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Assignment: Analysis of demand and supply of renewable certificates Organization: Statkraft is active in trading renewable electricity, which is partly based on tradable certificates. In order to estimate the price development of these certificates, it is important to understand the expected demand and supply. Your task will be to analyse both the supply side and the demand side. Supply side analysis Investigate the supply of certificates, starting with 9 countries in which certificates are known to be used and traded (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and France). Other countries may be included in addition. The future supply of certificates is based on two sources: certificates from production installations that have already been registered and certificates from production installations that have not yet been registered but that are eligible for registration. The main focus will be on the last source: the analysis of the potential of production facilities that can be registered, and the involved volumes of certificates that could come in the market after the registration of these installations. This analysis will largely be carried out by performing internet-studies, where national agencies publish overviews of renewable energy sources in their country and by comparing them with the currently registered production installations. Demand side analysis The demand for certificates has more or less been known for the past few years. Some analysis is to be spent on the numbers from the past years, while the main focus is on estimates for future years. These estimates are to be made using qualitative analysis, which will include interviews with Statkraft’s large off-takers, with governmental bodies and with independent organisations, including NGO’s. Also contacts with potential customers will be a source of information. Een rijbewijs is geen vereiste. Business information: Statkraft is Europe's largest renewable energy company. The group develops and generates hydropower, wind power, gas power and district heating, and is a major player on the European power exchanges. Statkraft also develops marine energy, osmotic power, solar power and other innovative energy solutions. In 2008 Statkraft posted gross operating revenues of EUR 3.1 billion. The group employs 3,000 staff in more than 20 countries. The Statkraft Markets Continental Group, with some 150 employees, has offices in Amsterdam, Sofia and Düsseldorf. Internet: Branche: Detailhandel, Groothandel en Handel / Geen Voorkeur Study: BMI

More information: Statkraft offers an internship to a student who is interested in the renewable energy market, who is analytical, original and self-propelled. Your studies have to be at university-level and need to include a numerical component, allowing you to analyse large volumes of data. We offer an internship of 4 months, where international communication and some travelling will be part of the assignment. You will work in a small team of renewable energy traders and will be located in Amsterdam. The assignment is to be performed between August and December 2009. Internship coordinator: the assignment is still open (September, 24th, 2009).