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					(Translation) A Summary of the 10th Meeting of the 3rd Wan Chai District Council Hong Kong Special Administrative Region The 3rd Wan Chai District Council (WCDC) held its 10th meeting on 19 May 2009 and discussed the following issues: 1. Visit by Director of Planning Director of Planning briefed District Councillors on the work of the department, including territory-wide and district planning, assisting Town Planning Board in compiling the statutory plans, preparing district plans and large-scale comprehensive development programmes. The Director also introduced the department’s work on planning applications, promotion of public education and rally of public engagement, as well as collection of public views. As for the planning strategy of Wan Chai District, the main directions included the new waterfront promenade of Wan Chai, urban renewal, revitalization and conservation of historic buildings, etc. District Councillors then expressed their views on the north-south traffic in Wan Chai District, greening programme, residential density of Wan Chai Mid-level, underground street proposal, facilities in Wan Chai, open space for minority ethnic groups as well as traffic and noise problem of Hong Kong Stadium. 2. Working Report of the Old Wan Chai Revitalisation Initiatives Special Committee Representatives of Urban Renewal Authority (URA) reported the scrutiny of two tenders under Public-Private Partnership on Revitalisation for Old Wan Chai processed by the Old Wan Chai Revitalisation Initiatives Special Committee. The two tenders were: (i) Streetscape improvement works around St. Francis Street and Star Street by Swire Properties and (ii) Streetscape improvement works around the “Blue House” Cluster by St. James Settlement Community Development Services.

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Representatives of URA expressed that the special committee initially viewed that the content of Swire Properties’ proposal generally met the requirement and objectives of the Invitation for Expression of Interest. Yet, some items still had to be clarified by the Swire Properties. As for the proposal of St. James Settlement, the committee viewed that the content of the proposed projects was much conceptually inclined than practical optimization while some proposed items overlapped with the projects to be soon developed by the URA. Moreover, the proposal did not state the financial arrangements or explaining the relationship among the proposed project consultative committee, the special committee and WCDC. The special committee thus considered that the proposed projects did not meet the requirement and content of the Invitation for Expression of Interest. It was hoped that the proposer would shoulder the preliminary work and draw a new works proposal for the consideration of the special committee. Representatives of URA further reported the progress of the Revitalisation of the Open-bazaar in Tai Yuen Street/Cross Street and Gresson Street, including the improved design of canopy, addition of landmark plaque/directional road signs and electrical installation for hawkers. They also reported on the consultation of the pilot works and the long-term management awaiting for solution as well as the responsibility for maintenance. District Councillors then expressed their views on the financial commitment, green arrangement, improvement of facilities of the two tenders submitted by Swire Properties and St. James Settlement. 3. Human Swine Flu Representative of Department of Health briefed the Council on the latest situation of Human Swine Flu in Hong Kong as well as the symptoms, prescription, precaution measures and notices for outbound tourists. Completion of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Atrium Link Extension Representative of Hong Kong Trade Development Council briefed the Council that the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Atrium Link Extension was completed in April 2009, adding 19 400 square metres of exhibition space. It would provide more facilities to the exhibition trade and boost the economic development of Hong Kong.
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District Councillors enquired about: how many years of growth that the extension could bring about to the exhibition trade; the traffic coordination; reduction of traffic jam as well as how the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre could make a balance with the AsiaWorld-Expo. 5. Prevention of Human Swine Flu Operation in Wan Chai District District Councillors discussed the latest situation, publicity and cleaning operations, including distributing of hygiene packs to owners’ corporations in the district, mobilizing volunteers or engaging cleansing operators to help clean the public space of those less privileged buildings/tenement buildings or buildings without management bodies, hanging large banners and organizing health talks. 6. Report of Wan Chai District Fight Crime Committee Representative of Hong Kong Police briefed on the crime figures of April 2009 and the departure arrangement for the Metro Park Hotel on 8 May 2009. The Police stressed that they were concerned about a Nepalese male shot dead by a policeman on 18 March.

Wan Chai District Council Secretariat June 2009

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