on dead client and immunity message" when trying to givexp to someone w/the amx_givexp command - fixed runtime error 10 that dealt w/crypt lord's new ultimate (sometimes you would have to push the ultimate button numerous times) - warden's blink no longer disables ALL enemy abilities, only ultimates - warden's blink will automatically deflect MOST damage from moles (not headshots) - encorporated shadowmeld, a passive night elf ability, works after level 6, basically if you have your knife out and are not moving, you are COMPLETELY invisible (30 seconds MAX overall) - added many more configuration options in war3FT.cfg (all cooldowns for ultimates,FT_healing_range,FT_blast_radius,FT_explosion_range,FT_explosio n_max_damage,FT_passive_skills) v1.4.7 - fixed restartround causing you to lose all your XP - fixing flaming gloves not being allowed on regular maps - fixed banish slapping the enemy, but doing damage to the attackee - fixed levitation not working after respawning - lowered the time until your health is reset after respawning from scroll (lowered to .9 from 2.2 seconds) - changed how money is given and taken (small changes) - fixed bug where you could buy an ankh, then another item, and the ankh would still work - rings now reduce lag on the server - warden will spawn w/minimum of mp_startmoney, not 1800 now - removed passive abilities (that will be FT v2.0) - playername now stored in vault (at the end of the string) - changed how MOLE and ANKH function - fixed mp_grenadeprotection - fixed ultimate icon not showing after respawning - cannot buy the same item in the shopmenu anymore that you already own (except rings) v1.4.8 - fixed crit. nades not working after you die - fixed ultimate icons working PERFECTLY! - fixed TKs not showing for aggressive auras - fixed it so u no longer receive $300 for killing a teammate w/an aggressive aura - equipment reincarnation after bomb explosion is more full proof (not perfect) - fixed some spelling error's in the Blood mage's description v1.4.9 - fixed rings not regenerating after the 1st round (and some other ring problems) - fixed siphon mana reading the wrong skill in skillsinfo - removed weapon_ from the weapon displayed when looking at someone - fixed immunity and blink not damaging someone w/god mode - mole's no longer spawn on top of each other - fixed bug where those w/blink were still immune to orc nades - fixed being entangled when respawning (if you were entangled right when you died)

- critical grenades now have a red trail - made it so NO MATTER WHAT, xp/items/race will always be in the bottom left - fixed spawning with nothing when selecting orc on first round - fixed it so you can't buy the respawn scroll at round end (it will do nothing) - fixed bug where you can buy an item b4 the game starts and keep it (yes i know it sucks, I loved this bug :) - if you buy a grenade b4 the game commencing message, you can now buy one after this message (next round) - possibly fixed NE/orc ultimates sometimes not working v1.5.0 - Playernames not shown during freezetime (better for moles) - reverted to old code for lightning/entangling roots - XP is now given to the terrorists when the bomb explodes - added FT_round_win_XP - added resetxp (say it), resets players XP to 0 - if you have gloves and are an orc, the nade will not have the red trailer now - bug fix for 1.5 (where players get stuck after weapon reincarnation) - added FT_glove_orc_damage (set to 1 to allow orc nades to do full damage when using gloves) - added option for competitive leagues, FT_competitive (shopmenu only works during buytime and when you're in the buyzone) v1.5.1 - added messages if FT_competitive is on explaining why the shopmenus will not load - fixed FT_competitive, some parts were not working correctly (buytime part) - all sound files are lowercase now (overwrite old files linux users) - MANY more sounds added - fixed bug where you would still have the silent footsteps after dying from the bomb (even though u lost the item) - fixed bug where the wrong health was displayed for teammates (your health was displayed) - XP for winning the round now increases with your level - itemsinfo2.txt, itemsinfo.txt and war3help.txt are no longer needed - should have permanently fixed the 1.5 bug w/weapon reincarnation (i did it worse in 1.5.0, it wouldn't work at all) v1.5.2 - fixed bug where tele. icon would not appear if you selected the race after the round began - added option to have items and race abilities in german - when warcraft3 is set to false, itemsinfo 1 and 2, war3menu and war3help no longer work - added FT_glove_timer to war3FT.cfg - fixed bug where a serpant ward kill was listed as a big bad voodoo kill - will no longer see messages saying that the server gained XP for a kill - added debug messages for helm

- changed mole height to 72 (does this help for 1.5?) - fixed bug where other utlimate icons would not appear even though you have it - spec info no longer displays cash (or MOLE) - fixed CT/T win message so its not ALWAYS 5 XP - added FT_4race, FT_5race, FT_8race NOTE: 4 and 5 race DO NOT have shopmenu2 - fixed 1.5 error (buy_weapons runtime error) v1.5.3 - fixed ultimate icons showing at the beginning of each round if you didn't die the previous round - you will no longer received xp for "helping" yourself escape as VIP - fixed 2nd part of XP being displayed as 0 in the hud (ex: xp 44/0) - took out messages for beetles (and daggers) left - basically the ENTIRE mod now functions in german (talk about a pain in the ass) v1.5.4 - removed some translations to german (too hard to update things) - converted war3help to german (except the last 2 lines) - hopefully fixed spawning with no suit and spawning outside of the map - flaming gloves and claws will display the correct value if changed - fixed a few sound issues - if short term, when restart round is called, all XP will be reset - fixed being able to change your race after warden respawns v1.5.5 - when you kill a player, it won't be displayed as negative XP gained now - changed how sounds are emitted - you now cannot teleport if the enemy beside you has immunity - resetskills was defined wrong in war3help - added resetxp to war3help - fixed bug where resetxp wouldn't save your xp if it was 0 - fixed pheonix ready and mole ready message when player was dead - fixed auto-select not showing - added FT_position (allows for changing which side of the screen spectating info is on) - there must be 1 person on each team before they can gain XP now - faulty headshot XP message should be fixed - can only buy scroll, ankh and tome when dead now - wardens can no longer change they're race after they respawn v1.5.6 - fixed helm not always working - will slay CTs for teleporting DIRECTLY in front of the helicopter in oilrig (or in it, if FT_blink_protection is on) - you can now purchase mole when dead - fixed it so if you're entangled, then die, then are revived, you won't still be entangled - fixed playerskills showing undead for any race - players can no longer spawn as spectators (if they know the bug)

- undead bug (where you kill your own teammates when switching teams) should be fixed now - fixed strtonum function not found run time error - added select hero for the last 4 races (after all they are heros, not races) - mole is no longer a 1 time use - fixed death message from being cut off in console - flame strike now does more damage - fixed bug where teleport icon wouldn't show if FT_startdisabled was set to 0 - fixed bug w/warden ultimate icon v1.5.7 - added FT_saveby (0=steam id, 1=ip, 2=name, ONLY for vault, MySQL will ALWAYS save by steam id) - fixed gaining XP w/tomb when less than 2 players and gaining xp when you end the round - fixed issues where some things would work when sv_warcraft3 was 0 (ie, gaining XP) v1.5.8 - changed no gloves on ka maps message to be printed in the center instead of chat - added FT_centerhud (set to 0 to disable forcing clients to have the hud in the bottom left) v1.5.9 - fixed all the heros displaying as yellow in short term mode - fixed bug with getting almost no gravity if sv_gravity was changed (lev. only works if sv_gravity is b/t 750 and 850, default is 800) - added FT_no_orcnades_on_he, prevents orc nades from functioning on he maps (and jail_riot) - added FT_min_b4_XP, minimum amount of players needed b4 awarding XP - if you respawn or are revived, you are given back your serpant wards - fixed bug where when you are revived, you can lose your mole v1.6.0 - fixed bug with info being displayed wrong for warden and crypt lord - AMXX: added FULL support for amxx, just change AMXMODX to 1 and recompile the sma - AMXX: disabled the orc nade trailer for amxx as it is causing crashes (doesn't affect amx) - AMXX: changed skills_info function so it will compile on amxx's website v1.6.1 - AMXX: created a default config directory for warcraft3ft v1.6.2 - fixed Run time error 4 on line 2862 (task "8") (plugin "warcraft3FT.amx") (in the glow_change function) - AMXX: fixed getting stuck under the map in some cases - removed debug test function (opps, my bad)

v1.6.3 - added new war3menu (little easier to use) - added chat messages when war3vote is disabled and someone tries to initiate a vote - changed the default value for sv_allowwar3vote to 0 - whenever someone initiates a war3vote it is saved in the half life log files - added an admin menu (access it by typing war3menu) - changed the respawn functions, hopefully less confusing now - hopefully fixed the undead/spectator bug - added an option to the admin menu to save everyone's XP - orc nade kills now appear in psychostats, as well as other kills from auras - Temporary fix for orc nades in CZ, they will work now... somewhat, if two people throw orc nades at the same time u might see some weird results v1.6.4 - short term is now affected by mp_xpmultiplier - removed all debug messages regarding critical nades - fix for orc nades is MUCH better now for CZ. It uses origin of where the nade exploded and links it to the thrower.. see code for details - added changexp for use with the advanced swear filter on AMXX's forums (same as dopefish's changexp command) - FT_saveby NOW works for MYSQL, so you can save based on IP, name and auth id - timestamp now recorded for the vault - changed "default" gravity to greate than 650 instead of 750 (deals with disabling undead's lev if you change sv_gravity... if you lower it too much their gravity is weird) - fixed fan of knives being activated in the middle of the round after a changerace - removed pheonix ready message - prevented the walker command from being called more than once - fixed bug where if the last person was undead and exploded next to a warden w/blink, it would kill the warden (thanks Kamikaze) - fixed bug where longterm xp would be set at the short term value - removed removeinvis, statusrunning, reseting, changingrace, godtime, runningcarrion, fancalled variables (not used anymore) - removed resetultimate function (not used) - liu - removed "#define AMXMODX" in favor of "#if defined _amxmodx_included" (seamless compiling on either AMX or AMXX) (from v1.6.3p1) - liu - changed some of the skills_info code so its less code - liu - added option to restrict ultimate for the first X seconds of the round (FT_ultimatedelay) (from v1.6.1p1) v1.6.5 - fixed two people reviving the same person (wasted a reviving) - removed teamselect function - removed currentteam variable - fixed pheonix - fixed bug with mp_grenadeprotection (not being able to buy one after game commencing)

- fixed a small bug w/orc nades w/CZ yet again - fixed bug with reset_maxspeed where people could move during freezetime, VERY RARE! - added another check for skywalkers - fixed another bug with mp_grenadeprotection - everything admin related has been change to ADMIN_LEVEL_A (flag "m") - fixed helm bug regarding set_user_hitzones(id), thanks mugwump - fixed bug regarding healthadjustment, thanks mugwump - fixed bug regarding roots and lightning at round start, thanks kamikaze - fixed bug where blood mages couldn't use their ultimate during the next round, somewhat rare, thanks Krid v1.6.6 - FT_no_orcnades_on_he changed to FT_no_orcnades, and fy maps were added - added more skywalking checks for cz, thanks kamikaze - fixed NE and orc ultimates? - added french, thanks laurent for the translation - fixed a bug where "ERROR, YOU HAVE MORE THAN 1 RACE OPTION SELECTED IN YOUR WAR3FT.CFG FILE" may appear when it is not true (temp was uninitialized) v1.6.7 - NOTE: Significant changes on this version were from bad-at-this and NeKo - added a ton of sprites for races and levels - unable to buy shopmenu items in an empty server - added corrected french translations, and almost every phrase is now available in french - fixed bug where gloves would not restrict on KA maps - added a 9th race (Chameleon, FT_9race in war3ft.cfg) - added another tele checks (cs_italy_cz on balcony) - added weapon crap for gali and famas (defines) - more blood option added (FT_showblood in war3FT.cfg) - options added to start and stop the MOD at certain times (see war3FT.cfg FT_control, FT_start, FT_stop, etc..) - FT_no_orc_nades_on_HE removed (view bottom of war3ft.cfg for changes) - added new skins for CZ - fixed orc nades on CZ (thanks NeKo) - fixed keeping shopmenu items if you died from the bomb - fixed bug where you can basically do anything you wanted from anywhere (fullupdate bug, TY for the info Bigdoom) - Wand of Illusion replaced "Sock of the feather" v1.6.8 - no when you are undead, you will explode when a warden kills you, you just will not harm the warden (if he/she has blink) - fixed bug where mole wouldn't work (if reincarnate = false) - fixed bug where orc nade trails were shown on maps where they were disabled - fixed bug with the wand Bugs:

de_inferno_cz will not work if you use all the sprites (more than 512 precached)

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