Oedipus Quiz 1 by mizmartin


									Greek Theater and Oedipus Intro Quiz Directions: Answer each question in complete sentences on your own paper. Identify and list the purpose of the following parts the Greek theater:

1 1. ________________________ 2. ________________________ 3. ________________________


Short Answer: Answer in complete sentences (or else points will be deducted).

4. When Oedipus was born, what was the prophecy told to his parents? 5. Describe the city of Thebes as the play begins. 6. Who is the first character the audience meets as the play opens? 7. Who is creon? 8. What news does Creon bring from Delphi? 9. Why had Thebes ignored the crimes of Lauis’ murder before this time? 10. The gods have decreed that the killer of Laius will be punished in one of two ways. Identify one potential punishment. 11. Why is Teiresias led on a stage by a helper? 12. How does Teiresias first respond to Oedipus request for help? 13. Oedipus makes Teiresias very angry when he (Oedipus) accuses him (Teiresias) of a crime. Name the crime. 14. What prediction does teiresias make regarding Oedipus future? 15. Who is the Choragos? 16. What are city-states? 17. List two functions of the chorus. 18. Why were Greek plays created? 19. How many plays of Sophocles remain? 20. How is Jocasta related to Oedipus?

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