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									Perkasie Olde Towne Board Of Directors Meeting 3/16/06 Meeting began @ 8:30 AM. Board Member Attendees: Michael Barone Hope Fisher Cindy Smith John Maurer Chris Nicolosi Chad Scholl Todd Bishop Cathy Weierbach Mike Engard Barbara Diehl

Board members absent: Ron Matlack Michael Barone distributed Agenda. Hope Fisher confirmed party plans for 4/6/06 - Invitations approved. – Rsvp to answering machine - Harp player – Sally Lands to play for 1 hour. - Table for sign-in/name tags needed - Podium w/mike required - Flower arrangements provided by Cathy & Chad - Dessert provided by E-Claires - Membership Packet to be distributed to new members o Mission statement – Mike will provide via e-mail to all members o Business Guide – Cindy will provide o Membership Application – Current application to be used o Event Fliers – Cindy will provide o Newsletter – Mike will provide o Welcome Letter – Mike will provide. Approved Letterhead and envelopes to be printed by Label Craft – Cream & Burgundy Hope confirmed duties of Membership Volunteers – Hope & Todd - Fund Raising – at events – Events committee to give requirements per event. - Recruiting volunteers – Events committee to have requirements for volunteers for Hot Ribs/Cool Jazz at next mtg. 3/23/06. - Organize annual nominations - ? Would like someone to take this on. - Send Flowers and new packet to new business and follow-up. - Get membership applications that are still outstanding - See attached list w/Board members responsible for pursuing each business. Board Meeting Minutes of 2/2/06 – Approved as written Events Hot Ribs/Cool Jazz Cathy & Cindy will furnish volunteer requirements at next meeting 3/23/06. Cooking Contest Contestants Form has been distributed to local businesses. There are 5 interested contestants so far – would like to get 20. Everyone took forms to distribute.

This event requires a lot of volunteers. If you can assist in any capacity, please contact Cindy @ or Cathy @ Many hands make light work.

Minutes Continued:

Web Development Mike showed the web site on his laptop – approved by Board. Looking for pass codes for old web design. Kim will discuss w/Larry Bachtell and get back to Chris as soon as possible. John will provide Cindy w/database business information by next meeting 3/23/06. Design Chris presented the bills for the signs and the banners. It was decided that the bills would be submitted separately. One for the signs around town w/the large banners and a second one for the banners that go on the lampposts in town. To be confirmed and submitted to Pat Eagan by next meeting. It was decided that the large directory would not be placed at this time due to the fact that it would need to be extremely large to facilitate all of the businesses in the community. It was decided that when it is placed, all businesses would be included, but it may be in another location that can facilitate such a large diagram/map. Unfinished Business Newsletter – Mike will have complete by next meeting 3/23/06. Press Release to go out in next weeks papers – the group is trying to get a photo of all Board Members at the clock on 3/17/06 @ 1:30 PM. Not sure if all can attend at this time, but it was suggested that it go out immediately to promote the committee and future events. New Business WNPV 1440 interview Friday, 3/17/06 – Mike will be doing interview @ 11:30. Mike will discuss all of the positive issues of Olde Towne Association – New board, website, new events, activities, future growth of the town, new businesses – our mission.

To show conformity w/all items distributed to the community, it was decided that in the future all items require the approval of as many Board Members as possible. It would be great to think that all publications can wait for a meeting for approval, but this isn’t always the case. Please do your best to contact as many Board Members as possible. Meeting Adjourned @ 10:10 AM Next Meeting – March 23rd @ Ragtops & Roadsters at 7:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE: These minutes and all future Board and General Membership Meeting Minutes are being sent via e-mail only. Copies of minutes are at the Chamber of Commerce if anyone asks for a copy.

Outstanding Membership Dues Delbar – John Ginger Tree – Chris Keller Williams – Todd Maria/Ed Slowick – Cindy Prudential, Fox & Roach – Todd Real Estate Excel – Todd SarJay Furniture – Cindy Yidyaa Yoga – Cindy Weber, Kracht & Chellew – Chris John/Fran Cornelius – Chris C&C – Ron Dairy Queen – Hope Fran McMonagle – Chris Grandview Service Center – Cathy Hilltop Flowers – Cathy Il Colosseo – Cathy Miss Lisa Christian Childcare – Chris Pennridge Chamber – John Rockwell Transportation Services – Cathy Slender Lady – Mike E. Kramer Service Center – Cindy Labella – Hope

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