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					Graduate Aptitude Tests for Medicine Tuesday 10 May at 10.00am
Biology Lecture Theatre 1
All Welcome
University of Sheffield Careers Service & Dept Biomedical Science

What are they?
GAMSAT Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test BMAT BioMedical Admissions Test MSAT Medical School Admission Test PQA Personal Qualities Assessment

Why test?
A concern over breadth of access Narrowness of selection criteria Increased competition for places (including graduate fast track) Large number of suitably qualified applicants Wider range of applicants eg undergrads, grads, masters/research students, post docs, career changers etc

How much do they cost?
 GAMSAT  BMAT  £176 inc VAT (test 6/01/05)  £15 (online)


 £80 (approx)online via
 £20

 Apply by 31 October 2005 through UCAS. Info pack available end of August  Apply direct to School


 Automatic - will be invited to apply
 Automatic

Test centres for GAMSAT
 Held on Friday 6 January 2006  No refunds after 5 November 2005  Held at Birmingham, Bristol, London, Nottingham & Sheffield  Must read instructions for registering carefully eg photograph  Late registrants up to 12 Nov 2005 with £45.00 additional fee  Results sent out 6 weeks later (approx)  Scores valid for 2 years

GAMSAT -an assessment of problem solving ability across wide range of subject areas 1
St George’s,Nottingham, Swansea, Peninsula
Two multiple choice One written paper

Must pass all sections before considered for interview Peninsula has lower cut off

GAMSAT – reasoning in humanities & social sciences 2
 75 multiple choice questions Testing skills in interpretation & understanding of ideas in social & cultural contexts Require varying degrees of complex verbal processing & conceptual thinking Require close reading of text Critical thinking & reasoning

GAMSAT- written communication


Tests ability to produce & develop ideas in writing Two 30 minute writing tasks linked to a theme & number of topics First task = socio–cultural issues Second task= personal/social issues requiring reflective style of writing Assesses quality of thinking, structure developed & language used

GAMSAT- reasoning in biological & physical sciences


 Testing problems within scientific context  Examines recall & understanding of basic science concepts  Three discipline areas – Chemistry(40%), Biology (40%), Physics (20%)  Calculator can be used but not specifically required  Subject knowledge required corresponds to Level 1 degree in biology & chemistry. Physics = A level standard

Preparing for GAMSAT


 Current students recommend practising for at least 3 months prior to exam & get knowledge up to speed using A level physics text & degree level biology/ chemistry text  Work through at least one of GAMSAT practice publications eg Sample & Practice Questions. Answers given for all sections  Practice & then test under test conditions. Five hours of tests approx

GAMSAT – test strategies ( similar to guidelines for psychometric testing )


Work steadily through test Do not spend too much time on one question No marks deducted for wrong answer All questions same value so attempt as many as possible to maximise score Record answers carefully as optically scanned Make use of Careers Service Resources

 Aims to test aptitude/ability by assessing critical thinking (drawing out conclusions, evaluating information, generating & testing hypotheses Interpersonal understanding & responding by assessing accurate perspective No science component

Cambridge,Oxford, (UCL) Similar format to GAMSAT 

Specific to Queen Mary’s London  ml

Types of questions
Sample and practice questions can be purchased or found on the web for GAMSAT & BMAT. GAMSAT also at Careers Service. £10.00 deposit to borrow Reference books on psychometric assessment available from Careers Service. £2.00 deposit to borrow Practice psychometric sessions available. Contact Careers Service or see website:

More strategies for all the tests
Follow the instructions Work steadily through the test No credit if more than one answer marked No deductions for a wrong answer All questions have the same value Questions are multiple choice apart from written section

Writing Test
A list of themed quotes is given and you are asked to
Consider the comments and write a piece in response to one of them Give the piece a title which will help orient the reader in the direction you are taking

Assessment Criteria
Thought and Content
The quality of what is written

Organisation and Expression
The quality and structure developed and the language used

Each piece is assessed by several independent assessors

Concluding remarks
They are taxing They are not impossible There are no recommended preparatory courses (The course at Imperial is NOT run by Imperial). Courses are expensive Non-science graduates may need to read relevant basic science books in preparation for GAMSAT

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