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									SGA Meeting Agenda October 7, 2008
A. Call to Order at 6:08pm B. SGA Representative Orientation a. SGA exists to hear student concerns and act upon these to receive answers from the administration. Reps should visit the website regularly ( ) to keep up to date with upcoming meetings and minutes from previous meetings. The other major responsibility of SGA Reps is to attend monthly meetings to present issues raised by their classes and report these findings back to their classes. In the event that an SGA Rep or Class President cannot attend, a substitute may attend the meeting, however this must be communicated to the Secretary ( before the meeting. C. Reports of Committees a. Entertainment i. Halloween TGIF will be held at Sky City (downtown) on October 1st in conjunction with AUPhi. SGA will pay the cover for MCG students (please bring ID) plus one guest. The bar will be selling wristbands for alcohol for $5 / wristband and will donate the money to AUPhi. ii. The 3 main events in spring are the Spring Formal, the TGIF Block Party and Casino Night which will consume the remainder of the entertainment budget. Please visit for

further event planning and avoiding conflicts when planning class social functions. iii. Budget proposals will be drawn up and presented for next month’s Mandatory Student Fee Committee presentation and it is anticipated that increased funds will be requested. Any ideas regarding TGIFs and their locations are welcomed, please contact b. Student Health Advisory i. Kim Rathbun met with Dr. Jill Miller to review student health concerns, student insurance and immunization holds. Questions and comments should be directed to the committee chair, Kim Rathbun at c. Parking Advisory Committee i. This is an institutional committee that met earlier today. The main outcome was to inform students to walk on sidewalks and crosswalks especially near construction areas. Public Safety may consider issuing ticket at $150 / offence as a safety issue. Concerns should be addressed to Kim Rathbun. D. Old Business a. Voter Registration drive i. Thank you to the volunteers who manned the table in the student center. Approximately 50 students registered to vote. b. Absentee Ballot drive

i. These will arrive in the mail, for those who registered in Richmond County. c. September TGIF i. Last month’s TGIF at Tropicabana had 170 attendees. E. New Business a. Approval of September minutes i. Tabled until next meeting. b. Voting on new Bylaws i. The sole question raised was to inquire as to whether class presidents need to attend meetings. The answer would be a “yes” as they qualify as voting members of the SGA body. In the event of absence, a substitute can be sent who will hold the same voting privileges. This substitute must be communicated to the Secretary ( prior to the meeting. ii. The By-Laws were subsequently voted on and approved unanimously. They will go into effect immediately. c. Wounded Warrior Resource i. John Hansford spoke about fundraising and how individuals can supplement the organization’s fundraising efforts, for example Bethany Loushine, who donated procedures from a recent triathlon and the Medical Illustration class, who raised money through their Valentine’s Day Card Fundraiser. d. Upcoming events:

i. October TGIF – mellow mushroom is running a special ii. Next meeting is Tuesday November 4th SGA at 6 pm in the Library F. Run of the Table a. Dentistry: i. Dentistry: The Give-A-Smile fundraiser will be held on October 16 at the Loft. $15 to play with drinks included to raise funds for pts who can’t afford their dental treatment ii. Residence Life: on 10/15/2008 at 7pm is a Bosom Buddies social to make pillows for women who’ve suffered from breast cancer. It will be held in the Student Center. iii. Medicine: Raised the question of paving the parking lot behind the tennis courts. G. The meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.

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