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					Whatsup, FloC?
Volume 1, Issue 2 October 13, 2009

Upcoming FLOC Events
October 15th - FLOC Talent Show October 28th - Freshmen Fall Blowout November 10th - FLOC presents: Food, Inc.

President’s note
Hello, FLoCers! It’s good to see everyone hard at work! Everyone is working very hard to ensure that our projects will be off to a strong start! Special Events is hard at work finalizing the Freshmen Fall Blowout. This freshmen-only event will take place on th Wednesday, October 28 from 7—9 pm at Bowling and Billiards. There will be bowling, pool, and a karaoke machine to belt out all your favorite hits! This is going to be a HUGE event for FloC this semester, so we need everyone in attendance! Let’s show our support for the Special Events committee, because they have been working very hard to make this night a blast! The Academic and Cultural committee has put together a list of everyone’s classes and teachers, so if you need help with an assignment or are looking for someone to study with, stay on the lookout for the ―Study Buddy‖ list to be posted in the FloC cubicle soon! Make sure you are staying on top of your assignments; keeping your grades up is very important! Don’t forget, Holiday Extravaganza is right around the corner! Community Service needs your holiday-themed decorations! Keep up the hard work, FLoCers! Jeff Hazelrigs

Upcoming Events - October
October 16th - Friday Night Movie - The Hangover October 21st - Focus on Technology 2009 October 22nd – Maverick Speakers Series: David Gergen October 23-24 – Parent and Family Weekend October 29th – Halloween Casino Night

Academic & Cultural – Tessa Barrientos, Kelly Bullock, and Alix Gandhi for volunteering and helping prepare the study group spreadsheets. Community Service – Sebastian Aguilar for taking on Bed Races, working down in the basement, and working on community service’s projects. Special Events – Zak Murphy for being extremely helpful and creating a Facebook group for Freshmen Fall Blowout; Cedrick Davis for helping with flyers and putting up with Alaina’s craziness.

Be A MAVerick!

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