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					Anne Frank
By: Tessa

Anne’s Childhood
• Anne Was born on June 12, 1929 in the German city of Frankfurt am main. • In her family she had a Mom named Edith, a father named Otto, and a sister named Margot. Margot was 3 years older then Anne. • When Anne was 4 years old she and her family moved to Amsterdam. • Anne went to a small Jewish school in Amsterdam.

Anne’s Later Years
For Anne’s 13th birthday she got a Tan and red plaid diary. She wrote everything about herself in it. • Otto Frank knew the Nazis where killing Jews in Amsterdam so he arranged for his family to go into hiding. Even though it was illegal it was a chance worth taking. •

In Hiding
• The Franks moved into hiding with another family named the van Pels. The van Pels had a son named Peter. Anne Started to like Peter after about a year. • They called their hideout the secret annex. • When the Franks were in hiding Anne studied math, history, and she got to put on some short plays. Anne also wrote in her diary. • When a robbery was attempted in the place where they hid.

The Camps
• Two years after the Franks went into hiding the German police found them and sent Anne and Margot to a concentration camp where they soon died of Typhus two weeks before the war ended, Edith was sent to a gas chamber, and her Father survived! A few weeks after the war Otto found out his family had died

• Anne accomplished: writing a diary, showing that Jews and Jewish children suffered during world war 2. Now the Annex where they stayed during world war 2 is a museum in Amsterdam.


Anne Frank was a great world wide hero and we will never forget her.

Picture Gallery
Anne and Margot’s grave

The Annex

Anne’s Room


Anne’s diary

Picture Gallery 2

Peter Van Pels

Margot her sister

Otto her father Edith her mother

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