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					Prepare the Way Ministries Liberia Newsletters Jan-Feb 2009
Dear Prepare the Way Ministry Partners, Family and Friends, Greetings in the Wonderful and Majestic Name of Jesus! The first praise report we have to give to the glory of God is about our luggage. For those of you who were not aware, we were authorized by two different airlines to check 14 pieces of luggage free of charge! We packaged all of the toiletry articles that you generously donated along with children's toys and 240 Bibles! We needed two vehicles to take us to the airport (Thanks to two lovely sisters from our home church, Life Community Church)! We are excited to report that ALL 14 PIECES OF LUGGAGE reached the airport in Monrovia with us...despite multiple airplane changes! That was truly a miracle! We have been BUSY about the Father's business....26 meetings within less than two weeks! Let us share a few highlights... Our first major engagement was the first national conference of two different women's organizations. The women were so hungry it felt like they were literally pulling on the anointing as we ministered. The Lord did a dramatic work during one particular session as Apostle Joy shared some of her personal testimony. Suddenly the women began to weep and sob as the Holy Spirit ministered to emotional trauma as a result of war, rape, and physical abuse. The worship that followed this encounter was was if these women had been transformed in front of us. Such a spirit of healing and liberty...Thank you Jesus! During another morning, Prophet Nancy led the women in intercession for the nation of Liberia after receiving teaching on hinderances to prayer and how to possess the land through prayer. The Lord provided a confirmation to these prayers in a very personal way. Our hosts, Reverends James and Matilda Tarr, had been praying for the property adjacent to their church to be released to them. It had formerly been promised to them and then the offer was rescinded due to greed. The morning of the intercessory prayer, the owner attended the conference and promised to give the land to them as originally agreed upon. Now the Tarrs can go forward with their plans to build a school for area children. God is so good! On Sunday, January 18 we returned to a church that we had ministered in last March. The anointing was so strong as we entered, that Apostle Joy literally had difficulty walking. She turned to the pastor and asked "What has happened here?". The pastor simply responded "Since your last visit and prophetic words, the Lord has been visiting us." We released a prophetic message about enlargement and Apostle Joy was not sure if she was going to be able to finish the message...the anointing fell so strongly she had to hold herself up at the pulpit. (Nancy was praying hard that the Lord would give her strength...she didn't want to have to pick up after her!) The pastor received the Word and at the end of the message shared an additional prophetic Word for the church...bent over because she was unable to stand erect for the Glory! God is so good! Next we headed to the interior in the vehicle that Prepare the Way Ministries sowed last year and has been lovingly named "John the Baptist". We drove 2 hours to Buchanan where we were provided accommodation in the uncompleted home of a Senior Senator. Then we made the hour-long trek into the interior by road. Due to no AC, we traveled on the dirt roads with windows open, passing occasional trucks...we looked like Arab women! We covered our heads, faces and bodies to the best of our ability...but we were absolutely covered in red dirt by the time we reached the pastor's conference daily! The enemy was not at all happy with the work that was happening for the Kingdom of God...but God always showed up as our defender! For example, one day as we traveled to the village, one of the four new tires exploded. We pulled over, put on the spare and continued on our way...only to have a second tire explode! Now we are out in the middle of the bush with no January 27, 2009

way to purchase another tire. As we were sitting in a hut along the roadside, a taxi passed by. The driver looked at us and said, "I don't really think I need my spare tire. I will sell it to you for $20." In the city, that same tire would have been over $70....but this was in the bush...and why in the world would a taxi driving in the bush give over its only spare tire? It was simply the Lord. Then as we were changing the spare tire, the Representative from that county just "happened" to drive past...and stopped to pick Mama Joy and Sister Nancy up and take us to the meeting that we were already late for...God is soooo good! God accomplished so much through the pastor's conference. We dealt directly with strife between the pastors and they spent time publicly repenting one to another. Then we were able to teach on unity, confront issues with witchcraft, and lead them into higher levels of worship. God is faithful. Two young men traveled with us and Reverend Matilda to serve as mechanics, drivers and security. We spent a late night sharing with them after showing them the movie "Facing the Giants". Both of them gave their hearts to the Lord! We saw such a transformation on their countenance, in their speech, and in their behavior. They were suddenly eager to discuss the messages they heard, learn new worship songs, and make changes in their female relationships upon returning home. One young man had been captured by the rebels during the civil war and after escaping, spent 7 months living in hiding in the bush. He had a profound vision during worship. He saw himself standing in a white robe with a big Bible like a "preacher man". In the vision, he said "But I am just a mechanic Lord!" Then the Lord responded, "No, I have called you to preach My Word!". Thank you Lord for using the foolish things of this world to confound the wise! HIGHLIGHT: PERSONAL TESTIMONY Last year in March the Lord gave Reverend Matilda Tarr a prophetic word through Prophet Nancy about seeing her in the Capital House ministering. Six months later, we called from Nigeria to greet her and that was the day that the Capital House offered her a job...Chaplain of the Senate! It was a new position that the Lord created just for her! She thanked us because the Lord used that Word to open her heart to His destiny for her life. Previously she only thought of herself as working in "ministry" and would have never been open to "taking a job". In her short time as Chaplain, she has already made a big impact for the Kingdom of God, though some things are too sensitive to share at this time. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf attended a national prayer gathering that Reverend Matilda organized and was able to comment on "how strong she felt the anointing". President Johnson-Sirleaf then told Matilda that this was "exactly what the nation needed" and asked her to organize monthly prayer gatherings within the government houses! All glory be to God! OPPORTUNITY TO SOW We wanted to make you aware of a project that the Lord has laid on our hearts. Rev James and Matilda are in need of a well on their property...for the needs of their home, the church, and growing primary school. We have found out the costs associated with this project. If you are interested in getting involved by "buying a bag of cement" or purchasing a piece of equipment, simply email us and let us know how much you are depositing in our account and we will direct it toward that purpose. Here is the list of labor and materials: Material Culverts Hand pump Pump base Cement Sand Crushed Rock Special Sand Blocks PVC Cement PVC Cleaner Workmanship Quantity 15 1 set 1 piece 5 bags 1 pick-up 5 wheelbarrows ---35 pieces 1 cup 1 cup Unit Price $35 $400 $30 $11 $25 $10 $10 $1.80 $5 $5 Total $525 $400 $30 $55 $25 $50 $10 $63 $5 $5 $450



Once again, thank you so much for all of your love, prayers and financial support. Liberia is in a strategic time of rebuilding...and as you have partnered and continue to partner with are a part of that rebuilding! We covet your prayer covering during these next two weeks as we will be having two pastor's conferences. One will be all the Pastors associated with Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship here in Liberia. We will also be doing several revival meetings at Reapsom Bible College as well as their commencement service. In His Love and Service, Joy and Nancy

Dear Prepare the Way Ministry Partners, Family and Friends,

February 10, 2009

Be greeted in the wonderful and majestic name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We apologize for the delay in getting the second newsletter out...multiple challenging circumstances beyond our control! In our last newsletter we shared that the two drivers, Steve and Alex, gave their hearts to the Lord during our week out in the bush. After the trip, Steve brought his girlfriend and family to meet us...They wanted to know what had happened to him! After spending time sharing, the entire family came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord! Brother Alex also came back to testify that God had quickly blessed the seed he sowed into the ministry...taking one week off of his T-shirt business to be our driver. He returned to Monrovia to find out that he was being offered a $500,000 contract to produce shirts for the African World Cup! (The largest contract he had ever done was for 800 t-shirts!) Alex testified that he knew it was the favor of God as a result of the seed he sowed into our ministry. After our intense week in the bush, we scheduled some time at the beach with the Tarr family on our day off. We made American "picnic food" for the family and purchased balls so the children could play kickball. We did not know that it was the first time that Reverend Matilda had been to the beach since the drowning of her only son at the age of sixteen, five years ago. In a quiet moment she broke down and shared with us that it was only the second time in five years she had cried for her son. As we continued to minister to her, she also shared that she had never been to the grave site of her son, Robert. We encouraged her that she needed to go to his grave site to bring closure and open the door for the Lord to continue to heal that wound. Though many had asked this of her, she finally agreed to go with us. The ministry purchased white wash and a wreath so that Reverend James could prepare the site before our arrival. The Lord used that visit to the grave to further complete a healing work for the entire family. We are grateful for the God of all comfort! Currently the grave is an unmarked slab of concrete. Prepare the Way Ministries committed to tile and put a plaque on Robert's grave. We want to thank those Wisconsin partners that specifically gave funds to fill that need. May the Lord richly bless you. One of the pastor's conferences was for an organization that we had ministered to last year which grew from 20 in attendance last year to standing room only this year. As Apostle Joy was sharing a message on "Visitation of the Lord", the glory of the Lord began to fill the church. She found herself unable to move on two separate occasions as the Holy Spirit began downloading things in the realm of the spirit. Other people around the room began to experience encounters with the Lord and we ended the meeting with a time of worship as Prophetess Nancy led. Many pastors were so excited as they had never experienced this before. To God be the Glory! During another pastor's conference, the Holy Spirit began to break out after an anointing and impartation service. There were many personal prophetic words, activation of giftings and callings, and deliverance of

individuals. Some people fell out in the spirit as we approached them...and then the Lord would do His work without anyone laying hands. Once again, the anointing was so heavy on Apostle Joy that she had trouble standing and walking. Only heaven will reveal the impact of that meeting! We were also invited to the home of a Senior Senator to minister to her family after a violent incident of armed robbery. Though they came with the intent to kill, the Lord had miraculously saved their lives. Despite this amazing deliverance, bondages of fear and despair had taken hold. As we ministered, shared, and prophesied, the spiritual atmosphere began to change. We spent the last 30 minutes just praising the Lord in word and song! God is so faithful. We were scheduled to have an appointment with the President of Liberia but she was called away for an emergency meeting. The wife of the Vice President had heard about our arrival and asked if we could meet with her at her home. This precious sister in Christ is a powerful intercessor being used by the Lord in the nation of Liberia for "such a time as this". She was able to confirm a word of knowledge that the Lord revealed to us and gratefully received a prophetic word and prayer. The Vice President of Liberia then met with us and we had an opportunity to share and pray with him as well. The Lord is doing an awesome work in the nation of Liberia! OPPORTUNITY TO SOW!! Once again we want to inform you that we have committed to raise funds to dig a well on Reverend Tarr's property. This will be a tremendous blessing to his family, six adopted children, church, school and surrounding community, especially during the dry season. Material Culverts Hand pump Pump base Cement Sand Crushed Rock Special Sand Blocks PVC Cement PVC Cleaner Workmanship TOTAL Quantity 15 1 set 1 piece 5 bags 1 pick-up 5 wheelbarrows ---35 pieces 1 cup 1 cup Unit Price $35 $400 $30 $11 $25 $10 $10 $1.80 $5 $5 Total $525 $400 $30 $55 $25 $50 $10 $63 $5 $5 $450 $1,618

Thus far we have raised $165 dollars earmarked for the well project! Thank you to all those who have contributed "a bag of cement"...every bit adds up! May the Lord bless you! We are presently preparing for our next assignment to Nigeria. We will be gone for 5 weeks from March 5 through April 9. All tax deductible donations towards the well project or the tickets of our upcoming trip can be made out to "Prepare the Way Ministries" and sent to our personal banker at the following address: ATTN: Sandy Szczepanski SunTrust Bank 204 W. Center Street Mebane, NC 27302 In His love and service, Joy and Nancy

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