Blood pressure is the pressure of blood within the arteries of the body. Blood pressure is the driving force that causes blood to flow through the body from the arteries (where the pressure is high), through organs, and into the veins (where the pressure is low). Blood pressure is generated by the pumping of blood by the heart into the arteries as well as by the resistance to the flow of blood by the arteries. The systolic blood pressure (the top number) represents the pressure in the arteries as the muscle of the heart contracts and pumps blood into the arteries. The diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) represents the pressure in the arteries as the muscle of the heart relaxes after it contracts. Systolic blood pressure for most healthy adults falls between 90 and 120 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Normal diastolic blood pressure falls between 60 and 80 mm Hg. (By convention, an individual's blood pressure is written as systolic/diastolic blood pressure, e.g., 120/80). Current guidelines define normal blood pressure as lower than 120/80. Blood pressures between 120/80 and 140/90, which used to be considered "pre-hypertension," now are considered too high.Low blood pressure is blood pressure that is so low that it is causing symptoms or signs due to the low flow of blood through the arteries and veins. When the flow of blood is too low to deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to vital organs such as the brain, heart, and kidney; the organs do not function normally and may be permanently damaged. It should be noted that unlike high blood pressure, which is defined on the basis of blood pressure alone, low blood pressure is defined primarily by signs and symptoms of low blood flow. In fact, some individuals may have a blood pressure of 90/50 and have no signs or symptoms of low blood pressure, and, therefore, not have low blood pressure while others who normally have a blood pressure of 130/80 may develop symptoms and signs of low blood pressure if their blood pressure drops to 100/60.

Causes of low blood pressure

Conditions that reduce the volume of blood, reduce cardiac output (the amount of blood pumped by the heart), and medications are frequent causes of low blood pressure. • Malnutrition is the common cause of low BP. If somebody is not taking the proper diet especially the iron rich diet necessary for his/her body then he/she may show the symptoms of low BP. • Dehydration is common among patients with diarrhea who lose large amounts of water in their stool, particularly when drowsiness limits their drinking of fluids or is associated with nausea and vomiting. Dehydration also can occur with prolonged vomiting of any cause because of the loss of water in the vomitus. Other causes of dehydration include exercise, sweating, fever, and heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Individuals with mild dehydration may experience only thirst and dry mouth. Moderate to severe dehydration may cause orthostatic hypotension (manifest by light-headedness, dizziness or fainting upon standing). Protracted and severe dehydration can lead to shock, kidney failure, confusion, acidosis (too much acid in the blood), coma, and even death. For more, please read the Dehydration article. • Moderate or severe bleeding can quickly deplete an individual's body of blood, leading to low blood pressure or orthostatic hypotension. Bleeding can result from trauma, surgical complications, or from gastrointestinal abnormalities such as ulcers, tumors, or diverticulosis. Occasionally, the bleeding may be so severe and rapid (for example, bleeding from a ruptured aortic aneurysm) that it causes shock rapidly. • Severe inflammation of organs inside the body such as acute pancreatitis can cause low blood pressure. In acute pancreatitis, fluid leaves the blood to enter the inflamed tissues around the pancreas as well as the abdominal cavity, depleting the volume of blood.

Causes of low blood pressure due to heart disease

• Weakened heart muscle can cause the heart to fail and reduce the amount of blood it pumps. One common cause of weakened heart muscle is the death of a large portion of the heart's muscle due to a single, large heart attack or repeated smaller heart attacks (please read the Heart Attack article for more). Other examples of conditions that can weaken the heart include medications that are toxic to the heart, infections of the muscle of the heart by viruses (myocarditis), and diseases of the heart's valves such as aortic stenosis. • Pericarditis is an inflammation of the pericardium (the sac surrounding the heart).Pericarditis can cause fluid to accumulate within the pericardium and around the heart, restricting the ability of the heart to pump blood. • Pulmonary embolism is a condition in which a blood clot in a vein (a condition called deep vein thrombosis) breaks off and travels to the heart and eventually the lung. A large blood clot can block the flow of blood into the left ventricle from the lungs and severely diminish the ability of the heart to pump blood. Pulmonary embolism is a life-threatening emergency. For more, please read the Deep Vein. HOW NONI HELPS IN LOW BLOOD PRESSURE NONI is the greatest Nutritional Discoveries of our times Noni the Cell-Rejuvenator Our body is made of micro – units called cells. Healthy cells lead to healthy tissues; healthy tissues lead to healthy organs; healthy organs lead to healthy systems; and healthy systems lead to healthy body. Hence, the health of the cells is essential for a body to be healthy. NONI, being the best nutritional supplement works at this root-level in order to made these fundamental units healthy, and thereby make us live healthier. NONI Works as a 'De-toxifier' every cell in the body is like a house with doors and windows. When you have to drive a car into a garage you need to open the large door. The same goes on in our body if we have to absorb a larger protein molecule; we need to open a larger pore if we are to use it. Our cells

are made up of micro particles such as neutrons, protons, cytoplasm, golgi bodies etc. which are genetically engineered to work well in a chemical-free environment. But because we live in a chemically polluted environment. But because we live in a chemically polluted environment, many types of toxins and pollutants are going into our body. They wrapping the cells day by day have formed multiple layers around the cell walls, thus lead to the closure or shrinking of the pores of the cell walls. Consequently, the inter cellular communication is prevented, the cells are damaged and they forget their purposes, they neither do their regular functions correctly nor efficiently. NONI, being the powerful de-toxifier removes the toxic layers on the cell walls and it enlarges the pores of the cell walls. This enlargement allows for larger chains of peptides (amino acids or proteins) to be admitted into the cell and to feed us better. If these chains are not used they become waste and this precious source of energy is lost by going to fat or being eliminated. But because of NONI's detoxification process, the cells resume their communications; are reminded of their purposes and they are rejuvenated with greater strength and life. Now the cells are able to assimilate the nutrients and medicines easily. They are strengthened and healed at their roots. This is the basis of NONI's cellular activity that causes the enhancement of efficacy of the medicine. Noni is a not a medicine. Noni works as a Protein Regular and Activator Thanks to dr. Ralph Heinicke who found out that Morinda Citrifolia fruit is a rich resource of large molecules called Proxeronine (Prozairo-neen) Proxeronine combines with enzymes in the body to form as essential substance known as Xeronine (zair-o-neen). Once Xeronine is formed, it combines with many proteins in the body that require Xeronine to function. Not all proteins, but many vital proteins, acting as hormones, antibodies, and enzymes need Xeronine to carry out their duties. What do proteins do and why are they important? Proteins give structure to hair, skin and bones. They allow the transport of chemicals and nutrients through the cell membrane. Proteins also act as hormones, co-coordinating all bodily processes at the molecular level. Proteins act as antibodies and incapacitate foreign bodily invaders such as viruses. They also

act as enzymes and facilitate all chemical production in the body; many of these proteins cannot function without Xeronine. Proxeronine, which is rich in Noni, Xeronine. Why is a Proxeronine rich supplement important in our diet ? Some reasons include the loss of micro – nutrients from the soil and poor nutrition in our diet. Even illness, a highly active or stressful lifestyle and ageing, plays an increased demand on proteins. In order to meet these demands and keep the body healthy, we need to increase the supply of Proxeronine by regularly drinking Noni. This helps to overcome low levels of Xeronine in our bodies and restores healthy protein assimilation. NONI works as antioxidants Our bodies are bombarded daily by the damaging effects of free radicals created through normal metabolic functions. In fact scientists report that the DNA of each of our cells is attacked by free radicals over 10,000 times per day. Add to this with the polluted environment of today’s world, the scope of the problem increases. Uninterrupted, free radicals can wreak havoc with DNA, enzymes, and cells. They make it impossible for the cells to function properly. Many chronic conditions including aging - are believed to result from accumulated damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants can fight free radicals in three ways. 1. They can prevent a free radical from forming. 2. They can interrupt an oxidizing chain reaction to lessen the effects of the free radicals. 3. Antioxidants can reduce the free radical's impact. Fortunately antioxidants like Noni have proven as an effective weapon against them. Noni as an antioxidant help neutralize the effects of free radicals, allowing the body to restore itself to proper balance leading to health and well-being. Noni contains many different synergistic antioxidant nutrients, including the basic vitamins A,C & E. Drinking Noni every day can help combat the damaging effects of free radicals. produces that

Free radicals attack all your vital cellular structures, such as cell membranes and stimulate processes that have been linked to accelerate cellular aging. An antioxidant's job is to neutralize the free radical cells thus protecting the cells in our body from accelerated aging. Noni helps as an anti aging agent. NONI works as a Healthy, Immune System Promoter Current studies have revealed that Noni helps prompting a healthy immune system by either enhancing an already functioning system or by stimulating a sluggish one. In addition, as described earlier, Noni is believed to fortify and maintain cells structure. This can be accomplished by Noni acting as an adaptogens that can aid “sick" cells in repairing themselves. Strength, endurance & hemodilation Nitric Oxide is the key molecule used by your body to transport oxygen, increase blood flow and deliver nutrients to skeletal muscle. This process is called hemodilation. By increasing nitric oxide production, Noni increases your maximum contractile velocity in all muscle types. The results are immediate and consequential, and include increasing your load capacity, boosting your power output, and quickening your muscle contraction. When hemodilation is accelerated, and best of all sustained and you'll start to see some amazing things happed to your body. The positive changes begin in a little as one week…. And by the one month mark you could be seeing muscle fullness and hardness like never before from a drug-free compound. Also, look for increased strength and markedly improved stamina. Noni researchers noted a direct correlation between the reported benefits of nitric oxide and those of Noni, and then made the breakthrough discovery that all tested forms of Noni produced a nitric oxide effect which brought Noni from folklore to science. Noni takes the effectiveness of Nitric Oxide to a whole new level. Based upon ground breaking research that helped unlocked the secret of Noni, Indian Noni has been formulated to deliver more of what makes Noni work.

A Cellular Food Noni works at the Cellular level! Works at the root of illness! works at the source, not with the symptoms Noni contains Health enhancing attributes that are Antibacterial, Antiinflammatory, Analgesic, Anti congestive and has cancer-inhabiting compounds The natural integrity of Noni is only part of the reason for its effectiveness. There are two additional reasons contribution to noni's effectiveness for a broad range of conditions: 1. Unique Combinations of Substances For a fruit, which sit he most digestively efficient of all foods, Noni has an impressive combination of ingredients. It has a rich complement of vitamins and minerals; including A, B vitamins (including the rare B-12), C, E, Iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and several trace minerals. It also has 17 of 20 amino acids. Terpenes, fungicides, adaptogens, glycosides, polysaccharides and other unique ingredients that even in small amounts can have significant physiological effects can be found in Noni. It works like a food and acts like a medicine or herb without the side effects. 2. Synergy of its Substances The many known, and even some of the unknown substances, come together in a way that support the needs of many of our internal systems, concurrently. As the word synergy implies, these substances work far better in combination than they do separately. Many of the ingredients in Noni are found in varying amounts in other foods or herbs. There seems to be no known food or herb with either the rich list of substances or the high amounts of key substances all put together in one super food. Noni aids the body's natural healing abilities. Thus Noni helps to prevent many diseases and keep you healthy. It contains all the necessary nutrients that our body need. it is rich in all vitamins and essential minerals. Hence it helps to stabilize your blood pressure by keeping your body healthy and providing all the necessary nutritons.

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