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					Healthy Schools Secondary network 1st November 2007 Credon Centre 09:00 to 12:00

Attendees Sarah Greaves Alison Sommerville Sally Walker Rachel Powell Luke Carter

Stratford Brampton Manor Plashet Healthy Schools Healthy Schools

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Minutes / matters arising Gary Horsman, Theatre Venture

Theatre Venture is a Newham based theatre company that has a long history of working with our schools on a range of issues (including health related work) Gary was hoping to talk about the detail of a new phase of ‘Opening the Can’ a performance touching on cancer. Unfortunately the anticipated funding for this hasn’t happened, so it will be delayed until this can be secured. ‘Opening the Can’ was originally run in local theatres for schools to attend. It was funded by the Welcome Trust and dealt with cancer from a knowledge / scientific angle as well as the more ‘human’ impact Theatre Venture are part of a consortium of East London Theatre companies that are working on health related issues. They share practice, funding applications, work in partnership etc to be able to offer a better service to local schools and groups. Some other projects they are currently involved in; SEX fm- Sexual health info show. Happening in March 08 2012 Citizen project. Linking schools with schools in other countries. Will support making of short films for sharing with link schools. Cyberbullying. Were commissioned by Eastlea to work on this subject for their Y6 to 7 transition. Currently looking for funding to build on this project Going Green (working title). Environmental / sustainability issues. Developing a project for schools interested in this area. Transitions project. For schools looking to support Y6 to secondary transition.

For more info


Local Health profile

The group discussed the key points from this. Link to Newham’s profile below This provides a useful backdrop to the health picture locally


Courses for 2007 / 8

See attached list. Please circulate to interested colleagues. Healthy schools are able to develop tailored training to suit your needs. Please contact a member of the team to discuss this. 5 DUST (Drug Use Screening Tool) - Luke Carter

Referrals to the Substance misuse advice, info and counselling service (CREATE) have dropped dramatically, in recent months. Possibly schools are currently ‘missing’ vulnerable young people or are dealing with them in house without the necessary expertise. Hopefully the introduction of DUST will rectify this situation. DUST is a very simple tool that should be used whenever a setting has concerns about a young person’s use (or vulnerability to use) of substance (from tobacco / alcohol through the full range of drugs). The one day training looks at; o Knowledge of drugs & alcohol and the issues surrounding young person’s use. o Knowledge of screening and assessment o The workings of the DUST tool It can be delivered in a school (possibly as 2 half day sessions) or at by attendance at one of the regularly run sessions held across the borough. Most secondary settings will use learning mentors to run the session. Ideally the school HS , PSHE, pastoral or other relevant lead should also attend the training. In order for DUST to be embedded into school life it is important that the Drug Education & incidents policy is updated to reflect the new changes. Please email a copy of your current policy to for feedback on changes needed to incorporate DUST Luke also spoke about the ‘social normative approach to PSHE’ course, running in March next year. This looks at the difference between the perceived risk behaviour norm (eg around alcohol or smoking) and compares this to the actual reported usage. Young people are involved in developing a ‘health marketing campaign’ highlighting the responsible behaviour of the majority of young people within the school community. The information gained can also be used to support PSHE sessions.


Healthy Schools website ( )

The new website is up and running. To see the Newham section use buttons in top right corner of first screen (REGION – London, LOCAL PROGRAMME- Newham) You should have received an ID & password to be able to access your own school self-validation tool. For more support on using the tool contact Rachel Powell 7 Support materials folder

Schools should be receiving these early Nov. The folder should be used to keep together guidance from National HS. There is a useful Physical Activity booklet within the folder


Developing case studies

Rachel is looking for case studies of good practice to share via the website. She will email a template for schools to complete



New Food standards for food other than school meals (eg Vending & tuck) Several schools are not yet complying with the new guidance that came into effect in Sept 07 See for more details. The guidance must e followed – it is not optional.

A million meals campaign -School food trust (see above)

Project to raise uptake of school meals. Schools have been sent a letter outlining this. Letter contains pass-code to access further support from STF website

Salad bars in secondary settings These are available to schools using Newham Catering services. They will need to be negotiated with school cook / area manager. Sally Walker at Plashet, said the bar has increased uptake of fresh portions by their girls. There are issues around funding for the salads.

Support from Newham Healthy Schools Team Rachel spoke about the range of support available from the Healthy Schools team, most of which is ‘free’ (covered within your schools SLA to Credon) See attached summary list. The team have a wide variety of expertise and experience. If you would like specialist support please contact us!

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 12th February 9.00 – 12.00

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