How Do Things Appear In A Mirror

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					How Do Things Appear in a Mirror? Activity 2A1 Page 32 What Does A Mirror Really Do? Activity 2A2 Page 36
Where is the mirror image? Activity 2B3 Page 46 How Do Objects Appear When Seen Through a Transparent Material? Activity 3C1 Page 101

How Do Things Appear In A Mirror
Activity 2A1 Page 32
16 June 2K+3

Mirror Location
1. Examine The Mirror 2. Where is the reflecting surface? 3. It is on the back of the mirror.

4. Place this surface on the mirror line.

Mirror Line

1. Print one letter per block
Mirror Line

Begin This Activity By:
1. Complete items 1-4 2. Complete item 5 if time.

1. Print one letter per block

2. Sketch Letters Seen In Mirror

2. Letters Seen In Mirror
1. Describe the Mirror View

3. Mirror View vs Actual
1. Do the mirror view letters you drew in step 2 look the same as the actual letters drawn in step 1? 2. Move mirror next to the letters and see.

4. Draw Letters that will look the same in the Mirror

5. Draw a design that will look the same in the mirror.

6. Communicating Information

1. Without your neighbor facing you, give them directions to make a sketch that looks exactly like yours.

6. Communicating Information
2. What general instruction(s) or rule(s) would you need to tell your neighbor?

7. Object-Image of Arrow
1. View image of arrow in a mirror.

2. How does the mirror image of the arrow compare with the actual arrow?

Summarize Your Findings
1. What does a Mirror Do?

What Does A Mirror Really Do?
Demo-Discussion Activity 2A2 Page 36

What Does A Mirror Do?
Talk to your neighbor. What does it do?

2. Mirror on Acetate
1. I have the word “ MIRROR”. 2. Hold it in front of mirror. 3. What do you see? Turn the acetate around. 4. Now what do you see?

3. Mirror on Cardboard
1. What will you see in the mirror when it is turned around? 2. How did the mirror reverse the letters from left to right?

4. Looking into a Mirror
1. What I see is my image. 2. How is it orientated relative to the object?

Where is the Mirror Image?

Activity 2B3 Page 46

Where is the Image?
1. When you look into a mirror, what do you see? 2. You see your image. 3. It is where your eyes focus.

Investigation Time
1. Place mirror 2 a coin on table in with mirror front of it. on long side 3. in a vertical Where is the position. the (In image of center of coin? paper)


Response Time
1. On small piece of paper write the location where you think the image is. 2. Hand your answer to me when completed.

Response Analysis
1. Five finger file system report:

Further Investigation
1. Replace the mirror with a clear piece of plexiglas. 2. Place a coin on the table in front of it.

3. Can you see the image of the coin?

Further Investigation
4. Place a second coin where you see the image. 5. Draw around the coins. 6. Draw a line in front of and in back of the plexiglas. 7. Remove the plexiglas.

Further Investigation
8. How far is the object in front of the plexiglas? 9. How far is the image behind the plexiglas? 10. Place the mirror where the plexiglas was located. What do you see?

Demo O-11
Rod in front of Mirror/plexiglas

Demo O-8
Red Ruler And Mirror

Demo: Colored Clothes pins
1. Connect the three different colored clothes pins at right angles to each other. 2. Place them in front of a mirror. 3. What do you observe?

Demo O-9A
Aluminum Mask In Front of Mirror. Examine Photographs For Clarity

Demo O-9A
Include photos

Demo O-10
Candle in front of plexiglas

How Do Objects Appear When Seen Through a Transparent Material?
Activity 3C1 Page 101

Investigate – Water into Cup
1. Place penny into white cup. 2. Place cup so just not see penny.

3. Pour in water.
4. What happens?

Investigate – Straw into Water
1. Place a straw into a cup of water. 2 Where is the straw bent?
3. Where is enters the water.

Investigate – Thick Plexiglas Block
1. Look through it at a pencil.

2 Rotate the plexiglas block.
3. Repeat for your finger.

Investigate – Thick Plexiglas Block
1. Place 2 coins on table near each other. 2 Place plexiglas block on one.

3. What do you observe?

Demo – Coin Under water
1. Place coin into tank under H2O.
2 Look at coin through tube. 3. What path does the light travel?

Demo – Aquarium Balls
1. What are the size of the balls?
2 Remove one from water. 3. Place the other in water.

Demo – Aquarium Balls


Demo – Root Beer Mugs
1. Fill each with colored water.
2 Examine the fullness. 3. Place each in water.

4. Results?

That’s all folks!

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