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									Temptation II

1. New Ritual: Expression of the soul Transformation projects
Transitional and transformative rituals for groups and individuals.

NEW RITUALS offer an exciting possibility for inspiration and transformation, a chance for growth and redifining boundaries. NEW RITUALS are greatly inspired by mythological and ancient themes in which a whole spectrum of human emotions are embodied. Discover your power and vulnerability, but also the comical, exotic and extatic side of yourself that you may have never suspected you had. Be curious about yourself and experience how it is to live with more joy, self-confidence and humour. This is a profound opportunity to make visible and explore various aspects of your being, or to break through comfortable habits. Allow yourself a new impetus, a playful challenge, an adventure. ‘What sleeping powers will unfold in freedom’

The following themes are for group projects:

13/14 February - The Royal Banquet
In co-operation with Ton van der Kroon Potential royalty is slumbering in every person just waiting to be discovered. We can learn to see this inner glimmer within ourselves and others and then learn to let it shine.

Kings & Queens

24/25 April - The Wounded Healer
In co-operation with Myriam Ceriez This is an archetype, an ancient image that carries the essence of life itself. Those who know how to heal the wounds of life within themselves, can transform these into power. During this workshop we use rituals that enable us to heal those aspects that still need healing on a deeper level, gently and powerfully at the same time.

Kings & Queens

15/16 May - The Temptation III
Banquet VIII

A project about seduction. Who seduces whom? Can you remain yourself when there is distraction?

3/4 July - Circle (outdoors)
The circle as an eternal dance, that never stops, everything turns, without beginning or end - outwards or towards the centre. Ecstasy and serenity.
Circle I

9/10 October - The Wounded Healer
In co-operation with Myriam Ceriez See 24/25 April.

13/14 November - Banquet XI
‘After Klimt’

Theme: Surrender, lust, sharing, connection between the unconscious and conscious, masculine and feminine.

Separate appointments can be made for already existing groups.
For more images: w w w . n e w r i t u a l s . c o m

The Wounded Healer


Friday 18:00 - 22:00 and Saturday from 11:00 - 18:00.

Number of participants Maximum 12. Cost € 360,-* including lunch and dinner after finishing the project (*reduced rate is possible if needed, by personal request) Every participant will receive a photographic record of the project on CD. Some of the NEW RITUALS projects will be filmed. The Studio Amsterdam, Ruysdaelstraat 71E. Except for the Circle project which will take place somewhere outdoors in Amsterdam. If you are interested to participate in a NEW RITUAL you are welcome to come to my studio for an introductory conversation. Sebastian Holzhuber, Ruysdaelstraat 71E, 1071 XB, Amsterdam Tel.: (020) 671 9875 - -

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2. Tableaux vivants
Be part of and art project.
You can take part in a series of series ‘tableaux vivants’ inspired by various artists and movements from history. Examples are Gustav Klimt, Hieronymus Bosch, tribal artists, the baroque, shamanism or ancient images from pre-history.

3. Individual transformation project
Individual transformation projects are also possible. For this there are different fees. See:

Sebastian Holzhuber Born 1949 Vienna, Austria Since 1985 performances and rituals Since 2000 New Rituals - transformation projects 1999-2001 training - ‘ The art of spiritual guidance’ with Atum O’Kane PhD 2007-2009 training - ‘Alchemy of transformations’ Organises various literary salons, readings and monthly dervish evenings. Currently training in ‘Care of the Dying’.

Ton van der Kroon Ton van der Kroon wrote the book ‘Comeback of the King, the book for men about love, lust and leadership’. He has been teaching men’s workshops for over 18 years in the Netherlands and Belgium, and in the Gaza Strip for the past five years. He also organizes trips to holy destinations and hosts a yearly Healing conference in Jericho. Myriam Ceriez Myriam is a coach and trainer in - amongst other things creative writing, communication and practical spirituality. She works with rituals, meditation and techniques used in family constellations, as well as shamanism. She has also been published with her work.

Sebastian Holzhuber / Het Atelier - Ruysdaelstraat 71E - 1071 XB Amsterdam tel. (020) 671 9875 - sebaholz@ -

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