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					-Newsletter of the ISEC

October 2003 February ISEC Regions Show Support of Local Ronald McDonald Houses
Colleen Sharer explains the Southwest Regions experience, “First, there was the fun and bonding of my co-workers as we all went down to the Ronald McDonald House to decorate and prepare food. We all carried container after container of brats, chicken, hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, vegetables, coolers of beverages, desserts, etc. Had great fun laughing at each other as we tried to find a decent way to smear butter on corn on the cob for grilling, not sure we really did  Decorating with bright colored balloons with gifts tied to the end for the children who have to spend endless hours in the hospital. Second, were the children that were hanging around while we did all this preparation. I found one little boy quite irresistible. We played with the balloons, munched on the food, helped him wash his hands. Then everyone came for dinner and this is where I became a sap...I was in the kitchen and kept hearing a child crying so I went to investigate and it was my little boy. I found out he had had several heart surgeries and they just couldn’t get him to eat a decent meal. I saw those big brown eyes filled with tears and I starting crying myself. It was all good, for ISEC employees coming together as a group to help people in need, sharing a little of what those people are going through...”

Mission Statement… ISEC established this Construction Services Division-to Rocky Mountain foundation to share our company profits build hope in our communities.


April 2008

Volume 2, Issue 3


San Diego Region Volunteer Chefs Front: Brooke Bagley, Ana Sanchez, Ronald McDonald, Anissa Leon, Susan Bowers Back: Russ Thomas, Jeff Gladinus

San Diego Region is Cookin’
San Diego Region collected the money from their “Casual for a Cause” Fundraising to purchase food for their local house. Six employees cooked and served dinner in February. ISEC’s Brooke Bagley explains, “We had about 35-40 people walk through the Valentines themed dinner and about ½ sat while the others took food back to families over at the hospital. Everyone was very thankful for the food, treats and goodies given, so much that they asked when we were coming back! Got a chance to hear some of the reasons why the families were there (people from all over Southern California). One little 13 month old has been battling Leukemia for 8 months, and now she is in remission. Another has a 1 month old who has severe bronchitis. You could see that the families were very interactive together like one big family. It was good to see that there were children there who are part of treatment but running around playing and making music with some of the volunteers that came in. All in all I think it was a successful event and most were very appreciative of just having a break! Big THANK YOU’S to Russ & his wife making lasagna, Jeff & his wife for making spaghetti sauce, & Ana for making an awesome cake! Also to Anissa & Susan helping out to make it festive for the occasion and easy! Last thank you to everyone who contributed, the donations were an essential part in making it special!” 1

Southwest Region Volunteers (Back Row) Kim Valenzuela, Bob Bell, Tom Klug, Joe Schwarz, Bob Voelker, Colleen Sharer, Hillary Mullins (Front Row) Randy Griego, Chad Jans, Michelle Lewis, Ronald McDonald, Melanie Gerhart, Aaron Morgan


The Compassion Begins to Spread Beyond the ISEC Employees to Their Families
Shannon Wetzel, a Project Coordinator for ISEC’s Southern California Region, and her mother were kind enough to help the Orange County Ronald McDonald House. They donated 150 ½ gallon bottles of apple cider and also 5 large boxed of pretzel snacks. Shannon’s mother works for a distribution company and plans on sharing food with the House monthly. Greg Timmerman has offered the ISEC trucks to help with the deliveries, and Linda Lanford offered her time as well for the drop off. Shannon shares, “It was such a good feeling to be able to contribute something as simple as juice and pretzel snacks and to have it be so appreciated by the staff at Ronald Shannon Wetzel and Linda Lanford, in front of boxes of McDonald House. It donated goods. is such an important charity and I’m proud to work for a company that truly knows the meaning of “giving back”. I look forward to continuing to contribute to this charity in the future.”

ISEC Helpdesk and Final Cleanup Crew to RMHC Denver
On February 21, 2008, volunteers from the Englewood office went to the new Ronald McDonald House in Aurora, CO to help final clean the new facility and help get it open for guests. This new house is 70,000 sf with 45 new additional rooms. In addition to the cleaning help, brand new sheets sets and bathroom floor mats were contributed. Our IT group also installed six new computers for the guests to use in the computer rooms to write letters and send emails to their loved ones. With the help of another Ronald McDonald house volunteer that works for CISCO, we will be helping getting the two Denver houses interconnected via a new network infrastructure being donated by CISCO.

“Casual For A Cause”
In December several ISEC Regional Offices participated in a fundraiser that was named “Casual for a Cause”. Employees were sold casual day passes or a month long pass that bought them the right to wear Friday casual dress attire on any work day. With five office locations participating, over $5,000 was raised for the local houses. The ISEC Foundation is promoting that all Regions join in this fundraiser during the months of June and December. Employees can purchase a daily pass for $5.00 or a pass for the entire month for $50.00. With this pass an employee can wear jeans on any workday. Of course, discretion is advised when expecting outside customers or vendors. It was also found that explaining the cause to the outside visitors was a great way to promote the charity as well. More details will follow about this fundraising idea in the next couple of weeks.


ISEC Employees Continue to Spread Their Compassion With $1,000 Gifts of Giving
Wanting to keep the donation local, Jeff Thompson from the Las Vegas office, decided to donate his $1,000 to the Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas. This location houses 12 families with children in the hospital for serious and life threatening illnesses. In support of family members battling cancer, Dennis DiIorio from the Southern California Region was able to deliver his $1,000 grant to the City Of Hope. This institution is a biomedical research, treatment and educational facility dedicated to the prevention of cancer.

Grants given to date by ISEC Employees:
AMC Cancer Research - $500 Habitat for Humanity - $500 National Stroke Assoc. - $500 Salvation Army - $500 The Heuga Center - $1,000 UC Davis Children’s Hosp - $1,000

Kenneth Sundve of the Southwest Region was able to give his $1,000 to the St. Vincent De Paul Conference. Their mission is to regularly provide meals, clothing, traveler’s aid, and medical/dental assistance to the needy and indigent. Please read Kenneth’s story on the last page of the newsletter.

Living Word Church - $1,000 Make-A-Wish Foundation - $1,000 Susan B. Komen - $500 Lions, Tigers and Bears - $500 Save the Children - $1,000 Anchor School for the Blind – $500 Nightwalker Enterprises - $500 NV Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - $200 Lakeside Wheelchair Sports - $800 Ronald McDonald House LV - $1,000 City of Hope - $1,000 St. Vincent De Paul Conf. - $1,000 Diana Fish Price Foundation - $1,000 Rocky Mtn Raptor Program –$1,000 ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease - $1,000

In memory of his dear friend and colleague Dave Rossi, Chuck Rozmarynoski of the Rocky Mountain Region, chose to give the $1,000 to the Diana Fish Price Foundation. This is a local organization with a mission of helping adult cancer patients enjoy life.

Rocky Mountain Divisions, Dave Liley, a true outdoorsman, chose to forward his $1,000 gift to the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. This charity is dedicated to providing raptor rehabilitation and release, as well as providing education to the public. The educational presentations are designed to promote the value of raptors, wildlife, conservation, and environmental awareness, and to teach ways in which the public can become involved in these issues. April O’Connell, who works out of our Southern California office as the Installation Coordinator, was thrilled to pass along this gift to the Orange County Chapter of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. She planned to give this as a birthday present to her dear friend Steffen Greenly who at the time was battling with ALS. Please read April’s touching story about her gift on the next page.


The Spirit of Giving
By Ken Sundve, Southwest Region
I was very honored to provide my St. Vincent de Paul Conference with a $1,000 donation from the ISEC Foundation. My conference is the smallest membership with the largest territory in the Phoenix, Arizona area. 100% of our money comes from donations, either our local Parish, individuals, or from caring companies like ISEC, Incorporated. I’m a past president of our conference and I still am an active member. We service a community called the House of Refuge in Mesa, Arizona, and the majority of our funds go here. The House of Refuge is the old Williams Air Force Base Housing and the Refuge helps battered women and families misplaced by fire. When families arrive at the House of Refuge they have nothing. There’s no furniture, food, or personal items, and no money for utilities. Our conference makes sure every child has a bed to sleep on, a place to sit and a place to eat. We will help the adults after the children are taken care of. We can furnish two beds, dressers, couch, two chairs and a dinette set for $200. An additional $100 for clothes, $50.00 for utilities and $50 for food will get them going. Based on this we helped out more than two families with the $1000 donation. It doesn’t take long for us to spend money and our philosophy is “if we have no money we’re doing our job”. My main objective as president was begging for money and that’s what I did – all of the time. Donations like the one from the ISEC Foundation is a blessing and just imagine the faces of the children we helped! You go home and hug your children or grandchildren and thank God for what you have. I’m thankful for the ISEC Foundation and what you’re doing and who you help.

By April O’Connell, Southern California Region
I was so excited when Greg told me that ISEC Foundation chose me as one of the recipients for the “Gift of Giving”. I didn’t even have to think about what charity I would be donating to… ALS Association Orange County Chapter! In 2002 a very dear friend of mine (Steffen Greenly) was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is a fatal degenerative disease that attacks the brain and spinal column nerve cells that allow st movement. Today is his 31 birthday and he is not doing too well. He is on 24 hour morphine and has stopped eating days ago. Because he has now immune system I cannot go see him, send flowers, or anything of the sort. This donation will be my birthday gift to him and his family. I am saddened that there is not enough awareness of this horrible disease, and awareness is one of the first steps to finding the cure to this disease that has taken so many lives. In the past I’ve done Walka-thons, Bowl-a-thons, Golf Tournaments, even carwashes, but this donation is different… there is a little more sense of pride that comes with it. I’m proud to be work for a company that cares enough to get involved in the same charities as its employees. What a great thing ISEC Foundation is doing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (April’s dear friend Steffen passed away the day after his birthday, the day after April shared this touching story with the Foundation)

“There lies within most of us an innate quality that compels us to give of ourselves for the good of mankind.” – Clyde Kissinger

By Chuck Rozmarynoski, Rocky Mountain Region
I chose to donate my $1,000 to the Diana Price-Fish Cancer Foundation in Denver, Colorado in the name of Dave Rossi. Dave was a former employee of ISEC who has lost his battle with cancer in January 2007. The Diana Price-Fish Foundation provides adults dealing with cancer the opportunity to participate in social, cultural and recreational activities throughout Colorado, somewhat like "Make A Wish" but on a much smaller scale. Dave had chosen this foundation during his fight with cancer to help himself and his wife get out and enjoy things they otherwise were unable to do. This is the only organization of its kind in the United States and provides an opportunity for people to "take a break" from their cancer.

Next Quarter Winners Picked to “Pay it Forward”
The compassion of ISEC employees is incredible and there are more worthwhile causes than we can possibly support. Encouraging the spirit of giving, we have decided to randomly pick three employees per quarter as recipients of a “Grant of Giving”. Each “winner” will be given a $1,000 grant to be forwarded in their name to the charity of their choosing from qualified 501c3 organizations. This quarter’s lucky givers are: Timothy Young, Foreman, Northwest Region Javier Valencia, Carpenter, Southern Calif. Reg. Dhinakar Thangavelu, Ops Manager, Southwest Reg. 4

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