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NECAP (pronounced kneecap )
Fro m the P rincipa l’s Desk
The Maine Department of Education is replacing the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA), our usual state assessment, with a new test. It’s called the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP), and is given to all students in grades 3-8 in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Unlike the MEA, which was traditionally administered in March, the NECAP is given in the fall. We will begin the NECAP next week. Students in grades 3-8 will be tested in reading (3 tests) and math (3 tests). Students in grades 5 and 8 will also take two writing tests. Students will be taking no more than one test daily, so these tests will be spread over a three-week period. To help your children do their best, it is important that they come to school as well rested as possible, and that they arrive on time. As I noted in last week’s newsletter, BHCS has recently done very well on state assessments, and we have done so without sacrificing other subject areas, or teaching to the test. As usual, our intent is to take these tests seriously and do our best while minimizing any disruption of our regular routine. If you have any questions or concerns about these assessments, I can be reached at 374-2202, ext. 102 or

No S choo l Friday 10/ 9 o r Mon day 10/ 12
This is a reminder that there is no school for students on Friday, October 9, or for anyone on Monday, October 12. On Friday there is a teacher in-service day. Most of our teachers will be reviewing and scoring the schoolwide writing prompts written last week. Others will be participating in training on crisis prevention, and some will be attending the Maine Arts Conference. Monday, October 12 is Columbus Day.

Notes fro m the Mus ic Depa rt ment
Next Wednesday, October 7th, rental night will be held at 7 PM in the BHCS cafeteria. Representatives from Northern Kingdom Music will be on hand to share information about the rental plan and parents and children can also find out more about the band program. If you know you want to rent an instrument, let me know and they will have one ready for you. Parents, if you are not interested in the rent-to-buy option, you can also buy a used instrument for your child from various sources (Mrs. Clapp is selling a saxophone and clarinet and I have a trumpet for sale). You may also be able to borrow an instrument from a friend, relative or community member to try out for a while. We also have a few older instruments in the band room but I recommend you find a good instrument for your child. I will do whatever possible to ensure that all students get a chance to play in the band as the merits of learning a musical instrument are many. If you have any questions, please contact me by email or phone. - Mr. Schubeck ( or 374-2202, ext. 116)

Making Strides 5K Run/Walk: Sat., Oct. 24, 10 AM-noon
All pre-registrations received by Wed., Oct. 14 will be entered in a raffle. The winner will be announced at the end of the day. To pre-register, just mail or give a registration form with registration fee(s) and/or donation to "Making Strides", BHCS, 60 High St., Blue Hill, ME 04614. Contact Tera (664-3372, with questions.

Editor: Fred Cole, Principal 374-2202 or

Asst. Editors: Beth Jackson, Loretta Smith

10/3 Sat. 10/ 5 – 10/22 10/6 Tues. 10/7 Wed. 10/7 Wed. 10/9 Fri. 10/12 Mon. 10/16 Fri. 10/17 Sat. 10/24 Sat. Week of 10/26

Important Event s

BHCS Grounds Spruce Up Day 9 AM – noon NECAP testing Picture Day (K-4) Picture Day (5-8) PTF Meeting 1:30 PM Teacher Inservice, no school Columbus Day, no school Trimester 1 Midterm Halloween Costume Exchange 10 AM - noon Making Strides Run-Walk (more info at 7th Grade at Kieve

Note to Middle S chool Parent s about Chorus (fro m Mr. Cole)
Perhaps the biggest challenge we have at BHCS is finding enough time to accomplish all of our goals. Last spring I chaired a committee of teachers and school board members that tried to identify ways we could create more time for writing instruction during the school day. One decision we made was to try moving chorus out of the school day and offer it as an after school program. The time freed up during the day is being used for additional English language instruction. It is important to note that this change does not decrease how much time per week your child has during the school day for general or instrumental music, just chorus. Because of this decision, chorus will be held immediately after school every Tuesday, from 2:30-3:15, beginning next week on Tuesday, October 6. If you want to join but cannot make it the first afternoon, please tell Mrs. Means and come the next Tuesday. As much as possible, sports will be scheduled in a way that there is no conflict with chorus. Students in both chorus and sports will not be penalized on those rare nights when there is a scheduling conflict. Additionally, Mr. Schubeck is encouraging all jazzband students to participate in chorus. Mrs. Means is the choral director, and you will be receiving her participation letter in the mail. I hope you encourage your child to participate in chorus. Mrs. Means has told me that some of the activities a chorus student can look forward to in addition to preparing for school concerts are Christmas caroling, karaoke nights and the PTF talent show! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send an email or place a call to Mrs. Means (

*Don't forget the BHCS Grounds Spruce Up tomorrow morning (Sat., 10/3) from 9-noon, rain or shine! There will be jobs for everyone, snacks, and everyone who comes can enter their name in a surprise drawing. Come for 20 minutes or 3 hours -- every bit helps! We will have some tools, or bring your own. The Brownies got a head start on the Grounds Spruce Up, picking up trash around the playground during their meeting this week. Thanks Shelby, Elana, Mackenzie, Ashley, Hannah, Taya, Autumn, and Jenny! *The Halloween Costume Exchange has been moved to Sat., Oct. 17 during the Family Fall Fun event being planned by the PTF (more details to come). Look for those "already been loved" costumes over the next two weeks, contribute them to the swap, and then see what you can find. It's a great, economical way to get ready for Halloween. (And you don't have to give something to come and find something.) *The next PTF meeting will be Wed., Oct. 7 from 1:302:30 in the library. Everyone is welcome! *We kicked off the Boxtops/Labels Classroom Collection Contest this week. All classes enjoyed a snack created with items that have the Boxtops for Education coupon or Labels for Education UPC code and symbol. Collection bags and product lists are coming home today. There will be classroom contest winners twice during the year -- Jan. 29 and May 28. The overall school winner can choose a pizza party or frozen yogurt party. The three wing runners-up will get a popcorn party. Last year we sent in 8149 boxtops, which translated to $814.90! We sent in 2890 labels, which accumulate to trade for products for our school. You can also shop at and earn cash for our school! Thanks for your help!


If you have any old unwanted white sheets, the kitchen would like to have them for Halloween decorations. Full size or bigger, flat or fitted, would be greatly appreciated.

Sheets Needed!

Community Event s
Autumn Dance Class Session with Eleni Koenka Wednesdays, beginning October 14 at the Penobscot Community School Dance Pallet for 7-10 yrs at 3:10 – 4 PM 6wks/ $48 Creative Dance & Play for 3-6 yrs at 4:10 - 4:40 PM 6wks/ $40 For more info and pre-registration, please call Eleni at 326-9702

Editor: Fred Cole, Principal 374-2202 or

Asst. Editors: Beth Jackson, Loretta Smith

Need a table and chairs? One small kitchen table and four chairs need a home. If you’re interested call Tina

at 374-2321.

Sports Des k
This has been a tough week for Bobcats in action both on the soccer field and on the cross-country course, although our youngest Bobcats have definitely had no problems tearing up the gym floor with lots of soccer action. Next week for intramurals, the third and fourth graders will meet on Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 7th. Monday was a tough day this week for all of our teams. The cross-country team traveled to Sumner High School to participate in the Parker Pruett Invitational. While the boys’ team did not have enough runners to qualify for a team score, Jessie Moore did finish 24th individually. The girls’ team finished fourth overall with Brooklin Eaton, Isabella Connolly, Schuyler Williamson, Callahan Eaton, Madison Cole, Lauren Doolittle, and Hannah Maiden finishing in the top seven for our girls. The B soccer team experienced a crushing loss to the Penobscot Tigers with a final score of 6-0. Although the game was very tough, Cameron Gordon, Jack McKechnie, and Alissa Muise worked the ball well on the field while Sam Scheff and Jackson Billings made some great saves in the goal. While the B team was playing in Blue Hill Monday, our A team traveled to Castine. The A team was unable to sustain their perfect 5-0 record due to injury and illness, suffering a tough loss to the Adams School. Later in the week, our cross-country team traveled to the Dedham School for their second meet in four days and performed very well. For the BHCS boys, David Reinke finished 4th, Jessie Moore finished 7th, Jacob Williams finished 12th, and Ezra Woodye-Millay finished 35th. Great job boys! Our girls’ team finished a strong second overall with Mira Schubeck, Celia Hurvitt, Maddie Dodge, Lanie Billings, Sarah Mullen, and Becca Marks running their personal best. Great job girls! Our A soccer team played on Wednesday against the Penobscot Tigers and won. And what great footwork this week by Mary Grace Connolly and Will Ricker. Way to go! The A team is in action again tonight, traveling to Brooksville. Game time is 3:30. Good luck A team!

Editor: Fred Cole, Principal 374-2202 or

Asst. Editors: Beth Jackson, Loretta Smith