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Our Staff and Students Would Like to Say THANK YOU to our Sponsors
The Office of Pre-College Programs would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all those who made a donation towards our Scholarship Fundraising Activities. With your help we were able to raise $2,600 for our students.

Preparing for Success in College
The Early Assessment Program is working closely with high schools to improve English and math skills
By Thomas Reisz Six in ten first-time freshmen entering the California State University (CSU) are surprised to learn that they have skill deficiencies in mathematics, English, or both. These students are put into remedial classes at great cost to both the university and the students. The Early Assessment Program (EAP) seeks to lower the number of students entering the CSU in need of remediation by improving the readiness of California’s high school seniors for college. From the student’s point of view, the EAP has two main components: junior year testing and senior year interventions. The testing component consists of an optional augmentation to the California Standards Test that all public high school students take at the end of their junior year. Students who perform exceptionally well are given a designation of Exempt and do not have to take CSU’s placement tests in mathematics, English, or both. • About 12% of the 119,000 juniors who sat for the EAP mathematics augmentation in spring 2005 earned a full exemption. About 24% of the 186,000 juniors who sat for the EAP English augmentation earned a full exemption. Students can improve their mathematics and English readiness today by making use of the resources at and These websites: • • • answer frequently asked questions about CSU academic proficiency and the EAP; provide links to all placement test preparation materials available on the web; allow students to register as early as the 9th grade and create “roadmaps” to mathematics and English proficiency; and contain special sections for teachers, counselors, and parents.

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Jacob Sredni Thomas & Hemal Surrette Albert Bruggerman Klaus Schuegraf Russell & Carrie Elias Brad & Anne Yust Craig & Kimberly Whichard Yitzhak & Netta Gilboa Kaichiu Wong Ahmad & Claudia Chatila Michael Moore Another Special Thank You to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the free tickets given to our students in November

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College RUSH


A Harry Potter Halloween

Maria De Sousa
REALTOR— Hablo Español

Maria Esparza-Diaz

Student Spotlight 20 years of experience in the Bay Area and Central Valley
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Scholarship Fundraising & Sponsors

One of the most exciting resources on the Math Success website is the CSU e-Learning Course, the university’s online senior year mathematics experience. The e-Learning Course provides a comprehensive review of important math concepts through Algebra 2. Moreover, Conditionally Exempt students who complete 60% or more of the course and pass a proctored final exam will have their conditional exemptions converted to full exemptions, thus eliminating the need for them to take the university’s placement test. Check out the course at Also visit the EAP Web site at

Phone: (510) 667-9967 Cell: (510) 332-1658

Cell (408) 829-5515 Direct (408) 754-3422

EAP Upcoming Events
• • April - Juniors taking the California Standards Test have the opportunity to sit for the EAP August - Students receive their EAP status letters For More Information Contact: Pre-College Programs at

Phone: (408) 924-2567 Fax: (408) 924-2513

Students who perform less well are given designations of Conditionally Exempt (math only) or Non-Exempt. These students will be directed to senior year interventions designed to raise their mathematics and English skills so that they can pass the university’s placement tests.

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Dear Students,

For Latino Students For African American Students /Minority Students Asian-American/Pacific Islander Students Other useful Web sites

By Veronica Mendoza


Happy New Year! I would like to thank the people who supported the Pre-College Programs Scholarship Fundraiser. Due to your kind generosity more than $2,600 was fundraised. Over 20 prizes were awarded; congratulations to all of the winners of the raffle! The scholarships will be awarded to low-income and first generation college students at our annual “Student Recognition Awards” in May of 2006. Also congratulations to the Pre-College Programs high school class of 2006 who have applied to over 20 colleges and universities. I look forward to your college enrollment this fall! Best wishes for a safe and successful year! Peace and goodwill,
Frank Castillo, Director


On the morning of October 31st an image of Professor Lockhart could be seen on the door of the office of PreCollege Programs asking passer buyers to enter the PreHogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. “I liked the talking portrait, that was cool,” said Pre-College Programs intern, Cecilia Sanchez-Cruz. About 81 pre-school students from the San Jose Day Nursery and the Associated Students Child Development Center came to visit the office to pick up candy and participate in various Harry Potter themed activities. The majority of the Halloween decorations were hand-made by staff and interns of Pre-College Programs. “I didn’t know it would come out that good, especially cause everything was hand-made,” said Sanchez-Cruz, who was one of the interns who helped out with the three day long decorating event. The pre-school children participated in many activities at the event. They decorated wizard hats with stickers, they were given wizard wands and they created small animal puppets. The children also walked through the “Dark Forest.” In order to add to the Harry Potter themed event staff members dressed up as Harry Potter characters. The Office of Pre-College Programs won first place for the best decorated office in a competition involving all Enrollement & Academic Services departments. The McNair Scholars program was a tough match to beat but in the end Pre-College Programs was victorious. Blanca Sanchez-Cruz, won for best-decorated office and Lizeth Sanchez won the best costume contest.

Top: The entrance to the Pre-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Center: Sofia Arredondo creates a painting for the Halloween Decorations. Bottom: TRIO Coordinator Thomas Reisz gives a student and his mother a tour of the “Dark Forest.”

Alejandro Andrade

Smyrna Cabrera

Jose Ochoa

Martha Sanchez

Upcoming Events
February 19th & 20th February 21st - 24th
Southern California College Trip
UC San Diego, University of San Diego, UCLA, Pepperdine University, Cal Poly

April 14th
Community College Night
This event provides information and assistance in applying to community colleges for parents & students

Cecilia Sanchez

Maung Thu

Iris Salazar

“Raising Consciousness and Advocacy”

National TRIO Day and Student Leadership Conference
A conference designed to help students to discover their leadership skills as we prepare them to become informed TRiO advocates

March 18th
Northern California College Trip
UC Santa Cruz

April 17th - 22nd
Puerto Rico Science and College Visitation Trip

Alex Dunlap

Leonel Naranjo

Angelica Saucedo

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Students learn about Future Career Options
By Veronica Mendoza

Left: Susan Ross, Recreation Therapy Coordinator, passes out information about the Recreation and Leisures Studies Department to students. Bottom: Professor Steven Millner informs two Upward Bound students about the African-American Studies Department.

During the month of October Pre-College Programs students got the opportunity to learn about some of the different majors that are offered at San Jose State University. Some of the speakers who presented to students were Professor Steven Millner from the SJSU African American Studies Department and Susan Ross from the SJSU Recreation and Leisure Studies Department. Both presented information about the two majors and spoke about the career opportunities that the majors offered. Jessica Munoz, Student Services Specialist for the Upward Bound program said that the staff wanted to expose students to different career options. During the visit by Ross she told the students that not many people grow up thinking they want to go into recreational therapy but that there are many career opportunities in the field. “Ninety percent of our graduating students get a job directly after graduation,” Ross said. Bianca Smith, an Upward Bound senior, said she enjoyed the presentation. “It was cool,” Smith said. “I learned about a new type of profession.”

By Veronica Mendoza

By Veronica Mendoza



The students of Pre-College Programs got a glimpse of what college would be like when they took a college tour to UC Santa Cruz, CSU Monterey Bay, and Stanford University on October 29th. Allen Degu, a freshman at Silver Creek High School, said he liked all the college tours and that he learned a lot. “I got a sense of what college students are like,” said Degu. Students from Educational Talent Search as well as Upward Bound attended the field trip. Leo Naranjo, a junior at Independence and an Upward Bound student said he is considering applying to two of the schools they visited. “It got me thinking about going to Stanford and UC Santa Cruz,” said Naranjo. From the trip he learned that UC Santa Cruz has a very good engineering program, which is a career field he is interested in. He also liked the Stanford campus and said he was impressed by their resident housing. The students involved in PreCollege Programs take many college tours throughout the academic year.

Students involved in Pre-College Programs at to help her with the college application process. San Jose State University were busy completing Villalta said that because she was the first in her college applications in the fall to make the Novem- family to go to college she had a limited amount of people that she could turn to for ber 30 deadline for both California State University and University of advice as to how to apply. “At first I didn’t know where to California schools. “It was exstart,” said Villalta. With some tremely stressful getting all the inhelp she was able to apply to formation in,” said Patricia PlasStanford University, UC Berkley, cencia, a senior in the Upward Harvard University and Santa Bound program. “The essays were Clara University. For Henock especially hard to work on.” Wolu, an Upward Bound senior, Although applying to universities the program helped him to apply to eight was a challenge the students involved in Upward Bound and Educational Talent “It was extremely universities. Wolu said that applying to so many universities was a challenge but Search had help available to them. On Ocstressful getting he got through it with the help of staff tober 15 and November 12 students atall the members. tended College Rush, an event designed to Both the Upward Bound and Educahelp students who are the first in their fam- information in” tional Talent Search programs were ily to go to college or who are low-income able to assist many of their students to complete their college applications. The Patricia in applying to universities. The Educaevents also offered student workshops on Plascencia tional Talent Search program offered asscholarship opportunities and resume writsistance to 164 seniors in applying to ing. Victor Vu who attended the first ColUB Senior CSU, UC and private schools while 43 lege Rush event in October said that the Upward Bound seniors applied. Vanessa staff helped him to submit his application to San Jose State University earlier then most stu- Bui, a senior in Upward Bound, said the program dents. “I found out how to apply to colleges has helped her to stay focused and accomplish all early,” said Vu. “Some people wait until the last the work it takes to apply to colleges. She advises other students who are interested in minute and the system goes down pursuing a higher education to look to (to apply on-line) and they can’t Pre-College Programs for support. apply,” said Vu. The event also helped Vu to find out about financial “If they would like to look forward aid and other information he would to college they should give Preneed in order to apply to colleges. College Programs a shot, because it In addition to the help students can give them the opportunity to received at the College Rush events, achieve their goals,” said Bui. students also sought help from staff throughout the entire fall semester. Top: Veronica Villalta applies to universities on-line. Left: Lizeth Sanchez, ETS Veronica Villalta, an Upward Bound Coordinator, helps Santa Teresa high senior, met with UB staff members
school senior Micah Aveno fill out college applications.

Top: A Stanford Tour Guide leads students through the campus. Bottom Left: Irene Medina, ETS Outreach Specialist, poses with students on the Stanford campus. Bottom Right: A photo of the CSU Monterey Bay Campus.

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Vanessa Bui
Bui’s biggest accomplishments in high school have been to stay focused and to do well academically. Bui has taken AP Calculus and AP Biology and participates in her high school’s Cross Country, Tennis and Track teams. She said the UB program has helped her to be successful. “I feel like if it weren’t for Upward UB Senior Bound I’d be lost, not motivated in school,” said Bui.

Miguel Garcia
Garcia said that the ETS program has helped him with the college application process and is excited to go to college next year. “I really wanted to go to college,” said Garcia. “It is the only option I set for myself.” While in high school Garcia has participated in the Wrestling team and has taken AP Spanish as well as ETS Senior Honors English.

Veronica Villalta
Villalta qualifies for the ELC program. The program accepts the top four percent of all high school students to any University of California campus. Villalta has been involved in the California Scholarship Federation, the National Honor Society, and the Community Service and Leadership Project. She has also taken AP English and UB Senior Spanish classes.

Henock Woldu
Woldu came to the U.S. from Ethiopia five years ago without knowing any English. Woldu hopes to study Computer Engineering when he goes to college next year and said that applying to eight universities has been his greatest accomplishment. Woldu has taken AP Computer Science, Calculus, Government, Physics Honors and Chemistry UB Senior Honors.

Julio Gomez Thy Phung
Phung said her greatest accomplishments have been to get to know new people and joining the piano club. She is currently the vice president of the Piano Club, which is an organization that performs recitals for the community. She is also a part of her high school’s Physiology club. She ETS Senior said the ETS program has been a great help in keeping her informed as to college requirements. Gomez has been on the Football and Wrestling teams at Overfelt high school and has been in many clubs such as the National Honor Society, the California Scholarship Federation and the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program. He hopes to one day become a pharmacist and said his biggest acUB Senior complishment has been to balance academic life with clubs and sports.

Annie Thai
Thai said she is most proud of the fact that she has been able to maintain good grades in high school. Thai is part of her high school’s Chinese and Vietnamese club and has also volunteered at the San Jose Medical Center to gain experience in the medical field. She has taken US History Honors, Chemistry Honors, AP Calculus, AP Government ETS Senior and will take AP Economics next year.

Jewelry Nguyen
Nguyen said her biggest accomplishment has been to maintain good grades throughout high school. Nguyen has been involved in the Volleyball team, the Key Club and the Vietnamese Student Union Club. She has also taken AP US History, AP World History, AP Government and AP Psychology. Nguyen encourages students to be a part of ETS Senior the ETS program. Nguyen said, “I would tell them to go for it because it’s really good help.”

Erica Batres
Batres is currently taking AP Calculus and plays for her high school’s Varsity Soccer team. Batres said the Upward Bound program as well as motivation from her parents are what have helped her to do well in school. “My parents are very supportive,” said Batres. “They want me to achieve what they didn’t have the opportunity to UB Junior achieve.”

Fabian Mora
Mora said his greatest accomplishment has been, “Being one of the first in my family to go to high school with good grades.” Mora has been involved in his high school’s Cross Country and Track teams and has taken AP Spanish and literature. Mora hopes to study Forensic Science when he attends college. UB Junior

Alberto Ramos
Ramos said his biggest accomplishments in high school have been passing all his classes, making honor roll every year and making many new friends. When he attends college he hopes to study sociology so that he can become a probation officer. Ramos said that the ETS program has helped him to do well in school and to pursue his ETS Junior dream of going to college.
UB Junior

Leo Naranjo
Naranjo said the UB weekly tutoring has helped him to advance in math throughout high school. “The tutors help me figure out problems I wouldn’t be able to figure out myself,” said Naranjo. Naranjo is currently taking Calculus B & C and is the only UB participant who is also a tutor. In addition Naranjo is taking AP English. Naranjo hopes to pursue an engineering degree.

Michael Alonso
Alonso said that going to many college tours has helped him to have a better idea as to what college he would like to attend in the future. He said he wants to study Computer Science when he goes to college. Alonso has participated in his high school’s Wrestling and Track teams and said that his greatest accomplishment has ETS Sophomore been to maintain a high grade point average throughout high school.

Hernan Rosas
Rosas said he is most proud of the fact that he was chosen to be on the Superintendent’s Honors List for the East Side Union High School District. He said what has helped him to do well in school is the tutoring he receives every week from the Upward Bound program. He is currently taking AP Calculus as a sophomore and hopes to one day go to colUB Sophomore lege.

Edwin Lopez
Lopez tries to take advantage of many of the opportunities that ETS offers such as the college field trips. He plans to go to college to study mechanical engineering and his dream school would be UCLA. Lopez has taken AP Spanish III and his favorite subject is English. He has also played ETS Junior Varsity Soccer for Independence for three years.

Sandra Guzman
Guzman came to the U.S. nearly four years ago without knowing any English. She has recently applied to five universities. Guzman has taken AP Spanish and Psychology and also works part-time to help support herself. Irene Medina, ETS Outreach Specialist, said she is the type of student who takes advantage of the resources that the ETS ETS Senior program offers.

Allen Degu
Allen Degu said his greatest academic accomplishment is to have gotten good grades in high school. He said the Upward Bound program has helped him to stay focused on his grades and said he has had a lot of fun being a part of the program. Degu passed his summer Algebra class during the SLAM program and is currently taking Geometry as a freshman.

Edna Chum
Chum said her biggest accomplishment has been receiving straight A’s last year. Chum is currently taking AP Chemistry and is involved in the Latino Student Union and the East Indian Student Union. Chum wants to study to become a doctor because she has seen the struggles her parents have had to go ETS Sophomore through because they do not have a college education.

Jeshua Aveno
Aveno plans to go to college in the future and wants to take many creative writing and music courses. He is currently on the Varsity Wrestling team at Santa Teresa High School. He said the Upward Bound program has been able to help him do well in school. He said he has especially received a lot of help during the Upward Bound tutoring sessions and Saturday classes.
ETS Junior

Kay Paronable
Paronable said her biggest accomplishment has been doing well in her advance placement classes. Paronable has taken AP English, AP History and Honors English. In addition Kay also participates in the self defense club at James Lick High School and volunteers as a teacher’s assistant at Meadows Elementary School. Paronable hopes to one day become an occupational therapist.

UB Freshmen

UB Freshmen

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