02 The atomic attack on Japan

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The atomic attack on Japan known as Hiroshima
Hiroshima – Damage Map:

took place in the city of the same name. Hiroshima was destined to be the sight of the first atomic strike in history once President Roosevelt’s top military advisors were informed of the new weapon. It was left untouched during the entirety of WWII because of the U.S. Department of Defense’s desire to see and accurately measure the total destructive capabilities of their newly developed atomic bomb.

Japan Regional Map: maps/l/blmap.htm

The after effects of what started in a relatively backwater region of Japan have crossed the globe in the near-60 years since Hiroshima. The atomic and nuclear bombs have made their way across all continents except Antarctica (and you can never be fully sure of that). While the dropping of the first atomic bomb took place in Hiroshima, the waves caused as a result have spanned the

Memorial Cenotaph in the Peace Park, Hiroshima: