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					United States Police Canine Association, Inc. 2010 Terry Fleck Legal Update & Opinions Seminar Hosted by the St. Croix
County Sheriff’s K9 Dates: March 15th, 2010 @ 0800 (Registration @ 0730 hrs) (Held the following day after the 2010 Spring Detector trial) Location: Best Western Hudson House 1616 Crestview Drive Hudson, WI 54016 Business phone #715-386-2394 Registration: $125.00 Course outline: Patrol deployment issues, patrol dog issues, accidental bites, administrator issues, detector dog sniff and seizure issues, updated over view of K-9 case law. Course is recommended to all persons in the K-9 industry. ***Terry Fleck is an expert in the field and will be retiring within 2 years.

Host Hotel: Super 8 Hotel, 808 Dominion Drive Hudson, WI 54016 Phone #715-386-3805//Fax#715-386-3805 Rooms $74.00 per night Reserved under K-9 Narcotics/Register by Feb. 26th, 2010
Contact Persons: Josh Stenseth Registration 651-260-9800 joshuas@co.saint-croix.wi.us

(please print name the way you want it to appear on your certificate)

Name:______________________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip:_______________________________________________________________ Phone:______________________________________________________________________ Email:______________________________________________________________________ Canine Name:__________________ Department___________________________________
I accept responsibility for any damage caused either by myself or my canine to the hotel or any related events sites and/or location. I furthermore accept any responsibility for any injury or damage caused by either my canine or myself to any other person or property while attending this event.

Participant’s Signature:______________________________________ Date:______________ Make checks payable to: St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office Mail to: St. Croix County Sheriffs Office Attn: Josh Stenseth 1101 Carmichael Road Hudson, WI 54016