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									Newsletter 72

June 09
Fri. 12th June Bee keeper talk Fri 12th June 3.30 Enterprise group sale. Tues.16th June Climate Cops activity day Fri 19th June Guide Dogs afternoon Wed 24th June Sports Day 1.15. (if postponed due to weather, it will be on Fri. 26th June) Thurs 25th June 9 a.m. Parents Council meeting Mon +Tues.29th and 30th June Y6 visit Kirk Balk Wed. 1st July Drama Club visit to Crucible Friday 3rd July Staff Training Day—school closed to children Fri.10th July Lets Get Ready to Rumble – clothing sale event. Fri. 10th July Reports home Mon. 13th July Open afternoon 2.30. p.m Tues. 14th July Class swap Wed. 15th July Environmental talk Thurs 16th July Y6 trip to Doncaster Dome. Fri. 17th July break up for summer Mon. 7th Sept. return to school Term times School Year 2009/2010 School opens at 8.55am Autumn 1st half term School closes at 3.30pm 23. 10. 2009

7. 9. 2009

Tues. 20th Oct to Fri. 23rd Staff training days—school closed Autumn 2nd half term Spring 1st half term Spring 2nd half term Summer 1st half term Summer 2nd half term 02. 11. 2009 04. 01. 2010 22. 02. 2010 15. 04. 2010 07. 06. 2010 18. 12. 2009 12. 02. 2010 01. 04. 2010 28. 05. 2010 23. 07. 2010

Web site—Our school web site is www.birdwellprimary.org.uk In response to requests we are trying to keep you informed with what happens in school so we are regularly up dating it with information.

Curriculum/Staffing In our final half term all but Mrs. Brucks class are continuing with the geographical theme. The Y1 and Y2 children are focusing on the local area, weather and water, the older children the topic of Everywhere. Mrs. Bruck’s class are answering the question, How do animals live? Organisation of classes for next year With the disruption of the building work the classes are to remain as stable as possible. Mrs. Bruck will continue in the Reception Class which will be located in the area outside the staff room, until the building work is completed. Mr. Hussain will take the Y1 class and they will be in the same room he is in now, but it will be refurbished into a media room during the Summer holidays. When the new Y1 class is completed he will then move to the new classroom. Miss Ellis will continue to take Y2 next year and will remain in her present classroom until the building work is completed. This room is also to be refurbished during the Summer holidays. Miss S. Stringer will be at Birdwell full time next year and will take the Y3 class in her present classroom. There will be a mixed Y4/5 class taken by Mrs. Priest and a mixed Y5/6 class taken by Miss C. Stringer. The details of which children are in the mixed classes, has not been finalised as we are just completing the analysis of the test data. Parents will be informed when a decision has been made. Parent Workshops/Parents Council Thank you to those parents that attended the workshops. They were very valuable from the school’s point of view, as it gave time to talk with parents about how we support children in their learning. We propose to hold other similar events, possibly linked to coffee mornings. The next Parents Council meeting is Thursday 25th June at 9 a.m. in the library. Anyone else who is interested, is welcome. We will be finalising the arrangements for the 2nd hand clothing event on 10th July at 2 p.m. Please be collecting old clothing for recycling so that it can be brought to school from Thursday 9th July. No earlier. More information is to follow. Chances For the last half term the most chances went to Katie Claydon, Scarlet Andrews Y6, Charlotte Bentley, Seth Hughes and Ryan North Y4/5, Lewis Robinson Y3/4, Lewis French Y2, Adam Robinson, Gabriella Watkin Y1 and Amy Hindmarsh R. Arts Mark We have been successful at achieving the Gold Arts Mark. This recognises that the school has outstanding provision for the Arts. Evidence of this has been seen recently at the Civic Theatre when the Shakespeare group put on an excellent performance of scenes from The Tempest. University/Book Exchange Our University on a Friday morning has been a resounding success as children have been given the opportunity to participate in a whole range of interesting activities. This has only been possible due to the support of out parent/local community helpers who have been excellent and I would like to thank them. At present we have a the florist from Flowers of Distinction giving up his time and providing flowers, so that a group can learn about flowers and how to manage a business. They have done some arranging of flowers and learnt how to take orders as well as visiting the shop to learn about where the flowers come from. The Book Exchange has been a huge success thanks to the parents that run it. The next book exchange will be Friday 10th July in the School Hall. Building work I am still awaiting final details on who has been successful at placing the tender, but work is expected to start in a few weeks time. I will notify you of any disruption it might cause. Parking around the school is expected to be even more of a problem, so please consider the needs of local residents and do not park in the Chapel car park. Wherever possible encourage your child to walk to school.

Fund Raising Our next fund raising event will be Friday 19th June. The children will learn more about the training of the Guide Dogs for the Blind. We will have a trainer in school, as well as other guide dogs. We plan to raise money on the day by children placing 10ps and 20ps on an outline of a dog. So please save some 10ps and 20ps for children to bring on this day. Donations of toys/games or bottles for the adult tombola for Sports Day (24th June) will be gladly received in the School Office. Reminders Please pay dinner arrears as eventually unpaid dinners is taken from our school budget. Please check the lost property. We have a bin full and it will be thrown out when the building work starts.

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