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(Appointing Governor (Term of Office Authority) Ends) Foundation Mr P Lowe (Chair) 12.01.2004 (appointed by the 52 Milford Close Worcester Diocesan). Tel 403893 Mrs J Davies 18.01.2004 56 Bromfield Road Tel: 546243 Rev. M. Dew ex-officio St Lukes Headless Cross & Southcrest. Resides at The Parsonage Webheath B97 5PD Tel: 545521 Mr P Garton 17.10.2004 27 Feckenham Road Tel: 401255 Mr B Sugden 19 Weatheroak Close 17.03.2006 Webheath Tel: 457438 L.E.A. Mr P Gretton 15.02.2005 (Appointed Middle Bouts Farm by County Council) Inkberrow WR7 4HP Tel. 01386 792240 Mrs P Billyard 06.11.2004 33 Oswestry Close Tel: 459540 Mrs A Lawler 22.05.2004 8 Damson Close tel: 540507 PC R Waterhouse The Police Station 28.11.2006 324 Evesham Road tel: 402925 Parent Mr M Hudson 21.03.2006 (Elected by 76 Bromsgrove Road parents) tel: 69470 “ Mrs S Leeson 19.01.2004 47 Feckenham Road tel: 401772 “ Mr N Bunegar 20.09.2006 46 Feckenham Road tel: 542848 Mrs S Hooper 108 Heathfield Road 05.03.2005 tel: 459732 Mr M Davies 11.06.2005 36 Cranham Close tel: 402630 Mrs A Green 16 Shirehampton Close 01.02.2007 tel: 402754 Co-opted Mrs A Barnfield 19.01.2006 (Co-opted by (Vice Chair) Governing Body) 89 Plymouth Road tel: 544957 Mrs A Merris 23.03.2004 Redhill Farm Mappleborough Green tel: 85 2176 Teacher Mrs L Lifford 20.09.2005 (Elected by Walkwood School teachers) Mrs R Jones 13.09.2006 Staff Mrs E Ralley 13.09.2007 Headteacher Mr P Garner ex-officio Departmental attachment Science Governor‟s Committee All


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The Clerk to the Governors is Mrs N Ellis, Walkwood Middle School. Governors are attached to departments of the school and this system directs regular focused governor visits.

SCHOOL STATISTICS Number on roll The total number of pupils on the register in January 2003 was 740. An updated version of the School prospectus will be published for December 2004. There are no significant changes in the content. Just presentation and updated statistics. Attendance 2002 - 2003 There was 94.8% attendance during the year 2002/2003, of the balance 5.1% were authorised and 0.1% were unauthorised. Exclusions There were no permanent exclusions during the last year. Destination of leavers: Year 8 pupils in the academic year 2002 – 2003 went to the following High Schools: Kingsley College Trinity High School St. Augustines R C High Arrow Vale High South Bromsgrove 157 pupils 20 pupils 12 pupils 3 pupils 1 pupils

School Terms and Holiday Dates 2003 – 2004 Autumn Term 2003 Teacher training day Monday 1st September 2003 Teacher training day Tuesday 2nd September 2003 Terms starts Half term Teacher training day Term ends Wednesday 3rd September 2003 Monday 27th October – Friday 31st October 2003 Friday 7th November 2003 Friday 19th December 2003

Spring Term 2004 Term starts Half term Term ends Summer Term 2004 Term starts May Day Bank Holiday Teacher training day Teacher training day Half term Term ends Wednesday 21st April 2004 Monday 3rd May 2004 Thursday 27th May 2004 Friday 28th May 2004 Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June inclusive Friday 16th July 2004 Monday 5th January 2004 Monday 16th February – Friday 20th February Wednesday 7th April 2004

Governor‟s Profiles
Paul Lowe: Foundation Governor and Chair of Governors I am a native of Birmingham and have lived in Walkwood for the last nineteen years. I started getting involved with the school as a parent and was co-opted onto the Governing Body thirteen years ago. More recently I was appointed a Foundation Governor, and I am a member of the Ridge P.C.C, Deanery Treasurer and a member of the Diocesan Resources Board. I am married with two daughters aged 24 and 21, both former pupils. I work as a chartered surveyor with Bromsgrove District Council. Since I became involved I have taken a particular interest in both building and finance issues and am the link Governor for Science. I am also now a governor at the new Kingsley College.

Jacquie Davies: Foundation Governor and Chair of Staff and Pupils Committee My association with Walkwood Middle School began when my son, Matthew, transferred from his first school, St. Lukes, to Walkwood in 1988, followed by his sister, Jennifer, in 1991. During this time I was asked if I would be a Foundation Governor, and have served for over 13 years in this capacity. I am currently Chair of the Committee for Staff and Pupils. I also have experience of serving on the Governing Body‟s of both First Schools and Further Education Colleges.

I am by profession a Librarian and am currently Head of Learning Resources at Worcester 6th Form College. As a governor I see my role as working as part of a team to help provide the best educational opportunities for the children at Walkwood School.

Reverend M. Dew: It won‟t be difficult to spot me around Walkwood School and the neighbourhood – the dog collar is something of a give-away! I was appointed as vicar of St. Luke‟s Church, my journey has taken me from my roots in Liverpool,, through many changes of landscape and career – ranging from wine taster, building society manager, counsellor/therapist, tutor for students with special needs and, most importantly, mother of three, who are now teenagers; an unusual, yet entirely beneficial preparation for the rigours of life as ordained priest. I am delighted to be a governor and friend to the pupils, families and staff, a role I consider to be a great responsibility and privilege, and I am looking forward to greater involvement in the Able Autistic Base and the staff/pupil committee. One of my great passions is for Christian teaching to be challenging and inspiring. Best when conducted in ways that provide spiritual breadth and enrichment, I shall endeavour to offer times of worship that are imaginative and enjoyable.

In addition to being involved in the spiritual life of the school, with the guidance of the teaching staff I am tentatively exploring how my pastoral role within the school might develop. As a wife and mother, daily facing the challenges that work, parenthood and personal relationships present, I have a keen interest in the strengthening of family life. Youngsters have a very special place in my affections. As well as being nearer my height than most adults, I find their curiosity, sense of fun and enthusiasm for life contagious. Please be assured that their well-being will remain a high priority in my prayers and in all I seek to do at Walkwood School.

Peter Garton: Foundation Governor Peter Garton is an ex-church warden and member of St. Luke‟s Church, Headless Cross. He is an Optometrist and Contact Lens Practitioner working in Birmingham, and has lived in Redditch for over 16 years. He is married to a Senior Probation Officer and they have two boys, William and Alexander aged 12 and 10. Alexander is currently in Yr 6 at Walkwood School. Peter‟s special responsibility on the Governing Body is Mathematics.

He is also a member of the Finance Committee.

Philip Gretton: L.E.A. Appointed Governor Philip Gretton is a County Councillor. He has been an LEA Governor since February 2001 and he is also Chairman of Worcestershire Health, Overview and Scrutiny Committee. He practises as a Chartered Accountant from his home. He is married to Nicky, who helps him in his work. They have two grown up sons and a daughter at University.

Pat Billyard: L.E.A. Appointed Governor Having previously been a parent governor at Walkwood, I have rejoined the governing body as an LEA representative. My three children have all passed through the school moving on to high schools and colleges. As a teacher at Vaynor First School, where I am also a governor, I hope to continue providing a useful link between the two schools. Amanda Lawler: L.E.A. Appointed Governor Hello, my name is Amanda Lawler and I am an LEA appointed governor of the school. I have lived in Walkwood for eight years, and my association with the school is that I am the manager of Funzone. The Out of School Club that runs here. This puts me in the interesting position of being able to hear the children‟s views on the school first hand. Obviously it is always good! If you have any queries or concerns that I can help you with in my role as governor, please come over and find me in the 5th year block – I always enjoy a chat!

Mike Hudson: Parent Governor, Chair of Finance Committee I first came to work in Redditch in 1978 and have lived here since 1981. Whilst I no longer work in the town, our family are very settled here. Both of our children enjoyed four years at Walkwood before moving on to Trinity High School in 2001 and 2003. I am an engineer working as a Project Manager for a company that plans and builds automated warehouses and sortation systems. This is now my sixth year as a member of the governing body. I have certainly found it a very worthwhile experience learning

how a large modern school functions and I have tried to offer suggestions from my own experience whenever I can.

Each of the Parent Governors at Walkwood is very conscious that we represent all parents and we do try to keep this and the general good of the school in mind at all times.

Sarah Leeson: Parent Governor I am now in my fourth year as a parent Governor. My son James left Walkwood in July after four very happy years and is now at Kingsley College; my daughter Rachael started in Year 5 in September. I work part-time for the Court Service at Redditch County Court and I have lived in Redditch for 17 years. I am the link Governor for Literacy and try to visit the school at least once a term to meet with Zoe Bishop and observe some literacy lessons so that I can keep up with new developments in the literacy curriculum and current initiatives at Walkwood. Being a Governor has given me a greater insight into the life of the school and I am unfailingly impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of staff and pupils alike. Alison Barnfield: Co-opted Governor and Vice Chair of Governors I have lived in Redditch since 1990 and work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Selly Oak Hospital. My daughter attended Walkwood until 2001. I am link Governor for both Music and Citizenship. The new music room should be ready for use next term and will be a welcome asset encouraging the already strong tradition of music in school. I enjoy my role as Vice Chair of Governors as it brings increased challenges and responsibilities at Walkwood.

Sarah Hooper: Parent Governor My name is Sara Hooper and I am a Parent Governor and I have been a Governor at Walkwood for a couple of years now. My daughter, Natalie, is now in her final year here. I also have a son, Matthew, who is in GCSE year at Kingsley and another daughter, Charlotte, who is in Yr 2 at Webheath First School. I am enjoying my time as a Parent Governor and would say to any parent thinking of doing it – Just go for it!

Mr Bunegar: Parent Governor I have one son in year 7, and another who will be starting at Walkwood in 2004, so I will be involved with the school for a few years to come! I am also an ex-pupil and it is interesting to see how the school has evolved over the years and continues to progress in such a positive manner. As a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with a family very much involved with the Arts, these aspects of school life/curriculum are of particular interest to me. I live in Headless Cross, and when not being creative in design, will often be found cycling or taking walks around the lovely local countryside.

Mike Davies: Parent Governor Originally from Birmingham, I have lived in Headless Cross since 1984. I run my own business providing specialist Facilities Management and Project Management Services. I am married and have three children. My eldest daughter and son enjoyed their time at Walkwood before starting at Swansea University and Kingsley College respectively in September 2001. My youngest daughter joined Walkwood in September 2001. I have been appointed as a Parent Governor and also the link Governor for the P.E. Department. I believe strongly that P.E. has a vital role to play in the wider sense of children‟s development in terms of developing team work, encouraging self confidence and providing fun for all members of the school just as much as general fitness benefits or encourages those who excel at sports.

Angie Merris: Co-opted Governor When I retired three years ago, I was very pleased to be co-opted to the board of Governors. I have enjoyed my continued involvement with this very lively and forward looking school. I am a member of the Finance Committee and my of responsibility is Art and children in the Looked After system. I also have a grandson in Year 6 at Walkwood.

Lyn Lifford: Teacher Governor I am a teacher representative governor, elected by the teaching staff at Walkwood. I have taught at the school for fifteen years and have been on the Governing Body for thirteen years. In school, I am responsible for co-ordinating Special Needs.

Rebecca Jones: Teacher Governor

I have been elected by the teaching staff at Walkwood to be their teacher representative. I am in my fifth year of teaching, with this being my third at Walkwood. I am responsible for Physical Education at the school. I am also acting Head of Year 5 this academic year.

Elaine Ralley: Staff Governor I have worked at Walkwood Middle School for ten years in the role of Support Assistant to children with special needs. Prior to this, I have held similar positions at the Leys High School and Dingleside Middle School. I have found this job both thoroughly enjoyable and very rewarding. During my children‟s time at Dingleside Middle School, I held the position of Chair of the PTA and also as a Parent Governor for a four-year term of office. Before leaving to start a family, I worked for Birmingham Public Libraries as a schools co-ordinator for pre-school to junior school age children, introducing them to the libraries and reading. I am the governor representative for the non-teaching staff at Walkwood Middle School and have held this position for four years. In what little spare time I have, I make greeting cards by using quilling (the art of paper coiling) and I am on the committee and staff as a Civilian Instructor for T.S. Kingfisher, Redditch and Bromsgrove Sea Cadets, a uniformed youth organisation for young people aged 10 – 18.

P.C. Richard Waterhouse: Governor I have been a Police Officer in Redditch for 16 years and for the last 11 years I have been the local Beat Officer/Beat Manager for Headless Cross. During this time I have regularly „popped‟ into the school and have enjoyed working with the staff and pupils, with whom I have an excellent relationship. The main thing that always strikes me when attending the school, is the happy atmosphere that always exists. This can only be good in a learning environment and I am delighted to join the board of governors. I hope that during my term as a Governor I will be able to make a valuable contribution to the school. I will certainly strive to do so. Andrea Green: Parent Governor My name is Andrea Green and I live in Webheath. I became a Parent Governor in January 2003.

I have a daughter, Emma, at Alcester Grammar, and two sons. James has entered Year 5 at Walkwood this year. David is currently in Year 3 at Tardebigge CE First School, where I work as a Teaching Assistant. I am the link Governor for the newly created role of Sustainability. Through an interest in environmental issues, I am keen to support Martin Birrell and Eco-club develop an awareness of the environment that can be shared by all pupils, and their families. I welcome support and involvement from other parents.

Bernard Sugden: Foundation Governor I moved to Redditch in 1993 and am a Consultant Technical Director for a large telecommunication equipment manufacturer. Consequently I am very interested in the use of IT within Walkwood. This is my first time as a governor, which is a new departure for me, so I hope to be able to contribute. I started in April of this year and as a foundation governor I have links with St. Luke‟s Church in Headless Cross. I am married with two children, a son who attends Ridgeway Middle and a daughter currently at Webheath First School. Apart from the usual couch potato activities, as a family we enjoy cycling around Worcestershire and skiing elsewhere.

The pupils and staff of Walkwood School have decided that these values are the ones we all want to share. We should:

Never tolerate bullying in any form. If someone calls us a name, we should try to ignore it. If it continues and can‟t be ignored, tell someone – a teacher, parent, or friend. No one should have to put up with it. People who bully need help. “DON‟T SUFFER IN SILENCE.”


Treat each other with courtesy, consideration and respect. We should be polite, co-operative and helpful. We can be sympathetic and loyal to each other by not spreading rumours or telling secrets. We must respect other people‟s views, beliefs and opinions. Say please and thank you. Everyone is entitled to respect from other people.


Never use violence.

No matter what someone says to us or does to us, we should never use violence. Tell someone. Do not use violent language.

Be responsible for our own actions. Think before you say or do anything. If you do something wrong, admit it and accept any punishment. Don‟t blame someone else. Bring the correct equipment to school for lessons. Don‟t expect parents or teachers to have to fuss around and do things for you.


Make it easy for everyone to learn, for the teacher to teach and staff to fulfil their roles. Children should not distract others or disrupt a lesson. Teachers should be able to teach everyone and give special help where it is needed. Classroom assistants and children‟s superintendents are there to help, not to be given hassle.


Approach our work in a positive manner, always trying our best. Everyone deserves praise for doing well. Some people are better at some subjects than others. Don‟t let it put you off. Do your best, even if it‟s not your favourite subject. You can‟t do more than this.


Contribute to and appreciate the value of a safe, comfortable and attractive environment. Don‟t drop litter. It does not make our school attractive and someone else has to clear it up. Take care of our buildings and our wider environment. Don‟t be wasteful of energy and the world‟s resources, e.g. water, books or heat. NEVER VANDALISE WHAT IS AROUND US.


Respect our own and each other‟s property. Bring your own equipment for lessons. Don‟t rely on others. If you have to borrow something, take care of it and return it. If you find lost property, hand it in. Treat other people‟s belongings with care, e.g. don‟t kick bags or use them for goal posts.


Take full advantage of the opportunities this school has to offer. Join as many extra-curricular activities as possible. This will help us become healthy and well-balanced people.

The Head‟s Vision for his pupils is
“Education is certainly preparation for adult life, but it is more than to be as much about attitudes and values as it is about knowledge and skills.” that: It is about

fulfilment of childhood; it is about fascinating, challenging and inspiring children now, and has got

Aims and Objectives of Walkwood School To provide a happy, supportive and safe learning environment, which will facilitate intellectual and spiritual development for every pupil in a manner which ensures equality of opportunity for all, regardless of sex, ability, belief or colour. In particular we hope to provide: For the Children:    An education in line with the National Curriculum, enabling every child to fulfil his or her potential, and helping them to develop lively and enquiring minds. Appropriate extra-curricular activities to enhance personal development in line with the overall aim. Encouragement for every child to develop self discipline and pride in themselves, tolerance and respect for other persons and property, rather than purely thought for self. Preparation for every child to achieve a successful transition to High School, having gained confidence to enable each to take full advantage of future opportunities and to contribute to the wider community.


For the Staff:   Appropriate support and training in line with the overall aim and to enhance their own personal development. Recognition for the provision and support of extra-curricular activities.

For the Parents:    An open and honest dialogue with all parents to enhance their role in child development. Appropriate information on all aspects of school life. Encouragement of parental involvement in school activities, in a partnership which is for the mutual benefit of school and parents.

(This is our Home-School Agreement)

Collective worship: Reverend M Dew Collective worship and religious education need to be stimulating, inclusive and accessible to help us make connections with our everyday lives. They encourage us in our discovery of God, and inspire us to respond to that discovery with a growing sense of awe, fascination and delight, whilst enhancing all other dimensions of life.
As well as promoting a sense of the spiritual, collective worship and religious education can positively impact upon the moral, social and cultural development of all who are willing to explore and enter into such times of worship and teaching. One of the ways that Walkwood School has set out to fulfil this important obligation is through ‘Promoting Pupils’ spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development through Collective Worship’ material compiled specially for this age range. As the name suggests, great emphasis is given to the development of the person as a whole. This material is imaginative and varied, and aims to promote pupils‟ development in the following ways: o o o o o Through worshipping and exploring beliefs about God, Considering spiritual and moral issues, Encouraging participation and response, Developing community spirit, a common ethos and shared values, and Reinforcing positive attitudes.

Whilst this material is Christian based, it reflects a broad and rich spirituality that draws upon all the major faiths and their ancient wisdom traditions. This can be regarded as a great strength of the material, as it challenges us to be open and willing to learn from others and to learn to respect difference. Being citizens of a multi-faith and multi-cultural society, calls us to grow in our appreciation of others, as we strive to develop tolerance and respect. Weekly times of collective worship, whole school and year groups, will follow a three year cycle with an interesting and wide variety of themes that provide opportunity for reflection and deepening our relationship with God, as we grow in our sense of responsibility to others and the world we share.

Breaking Bread Together
Walkwood‟s First Communion Service Collective worship during 2002 reached a high point on Tuesday 24 th June, when the whole school, staff members, many parents, governors and members of St Luke‟s Church, gathered together to celebrate an outdoor communion service – the first of its kind in this diocese. Assisted by Pat Wheeler, Children‟s Advisor in Spirituality, other Diocesan Education officers and „Drum Love‟ a popular percussion group, Walkwood youngsters skilfully led the singing and music, provided a dramatic presentation of the gospel story of the feeding of the 5,000, offered prayers and assisted with the distribution of bread in their class groups. The drumming was compelling, the music lively, the singing enthusiastic and, by general consent, this act of worship proved to be an exciting yet thought provoking and moving experience. The experience of collective worship, offering up of Eucharistic prayers and the act of sharing communion, is an important aid to understanding the significance of communion as a central part of Anglican Christianity. The success of this service, the enthusiasm of the youngsters and support of the Head Teacher and staff, has given rise to this becoming an annual event. I very much look forward to our next outdoor communion, when we can draw together and offer up to God, all the challenges and successes of the next academic year.

Year 5 „New Pupils‟ Service: R Jones

On Monday 6th October Year 5 pupils, staff and parents visited St Luke‟s Church to take part in the „New Pupils‟ Service. The pupils sang extremely well and some children did lovely readings with confidence. It was super to see so many parents in Church. We all enjoyed this happy occasion and feel as a Church School, it is an appropriate and inspiring start to their time at Walkwood.

Visit to St. Luke‟s Church: Year 7
On Monday 16th December 2002, all Year 7 pupils walked to St. Luke‟s Church for their annual Christmas Carol Service. Thankfully the weather was fine and the journey went without a hitch. It was pleasing to see a good turnout of parents to swell the congregation. We sang traditional Christmas Carols and listened to Christmas poetry read by Amy Boon, Emma Jones, Kimberley Brown, Nicola Bott, Dimitra Nomikos and Abby Amery. Catherine Symonds read movingly, from the Gospel, of the Birth of Christ. All in all it was a very successful visit to our church and the atmosphere put us in a festive mood.

Visit to St Luke‟s Church: Year 8 Leavers Service: L Baker
On Monday 21st July 2003 Year 8 pupils, staff and parents went to St Luke‟s Church for the Leavers Service. As a Church School this is a lovely way for pupils to reflect on their four years at Walkwood. I know that pupils value this time and have fond memories to share.

School Meals: PC Richard Waterhouse When I was asked, at a recent Governors meeting to prepare a report for parents regarding School meals at the School, I didn‟t have to be asked twice and willingly volunteered to undertake the task. In fact, of all the reports by Governors I definitely got the „plum‟ job!
The kitchen staff are very ably led by Jacqui Gibbs whose team of 5 staff prepare all of the school meals every day. As I understand it many schools these days do not offer cooked meals as an option, and those that do have the food brought in ready cooked. Not so at Walkwood. All meals are prepared and cooked in the school Kitchen with all of the fresh produce being supplied by a very local Grocer. On average Jacqui and her team cook 180 hot meals per day at a cost of £1.45, and provide between 20 – 50 packed lunches for the same price, which the children can order in the morning. Also available are a selection of Baguettes, baps and sandwiches costing between 70p and £1.00. Jacqi operates a three weekly rota menu which offers the children (and of course the Staff) a wide variety of meals each day, all of them offering fresh fruit and vegetables. There are three different cooked meals on offer each day and a choice of four puddings including fresh fruit. In addition to this, at morning break a breakfast can be provided at a cost of 50p. This consists of cereal, toast and a fruit drink. I think you will agree that all of this adds up to excellent value for money. On Friday 10th October 2003 I had the pleasure of attending the school to sample a meal. I had chicken curry and rice followed by bread and butter pudding. I have to say that school dinners have certainly changed (for the better) since I was at school a couple of years ago and I was very impressed with the quality of the meal I had. It was first class. Whilst in the dining area I spoke to a group of children to see what their opinions were on the subject. I was informed that “School dinners get a brilliant 11 out of 10”. There was always plenty to choose from and the portions were always ample, I noticed that they had all, without exception, left „clean‟ plates. The children also commented on how friendly and helpful the kitchen staff were – a sentiment I would definitely concur with – a theme that seems to run through the school in general. So there we have it, a definite thumbs up for the kitchen staff and the meals they provide. Jacqui and her team provide an excellent choice of freshly prepared food, offering excellent value for money.

I would like to thank the following pupils who assisted me in my „research‟: Charlotte NewtonCoombs, Hannah Mears, Natalie French, Kelly Oliver and Emma Phelan. Health and Safety: This is a standing item on the agendas of the Curriculum and Resources Committee Meeting and the Main Governing Board Meeting. The school is subject to an audit twice a year concerning Health and Safety matters and we continue to improve our awareness of these issues. Health and Safety is also covered in the curriculum with the pupils and from time to time the school focuses on a particular area of concern. School Security is a Health and Safety matter and we hold a good record here in terms of ensuring that the school is a secure and safe environment for our pupils during school time. In order to improve security, particularly during out of school time, we have erected a security fence to the rear of the school. All parents and visitors are requested to report to the Reception desk whenever they visit the School. Minibus:

The minibus continues to be used on a regular basis to transport school teams, pupils on trips and for residential trips. It is so much in demand that consideration is being given to leasing a second minibus in the near future.
All minibus drivers are assessed by a driving examiner as to their ability to drive a minibus full of passengers safely. They are assessed every three years. Data Protection Act

Schools, local education authorities and the Department for Education and Skills (the government department which deals with education) all hold information on pupils in order to run the education system, and in doing so have to follow the Data Protection Act 1998. This means, among other things, that the data held about pupils must only be used for specific purposes allowed by law. We are therefore writing to tell you about the types of data held, why that data is held, and to whom it may be passed.
The school holds information on pupils in order to support their teaching and learning, to monitor and report on their progress, to provide appropriate pastoral care, and to assess how well the school as a whole is doing. This information includes contact details, National Curriculum assessment results, attendance information, characteristics such as ethnic group, special educational needs and any relevant medical information. From time to time we are required to pass on some of this data to the Local Education Authority (LEA), to another school to which the pupil is transferring, to the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), and to Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) which is responsible for the National Curriculum and associated assessment arrangements. The Local Education Authority uses information about pupils to carry out specific functions for which it is responsible, such as the assessment of any special educational needs the pupil may have. It also uses the information to derive statistics to inform decisions on (for example) the funding of schools, and to assess the performance of schools and set targets for them. The statistics are used in such a way that individual pupils cannot be identified from them. No personal information provided to the Council will be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes. Information, however, will be shared within the council and with other agencies where the legal framework allows and requires it. This will help the Council to improve and to develop services. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority uses information about pupils to administer the National Curriculum tests and assessments for Key Stages 1 to 3. The results of these are passed on to DfES in order for it to compile statistics on trends and patterns in levels of achievement. The QCA uses

the information to evaluate the effectiveness of the National Curriculum and the associated assessment arrangements, and to ensure that these are continually improved. The Department for Education and Skills uses information about pupils for statistical purposes, to evaluate and develop education policy and to monitor the performance of the education service as a whole. The statistics (including those based on information provided by the QCA) are used in such a way that individual pupils cannot be identified from them. The DfES will feed back to the LEAs and schools information about their pupils where they are lacking this information because it was not passed by a former school. On occasion information may be shared with other Government departments or agencies strictly for statistical or research purposes only. Pupils, as data subjects, have certain rights under the Data Protection Act, including a general right of access to personal data held on them, with parents exercising this right on their behalf if they are too young to do so themselves. If your child wishes to access their personal data, or you wish to do so on their behalf, then please contact the relevant organisation in writing: the school at Feckenham Road, Headless Cross, Redditch B96 5AQ the LEA‟s Data Protection Officer at County Hall, Worcester WR5 2NP the QCA‟s Data Protection Officer at QCA, 83 Piccadilly, London W1J 8QA the DfES‟s Data Protection Officer at DfES, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NA

Please note that all rights under the Data Protection Act to do with information about your child rest with them as soon as they are old enough to understand these rights. This will vary from one child to another and you will wish to consider the position for your child, but, as a broad guide, it is thought that most children will have a sufficient understanding by the age of 12. We would therefore encourage you to share this note with your child if they are aged 12 or over. Separately from the Data Protection Act, DfES regulations provide a pupil‟s parent (regardless of the age of the pupil) with the right to view, or to have a copy of, their child‟s educational record at the school. If you wish to exercise this right you should write to the school.

Providing information to Connexions For pupils approaching or above age 13 the school is required by the Learning and Skills Act 2000 to pass on information to the Connexions Service. This information comprises the name and address of the pupil and parent. Connexions may also seek further information about pupils. This information comprises:      contact details of pupil and parents or carers gender date of birth ethnicity special educational needs; and school attended

The Connexions Service will only use the information in providing information, advice and support to individual pupils to achieve their potential and to make effective transitions from school to further and higher education, training and employment. The Connexions Service will not normally pass on any information it receives about pupils without consent. Computer Network: Paul Essenhigh, Network Manager This year has seen a massive development of the school computer network. Firstly we have separated the curriculum and administration networks on the advice of the Local Education Authority. This required a new server, which was financed by an LEA Information Management Strategy Grant. The curriculum server was also replaced by Research Machines for their most up to date CC3 system utilising Windows XP as the operating platform. In addition fibre optic cables were installed to all switch locations

within the network infrastructure and new high speed switches were also installed. To compliment all this activity Walkwood joined the Worcestershire Grid for Learning Broadband Network. This has resulted in a 2 Megabit dual direction Internet feed to the whole network.
We have now ensured that the initial high quality provision for ICT at Walkwood has been taken into the 21st Century.

Key Stage 3 Strategy: Paul Essenhigh, KS3 Strategy Manager
(Key Stage 3 – Yr‟s 7, 8, 9) 2002 – 2003 has seen both „Literacy‟ AND „Numeracy‟ enter their third year and during this time the school has participated in several projects within both subjects to ensure that we have kept up with the developments being made. In addition „Science‟ has joined the strategy, and with LEA Consultant Support Paul Jenkin, Head of KS3 Science, has written a programme of study customised for Walkwood school and in September 2003 this was introduced to Year 7 and the Year 8 programme will follow in September 2004. As a result of the introduction of this strategy different members of the science team have participated in training to support the new programme. During this year „Information Communication Technology‟ was also introduced and due to the quality ICT being taught at Walkwood the strategy was phased in during the year. As with the other strategies this required several staff to attend training to support the new programme of study. Paul Cockram, Head of ICT, coordinated this and the school looks forward to the second year, when responsibility for ICT in the curriculum will transfer to Dave Irish. The final strand introduced this year was „The Foundation Subjects‟ and in-service training time was allocated to this for all staff to consider their approach towards: „Thinking Skills‟, „Assessment‟, „Starters and Plenaries‟, „Challenge‟ and „Engagement‟. The school has decided that it will have a particular focus on History, Geography and Physical Education over the next academic year, and has already programmed support from the LEA for these subjects. As you can see this has been an extremely busy year within Key Stage 3 and we hope that we can now consolidate our practices before the new strands of „Modern Foreign Languages‟ and „Attendance and Behaviour‟ are introduced. Community Links: The school is an important part of the community it serves. We host a number of out of school activities which support local residents. There are Keep Fit classes, Martial Arts classes and clubs and youth sports clubs all using the facilities. We also hosted our first Headless Cross Neighbourhood meeting recently and were able to help out a Redditch Youth Cricket team with their tour by loaning them our minibus during the Summer Holidays.

Professional Development and Staff Training: Colin Merriman
The Key Stage 3 Strategy has continued apace, extending this year from the Core Subjects – English, Maths and Science into ICT, the Foundation Subjects and Modern Foreign Languages. This has meant a significant amount of time spent by staff attending courses. Our training days on 23rd May and 2nd June 2003 centred on Teaching and Learning in the Foundation Subjects and Rachel Baldwin, a County advisor for KS3 Strategy, gave the keynote address followed by Joy Vater covering „Starters and Plenaries‟, Paul Essenhigh „Challenge and Enjoyment‟. Mr James led a session on „Safety on School Visits‟, a very important issue for all schools. Last year, (November 2002) a series of management training sessions were arranged for heads of department, covering issues such as data analysis, the latest OFSTED procedures and maximising staff and pupil achievement. An outside consultant came in to do this. We hold many „in-house‟ training sessions in school, when new and good ideas gleaned on courses are disseminated to staff, impacting on standards in the school.

Many teachers have benefited from, and will continue to benefit from County organised courses, meeting individual and school needs. This year staff have attended courses including Induction Tutors‟ Conference, KS3 Strategy Managers, Maths Co-ordinators Meeting, Purposeful Play at Lunchtime. Maths Strand at KS3, Literacy Co-ordinators Meeting, Supporting Intervention in Maths, Induction Training for Teaching Assistants, Foundation Subjects Core Training, NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) Residential Conference. Modern Foreign Languages Training Modules, Improving Writing, Effective Teaching and Learning in Science, First to Middle Transition – Maths and Literacy, New QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) Optional Reading Tasks Year 5, Health and Safety – Core and Specialist Levels, „ECO‟ Day, and First Aid.

School Development Plan: Colin Merriman
This year, our key areas of activity, arrived at following discussion with Governors, Senior Management and Staff are:       Teaching assistants – roles and responsibilities ICT across the curriculum Able Autistic Base and integration KS3 strategy – continued First school links and continuity Target setting/key learning objectives/internal organisation and reporting to parents – consolidate system  Reading at home, following recent research as to its importance in educational success  Teaching and Learning styles for the less able  History and Geography schemes review  Healthy Schools initiatives A plan is available at school, should detail be of interest to parents. Self-Evaluation Programme: Joy Vater and Colin Merriman A two-year rolling programme has been set up to review subject departments. Each department head, with the help of Joy or myself, internally audits the work of their subject. Since the last governors report, Music, French and Technology have been audited. We have also had an external County inspector-led review in History and Geography. John Pragnell (County Inspector) observed seven teachers. He found good and sound teaching but offered suggestions for improvement in such areas as sharing good practice (using Monday meeting time if staff are not in other meetings); emphasising learning outcomes – „By the end of the lesson you will know/understand/be able to…..‟; and challenging the more able. We try to have two external audits per year to help us improve our standards within the school.

R.E.: M Jeffrey The teaching of R.E. within the school has seen significant developments in curriculum management and organisation. With assistance from Mrs Vater a major overhaul of the curriculum with the non-specialist teacher in mind, has taken place. Key assessments to assess what pupils already know are in place for Year 5 with a Year 8 to 9 transfer assessment being also used. Walkwood Middle School has been at the forefront of R.E. development in Redditch, I have chaired the Middle School Development Group and we have established closer links with High Schools. It is hoped that a similar closer liaison can be established with First Schools. Music: Carol Griffiths Extra curricular music continues to flourish at Walkwood. Weekly rehearsals for orchestra and choir are held throughout the year, increasing to daily rehearsals before a concert. The choir and orchestra gave splendid performances in our annual Christmas Concert to a packed audience of families and friends. Also before Christmas fifteen singers took part in a recording for a charity CD, singing the chorus for two songs, written and performed by one of our parents. Rehearsals for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat began in the Spring Term. This was an exciting joint venture with Webheath First School, both schools producing their own version of the music and each cast joining in with one performance at the other school as part of the choir. The cast of each school worked exceptionally hard to learn their songs and performed very professionally indeed, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the joint performances. Music played an important part of the Eucharist Service led by Reverend Maureen Dew and held outside at the end of June. Mrs Pat Wheeler from Worcester Diocesan Office had trained a group of our pupils to lead some of the songs. With the addition of drum rhythms from Drum Love, amplified guitars and keyboard as well as the stirring singing from the whole school, this was a very memorable occasion.

The annual Pyramid Music Festival at Kingsley College was another enjoyable event some of our choir took part in. There were individual items from each school and some rousing massed singing. At the end of the summer term the school orchestra held a concert for their families. There was a good variety of music and many children performed solos and duets. Throughout the year many of our instrumentalists performed in assemblies and accompanied the hymns at the school services held at St Luke‟s Church. A huge well done and thank you to all pupils who worked so hard in rehearsals and who performed so professionally at all these events. Instrumental music continues to be popular. Tuition is provided by Worcestershire Youth Music for violin, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, guitar and brass instruments. The school now employs Mrs Lawrence to teach Keyboard lessons. Many pupils have been entered for public examinations throughout the year and have all been successful. Library – Book Fair Once again we held two very successful Book Fairs, during the year. Mrs Keyte organised them and proceeds went to supplement books in the Library. £2,875 was raised; £1,725 of which was commission and used to buy books, mainly fiction. Thank you to all the parents who support us by buying books. It raises a considerable amount of money for the library – money we would not have otherwise. Our next Book Fair is in November – keep your eyes open for details! We have also spent £700 on non-fiction, targeting popular areas where books have been worn out. Special Needs: Lynn Lifford Educational provision for children with Special Needs is determined after careful consideration by the class teacher, initially, and Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), if necessary. The school has a very busy special needs department. It caters for children with a variety of needs ranging from mild learning or behaviour difficulties, physical or sensory impairment, to those difficulties which are more complex, long-term or severe and therefore require a statement. Modifications to meet current standards for disabled access are incorporated into any new development. Handrails have been put in where there are steps and some steps have been adapted to slopes during the summer holidays. The alterations will continue to be ongoing. Investigations into incorporating a lift for the disabled into the school are being made The school follows a policy of equal opportunities for all children. The school adheres to the requirements for the Code of Practice (2001) in that there is a Special Needs register of pupils with difficulties.

The different stages defined by the Code of Practice are followed in a 3 stage model at present: School Action: Class teachers identify that a child has a special educational need requiring support above and beyond that of the rest of the class. School Action Plus: The school‟s SENCO takes lead responsibility. Teachers and SENCO are supported by specialist help from outside services. Statement: The LEA agrees with school, outside services and parents that a statutory assessment is required and from that a statement is written which sets out arrangements, monitoring procedure and review provision for that child. Appropriate in-service training and consultations have been a feature of this year‟s calendar to enable teachers and support assistants to deal with the problems of the children. Many staff have also attended courses provided by the LEA.

There are currently sixteen support assistants employed within the school, mostly funded by the LEA to carry out the requirements of the statement. Some hours are funded from the school budget to support short-term but severe difficulties, and to provide classroom support in Literacy and Numeracy in Years 5 and 6. We have many consultations from the LEA‟s Support Services, e.g. Psychology Service (CPS), Learning and Behaviour Support Services (LBSS) and the Service for Children with Sensory Impairment (CSSS). Autism Base: Helen Parrott & Martyn West The Autism Base was relocated from Dingleside School to Walkwood in September 2002. A classroom had been allocated for us and refurbished, some new furniture supplied and a quiet room built for 1: 1 work for pupils to calm when they have been upset. Eight computers have also been installed. One teacher, 5 teaching assistants and 8 pupils started work in the base with individual timetables designed to meet each pupil‟s needs. All pupils were integrated into mainstream lessons in some subject areas and for the rest of their time at school they were learning in the base. Two new pupils joined the base in September, one left in January and a new pupil started in March. At the end of the school year, two pupils moved on to The Kingsley High School Base and three new pupils started this September, bringing our numbers to nine. A new teacher was appointed from September to work in the base for three days a week and in the main part of the school for the other two days. All the pupils have now become used to their new environment and are making good progress, with integration increasing as mainschool staff familiarise themselves with the needs of pupils with autism, and pupils gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Assessment – S.A.T. (Standard Attainment Tests) Results and Target Setting: John Birchley Targets 2002 English (Literacy) Maths (Numeracy) Level 4+ Level 4+ 84% 77%

Summary Results 2002 English Maths Science Targets 2003 English (Literacy) Final Target Maths (Numeracy) Final Target Level 4 Level 5 Level 4+ Level 4 Level 5 Level 4+ 57% 29% 86% 57% 25% 82% Level 4+ 82 74 89 Level 5+ 33 25 37

Summary Results 2003 English Maths Science Detailed Results for 2003 % of pupils English Maths Science Dis 0 0 0 Abs 3 3 3 B 2 2 1 N 2 1 0 2 1 0 0 3 11 19 3 4 54 55 52 5 28 21 42 Level 4+ 82 76 93 Level 5+ 28 21 42

Targets for next national annual assessment. Present Year 5 taking test in 2005 English (Literacy) Level 4+ Level 5+ Level 4+ Level 5+ 89% 47% 87% 48%

Maths (Numeracy)

Pupil Target Setting and Reports 2003 - 2004: John Birchley
This year we are undertaking a new initiative aimed at making children more focused on and involved in their own learning. In three of the core subjects, English, Maths and Science teachers have discussed with their teaching groups what they are able to do now at the beginning of the year, what they should be able to do by the end of the year and targets to aim for to achieve this. ICT targets will be set for January onwards. Each pupil will meet three times during the year with their class teacher to discuss these targets and the progress that has been made and what to aim for next. Parents Evenings will take place in the Spring Term and will continue with last year‟s format, class teachers will meet with parents and children to discuss progress made and ways for further improvements. Parents met with their children‟s teacher in all but 12 instances in academic year 2002/03.

The Annual Report to parents will be at the end of the academic year and will report on progress made in all subjects and detail targets for improvement in the next academic year. School Review Summer 2003: Colin Merriman My thanks to the many parents who took the time and trouble to fill in the questionnaires as to how you think we are doing. We had four hundred and fifty replies – a sixty percent response, which was high. There are many questionnaires used by schools to assess satisfaction and some are better than others but some are really ideal in every sense. The one we used – passed to me by one of our governors – Andrea Green – was recommended by a national governors‟ organisation and covered most areas of school activity. I would particularly like to highlight the number and overwhelming warmth of the responses to the question “Things you like about the school”. Nearly every form had a positive comment in the box. These few quotes here cannot do them full justice but this is a flavour of the sentiments about our school: Things you like about the school: 1. 2. 3. I like the way Mr Garner has set the school‟s reputation. I would not like to see any changes because I like it the way it is. Everything. I have no worries about my daughter at Walkwood. The aspirations set out in this years handbook have been exceeded from our personal experiences. We have fully appreciated the cooperation of the teaching staff; not just on education matters but also the welfare and morale for each and every child. The disciplined structure encourages children, creating confidence, as they understand the situation, which enhances their personal development because uncertainties are minimised. Walkwood Middle School is a cohesive, well run unit. Encourages independence and confidence. Stretches them after First Schools. Good after school clubs. Teachers and headmaster seem to really care about children The children like and respect the teachers, who make lessons as enjoyable as possible. Plenty of variety. Plenty of after school activities and trips. The Care and Control policies, the effort made to operate a wide range of extra curricular activities and trips for the children
–Emphasis on all-round development of child, not just academic achievements -Wide variety of extra-curricular activities, trips and opportunities -Christian ethos and strong sense of community -Committed and enthusiastic staff – good balance of experience and new ideas It‟s a very fair school if you have any problems to be sorted out Walkwood Middle is a big school and we are glad …… enjoys being there and is steadily doing very well in all of his subjects. We are really pleased with Walkwood Very friendly and approachable. Good variety of after school clubs interested in all-round education, not just academic The pupils can have a sense of belonging. Staff are approachable. The school is well organised and children are taught to respect each other It is very obvious that teachers enjoy their work

4. 5. 6.

8. 9. 10. 11. +

In rank order of perceived excellence the top scorers, with 60% are:  Is your child happy? 79% Yes, this confirms our belief!

(This perhaps is the greatest indicator of whether things are going well. We are a happy school and lots of visitors have remarked on this)  Are we supporting your child? 73% We do our best  School visits 73%  New Parents Evening (Year 5) 68%  Induction of new children 67%  The Headteacher 66%  The school playing fields 66% (Mr Garner will be pleased about being equated with the field)  Clubs 64%  School newsletter 61%  School prospectus 61%  Contact with your child‟s teacher 60%  Receptionists 60%  Displays 60% There are many individual comments and suggestions for improvement and here are a few examples which we shall discuss as a school.  More information about what is taught  Bullying. There are a few comments on this. We have a strong policy and we always take it seriously when reported  Common training days with Vaynor  Car parking (someone mentioned „less cars driving erratically and parking selfishly‟. Impossible! Lots on this!  Inconsistent homework  More comments in the diaries from teachers. The diaries are clearly valued as a means of home/school communication Unfortunately, we cannot help the cluster of parents who requested „Get rid of SATs‟ Yet again, thank you very much for your considered responses. We are not complacent in what we are doing and welcome the „snapshot‟ of how you see us. You deserve a merit for doing your homework so well! Finally, my thanks to Sarah Leeson and Andrea Green (governors) who forwarded ideas and Terena Clarke, Chris Allured and Maxceine Keyte on the staff for helping me process the questionnaires.





Room for Improvement

 Your child‟s progress - reports?  Your child‟s progress - parents evenings?  What is taught?

61% 57% 53%

33% 35% 36%

6% 8% 11%

     

Your child‟s rate of progress for his/her ability Standards of work achieved by your child The help given to your child Use of ICT Homework Merit system

54% 51% 58% 50% 48% 56%

40% 42% 38% 48% 46% 37%

6% 7% 4% 2% 6% 7%


 New parents‟ evening (Yr 5)  With your child‟s teachers  With classroom support assistants  Parent-teacher association  School newsletter  School prospectus  Receptionists  First aid  Head teacher  Governors

68% 60% 41% 35% 61% 61% 60% 52% 66% 44%

29% 35% 45%

3% 5% 14%

56% 36% 38% 37% 43% 31% 50%

9% 3% 1% 3% 5% 3% 6%

       

Is your child happy? Are we supporting your child? Class size Induction of all new children School visits Assemblies Clubs (where appropriate) Music

79% 73% 43% 67% 73% 55% 64% 54%

18% 24% 48% 32% 27% 41% 27% 39%

3% 3% 9% 1% 0% 4% 9% 7%


    

Class rooms School building School playground School playing fields Displays

41% 50% 53% 66% 60%

57% 44% 43% 33% 39%

2% 6% 4% 1% 1%

Sporting Aims and Achievements: Walkwood seeks to offer all pupils the opportunity to become proficient in a range of sports and physical activities. This is achieved through participation in the national curriculum physical education programme and the opportunity to take part in a range of extra curricular activities. Achievements:   Pupils participated in the full national curriculum programme for physical education. The following extra curricular activities were offered to pupils last year: Football Boys/Girls All Years Rugby Boys All Years Hockey Boys/Girls Years 6,7, 8 Netball Girls All Years Cricket Boys/Girls All Years Rounders Boys All Years Dance Mixed Years 7 & 8 Cross-Country -Mixed All Years Inter house competitions were held in netball, football, hockey, rugby and crosscounty. Many fixtures were arranged throughout the year in all the extra curricular activities and wherever possible pupils attending the school clubs were given the opportunity to represent the school.

 

Particular Sporting Achievements:                     Year 5 Year 5 Year 7 Year 8 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 7 Year 8 District Netball Champions Girls District Cross-County Champions. Boys and Girls District Cross-Country Champions. Boys District Cross-Country Champions. Boys District Football Champions. Boys District Plate Football Champions. Boys County Cup Finalists Boys Hockey – 2nd place in District Boys finalists in Track and Field County Final (athletics) Fourth place overall nd All Years 2 place – District Athletics Year 6 U11 District Rounders Semi finalists. Year 7 U12 3rd place -District Rounders Tournament The School had over 10 Individual District Champions in Athletics Year 8 boys smashed the 15 year old District 4x100m relay record. Year 7 U12 Boys Rugby – district Tournament – 2nd place Year 8 U13 Boys Rugby – district Tournament – 2nd place Year 7 U12 Winners of Girls District Indoor Football Tournament Year 8 U13 Runners up of Girls District Indoor Football Tournament Year 7/8 U13 Coca Cola County Champions (Girls football) Year 6/7 U12 Won fair play award at Worcestershire Youth Games in Football U10 U10 U12 U13 U11 U12 U13 U12 U13

This year the school has also received a fair play award in the Year 5 and 6 mixed Kwik Cricket Tournament. School Sport Coordinator (SSCo): Matthew Meckin This is a new and exciting role that I have taken up in September 2003, which is a National initiative that has been running for some time in other areas of the country. I am engaged on Mondays and Fridays as an SSCo and continue as in previous years on the other three days at Walkwood.

The School Sports Coordinator Programme is a multi agency initiative, managed and delivered by Sport England, the Department for Education and Skills, the New Opportunities Fund and the Youths Sports Trust. The initiative is generally looking to develop Physical Education and School Sport. Within Redditch we have been awarded the funding to carry out the initiative for three years. I am one of six School Sport Coordinators in Redditch who will be working to develop Physical Education and School Sport in the town and more specifically within Walkwood‟s pyramid of schools. Here are a just a few examples of the types of objectives we will be looking to hit during the three years:    Development within Walkwood – eg, producing an Assessment policy, applying for funding to improve facilities, broader range of after school clubs. Liaison with schools in pyramid – developing better links with feeder schools to ensure smooth transition. Both within the curriculum and within after school clubs. Club Links – create improved links with local sports clubs to ensure children have the opportunities to develop in a range of different sports

European Links: John Allured European Links Coordinator Padova. Italy. Once again Walkwood has arranged an exchange visit to Italy for children in Years 7 and 8. We are planning to receive children from Padova for six days during late February/early March 2004; Walkwood pupils will return to Padova in early May 2004. Hungary: 100th Anniversary Celebrations Last of the summer Wine! 3 of our most „venerable‟ staff joined in with the 100th Anniversary Celebration of our „sister‟ school - School No.2 in Bekescsaba, Hungary. As usual we spent the whole time laughing! The event began dramatically with an ex-pupil parachuting into the playground with a football which he handed over for a 7 a side game of football – pupils v staff. We told the children all about life at Walkwood and helped prepare scones for an English Tea to which all sat down to and took part. Finally Mr Allured astounded the gathering by delivering a thank you speech in Hungarian (an impossibly difficult language) and presented the school with an engraved English Pewter mug sending best wishes from all at Walkwood. School Trips during 2002 – 2003 Coventry: Mark Jeffrey The Year 8 visit to Coventry Cathedral was again an unqualified success. Over 170 pupils went on the visit though some parents did not appreciate the costs of coach travel, insurance and guides incurred.. The visit included a tour of all the wonderful art work by notable artists such as Graham Sutherland and Elizabeth Fink with the focus being on the way faith was celebrated. Next year the visit will be expanded to include the new archaeological Visitors Centre, which has personal connections with the Jeffrey family, at no extra cost to students.

Derwent Water – The Lake District: Paul Cockram During „Activities week‟ in June 2003, ninety children from Year 6 and 10 adults went camping to Derwent Water (Keswick) in the Lake District. The trip consisted mostly of outdoor activities and each child was given the opportunity to take part. Some of the activities were different to our last visit so even the teachers had a new experience. The activities included gorge walking, canoeing, pico sailing, kayaking, archery, orienteering (in the largest orienteering course in Europe) and initiative exercises. The week was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the children developed in self-belief and self-confidence. The school will be returning to the Lake District this coming June with the current Year 6, again we will be taking 90 children and hopefully they will also enjoy the experience just as much. West Malvern Outdoor Education Centre: Matthew Meckin Another successful residential trip to Malvern took place during activities week with eighty pupils from Year seven attending the five day course. This was the most ever that the Centre had accommodated from any Walkwood party in the past, which shows the trips growing success. A fun but demanding week was had by all. It was fantastic to see pupils achieving personal success within activities like absailing but just as rewarding to see the obvious team cohesion within the problem solving activities in the evening. The week came to a storming end on the Thursday evening when a talent competition was held with several entries. There are without doubt some budding comedians, dancers and poets at Walkwood!!!! We look forward to the new Year seven enjoying next years trip just as much.

North Wales Trip 2003: - Bob James This annual trip for Year 8 pupils is now in its 23rd (I think) year. Again we were able to stay at Nantmor Mountain Centre in the heart of Snowdonia. This year the trips were held during May half term and Activities week. We walked up Snowdon, Moel Siabod and Cnicht. We camped, we climbed and we visited places of interest. Pupils who are lucky enough to be chosen for this unique experience find out a great deal about themselves as they are challenged each day by new experiences and the need to live as a close knit community. The success of the trip relies on everyone working together. They also sleep for a very long time when they return!! My thanks must go to Mrs Toni Davenport and Mr John Gilmore who have supported this venture for many years and to those other voluntary helpers, without whom the trip could not take place. This year, in particular Miss Moyle and my son Edwin, both of whom helped on both trips. Osmington Bay Trip 2002/2003: Louise Currie The Year 5 trip to Osmington Bay was a huge success this year. The children spent 5 days at the 3D Centre. They enjoyed the wide variety of outdoor pursuit activities on offer including canoeing, zip wire, quad biking, evening hikes and many more exciting tasks such as team building experiences and an evening quiz and disco.

The 70 pupils benefited greatly from this experience, forming new friendships, gaining self-confidence and discovering new interests. A fantastic week! In 2004, 90 pupils will have the opportunity to experience similar activities at a 3D Centre in Torquay. London Theatre Visit: Lynne Baker Date: Tuesday 17th June and Wednesday 18th June 2003. 40 pupils from Year 8 plus 4 staff – Mrs Vater, Mrs Baker, Mrs Peplow and Mr Clemons. A very enjoyable visit which included:   Lunch in Hyde Park Visit to the Theatre Museum where children experienced a workshop on costumes and make up and a brief history of the theatre  An overnight stop at The London Crown Hotel  An evening meal at a nearby Bizzarro restaurant  Evening performance of „Our House‟  Evening visit to see Buckingham Palace  Backstage tour of Theatre Royal  Coach sight seeing tour  Lunch in Covent Garden  Matinee performance of „Chitty Chitty Bang Bang‟ Environment: Geoff Gent
Recycling schemes for paper and cans continue to provide the school with an important source of income; as well as (hopefully) setting a life long example to our pupils. We actually collected more cans than any other school in the County thereby winning The Tizer Can Challenge and reaping a number of huge, huge rewards: a £1000.00 music keyboard for our new music room, a large number of CD tokens and a „party‟ for all pupils (which included food and drink and a great goody bag!) Winning Can Collecting cash once again went on a great day out to Alton Towers on Election Day – our thanks to Mrs Debbi Layston and her colleagues for organising that! On a slightly downbeat note the school environment has become degraded by the building works, laying of new gas pipes and by general wear and tear on areas where children have been displaced as a result of the restrictions of space caused by the contractors. Many areas are looking a little run down. Hopefully 2004 will see us begin to work at restoring and improving our grounds. The Eco Day planned by Mr Birrell on 24th October has raised awareness and funds to begin this task in earnest.

The School Association (P.T.A.): Geoff Gent Our annual family Christmas Party was good fun and with the dynamic duo Mr Meckin and Mr Young „doing‟ the DJ job it was full of laughter and surprises. Don‟t miss this year‟s party on Friday, 12th December.
Unfortunately the Summers planned event – The 30th Anniversary Summer Ball – had to be cancelled because of the major building work. The Annual New Year Ramble was wet and windy but greatly enjoyed by the few brave souls who ventured out!

Funzone: Amanda Lawler

As many of you are probably aware, Funzone is the Out of School Club that runs at Walkwood School, before and after school and during the school holidays.

The club opened in September 1998 and has grown steadily since then – we now run a separate club which caters exclusively for Walkwood children upstairs in the fifth year block. This is known as „The Zone‟. The younger children who are collected from the Vaynor First School are cared for downstairs in two classrooms. Altogether we have 40 places available before school and 64 places after school and during the holidays.

We get up to a real variety of activities at Funzone, from arts and crafts to wrapping each other up in toilet rolls and holding connect 4 championships. We try to get outside as often as we can, particularly after school when the children really need to let off steam. There‟s never a dull moment – in fact the staff seem to enjoy themselves as much as the children do! We have gained a Quality Certification from Kids Clubs network, our professional body, this states that we offer an excellent standard of care (Level 3 of Aiming High) and we are the only club in the area that has gained this level. We are very proud of this achievement.

If you would like to come and visit us at any time you would be very welcome, a phone call first (07703 610788) would be appreciated, so that we can plan our evening to allow a member of staff to talk to you. Otherwise you may be roped in with our activity for the evening!
We look forward to meeting you.

School Production: John Birchley

Last year‟s school production was the ever popular „Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat‟. A cast of 50 from all years took part in three evening performances in front of appreciative and enthusiastic audiences. Year 4 pupils from Vaynor First School attended the final dress rehearsal.
Artistic links between Walkwood and Webheath First School were further strengthened when the Walkwood cast joined Webheath‟s Year Fours at an afternoon performance of their own production of „Joseph‟; the Webheath cast joined Walkwood‟s choir in one of the evening performances. Members of staff were involved in various ways including lighting, sound, choreography, costume and back stage supervision. The production was co-directed by John Birchley and Joy Vater, musical direction by Carol Griffiths.

Governors Awards Twice this year, staff have been asked to select pieces of work or evidence of achievement to put forward for Governors Awards. A group of Governors then have the unenviable task of selecting those pieces which they feel merit an award.
It is important to say at this point, that these awards are not only given to those who are „best in the class‟, but to individuals who have produced work or had an achievement that is exceptional for them. The choosing is difficult, but enjoyable and gives the Governors an opportunity to see the work that children are producing at Walkwood. The effort of judging is well worthwhile when the excitement and pleasure of the children is seen at the Award Assemblies.

The Nominees for February 2003 were: Name Leanne Tory Catherine Yeomans Samuel Faulkner Paul Taylor Ben Scarle Alice Hudson Cloe Turner Katherine MacDonald Adam Bailey Tom Pedley Year Yr 5 Yr 5 Yr 5 Yr 6 Yr 8 Yr 8 Yr 8 Yr 8 Yr 6 Yr 6

Cathy Byng Martin Stevens Danielle Fothergill Martin Evans Nathan Cleverley Holly Hughes Thomas Keenan Robert Andrew Robert Gallagher Mellisa Smith Lucy Berridge Jamie Turner Sam Green William Thompson Lucy Edwards Mary Liu Zoe Jones Simon Whitmore Martin Evans Andrew Nicholls

Yr 6 Yr 6 Yr 6 Yr 6 Yr 6 Yr 6 Yr 8 Yr 6 Yr 5 Yr 7 Yr 6 Yr 6 AAB Yr 7 Yr 7 Yr 5 Yr 5 Yr 7 Yr 6 Yr 7

Governors‟ Award Winners February 2003

Laura McFarlane Connor Rhodes Michael Chambers Alistair McInnes Elizabeth Jarvis Nathan Blake Lucy Porter Emma dyer Joanne Dunford Lee Jezard Thomas Ballinger Gregory Smith Yr 6 Yr 6

Yr 5 Yr 7 Yr 7 Yr 8 Yr 8 Yr 7 Yr 5 Yr 6 Yr 6 Yr 8 Victorian Transport Victorian Transport Egyptian Project Autobiography Autobiography Living out school values : Helping new children to settle in Poem Codfish Gloves St Lucia Project – Island Science Website

The Nominees for July 2003 were: Greg Smith John Concannon Yr 8 Lucy Porter Kaleigh Haynes Yr 8 Phillipa Kingscote-Davies Yr 6 Leanne Tory Lucy Edwards Nicola Elliott Robert Harris Andrew Nicholls Yr 7 Anthony Dewen Yr 7 Katherine MacDonald Sean Rowland Jessica Leaver John Thompson Yr 7 Leanne Hawkes Yr 8 Sam Green Jordan O‟Connor Yr 6 Chris Sly/Francesca Maglio Chloe Mills Joseph Adams Zoe Batchelor Ben Scarle Cathy Byng Chloe Stewart Amy Whatley-Hobbs Laura Porter Samuel Faulkner Yr 5 Lydia Butler Vicki Tattersall Yr 8 Kelly Oliver Yr 8 Yr 8

Yr 5 Yr 7 Yr 8 Yr 6

Yr 8 Yr 8 Yr 8

Yr 7 Yr 5 Yr 5 Yr 7 Yr 6 Yr 8 Yr 6 Yr 6 Yr 8 Yr 5 Yr 8 Yr 6

Governors‟ Award Winners July 2003
Lucy Porter Laura Porter Jordan O‟Connor Yr 6 Holly Tipper Amy Whately-Hobbs ) Nicola Elliott ) Yr 8 Katherine MacDonald ) John Thompson Yr 7 Samuel Green Chloe Mills Ben Scarle Vicki Tattersal Kelly Oliver Philippa Kingscote-Davies Yr 6 Yr 8 Yr 5 Yr 6 Music and Science Numeracy (Shape Game) & Beethoven Project Dedication & commitment to SAT exam Victorian Leisure Project Good work done on Eco-Schools committee Work done in activities week – design & production of clay tower Work in Science lessons Smiling perseverance and sustained effort Work in History and Totem Pole work History – excellent class and home work Elgar Music project Victorian Leisure project

Yr 7 Yr 5 Yr 8 Yr 8 Yr 6

Curriculum and Resources Committee: Alison Barnfield
The committee meets every term to discuss and monitor curriculum issues and property matters. Curriculum matters have included the new format of parents evenings and the increased involvement and responsibility of children in their own learning. Governors were present at parents evenings and gained positive feedback for the new format and were able to discuss any concerns that parents had in committee. We have also discussed the continuation of Successmaker, a computer aid for learning, which appears to benefit many children at Walkwood. Monitoring has continued of KS2 and KS3 results. It has also been noted that school self evaluation has begun with some departments whilst others, specifically Humanities and Geography, have had external inspections. Property matters have focused on the building of a new music block, the replacement of the roof and windows in the hall, new windows on the south side of the school and the refurbishment of the changing rooms. There are regular reports concerning health and safety issues which are covered elsewhere in this Governors report to parents. At the moment we are identifying weaknesses by carrying out an auditing process, from which a development plan will be formed. It is a building process and a three year contact so it is a case of looking at the long term results rather than expecting huge changes now. I will be sure to keep people informed as this exciting project evolves.

Staff and Pupils Committee: Jacquie Davies This committee has various standing items on its agenda, which include: Staff changes and appointments, the school development plan, progress of performance management and a termly SEN report.
Other staffing items discussed in the last year have included the plans for the induction of new teaching staff, the greater involvement of non-teaching staff attending briefing and assemblies, and teachers‟ pay and training. The committee is also responsible for approving school trips and has this year given approval for several residential and day trips. An enjoyable part of the work of the committee is hearing about the strong links the school has made with schools in European countries. It is good to hear about the success of the visits made by both our pupils and those from the European schools. This is an area that we hope the school can maintain and develop. The Staff and Pupils Committee is also responsible for organising the Governors‟ Awards and the presentation at two assemblies, this year in February and July.

Finance Committee: Mike Hudson

The governing body Finance Committee exists to review how the Senior Management Team at the school proposes to use and manage the annual budget and then to monitor actual spending throughout the year. The Committee meets each term, and there are regular spending summaries to keep us up to date. The other two governor sub committees and the governing body as a whole, often make recommendations on expenditure related items, for the Finance Committee to consider.
A large school like Walkwood does have a sizeable annual budget; but when all the main unavoidable essential costs of running the school are met, there is very little left and many competing beneficial ways in which it can be spent. In many respects things seem to get tighter each year, with small end of year overspends inevitable. Last year followed the trend, although the school did manage to reduce slightly the amount of overspend. Worcestershire schools certainly struggle to maintain the standards expected by all, within the budget provided. It is particularly frustrating to know that, in many other areas of the country, similar schools receive substantially more funds. Major building work is paid for from outside the main budget, but funds are equally hard to come by. Walkwood did well last year with three major upgrades: the music room development; the replacement of a high proportion of the old windows and a much-needed upgrade to the changing rooms. The Finance Committee also monitors the separate School Fund accounts, which handle the monies associated with school trips and the many extra curricular activities for which the school is well known. Monies raised to support the school in various ways are also handled through the School Fund. Parents are thanked for their generous contributions. Governors‟ Meeting:

There were four full meetings of the Governing Body, held in September, December, March and June. The three Committees, Staffing and Pupils, Curriculum and Resources, and Finance, each met three times.
Dates of Full Board Meetings 2002/03 Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday 18th September 2002 11th December 2002 26th March 2003 25th June 2003

Financial Statement: P Garner
Statement of Expenditure – 1st April 2002 – 31st March 2003 £ 1478317 12682 13289 160693 6309 1671290 % of budget spent 107.03 52.8 98.4 115.3 92.8 99.5

Employees Premises Maintenance Energy & Water Supplies & Services Contract Services Total Expenditure

School Fund Account – Balances at 31st March 2003 Current Account Deposit Account £13195 £11998

Budget Allocation – 1st April 2002 – 31st March 2003 Teaching Staff Supply Staff Non-teaching staff Mid-day Supervision Supplies and Services Premises Energy and Water Caretaking and Cleaning Contract Services Car Allowance/Subsistance Total Expenditure 1172009 12000 146500 12800 139344 23000 13500 34260 6800 250 1561462

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