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What is a Calculator and Types?
• Calculator is a device that is used for performing mathematical calculations. • Calculators can be hardware or software, mechanical or electronic, and are often built into devices such as PDAs or mobile phones. • Modern electronic calculators are generally small and digital. • Calculators are usually operated by Lithium batteries or Solar cell.

Parts of a Calculator
• There are a few parts that we can't see unless we

take the calculator apart. • The keyboard membrane and keyboard sensors are programmed to know which key you are pressing and in what order. • They are also programmed to know what to do when you give it a command such as add or subtract. You can see the front of the display case.

What is LCD and how does it work?
• LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It can provide a much better, brighter image. • There is a set of two transparent panels with a liquid crystal solution between them. Light is shined from behind the panels. Each crystal either allows light to pass through or blocks the light. The configuration of the crystals forms the image. • A display, usually made from LED lights or liquid crystal (LCD).

Measurements of the my calculator
• The height is 10 cm • The width is 6 cm • And the perimeter is 32 cm

Keys color of the my calculator
• 2/26 are pink (OFF, ON/C). • 4/26 are blue (MC, M-, M+, MR). • 12/26 are olive green (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,.,+/-). • 8/26 are grey ( , %, -, , +, =, , )

What Do the M’s mean?
• M- means clear the memory. • M+ = Memory Add takes the number on the display, adds it to the memory, and puts the result into memory • MC = Memory Clear sets the memory to 0. • MR = Memory Recall uses the number in memory, acts as if you had keyed in that number yourself.

Types of Calculators

A basic calculator

solar power calculator.

Electronic Calculator in 1970’s

An old mechanical calculator.

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