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Shakespeare by forrests


									Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare Shakespeare lived from ________________. He was _________________April 23rd in_________________________, England. He wrote ________plays and ________sonnets. He started out as an actor with Started out performing with ___________________________. This gave him a chance to write a play. He is widely regarded as ____________________________in English literature. While working as an actor for _________________________(London theater co.) He also became _____________________________. Lord Chamberlain’s Co. built the ________________where most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed. He wrote _________________, __________________ and _____________________.

Globe Theater Shakespeare’s plays were produced for the ______________ ______________. The Globe Theater was roofless open-air structure without artificial lighting. It was a courtyard surrounded by ______ levels of galleries. The wealthy (educated) were seated on benches and the ____________________ or poorer people (uneducated) stood and watched from the courtyard (“pit”). Shakespeare’s play had much more interaction than plays of today. It cost 1 shilling 910% of their weekly income) to ____________ and 2 shillings to sit in the _______________. The difference between Shakespeare’s plays and those of today were ____________________costumes, plenty of __________________ and it was a__________ _____________ colorful two hours. During Shakespeare’s time only men were permitted to perform, because it would have been considered ________________ for a woman to appear on stage. Boys or effeminate men were used to play the part of a woman. ________________ were

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
often the company’s most valuable asset. Costumes were made by the company, bought in London, or donated by courtiers. The Play ________________ is unrhymed iambic (unstressed, stressed) pentameter(5 “feet” to a line) ends up being 10 syllable lines. ________________ is ordinary writing that is not poetry, drama, or song. Only characters in the lower social classes speak this way in Shakespeare’s plays. In Shakespearean Tragedies the ________________ is the final explanation or outcome of the plot. A __________________is a drama where the central character/s suffer disaster or great misfortune from _________________, _________________ or _________________. In a Shakespearean Tragedy the _________________ or central idea is the insight, which explains the downfall of the tragic hero. Literary Elements A _________________ is when a character is speaking on stage and there may be other character on stage too. A _________________is a long speech expressing the thoughts of a character alone on stage. An _________________ is when a character speaks in a low undertone, which is not intended to be heard by all characters. A_________________ is the humorous use of a word with two meanings sometimes missed by the reader because of Elizabethan language. ________________ ________________ is a contradiction between what a character thinks and what the reader/audience knows to be true. ________________ ________________ is when words are used to suggest the opposite of what is meant. ________________ ________________ is when an event occurs that directly contradicts the expectations of the characters, the reader, or the audience . ________________ ________________ is the use of comedy within literature that is NOT comedy to provide “relief” from seriousness or sadness.

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