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									Your Complete Quality Assurance, Customer Feedback And Retention System E-Based Marketing Program Program Highlights • Solicit and Receive customer feedback through online surveys 24/7. • Offer your customers "Bounce Back" Coupons to create loyalty and repeat business. • Receive immediate email notification of customer dissatisfaction. • Get a Promo Web Page offering online coupons and link back to your official website. • Promote your services to registered guests through our Birthday and Rewards E-mailers. • Further "Inspect" what you "Expect” through "Secret Shopper Inspections." • Implement a basic Feedback Rewards program for as little as $125/mo. (see last page for details)

Online Customer Feedback Survey Forms
Now you have an easy and cost effective way to solicit and receive customer feedback online in real time, 24/7. Determine customer levels of satisfaction, criteria and preferences for doing business with you. Invite them to tell you what they think and want. Also Track demographics to assist in marketing efforts. We can design the forms to capture the information you need.

Invitations to fill out online feedback forms and surveys can be initiated in a number of ways: cash register receipts; invite cards; pre-printed coupons; a link from your website or an emailed invitation. We also offer a manual forms interface to allow you to input
results from paper surveys and give you instant online reporting.


Rewards and "Bounce- Back" Coupons
Reward your customers for their feedback and loyalty while promoting repeat business. When a customer completes a survey, he/she is given the opportunity to print out a validation code to redeem a pre-printed coupon (see example above) and/or the opportunity to be entered into a drawing in order to thank them for providing their feedback. You can decide on the type and value of the coupon or drawing. Validation can be used to prevent a coupon from being redeemed more than once.

Rescue Unhappy Customers
With our Feedback Rewards system, you can receive immediate email notification of a dissatisfied customer based on pre-determined criteria. The online '"Customer Rescue" interface allows you to respond to them by email or a phone call and optionally offer an online coupon to invite them to give you another chance.

It costs far less to retain an existing customer than to attract new ones.

Promotional Web Page And Online Coupons.
Further promote your business with a promotional web page listing on the website and offer online printable coupons. Even include a link back to your official website to drive more traffic your way. Guests may search for your web page by zip code area and by category. Open up a potential new source of business.


Promote your Business in our Birthday Club and Rewards E-mailers
Each time a feedback survey is completed the respondent will be invited to become a “Registered Feedback Rewards Guest”, and to sign up for the Feedback Rewards Birthday Club where they will receive emailed coupon offers on their birthday. As a sponsor you can remember them on their special day and give them an incentive to come in and do business with you.

Guests may also sign up for weekly or monthly Rewards E-Mailers which contains links to coupons sponsored by businesses participating in the Feedback Rewards Plus program. You may send out promo offers to both your existing customers and potential new customers in your area for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Further "Inspect" what you "Expect" through onsite "Secret Shopper" Inspections
On an ongoing or as-needed basis, schedule a detailed "Secret Shopper Inspection" to ensure your company standards are being met and that your internal controls and procedures are being adhered to. Save money and gain more benefits over traditional mystery shopper programs by utilizing “Feedback Reward Inspectors” who may be current customers already familiar with your organization. As an added bonus, they are often willing to accept goods and services in lieu of cash payments. This saves you even more and fosters repeat business! Inspection results are scored and available online, on demand.


Additional Feedback Rewards Services: Targeted Market Research Surveys
Conduct online targeted research surveys through emailed invitations to registered Feedback Rewards Guests who have signed up as “Survey Panelists”. Get valuable information from both current customers and perspective customers living in your area and meeting your preferred demographics. Optionally “reward” them for their opinions with a printable coupon to invite them to do business with you. Generate new business and collect valuable feedback to run your business.

Employee Feedback And Tips Program
Provide a cost effective and optionally anonymous online vehicle for your employees to give you ideas and feedback. Run a contest and reward the employees with the best ideas to improve productivity, reduce costs, or increase profits. Give them the vehicle to anonymously “tip” you off about illegal activities such as theft, substance abuse or sexual harassment, before it costs your company big dollars. One important tip or idea will pay for this inexpensive program many times over.

Begin a Feedback Rewards program today!
* Basic Package - $125/mo
• • • •
Includes (per location):

Contact us:

The Performance Edge Inc.
(800) 356-9145, Fax: (801) 705-0777
Feedback Rewards is a division of The Performance Edge Inc.

100+ Online Feedback Forms “Bounce-Back” Coupons Online reporting 24/7. Unhappy Customer Rescue

* Plus Package - $200/mo
• • • • •
Includes (per location):

The above basic package Plus Web Page & Online Coupons Weekly Birthday Club E-Mailer Monthly Rewards E-Mailer Optional Secret Shoppers *
(* Priced separately)

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Set up - starting at just $350

*Please contact us for details Toll Free: 800-356-9145 Visit The Feedback Rewards Website at: for more information or an online demo.



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