Unit 7 the richest man in the world by forrests


									Unit 7 The richest man in the world

Teaching Objective Master the key words and structures, and learn something about the richest man in the world — Bill Gates. Getting rich is a dream of most young people, but how to get rich is in fact something more important for you to consider. As a college student, one should have a clear idea of what he should do and what he can do to become rich. Vocabulary afford intimate mobile click be based on leave behind Structure double negative, of which, the reason why Skills Learning how to use a dictionary Reading about activities Learning how to write a letter of invitation Teaching Procedures Lead In Activity; Study of the Text; Study of Words and Phrases; Study of Read More; Study of Practical Reading; Study of Practical estimate approach exchange intention encode virtual insert go off take up sign an agreement be true of start up wander date fortune


I. Lead In 1. Microsoft Corporation Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft is the world’s largest software company with over 50,000 employees in various countries as of May 2004. Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of software products for various computing devices. Its most popular product is the Microsoft Windows operating system family, which has achieved near ubiquity in the desktop computer market. It had revenues of US$36.84 billion for the fiscal year ending June 2004, and employs more than 55,000 people in 85 countries and regions. Microsoft’s mission is to enable people and businesses to realize their full potential. 2. William H. Gates William (Bill) H. Gates is chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. 3. The Gates “Ecology House” The big boss of Microsoft does have a nice little pad down on the shores of Lake Washington. Much of the house is built underground into the hill, so the house looks smaller than it actually is. Unfortunately the hidden section underground did not escape the

taxman’s view; Bill paid over a million dollars last year on property taxes. It took seven years to build the 40,000-square-foot mansion on a wooded five-acre compound in the moneyed Seattle suburb of Medina. 4. Lenovo Group Lenovo Group is a young and dynamic enterprise born amid the tidal wave symbolizing China’s reform and open door policy. It possesses rich market and technical resources, practical experiences obtained in the domain of information industry, and expediencies in enterprise operation and management. Today, many people in China and the Asia-Pacific Region agree that Lenovo is the typical model of a high-tech enterprise of the Chinese people, which is becoming more developed and getting stronger everyday. 5. Topic-related Words and Phrases American Dream: the faith held by Americans that a time of prosperity and peace lay ahead, and that a good life and a successful society can be founded on strength of will, courage, and hard work alone.

II. Text Analysis Paragraphs Para. 1 Main Ideas Bill Gates — the richest man in the world.

Para. 2

Bill Gates’ ingenious inventions of high-tech in his mansion.

Para. 3 Para. 4

Bill Gates’ cold-blooded love life. Bill Gates’ smartness — successfully founding Microsoft after dropping out of Harvard.

Para. 5 Para. 6

The reason for Microsoft’s incredible success. Bill Gates’ intention.

III. Read In In the computer world, there is one man who is too influential to miss — Bill Gates. Do you know anything about him? Are you interested in his wealth, his life, and his key to success? Read the following text.

too … to: so much of a particular quality that sth. is not possible 太…以致不能 [all too 实在太/很, too too 简直太,非常地, none too 一点也 不, only too 非常, rather too 稍微…了一点, cannot ... too ... 怎 极, 么…也不会过分,越…越好] These pillars are too thin to carry the roof.

go off: 1) be fired; make a sudden loud noise 爆炸; (爆竹、铃 等)响 The signal pistol went off with a bang. 2) become worse in quality(食物等)变坏

This steak has gone off. 3) take place; go 进行情况;发生 The interview went off very badly.

He has built a mansion overlooking Lake Washington that he’s packed with high-tech gadgetry and TV monitors, some taking up an entire wall. Paraphrase His new mansion has a good view of Lake Washington, and some of the various high-tech gadgets and TV screens in the mansion have even covered one of the walls.

This cold-blooded approach to human relationships also seems to be true of his love life. Paraphrase His cold heartedness can be felt in both his interpersonal relationships and his love life.

leave behind: fail or forget to bring or take sb./sth. 带;遗留;把…丢在后面,超过 Wait ― don’t leave me behind! It won’t rain: you can leave your umbrella behind.


Gates went on to Harvard University, where he managed to be in the same class as the girls he fancied by inserting a piece of software

into the college computer. Paraphrase: At Harvard, Gates once succeeded in getting himself in the same class as the girls he liked by playing a smart trick on the college computer with his own software.

fancy v. take a fancy to; like 喜爱;喜欢 I don’t fancy fish today. fancy cakes 花式糕点,fancy diving 花式跳水

insert v. put or set into, between, or among 插入,嵌入 The attendants watched the kid inserting the key in the lock with amusement. Students are asked to insert an illustration into the text.

intention n. an aim that guides action; an objective 目标 [by intention 故意, have no intention of 无意做…, with the intention of 抱有…目的, 打算] He has no intention of marrying yet. What is your intention?

IV. Summary Cf. the teacher’s book

V. Exercises

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