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This is a sample of my letterhead


Nancy Herrera, President Lori Donadio, editor (860) 347-7647 (860) 346-4622


2008-2009 OFFICERS:
Nancy Herrera, President Lenore Williams, Vice President Karen Bogli, Secretary Dawn Baker, Treasurer

Do you work for Aetna or another company that provides grants to employees’ schools? Please ask your employer and see a PTA officer for assistance with paperwork.

CALENDAR of Events:
Oct. 10 Oct. 16 Oct. 17 Oct. 28 Nov. 4 Nov. 10 Nov. 14 Pie Fundraiser due PTA meeting 6:30 Fall Family Event School pictures Election Day Bake Sale Pie/cookie dough delivery 5th Grade Social

Remember to send in your Boxtops. Allison Solecki, chairperson will be collecting them throughout October so she can have them mailed by the deadline of October 31. It takes her awhile to package them to go out in the mail so please send them in ASAP. You can also visit the website www.boxtops4education, our school gets an extra 5 boxtops applied to our account when you log in. If you shop on line through the website and register under Bielefield a % of sales goes to our account. It ranges from 2-5 % depending on the stores, which include GAP, Old Navy, Limited Too, Kohls, Cabela's, Land's End, Disney, etc. Christmas Shopping is just around the corner!

All PTA meetings are open to every parent, guardian, teacher and caring adult in the community. Our meetings for the 2008-09 school year are as follows: 9/11/08, 10/16/08, 11/13/08, no meetings in Dec. or Jan., 2/5/09, 3/12/09, 4/9/09, and 5/7/09. Meetings will take place in the Bielefield school library at 6:30pm and child care will be provided. If you are unable to attend the meetings, but would like to share something please send in a note to school addressed to the PTA a few days before the meeting or contact one of the officers. Newsletters and meeting minutes will be posted on-line at under Bielefield school, PTA. New this year: all PTA members will get in free to all PTA sponsored events (2 free for family membership).

Our PTA men have organized this great evening this year. There will be games, crafts, costumed storytellers, pumpkin decorating contest, raffles, cake walk and more. Last year’s evening was so much fun, do we think the men can outdo it? Come and see, Friday, October 17th, 6:30-8:30, see attached flyer. All kids must be accompanied by an adult.

The deadline for submitting your orders for Pie and Cookie Dough is Friday, October 10. Our delivery day is Monday, November 10. All orders must be picked up on that day. We no longer have a freezer to store the items that are not picked up. If you are not able to pick them up please make arrangements now for assistance in getting the pies and cookie dough home. If you are able to assist with delivery that day, please contact Sylvia Lecky (346-3112). Set up and delivery will be from 12-7:00 pm.

The ice cream social was a success in spite of the rainy weather. Thank you to all those parents and teachers who helped out. It is always nice to start the year with a chance for kids and families to get to know each other.



October 2008

Nancy Herrera, President Lori Donadio, editor (860) 347-7647 (860) 346-4622


Our Fall Fundraiser has been turned in. Thank you for participating. Look for information on delivery dates. Luette Hanson, chairperson.

students with siblings so only one child will bring home paperwork each week. The group is looking into other ways to help the environment and our school by thinking green. The next meeting will be prior to the PTA meeting, October 16.


The 5th grade will be holding a bake sale at the school on Election Day, November 4 (remember no school). The money raised will go towards the 5th grade promotion night, Memory book and t-shirts. If you can help bake (or buy) or are able to work at the table that day, please contact Christine Holley, see attached flyer.

The Science Fair seems like a long time away, but start thinking of projects now. Rena Regan is looking for suggestions on guest jurors (we had Mark Dixon last year).

The 5th grade social was such a fun event last year, that we are doing it again. This time the social will take place in the fall, on November 14th. Look for information to go home with all 5th graders. Contact Sylvia Lecky if you are able to help out, 346-3112.

Individual membership: $7.00 Family membership (2 adults only): $12.00 Please tear off the bottom form and send into the school with your membership fee. Checks made payable to: Bielefield PTA -----------------------------------------------------(cut here)

Our new playground will be installed starting November 1, 2008. It is not too late to buy a brick and immortalize your family at Bielefield (see attached order form). We have parents that have offered to help with site preparation work and Ken Jackson was able to provide the fiberfill allowing us to complete the project this year. Look for information regarding a dedication ceremony in the spring, but your kids will probably let you know when it is completed.

PTA Membership:
Name: E-mail: Name: E-mail: Address: Phone number: Child(ren)’s name & teacher: 1. 2. 3. 4. Circle one: individual $7.00 Family $12.00 (list both names) (cash or check to: Bielefield PTA)

A group of parents and teachers are taking action to help reduce the paper waste at Bielefield. Mr. Proffitt created a list of



October 2008

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