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Silent Auction Items
1. Graduation 2007 The Mira Mesa High School Graduation Ceremony will be in June. For some families it is hard to get enough tickets for family and friends. This will help. Here are 4 tickets and 1 preferred parking for the event. To help you remember your big moment you will receive a Graduation Video. It will be made using 4 camera angles shot by the trained Update staff. The video will have direct sound feed and will be fully edited with a musical intro and ending. To help you remember further, here is a plush Mickey in his cap and gown with a small picture frame. Value: $58.00 2. Wheeee! If you love roller coasters, this basket is for you. Six Flags has provided us with two passes to Magic Mountain. We know that this will be a long drive, so why don’t you be nice to your car before you leave? You can get an oil change at the Mira Mesa Firestone. To make sure that your drive is comfortable you can use the FOM mini pillows from Brookstone. Getting hungry on the way? Enjoy your Girl Scout cookies and other snacks. Value: 196.48 3. Are you the next Rachael Ray? This might be your first step: Great News! Discount Cookware is offering you a 1 hour cooking class. After class, stop by Vons and use your $25.00 gift card. Figure out how you want to use your new set of three latte mixing bowls and spatula. Bon appetite! Value: $113.00 4. Pink is It! Now you can have your own pink tool kit. You might want to go get some supplies with your $25 Dixlieline gift card. After your work is done, check out your Entertainment Book for something fun. When you go, don’t forget to take along your $35 gift card to Real Mex Restaurant (El Torito, Chevys, Acapulco or Las Brisas). Back to pink – enjoy your raspberry daisies candy. Value: $120.00. 5. Smile! Have you had a family or individual portrait taken lately? Take this gift certificate over to Reyman Photography for a beautiful 16x20 portrait. They will also provide a frame. After you have chosen the place for your new portrait, we have added some candles and a small frame to add to your home. Value: $531.96 6. Perchance to Dream Having trouble sleeping? Try this Dreamwave Sleep Enhancement System from Brookstone. It incorporates several proven sound therapy techniques developed by Dr.Jeffrey Thompson. To further help you relax, Pilates Plus is offering 1 private and 2 group reformer classes. For even more relaxation, light this soothing candle. Value: $334.00 7. Taste of Japan Are you ready for a taste of Asian fusion? Take this $50 gift certificate to Roppongi in La Jolla and enjoy. When you get home you can enjoy this sushi book, sushi pen and a bottle of Sapporo Beer. Value: $69.00 8. Out of Africa Beware of any real elephants but go ahead and enjoy using your $50 gift card at the Elephant Bar in Rancho Bernardo. Still thinking of animals? Enjoy this zebra bowl and you can fill it with the licorice candy. Value: $58.00 9. Let’s get away Are you longing to get away for a night? What is not too far away, has awesome entertainment, Las Vegas-style games, a spa and fabulous restaurants? Pala Casino Spa Resort is all of this and more. Your gift certificate will be good for a one night stay (Mon – Thur) and dinner for two at Mama’s Cucina Italiana. We’ve included a set of coasters. $197.00 10. Time for a FIESTA! What a fiesta you can have. These gift cards will let you and a friend go to El Torito for brunch, lunch AND dinner. Want to have a fiesta at home? Start off with a bottle of Don Julio tequila, a Margarita Rocks book, a sombrero plate and some glasses. Ole! Value: $145.00 11. Thanks for the memories Scrapbookers: this one is for you! Carey Ramirez, a Mira Mesa High School staff member, has donated scrapbook supplies from Creative Memories. We have a book, pages, page protectors, sticker sets, colored pens, a tape runner and a snap pack. After you finish and everything is put away, celebrate your new scrapbook with this $20 gift card to Outback Steakhouse in Poway. Value: $95.65

12. Hear me Roar We’re going to see the animals. Inside this plush giraffe basket, you will find 2 passes to the world famous San Diego Zoo. You will have plenty of time to see all of the lions, tigers and bears (oh my!). Also, there are some snacks to keep you from getting hungry and acting like an animal. Value: $67.00 13. Something for him Together you can both enjoy a memorable dinner at one of the Pacifica Group of Restaurants (Pacifica Del Mar or Pacifica Seafood in Palm Desert) with this $100 gift card. Later you can gift him with a liter bottle of Tanqueray gin. For his casual time, here is a polo shirt, another shirt and plastic shakers – all marked with the Tanqueray label. To top it off, there is a brushed nickel valet for his dresser top. Value: $270 14. Taste of Italy This basket is filled with plenty of things to make you think of Italy. It starts off with a $30 gift certificate to the Olive Garden. Also you will find a Melmac platter, a bottle of Glen Ellen Chardonnay 2005 (oops – from California), Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni, vodka tomato, La Cucina Fresea – Chilies & Garlic vinegar and a wine stopper. Value: $97.50 15. Feeling lucky? First, listen to the “Las Vegas” soundtrack for inspiration. Then, head out to Sycuan for lunch or dinner for two. While you are there Sycuan will provide you with 2 bingo packs. Later you can perfect your skills with the 2 decks of cards that we added. Value: $80. 16. The circus is coming to town! JoJo is coming to town (well, sort of)! Instead of Jojo, we have Goliath. Straight from JoJo’s Circus, we have the electronic robotic Goliath rocker. It is now sounding its roar. We have added in the DVD of JoJo’s Circus: Animal A Go-Go. Value: $169.00 17. Need a little pampering? Begin your getaway with dinner and wine for 2 at the South Coast Winery Resort and Spa in Temecula in their Vineyard Rose Restaurant (sponsored by Remax Realtor, Gary DeGiso). Then spend the night (M-Th) at Pechanga Resort and Casino. The next day, enjoy wine tasting at the South Coast and Baily Wineries. For your added relaxation we have Bath and Body Works lotion and body gel which will all fit in your new weekender tote bag. Value: $435.00 18. The power of ten Everything in this basket involves 10 people. There are admissions and skate rentals for 10 at the Iceoplex. Boomers invites you to come with your coupons for 10 rounds of miniature golf and other attractions. Why not finish it off with dessert? TGIFridays has provided 10 “TGIF Dessert On Us” coupons. Value: $255.00 19. Ahoy matey! Do you like to fish? Here is a certificate for a half-day fishing trip for two out of H&M Landing . To help you out you will find a fishing lure. To remember the day you can use the Fuji Outdoor one-time use camera. Before or after the fishing trip, stop by Rubios with the two meal passes. Just in case you don’t have a successful time fishing, we’re giving you a pouch of albacore tuna. Value: $115.00 20. Let’s DO something Head over to Chilis and use their $40 gift card (how about their baby back ribs?). While you are eating, look through your Entertainment Book and plan out where to go next. When you get home, enjoy your coffee and tumbler from Starbucks with the garlic cheddar breadmix. Value: $107.50 21. Who let the dog out? Is your dog a bit out of control? Travis Browne of Foundation Canine Training is offering 4 1-hour sessions with your dog. After the training is done, let your dog see his new doggie bowl. For real treats use this cookbook with recipes for doggie biscuits and more. There is also a cookie cutter and a towel. Value: $452.00 22. Do you have a sweetheart? This is for the romantics among us. First, go to Four Seasons Flower shop and use their $35 gift card and pick out something pretty. Next, go to the Mens Wearhouse with their $30 gift card and pick out something nice. Enjoy dinner at the French Gourmet restaurant (don’t forget their $35 gift card). End your evening with these 2 passes for the Bahia Belle Cruise. Just for fun, we have added some Sweetheart Marshmallow Candy and some kitchen towels. Value: $139.00

23. A day in the park How fortunate we are to have Balboa Park. Spend a day visiting some of our wonderful museums. You can visit the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center with these 2 passes. You can check out the exhibits and see the latest IMAX production. There are also 2 guest passes to the San Diego Aerospace Museum (with a discount on the Flight Simulator experience). The Museum of Man has provided 2 VIP passes and we have 2 passes from the San Diego Automotive Museum. Take a break between museums to toss the Frisbee and enjoy some munchies. Value: $86.50 24. Anchors away We love our military – past and present. To learn about the past visit the USS Midway. Here are 4 passes to the “Midway Magic” tour. For the present – a set of “we support our troops” mugs. $Value: $63.00 25. I can see clearly now It’s time to take care of your eyes. Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center wants to help you with this certificate for care and services. Check out their web site at www.clearvieweyes.com. Value: $1,000.00 26. Are you a movie buff? The Wangenheim PTSA is helping you out. Inside the popcorn bowl there a movie package from Edwards Theater. The package is 2 movie tickets and a $10 voucher for the snack bar. When you want to watch your movies at home, you will appreciate the $10 gift card from Hollywood Video, the $10 gift card from Blockbuster Video and lots of snacks. Value: $65.00 27. We’re going to Disneyland! Spend a day at “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Here are 2 tickets to either Disneyland or California Adventure. For fun before and after you go, enjoy these plush Mickey and Minnie dolls as they are blowing kisses. Value: $146.00 28. Taste of Asia Experience some tastes of foods from Japan and Korea. In this basket there is a $20 gift certificate from Ichiban, a gift certificate for two yakisoba lunches at Benihana and a $25 gift certificate from Shozen and Manpo Korean BBQ and Sushi. In addition, we added a sushi pen, chopsticks, senbei rice crackers and an Ichiban hat. Value: $82.00 29. Fore! Do you play golf? Head to the Sycuan Casino and Resort where you can use their gift certificate for a round of golf for 2. This also includes the use of a golf cart. Additionally, the basket holds 3 Nike golf balls, a couple off coffee mugs, a CD case and a Sycuan hat. Value: $184.00 30. Dancing like a star Can you learn to dance as well as Emmitt Smith did? Here’s a way to start. Arthur Murray Dance Studios will give you 1 practice, 1 private and 1 group dance lesson. Before or after the lessons enjoy dinner at the Outback Steakhouse in Clairemont. Would you rather watch Antonio Banderas dance? Watch the “Take the Lead” DVD to see him teaching some high schoolers to dance. Value: $184.00 31. Bibbidy–Bobbidy-Boo The Mira Mesa High School Drama Department is presenting “Cinderella”. Along with 4 tickets to the play, you can enjoy this beautiful Cinderella doll, a blanket, sticker book, flashlight, night light and book. Before or after the play, enjoy dinner at La Bastide Bistro using this $50.00 gift certificate. Don’t forget to come home before midnight. Value: $105.00 32. Eat, drink and be merry This basket will help you enjoy 3 different Mira Mesa restaurants. These include Greek Bites ($20 gift certificate), Souplantation ($20 gift certificate) and Shozen and Manpo Korean BBQ and Sushi ($25 gift certificate). At home you can sip from this bottle of Newton Cabernet Sauvignon. In your kitchen you can use this strawberry colander and kitchen towel. Value: $101.00 33. Hooray for Hollywood This one is for the person who loves going to the movies. Inside the movie bucket are 1 AMC gift card, 2 guest passes to go to Pacific Theaters and 2 gift passes to Ultrastar Theaters. You can’t be in movie theaters all of the time. Take some time to visit California Pizza Kitchen with this $35 gift certificate. Don’t forget the snacks when you go to the movies. 34. Have you seen Shamu lately? Sea World would love to have you come and spend the day. Check out the new Shamu show at Sea World with these 4 tickets. We have included a refillable cup. Watch out for those “splash zone” seats! Value: $224.00.

35. Our salute to the Red Hat ladies Plan your next Red Hat day by going to Red Robin with this $20 gift certificate. Don’t forget your Red Hat keychain. Take a picture of your favorite Red Hat to put in this special frame. After a busy Red Hat day, relax with these bath products. Value: $62.00 36. Disney Magic Share a cup of coffee with your favorite Disney characters. We have even included the coasters and coffee. If you want someone to make it for you, go to Mimi’s Café with this $30 gift certificate. While you are there, look through your Entertainment Book to find your next cup. Value: $145.00 37. Stampin’ Up Christine Hight, a Mira Mesa High School staff member, would love to share her love of rubber stamping with you. She has included a Stampin’ Up idea book and catalog, watercolor pencils, paper popper, envelopes, cardstock, large eyelets, grosgrain ribbon, and 3 Stampin’ spot pads. She has even included a gift certificate for $20 so you can order even more. Value: $88.85 38. For the true sports fan Maria Prokop, a MMHS parent, has donated this sport-themed basket. She has included a Mike Piazza bobblehead, 2 baseballs, 1 football, 1 mousepad all in a thermal cooler. Value: $50.00 39. In and out You will be in and out in a hurry when you use these fast food gift certificates. Dress for dinner in your In-n-Out tshirts. Then go for meals for 2 at In-n-Out, Submarina, and Dominos. You can relax for dessert with Do-si-dos. Value: $58.00 40. For some alone time How about dining alone for a change. Leave everyone behind and enjoy a $10 gift certificate from Capriccio’s, a meal pass to Souplantation, and a burrito at Chipotle. Sip on your coffee in your new insulated cup. Value: $41.00 41. From the heavens above We have assembled 2 “Share the Spirit” mugs and an angel glass laser light. We have included the coffee and for your dining pleasure try these restaurants: Happy’s Sushi ($15 gift certificate), Panera Bread ($20 gift certificate), and Red Robin ($20 gift certificate). Value: $87.50 42. For the wine connoisseur Take a trip to Temecula with friends and visit two of their many fine wineries. Taste the wine from the Wiens Family Cellars and go sample more at their wine tasting. Then drive a short distance to tour and taste Callaway Vineyard and Winery. Don’t forget to bring along your wine journal and wines of the world book. Bring home a special find and share it the next time you entertain using this bowl. Value: $130.00 43. Where is the coffee fairy? Wake up in your Tinker Bell coffee-fairy sleepshirt and head to the kitchen to brew some of these coffees. When you are ready for breakfast, head to the Original House of Pancakes with this $20 gift certificate. Value: $42.50 44. For the true sports fan Maria Prokop, a MMHS parent, has donated this sport-themed basket. She has included a Mike Piazza bobblehead, 2 baseballs, 1 football, 1 mousepad all in a versatile gym bag. Value: $50.00 45. Home sweet home Start out with dinner at Mimi’s Café with this $30 gift certificate. Next you have 2 passes to the Pacific Theatre. Then, head home and enjoy your Home Sweet Home decorations. Value: $80.00 46. Best burgers in town Head to Ocean Beach and experience burgers that have been repeatedly voted the best in San Diego. Deck yourself out in your Hodad’s gear and use your $20 gift certificate. Head to Belmont Park with 2 rides on the Giant Dipper then off to Quivira basin for 2 1-hour kayak rentals at the Aqua Adventure Kayak Center. Value: $84.00 47. For the jewel in your life. Treat someone special to some new jewelry from Collin’s Family Jewelers with this $200 gift certificate. Value: $200.00

48. Is bunco your game? You will never be late to bunco with this bunco time clock. Everything you need to play is in this 40th Anniversary Barbie Bunco set. We are even helping you with refreshments. Value: $66.50 49. Tip-toe through the tulips Well – maybe not tulips, but there are lots of flowers. Enjoy visiting the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch (2 passes, open March-May). While there, get some flowers for your new vase. Try and catch a sunset dinner at Jakes Del Mar with this $40 gift certificate. Value: $110.00 50. Home fragrance collection Aroma lux litsea and basil basket has a collection of potpourri, various fragrance diffusers, oils, incense, and scented sachets. Value: $30.00 51. Take time to smell the roses Get away for a night at the Century Rose Bed and Breakfast in Escondido donated by former staff member, Nancy Benson. To remember your stay, we have added a rose covered photo box. Value: $105.00 52. Tired of cooking? Would you like having a week off from the kitchen? How about Souplantation (4 meal passes), Chipotle (4 burritos), Fuddruckers ($40 in meal certificates), Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill (4 meal certificates), and Boll Weevil ($40 in gift card). When you are ready to cook again, here is a microwave rice and pasta set and new kitchen towel and mitt. Bon apetit! Value: $196.00 53. Mama mia!!! It’s Italian time. Enjoy a complete dinner for 4 at Filippi’s Pizza Grotto. On another night, enjoy using this gourmet vinegar to prepare your special dinner. There is also a bottle of wine and stopper. Dinner can be served using your sunflower platter. Value: $135.50 54. Stake your claim Need a steak for dinner? Head out to Claim Jumper with our $25 gift certificate. At home, decorate with this set of Southern Living iron baskets. If you are not too full from the Mile High Chocolate Cake, enjoy chocolate almond biscotti with your Starbucks coffee in your tumbler. Value: $91.50 55. Luck of the Irish Get a head start on St. Patrick’s Day by visiting Callahan’s with this $20 gift certificate. You could even try their corned beef and cabbage plate. Feel right at home in your Callahan’s shirt and hat. Then take home a jug of beer with your beer refill card. Don’t get pinched. Value: $86.00 56. Picnic in the Park Use your new picnic basket filled with various snacks, crackers, and sparkling lemonade when you go to Balboa Park. While there, use these passes for 4 to visit the San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Natural History Museum, and The Hall of Champions. For more ideas look through your Entertainment Book. Value: $ 187.00 57. Longing for a little comfort food? Go to Mimi’s Café for cooking just like grandma’s. Try your hand at making comfort food of your own with Grandma’s Casserole Cookbook. Enjoy eating with your pear candle close by. Value: $71.00 58. Do you have the time? You will always be on time with the anatomic ladies watch. The band is textured translucent ultralight themopolymer in South Sea blue with an anti-reflective scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Donated by Jennifer Minezaki, MMHS alumnus and Access Hollywood publicist. Value: $295.00 59. Things are looking a bit fishy Check out the fish at the Birch Aquarium with these 2 passes. Enjoy lunch or dinner at The Fish Market with this $50 gift certificate. Don’t forget to take along your 2 passes for the Bahia Belle Cruise. Value: $82.00 60. Be the next Tiger Woods The Class of 2009 is offering this basket for a golfing opportunity. Try your hand at Woods Valley Golf Club with this certificate for a round of golf for 4 with cart. Take along your new Odyssey White Hot XG putter and a dozen Callaway HX tour golf balls. Value: $330.00

61. Time for your New Year’s exercise resolution LA Fitness has donated 2 3-month memberships. For your energy boost, we have added Powerades, Thins Mints, Sugar-free Little Brownies, and power bars. After the gym, soothe your sore muscles with a Thermacare pad. Value: $416.00 62. Ole! Ole! Ole! The Spanish Department at MMHS has created this basket to introduce you to Spanish/Mexican cuisine. Start with dinner at Tio Leo’s with this $40 gift certificate. At home, enjoy the Cuban black bean dip, Dos Equis beer, black corn tortilla chips, Castillero del Diablo wine, and hot sauces. To finish your feast, there are some chocolate bars. Value: $72.00 63. Been to the ballet lately? We will start with an all inclusive dinner for 2 at Forever Fondue. Then travel to Copley Symphony Hall and see a performance by the San Diego Ballet. Value: $140.00 64. Searching for the pot of gold See if you can find it when you use this $50 gift certificate at the Dublin Square Irish Pub and Grill. You can keep a bit of the shamrock spirit when you look at your leprechaun-crossing utility rack. Maybe you will find a four-leaf clover. Value: $64.00 65. Is it time for a new you? You can get a hair cut and styling at Snipz ($60 gift certificate). This has been donated by Virginia Sturgeon, Vice Principal at Mira Mesa High School. Your hands will appreciate the Satin Hands pampering set by Mary Kay. Now, take the new you to the Yardhouse Restaurant with this $40.00 gift certificate. Value: $130.00 66. For the serious shopper Take this Sharper Image shopping bag with you on you next shopping spree. If you head to Fashion Valley, visit the Cheesecake Factory and use this $25 gift certificate. Back at home. enjoy this set of square taper candles and holders, a bottle of wine and a set of 4 mini springform pans. Value: $105.00 67. Off to college Starting off in college can be a challenge but we are here to help. You’ll appreciate this book “Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her”. We have added coupons for 2 Chipotle burritos, snacks, a Starbucks tumbler, a $20 gift card to use at TGI Fridays and an Entertainment Book to search for your own deals. BUT FIRST – you have to graduate from high school. This basket includes 4 tickets to the Mira Mesa graduation ceremony in June that comes with VIP parking. To remember your moment, you will receive a video of your ceremony. The video has four camera angles shot by a fully trained Update staff. It will have direct sound feed, fully edited with a musical intro and ending. $125.00 68. For the Johnnie Walker aficionado After dinner at The Butcher Shop restaurant using this $50 gift card, head home and enjoy using and wearing these Johnnie Walker items: 1 litre bottle of Whiskey, an ice bucket, a polo shirt and hat. Value: $165.00 69. Overnight in a museum? Don’t get locked in when you are inside any of our museums. We have 2 passes to the San Diego Automotive Museum, 2 passes to the Museum of Man and 2 passes to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. When you are ready to leave Balboa Park, here are 2 guest passes for use at Pacific Theatres. For more fun, get some ideas from the Entertainment Book. Value: $136.50 70. Can you see the fireworks? Our Casino Night Basket is from the Mira Mesa 4th of July Committee. They have donated 2 tickets to the Casino Night Fireworks Fundraiser at Good Shepherd Parish Hall on March 10. Value: $40.00 71. Exploring our city’s heritage This basket will take you to two different parts of San Diego. First, to the Harbor we go. We have admission passes for 4 at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Eat at Anthony’s Fish Grotto with this $25 gift certificate. Next, we’re off to Old Town. Visit the Whaley House and see if it is really haunted with our 4 passes. To remember your day, we have included a sailing ship post-it holder and a star candle. Value: $174.50 72. Are you the active type? If you like to be physically active, this basket is for you. We have 2-day use passes and equipment for up to 4 climbers at the Solid Rock Gym. After that, we have 2 2-hour kayak rentals at La Jolla Kayak. Finally, we have a 1hour guided trail ride at the Bright Valley Farm. To keep you going, we have added some trail mix, Powerade and Cliff bars. If you overdid it, you will appreciate the Thermacare deep heat pad. Value: $155.00

73. Ole! Ole! Ole! - again The Spanish Department at MMHS has provided us with another basket. Start with a $25 gift certificate to The Brigantine Restaurant Group. Any fiesta at home can use the Coronas, Sangria drink mix, bottle of Chilean wine and Costa Rica coffee. For dessert, try the Mexicocoa. The candle should add to the atmosphere. Value: $94.60 74. Dangerous Minds This basket is from the Mira Mesa Banned Books Club which meets at the Mira Mesa Public Library. They donated a certificate good for 2 adult tickets to see the stage production of “1984” at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, February 24. They also included a list of the books the Club will be discussing between now and June plus an invitation to join the Club. Value: $76.00 75. Fun in Mira Mesa You don’t have to leave Mira Mesa to use all of these things. We have a gift card for 1 hour bowling (includes shoes) at Mira Mesa Bowl. Then there is ice skating for 3 (includes skate rental) at the San Diego Ice Arena. For food and drinks we have 3 meal passes at Rubios, 3 meal passes at the Souplantation, 3 burrito coupons for Chipotle and coffe from Starbucks – Miramar. Use your Entertainment Book to plan your next adventure. Value: $205.00 76. Down by the waterfront Travel down to Seaport Village for some shopping. Later, walk over to the Hyatt Manchester Grand and enjoy the dinner buffet at Lael’s. When you are home, enjoy this sage chenille blanket to wrap yourself up in. There is also a small journal and a candle. Value: $100.00 77. Catch the Aloha Spirit You might even feel a tropical breeze with this basket. In it you will find all things Hawaiian – a notepad, a box, salt and pepper shakers, a coconut plate and a shirt plate. After you find a place for all of these, head on over to Islands Restaurant with their $25 gift card. Value: $50.00 78. It looks a lot like Margaritaville Maybe this is for those Jimmy Buffet Parrotheads. Your party can start at Chevy’s where they will serve you 2 meals (with soft drinks) and a sombrero. At home, wear your sombrero while you serve margaritas in your Seashore Margarita glass set (4). We have added the Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila Sauza 1 litre bottle and some margarita salt. Wear either the black or white Jose Cuervo shirts. Value: $107.00 79. It’s time for the Oscars Are you a real Oscars ceremony fan? Are you throwing an Oscars party on ceremony night? This basket will help you to be prepared for the big night. To help you see as many of the nominated movies as you can, here are 2 Regal Theatres movie passes, 2 Pacific Theatre movie passes and 2 AMC Theatres movie passes. You will be an expert on all things related to Oscar after the Entertainment Weekly Magazine – Oscar the Ultimate Viewer’s Guide. We hope that your favorites win. Value: $69.00 80. Do you have Super Bowl fever? Here is the Super Bowl XXXII official game football by Wilson. Super Bowl XXXII was held at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego on Jan 25, 1998 between the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers. The Broncos won and Terrell Davis was the MVP. This football has the Super Bowl logo, the date, the team names and location of the game. Put this in your collection. Value: $120 81. Freshen up any bathroom in your home Jennie Alvarado, a staff member at Ericson Elementary School, has donated this basket full of soaps from her Prida Rose Soaps company. She and her partner have handmade each of the decorative soaps. They added a soap dish, some hand towels, a loofa and a variety of other items intended for your delight and pleasure. Value: $60.00 82. Sailing to an island Sound like a dream come true? Catalina Island can be a great get-away spot. The Catalina Flyer Boat has 2 roundtrip passages to get you there and back. The Catalina Flyer Boat sails out of Balboa Island near Newport Beach. For treats enjoy your Café cookies and coffee. Since you will have to drive to catch the boat, why not be nice to your car before you go? Take your car over to Lee Rollins Firestone and get the Lifetime Alignment. You’ll be glad that you did. Value: $268.00 83. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho! It’s off to work we go! Look at this awesome Seven Dwarfs footed bowl. It’s a pleasure to look at without anything in it. Since the Dwarfs spent so much time in the mines, we want to acknowledge their work with these Blue DIAMOND Almonds. In further recognition of our favorite Dwarfs, we have picked out seven restaurants (one for each of them) that you can visit.

There is a $15 gift certificate from Happy Sushi, a $20 gift certificate from Tio Leo’s, a large pizza ($12) from Domino’s, 2 meals from In-n-Out ($10), a $18 gift certificate from Taste of India, a $20 gift certificate from Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill and two meals at Pick up Stix. Hurry home Dwarfs and take care of Snow White! Value: $175 84. Time to tee up Sun Valley Golf Club is providing a gift certificate for a foursome to play 9 holes. Stadium Golf has provided a voucher to be used on their driving game, playing a short game or the use of the batting cages – either way you will be working on your swing. To fill out the basket, you will find a Blue Angels Golf Classic hat, an Absolut towel, a dozen SFT2 Nike distance balls and a Swing Sock to help improve your swing. Value: $135.00 85. Up, up and away This could be your greatest chance to plan a romantic moment – think sundown. Sun Balloon is offering a hot air balloon ride for two. To help the moment along, we have added a bottle from the Wiens Family Cellars – Amour du L’Orange sparkling wine. Also there are crackers, other snacks and a Fuji Outdoor 1000 camera to help remember it all. Pick your favorite memory and turn it into Picture to Poster 10x14 from Kinko’s. The rest is up to you. Value: $427.50 86. Time to hit the slopes Ready for some snow? Mt. Baldy Ski Lift, Inc. has provided 2 ski lift tickets. To warm you up there is some coffee and an insulted cup. Let the ice candles remind you of your trip. Remember – it’s close enough that you can make a day of it. Value: $125.00 87. Year-round Christmas Do you love Christmas? Maria Prokop, MMHS parent, has provided this special collection of Christmas decorations that will keep you in the spirit all year. Value: $100.00 88. For theatre lovers Here are 2 tickets to the Old Globe to see their production of “The Four of Us” running from February 4-25. Before the play, enjoy the play at Bennigan’s Irish Pub with this $25 gift certificate. Make sure you’re on time with this fun little Wobble clock that changes function and color with just a touch. Value: $137.00 89. Watch out for high tide Use this Panasonic phone to call for reservations at the Marine Room for your dinner for two. Make your reservations for a time that you can fully enjoy the crashing waves and beautiful sunset outside the panoramic window. Value: $250.00 90. Need a little pampering? Treat yourself to a haircut and color by Leesa Williams, senior hair stylist and former Marauder, at Disconnected Salon. She has also donated some Color Care hair products to help maintain your color. Then relax with a 1-hour massage at the Carlsbad Mineral Spa. Further relax with an assortment of bath products. Value: $ 235.00 91. Are you a card shark? Head out to Viejas to try your luck and sample the buffet for 2. After you have won as much as you can, head home and enjoy these 2 Access Hollywood decks of cards, your own card shuffler and dealer shoe. To spice things up, here are some spicy pepper jack crackers. Value: $97.00 92. Surf’s up Catch the wave or learn how to at the Pacific Beach Surf Shop with this introductory lesson. Have someone take your picture to put in this surfboard picture frame. For an energy boost, fill this mug with Jamba Juice. Don’t forget your zinc oxide. Hang 10. Value: $117.00 93. Are you “board”? Try your flips on this skateboard used by Willy Santos, former MMHS student and skateboard pro. He has also given a t-shirt, an autographed picture and stickers and buttons. Value: $60.00 94. For your favorite couch potatoes – for six months Enjoy the best of our movies, sports and variety programming from networks like Lifetime, Real Women, Style Network, and FOX Sports from Time Warner Cable. With DigiPic 4000, you’ll receive free advantage level service PLUS 20 free On-Demand channels, Music Choice, 4 premium suites (i.e. HBO, Showtime) with On-Demand service, the Interactive Program Guide and more! Complete with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service, you will never miss your favorite shows! You must live in the Time Warner Cable San Diego service area. Additional restrictions apply. See gift certificate for details. To enrich your viewing, we have 4 tickets to NBC Studio Tours and the Tonight Show. Value: $628.00

95. Take me away Calgon will help you get away, at least for a while. Put in your “Peaceful Soak” CD to listen to while you soak in your Calgon bath beads. Light the candle to create a relaxing setting and don’t forget to use your tropical colada body wash and lotion. When you are ready to rejoin the world, Tony Roma’s is waiting for you with dinner for 2. Value: $83.00 96. Curtain is going up Here are two vouchers good for tickets to any production during the current San Diego Repertory Theatre. After the theatre, dine at Tio Leo’s then return home to enjoy your three votive iridescent candles. Value: $119.00 97. A visit to Old Town Catch an Old Town Trolley Tour for 2 while you are there (actually you can use this certificate on the Trolley or on one of their San Diego Seals tour). Before the tour, enjoy breakfast at the Coyote Café. At home enjoy your chili and tortilla chips. Value: $95.00 98. Escape to the Marina Experience San Diego’s downtown and harbor. Start with dinner at one of the newest premier restaurants, Oceanaire, with this $100 gift certificate. Spend the night at the Marriott San Diego Hotel and Marina. The next day, choose between a 1 or 2 hour tour with the San Diego Harbor Excursion. At home enjoy your heart shaped plate and candle. Value: $ 433.00 99. Do you have a good poker face? Try your luck against Mira Mesa’s own Magnificent Marauder Poker Club. You can bring your own poker tabletop, 5L Heinekens, and even casino party plates and napkins. You can show off your two decks of Access Hollywood cards and don’t forget to share your peanut butter filled pretzels. You may be the most popular person of the night. Just leave your money behind. Value: $109.00 100. Time for a change? Visit Salon David Perez for a haircut and color with this $200 gift certificate. At home you can use products from world famous Christophe. Enjoy wearing your “New Beauty” and using this convenient cosmetic bag. Value: $236.00 101. Where the Turf meets the Surf For the 2007 horse racing season, we have 2 clubhouse season admission passes to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club (seats not included). And they’re off… Value: $500.00 102. Under the stars Do you enjoy going to the theatre? How about a picnic in the park? We have both for you with tickets to the Starlight Theatre. We have started you off on your picnic fare with 2 Submarina gift certificates, some sparkling pomegranate juice, a summer sausage, crackers, and strawberries candies. Don’t forget to look for the red box somewhere on stage. Value: $127.50 103. Hang a star on this one! Councilman Brian Maienschein has provided this certificate for two skybox tickets to a Padres baseball game during the 2007 Season. The rest of the basket is full of a variety of Padre souvenirs. Value: $150.00 104. A chance to be on the water Head to the Mission Bay Sports Center to experience 4 hours of single kayaking (don’t worry we have included a Thermacare pad). If you can handle it, we also have 4 hours of windsurfing. For the man, shower off and then enjoy using your Nautica Blue gift set. Value: $143.00 105. Brrrrrrrrr! Head to snow country as we are offering a one night stay at the Northwoods Resort at Big Bear Lake. To warm you up, heat up some peppermint hot chocolate and don’t forget the vanilla marshmallows. Value: $ 177.00 106. Let’s chill Remember making ice cream by rolling coffee cans? We have made this easier with our ice cream maker. When it is finished, roll over to the “Giant Dipper” and then go for a dip at The Wave Water Park. Value: $90.00

107. Do you love Raymond? We start with 2 DVD’s with a few episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” In honor of one of our favorite Italian families, we have a $20 gift certificate for Lotsa Pasta restaurant, vodka tomato sauce and spaghetoni. When you are ready for more laughs, here are 4 tickets to the Comedy Store. Value: $80.00 108. The best of San Diego Two of San Diego’s favorite places to visit are the Petco Park area and our recreational water spots. We start with a $50 gift certificate to McCormick & Schmick’s restaurant. Head to Quivira basin and choose either a half day fishing trip or two hours on a Capri 22’ sailboat at Seaforth Boat Rentals. Look through your Entertainment Book for other great ideas. Take along your Sun Pals sunscreen and your Jamba Juice drinks. The tuna salad is in case the fish aren’t biting. Value: $198.00 109. Are you still “board”? Try your flips on this new skateboard signed by Willy Santos, Class of ‘93 and accomplished skateboarder. He has also given a t-shirt, an autographed picture and stickers and buttons. Value: $60.00 110. There is music in the air Enjoy an evening for four with the San Diego Symphony choose your dates during the Jacobs’ Masterworks Concert. Then let the sound-activated water jets of your Symphony Water Fountain help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Value: 180.00 111. Laugh out loud Look through your Entertainment Book and choose a place for dinner. Then use your 4 tickets to The Comedy Store and laugh until you can’t stand it anymore. Head for home and enjoy this DVD collection of comedies. Value: $120.00 112. The sweet sounds of music The Mira Mesa High School Sapphire Sound has donated this basket to invite you to share in the Sapphire Spring Concert. They have included two tickets to this showcase event. For your dining pleasure, enjoy this Bennigan’s Irish Pub $25 gift certificate For your continued musical enjoyment, they have donated a “Phantom of the Opera” DVD. You will also find a t-shirt, some Symphony chocolate bars and other fun musical items. Value: $85.00 113. Weekend breakfast on the town Do you love going out to breakfast? This basket is for you. Here is a $30 gift certificate to Mimi’s Café, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse brunch for 2, $20 gift certificate to the Original Pancake House, and $25 to Miramar Café. When at home enjoy this assortment of chocolates, mixes, jams, and more. Hope to see you at breakfast. Value: $180.50 114. Let’s be fit Let’s step it up and get in shape with these 2 1-month memberships at Being Fit. Listen to your own beat with your IPod Shuffle from Best Buy. As you leave, check out these energizing Jelly Bellys. Value: $188.00 115. Have you been to Elizabethtown? Relive your visit to Elizabethtown by watching the Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst DVD and sharing the special moments depicted in this movie memory book. Ready for something new? Look in the Entertainment Book for ideas, but you can always start with your 2 AMC theatre tickets. Value: $114.00 116. Warning: Student Driver Your new student driver will certainly benefit from this $50 certificate to the Poway-Mira Mesa Driving School. To keep the car in good shape, take it to Lee Rollins Firestone and get the Manager’s Special. To keep your student safe, have them keep this rechargeable LED floodlight in the car. Value: $150.00 117. What is your handicap? The Marauder Golf Team has donated this basket which includes a round of golf for 4 (including 2 carts) at the Tecolote Golf Club. To help improve your swing, Brian Bobbitt, the golf’s team favorite PGA instructor, has offered a ½ hour lesson and video. They have also included a glove, Ping towel, AXE lab toiletry set, golf shirt, and a dozen Srixon Z-UR balls. Did you make Par? Value: $253.00 118. Capture the moment Visit the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch with these 4 passes. Use this disposable camera to capture special moments which you can display in this spinning frame. Take your best picture and turn it into a 11x14 “Picture to Poster” from Kinko’s. Value: $62.00

119. For the young at heart We have gathered an entertainment package that’s hard to beat. For you and a friend we have all day passes to Boomers, admission to Wild Rivers, $25 in “Be Our Guest” passes to Dave and Buster’s of San Diego, and even pizza from Domino’s. Before heading north, service you car with an oil change at Mira Mesa Firestone. For your listening pleasure, we have a Digital MP3 player and a Hip Hop Pet Pig to rock out with. Value: $220.00 120. What’s for dinner? What about Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza with this $50 gift certificate. For dessert, treat yourself to 4 of Sammy’s famous Messy Sundaes. Warm your home with this 16 piece set of Granada stoneware plates by Hometrends. Value: $160.00 121. Best prime rib in Mira Mesa Many think this is the place for a great prime rib dinner although it is known for its many Italian dishes. Filippi’s will treat your party of 4 to your choice of dinner. if you have a crowd to feed, the stoneware plates in this basket match the ones in basket 120 (Granada by Hometrends) Value: $160.00 122. Remember the “Purple People-eaters”? Calling all Minnesota Viking fans! We have an official Minnesota Vikings Riddell Full Helmet. It is personally signed by Ray Rowe who happens to be a former Marauder. Value: $260 123. B-I-N-G-O Sycuan Casino & Resort is inviting you to spend a night with them (Sun-Thurs). While you are there, use these 2 bingo packs and find out how lucky you are. On your way there or home - stop, spread out this blanket and have a picnic. Open up the picnic tote and you will find plates, wine glasses, cheeseboard with cheese knife and a bottle of wine. Value: $225.00 124. #21 – Gp LT! In honor of La Danian Tomlinson’s 2005 record breaking season, the Chargers issued this limited edition football. The ball, highlighting his season, is number 285/300. We love you, LT! Value: $100.00.

Grandstand Sports presents Memorabilia for the serious collector All of these items come with a certificate of authenticityThese items are not given a value (that is determined by collectors) – they all start with a minimum bid
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jackie Gleason & Arnold Palmer Vintage 11x14 Photo "And Away We Go" - $225 Reggie Bush Signed Official USC Jersey - $750 USC Heisman Winners Limited Edition Masterpiece Collage - $500 John Wooden Signed 8x10 Photo - $275 USC Trojans Commemorative Street Sign - $75 Notre Dame Commemorative Street Sign - $75 Jerome Bettis Signed Official NFL Football - $550 Pele Signed Official Wilson Soccer Ball - $350 The Rat Pack Limited Edition Masterpiece Collage Featuring Actual Las Vegas Casino Chips and Cards - $500
The Beatles Limited Edition Masterpiece Collage Featuring Each of Groups AlbumCovers (Photo attached) - $500

Star Wars' Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill Dual Signed 8x10 Photo - $400 Beauty and the Beast Limited Edition Lithograph Featuring Actual Film Strip Cel- $325 Lance Armstrong Signed US Coin Masterpiece Collage - $750 Trevor Hoffman Signed Baseball - $200 Jake Peavy Signed 8x10 Photo - $225 Mike Piazza Signed Bat - $450 Tony Gwynn Signed Baseball - $250 Greg Maddux Signed Baseball - $250 Brian Giles Signed Baseball - $150 LaDanian Tomlinson Signed Mini Helmet - $300 LaDanian Tomlinson Signed NFL Football - $400 Philip Rivers Signed 8x10 Photo - $250 Antonio Gates Signed 8x10 Photo - $250

• • • • •

Dan Fouts Signed Full Size Game Helmet - $550 Dave Winfield Signed Baseball - $225 Woody Williams Signed 8x10 Baseball - $150 Steve Garvey Signed Baseball - $200 Gaylor Perry Signed Baseball - $175

Fantasy packages
We have highlighted 7 of the fantasy packages available. All have a minimum bid. Monday Night Live – Watch MNF with a Jets or Giants Player - $5,000 Choose Your Favorite Destination in the Continental U.S. or Canada, Stay at Any Hyatt Hotel or Resort for Five Days & Four Nights with Travel for Two on American Airlines - $4,000 Napa Valley Wine Tour - $5,000 Old English Charm of London - A Trip for Two to London, England on American Airlines for Seven Days & Six Nights at the Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill - $7,000 Derek Jeter Fantasy Clinic - $4,500 Choose Your Favorite Destination in the Continental U.S. or Canada, Stay at Any Hyatt Hotel or Resort for Five Days & Four Nights with Travel for Two on American Airlines - $4,000 Golf Pebble Beach - $7,500 (twosome)

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