německý jazyk by forrests


									Ukázky typových úloh z přijímacího testu z cizího jazyka německý jazyk 1. Wir haben unsere Oma _________ . a) besuchen b) besucht c) gebesuchen d) gebesucht 2. Ich freue mich schon ________ die Ferien. a) an b) um c) auf d) für 3. Sie weiß nicht, __________ . a) warum sie soll lernen b) warum soll sie lernen c) warum sie lernen soll d) warum lernen soll sie 4. Ich sehe _________ dicken Mann. a) kein b) keinem c) keine d) keinen 5. Bei ______ soll er wohnen? a/ wen b/ wessen c/ wem d/ wann 6. Ihr ______ gut deutsch sprechen. a/ kennt b/ könnt c/ kann d/ können 7. ______ schnell! a/ Fahr b/ Fähr c/ Fahrst d/ Fährt 8. Gibt es hier ______ ? a/ ein Stuhl b/ einer Stuhl c/ einem Stuhl d/ einen Stuhl 9. Weißt du nicht, ob _________ a/ er hier wohnt? b/ er wohnt hier? c/ wohnt er hier? d/ hier wohnt er? 10. Mein ______ Freund ist nett. a/ neu b/ neues c/ neuer d/ neuen anglický jazyk 1. It happened _________ Monday. A. at lunch-time in B. in lunch-time on 2. I _________ to Prague five times already this week. A. went B. have gone

C. at lunch-time on D. on lunch-time at

C. have been

D. was going

3. I didn’t hear the phone because when it rang, I ________ a shower. A. had B. was having C. have had 4. I can’t see you tomorrow. ________ lunch with Tom. A. I’m having C. I’m going to have B. I’ll have D. I will have 5. When Andrew was at school, he _______ speak French quite well.

D. having

A. was able

B. could

C. able to

D. can

6. Her eyes are blue and her _______ dark. A. hair are B. hair is 7. What time did they arrive _______ the airport? A. at B. in 8. Have you got any money? – I’ve only got _______. A. little B. a little 9. We can start as soon as they ________. A. are arriving B. arrive 10. They bought _______ . A. in the country a big old house B. an old big house in the country 11. I’m a vegetarian. I _______ meat since I was a child. A. haven’t eaten B. don’t eat 12. _______ a uniform when you were at school? A. Must you have worn B. Must you wear 13. Oh, no! My camera isn’t here. It ______ stolen! A. is B. is being

C. hairs are

D. hairs is

C. on

D. to

C. few

D. a few

C. will arrive D. are going to arrive

C. a big old house in the country D. in the country an old big house C. haven’t been eating D. am not eating

C. Had you to wear D. Did you have to wear

C. has

D. has been

14. Tomorrow we can go for a picnic if the weather ______ fine. A. is being B. will be C. would be 15. Would you _______ to the cinema? A. to like go B. like to go 16. Have you got _______? A. many luggages B. many luggage

D. is

C. like going D. to like to going

C. much luggages D. much luggage

17. When Carol was younger, she _______ in a jazz band. A. use to sing C. was singing B. sang usually D. used to sing 18. Can somebody come and help me? – Yes, _______ you. A. I’ll help C. I will to help B. I’m helping D. I am going to help 19. My husband and I _______ to Oxford in 2005. A. have moved B. moved 20. Fiat ________ a group of Italian businessmen. A. is started for

C. did moved

D. has moved

B. is started by

C. was started by D. was started for

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