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Backpack to School program helps Arizona kids



Affiliate member discusses growth of its Gifts In Kind program

September 2007


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Arizona Community Service Group Helps Lowincome Kids Get Ready to Return to School
housands of needy children in the Tucson area will be well equipped for school this year thanks to a program that provides them with backpacks and other school supplies. GAP Ministries, located in the northwest section of the city, is a Gifts In Kind International member organization whose mission is to shelter children who have been abused and neglected. The organization aims to provide hope, facilitate the healing process and meet the needs of these children. GAP Ministries currently runs 10 residential homes that accommodate about 80 children at a time. “We give back to the community by providing support to children whose physical and emotional needs are not being met,” said GAP Ministries staff member Julie Wagner. “The products we receive through the Gifts In Kind® program help us in every aspect of our program, from providing the children with toys during the holidays to ensuring that our facilities are equipped and provide a homelike atmosphere where these kids can heal.” The nonprofit organization partners with a wide range of retail stores through Gifts In Kind International’s Retail Donation Partner program, including Bed Bath & Beyond, The Disney Store,



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From the Source Featured Nonprofit GIKI News Nuts & Bolts Security Agreement

Thousands of Title 1 students in the Tucson area received backpacks with school supplies through the “Backpack to School” program.

A Charity You Can Trust
Gifts In Kind is acknowledged as one of the most cost-efficient charities by Forbes magazine. In 2006, we operated on 0.3 percent of the fair market value of our donations—meaning 99.7% of all donations went directly to communities and people in need. The following organizations have recognized us for our financial accountability:

Talbots, Gap and Office Depot. “We started the backpack program a few years ago because we wanted to help more of the kids in our community,” said Wagner. “Our residential program can accommodate 80 kids, but we know that there are many more kids in our community whose needs have not been met. This is another way we can help to improve their lives.” Wagner said the Backpack to School program began in 2005 when the group organized a carnival for families of children who attend Title 1 schools in the
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From the Source We Put Security Front and Center to Help the Sick, the Needy and Kids
e are pleased to serve your organization by providing the urgently needed product donations that allow your staff to better serve your clients. As partners, we are better able to enhance, empower and restore communities and people in need. However, I want to remind each of you that federal law stipulates that these product donations are to be used for three specific purposes—to serve the ill, the needy and children. They are NOT to be used for fundraisers, raffles or auctions; given to volunteers or staff members; or sold in stores, on websites, in flea markets, or in any other manner. Any violation of the tax law is a criminal act.


The Gifts In Kind International staff is serious about our responsibility to ensure our corporate partners’ donations are used for the purposes for which they were donated.
Kind International® program should fully understand this agreement and all that it entails. If you have any questions about this agreement and how our donated products are to be used, please feel free to call your member services consultant at any time—we’d be happy to explain our program in more detail to you or anyone on your staff. Thanks for the important work you are doing in your communities. We look forward to a fruitful relationship that will benefit people in need around the world. q

Judy Mercadal The Gifts In Kind International staff is serious about our responsibility to ensure our corporate partners’ donations are used for the purposes for which they were donated. We will not hesitate to take offenders to court or to invite federal agencies to participate in an investigation. I want to remind each of you that you have signed a security agreement, which is available in full on our website at www. All staff members in your organization who work with the Gifts In

Featured Nonprofit United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
he United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania—a longtime Gifts In Kind International affiliate member—is a great example of how a nonprofit organization can develop and expand the programs that best meet the needs of local clients. “We started out by simply communicating the products that were available through Gifts In Kind International to our member organizations,” said Camara Jordan, the local Gifts In Kind® manager. “Since then we have expanded and found new ways to help our members through the program.” The United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania has 89 local member organizations that receive product donations through the Gifts In Kind® program. The agency joined Gifts In Kind International’s Retail Donation Partner program five years ago, and currently partners with a wide range of local retail stores, including Guess, Office Depot, Pottery Barn, Disney, Williams-Sonoma, Talbots and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Your Member Services Consultants
Your member services consultant can help you with product descriptions, ordering information and questions related to the RDP program. Find the representative for your state below: Sandra Littles
(703) 299-7564/


“We work primarily as a broker with the RDP program. A majority of our stores are matched directly with our members, which we find is most effective for our agency,” A young girl shows off the dress said Jordan. she received from Say Yes to “RDP is a Education, a Gifts In Kind memgreat program. ber organization. The nonprofit group supports educationally We have members who disadvantaged students. would not have joined our program were it not for the retail component. It allows our member organizations to nurture these local relationships with retail stores—relationships that allow them to work together to figure out how to meet the needs of their community.”
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CT, DC, DE, KY, KS, MD, ME, NC, NE, NY, TN, VA, WV Rick Jackson
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AK, AR, LA, MN, MO, MS, RI, TX, VT, WI, CANADA Ruthann Pippenger

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Nonprofit Profile: United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Continued from Page 2 The third way that the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania works with Gifts In Kind International is through its distribution center. The organization partners with a regional Office Depot warehouse, which provides a significant number of product donations. For this reason, 99 percent of the products that go through the distribution center are office supplies and products. “These product donations leverage the ability of our member organizations to improve their services and the lives of their clients,” said Jordan. “Many of the organizations would not be able to provide the same level of service for their clients without product donations because they either don’t have the budget or the staff resources.” Jordan said a representative of one of their member organizations told them recently that the attendance of their clients who come into the agency has increased

Gifts In Kind News

“These product donations leverage the ability of our member organizations to improve their services and the lives of their clients,” said Jordan.
significantly because of the improved appearance of that agency. “If you are marginalized and you have to visit a building that appears to also be marginalized in order to get help, it’s not so uplifting,” explains Jordan. “This program improves services and it impacts both the staff and the clients.” “Our program is on the path of growth and development, thanks to the leadership of our vice president of community impact, David Fair,” she added. “This job is amazing. It is very challenging, but I love doing it.” r

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This is your last chance to renew your membership for 2008! Remember, for each dollar you spend on membership and shipping, you will receive about $143 in urgently needed products for the clients you serve. Call your customer service representative today at (703) 836-2121 or renew online at

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Group Helps Needy Kids Go Back to School
Continued from Page 1 area. During the event the GAP Ministries staff fed 3,000 people and gave away 1,000 backpacks that were filled with school supplies. “We have found that through the carnivals, the community has become more aware of the needs in our schools, the parents have become less intimidated and more involved, and volunteers have continued to be involved at the schools in which they have served,” explained Wagner. Since its inception, the program has grown quickly. In 2006, the group fed more than 15,000 and gave away about 5,000 backpacks. This year they plan to feed more than 20,000 people at 10 separate festivals and give away more than 7,000 backpacks. “Our partnership with Gifts In Kind International helps to make this program possible,” said Wagner. “It is the most affordable way for us to get these items for the kids.” She added that they are very proud of the program because of the impact they are having in the Tucson community. “The schools we have chosen to serve have an average of 82 percent of the population living below the poverty level,” she said. “We know that the program is needed in this community and that we are making a difference.” r

Back-to-school jeans from Gap available!
Gap, Inc. is donating men’s and women’s jeans in assorted sizes through their store locations. This program is a ONE-TIME donation that is coordinated by Gifts In Kind. Participating nonprofits must pick up the donations at the location they have selected, once that match has been confirmed by a Gifts In Kind representative. Go to www. to find participating locations and the associated fees. r

Students show off the backpacks they received through the “Backpack to School” program.

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Nuts & Bolts: Resources for Nonprofit Professionals
Articles: n Managing for Results (Philanthropy Journal) (scroll down page)

Security Agreement
Please remember the details of the Product Security Agreement (http://www.giftsinkind. org/charities/?pn=terms.asp) that you signed before becoming a member of Gifts In Kind International. In order to provide you with product donations, we must ensure that you meet the requirements set by the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Treasury and others. If your status has changed, please re-read the agreement to make sure you are still in good standing with Gifts In Kind International. If you or anyone on your staff has questions regarding how product donations are to be used, please call your member services consultant (see page 2). We’d be happy to discuss this with you at any time. r

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