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					The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Tours Program The Children’s Hospital, (Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children), is the premier health care facility for children in NSW. Relocated from Camperdown in 1995, it combines state-of-the-art buildings with the best technology and medical services we can provide, in a total healing environment. At our Hospital, the needs of the sick child and family always come first. In an effort to keep children out of hospital, we are also dedicated to health promotion and injury prevention in the community. The Hospital at Westmead is part of your community and we welcome your inquiries about a visit to the Hospital. However, resources are limited, so tours must be organised well in advance. The Hospital conducts tours for community organisations, donors, schools, and tertiary institutions and other members of the general public, as well as tours for health professionals and visitors from overseas. Public Tours General public tours for groups or individuals visit a range of hospital environments, including a ward. Parent/Care giver tours include a visit to the Kidsafe House and Bandaged Bear Road Safety Centre on request. Art tours are available, for visitors to see a range of the 1000 piece collection, containing works in all media, by well known contemporary Australian artists. Contact the Public Relations Department, tel: (02) 9845 3364. Bookings are necessary. Education Tours Infants school visits (two hours) are provided for children in Years One and Two (not Kindergarten). Primary school visits (two hours) may include workshops as well as a Hospital tour. Tours are available for Tertiary students and Secondary school students to complement studies in for example, child studies, food technology, art, etc. Contact the Public Relations Department, tel: (02) 9845 3364. Bookings are necessary. Due to limited resources, tours are not available to kindergartens, preschools or child care centres. If you would like a Hospital representative to visit your centre, please phone the School Liaison Officer on (02) 9845 3469. Donor Tours Tours are available for community groups whose fundraising activities benefit the Hospital. Contact the Fundraising Department, tel: (02) 9845 3367. Tours for school groups involved with fundraising activities, including Bandaged Bear Day, can be directed to our Schools Liaison Officer, tel: (02) 9845 3469.

Pre-admission Program for Patients Children who are scheduled for admission (and their parents), are able to attend a program in advance, including a tour, which will be designed to meet their particular needs. To arrange an appropriate time, tel: (02) 9845 0000 and ask for the Pre Admission Clinic Staff to be paged (page no: 6791) If a tour only is required, contact the Public Relations Department, tel: (02) 9845 3364. For more Information If you require further information about Hospital tours, please contact: Tours Coordinator Public Relations Department The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Corner Hawkesbury Rd & Hainsworth St Locked Bag 4001 Westmead NSW 2145 Tel: (02) 9845 3364 Fax: (02) 9845 3567 Email:

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead The Children’s Hospital at Westmead is one of the world’s newest centres for paediatric care, and also the oldest children’s hospital in New South Wales – established in 1880. Still officially known as the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, we are a world leader in paediatric care. The Children’s Hospital at Westmead has state-of-the-art medical and technical equipment and, perhaps more importantly, it provides a total healing environment where the design and decoration of facilities, the gardens and art, combine with the best possible medical care. We care for patients from newborns to adolescents, with problems as simple as tonsillitis or as complex as open-heart surgery. We are serious about keeping kids out of hospital and are committed to health promotion and research. We are taking the Children’s Hospital into the new century with pioneering work into gene therapy, sports medicine, distance learning and outreach clinical services. We are a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney, and have established links with the University of Western Sydney and the Australian Catholic University. New technologies such as telemedicine, teleradiology and powerful information systems allow us to take our services beyond our hospital walls to help children in regional New South Wales and isolated areas, other states and overseas. The Children’s Hospital was the first paediatric hospital in the world to have no x-ray film, X-ray information is now stored on computer, and viewed at terminals throughout the Hospital. The incredibly accurate, instant access system (called PACS) means we can also view x-rays from other hospitals, making our expertise available to remote areas, and countries overseas. The Hospital is concerned for the health and welfare of all children and is an advocate for their interests and needs. With over a century’s experience in caring The Children’s Hospital offers unparalleled service for children in Sydney, New South Wales and beyond. Fast facts about The Children’s Hospital at Westmead 350 beds Over 3,000 staff 150 departments Eight operating theatres (two in day surgery) 17 wards provide spacious accommodation for our in patients, with a special ward for adolescents Every child in every bed has a view of a garden or courtyard

50 intensive care beds $4 million Critical Care Information System in Intensive Care for monitoring and instant access to patient information 24-hour Emergency care for over 100 patients a day 24-hour National Poisons Information Centre 24-hour Child Protection Unit services We are the National liver transplant unit for children Our Hospital outreach teams take “care in the air” to country and regional centres Kids Health – the Hospital’s child health promotion unit. A bookshop and resource centre for parents, children and professionals. The state’s only Burns Unit for children, supported by the New South Wales Fire Brigade. Outpatients clinics in all common specialities. Accommodation for parents on the ward and in the Parent’s Hostel. Ronald McDonald House accommodates families from outside Sydney. Our volunteer-run radio station, Radio Bed Rock, and the Starlight Express Room provide fun and entertainment every day. Our mascot is the Bandaged Bear Bandaged Bear Day raises money for the Hospital every year. For more information Kids Health – bookshop, resource centre and health information service. Tel: (02)9845 3585 Education Centre – professional education Tel: (02) 9845 2091 Fundraising Department – donations and fundraising enquiries Tel: (02) 9845 3367 Public Relations Department – Hospital tours and general information Tel: (02) 9845 3364

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Public Relations and Fundraising Promoting The Children’s Hospital at Westmead The Children’s Hospital at Westmead has a very high public profile and a solid base of financial support from the community. It is the responsibility of the Public Relations and Fundraising Departments to maintain the Hospital’s profile, and raise money to support its activities. Our division also includes Radio Bed Rock and the Starlight Express Room. We have staff members and are completely self-funding. Why do we need to promote the Hospital? Although the NSW Government provides funding for the day-to-day running of the hospital, there are so many demands on funding that we need the continual goodwill of the community. And as a community, you continue to astonish us with your generosity. Last year, individuals, organisations and community groups donated over $20 million to the hospital. These donations paid for equipment, research, services and special projects like Radio Bed Rock and Bear Cottage – things which mean the world to a sick child. Special equipment and services come at enormous monetary cost to the hospital. Some treatments, like bone marrow transplants, are very expensive. We can’t say no to children who need our help and we know that you would not want us to. That is why you support us so generously every year. Bandaged Bear Day Bandaged Bear Day is the hospital’s annual fundraising day, when people buy clip-on bears to benefit the hospital. Every year it raises about $500,000 for areas of the hospital which need extra support. Money raised in the past has been used for areas like asthma, cardiac care and cancer treatment. Bandaged Bear Day is organised by the Public Relations Department. Teddy Bears Picnic The Teddy Bears Picnic attracts many thousands of families and their teddy bears, with activities including live centre stage entertainment, bear clinic, face painting, bear competitions, jumping castles and more! This event is organised by the Public Relations Department. Teddy Bears Picnic is just one example of how your Children’s Hospital cooperates with the community to help sick kids, at the same time providing a wonderful family day of entertainment and awareness about health and safety issues. How we raise the money

Big events like Teddy Bears Picnic and Bandaged Bear Day keep the profile of the hospital high and raise significant amounts of money for its work. However many more people from all over NSW support us and are involved in raising money for the hospital. Many fundraising activities are undertaken for us by outside groups which run raffles, auctions, balls, golf days…even car rallies. We also raise money from special fundraising activities for oncology (cancer and leukemia), trusts and foundations and bequests. How we spend the money Some donations are given for specific purposes, and can only be used for that purpose eg. for cancer and leukemia patients or for research. If the donor has not expressed a wish for the use of the money, it is placed in the general fund. Only the Hospital Board can decide what the money is used for. This is to ensure that every dollar donated is used responsibly, ethically, in the best interests of the hospital and in the spirit in which it was given to us. Back to school Schools donate approximately $300,000 to the hospital every year. Thousands of school children visit the Hospital each year to tour the wards and other facilities and participate in seminars and workshops. A media “magnet” The hospital has a close and successful association with metropolitan, suburban and regional media. On any day of the week, you can find a journalist, photographer or film crew in the hospital covering medical and health stories, events and launches, or one of the many ‘good news’ stories we have when patients go home after treatment! A place where the public is welcome Our hospital is part of your community and every year we welcome thousands of visitors through the hospitals by way of tours for members of the general public, school tours, tours for overseas visitors and health professionals, and specialist tours for people interested in architecture, gardens or art. It is our way of sharing the hospital with our community. After all, you help us make it what it is! Publication and design The Public Relations Department provides a publications service for the hospital. Every month, our two designers work on up to 40 publications, ranging from the Annual Report to information brochures, posters and flyers. Radio Bed Rock Radio Bed Rock is the hospital’s very own radio station. The name was suggested by an 11-year-old burns patient as part of a competition. Radio Bed Rock provides welcome relief from hospital treatments and hours of sitting around in bed. It is funded entirely by donations. Our radio station is an important part

of hospital life. Studies have shown that requests for medication drop when hospital radio stations are broadcasting. Starlight Express Room Our Starlight Express Room is a haven where children can enjoy themselves away from the hospital routine. The room offers entertainment through art, craft, television, live shows, music and interactive computers and provides enjoyable distraction for patients who are in pain, bored, apprehensive or lonely. The Starlight Foundation funds the room with the assistance of donations and sponsorship. The Book Bunker The special children’s library has many thousands of children’s books, as well as computers and regular storytelling times. Children can borrow books from the library, either by visiting the Book Bunker on Level 1, or through the librarians who visit the wards regularly. That’s entertainment As well as Starlight, Radio Bed Rook and the Book Bunker, the Public Relations Department also organises celebrity visits, special wishes, a monthly Kindifarm with baby animals, gives away free tickets to shows such as ‘Disney on Ice’ and coordinates visits by clowns or fairies. Fast Facts Last year the fundraising Department raised over $20 million. There are on average 50 hospital tours every month A part-time coordinator and a team of over 50 volunteers keep Radio Bed Rock groovin. On a busy day, over 150 patient visits keep the Starlight Express Room volunteers on their toes! Every week you can expect to read or hear about the Hospital in the media up to 50 times. We liaise with over 300 schools and educational institutions to improve the health of children. For further information, contact The Public Relations Department. Tel: (02)9845 3364