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Job title Operations Director


									Job title: Buying Administrator Department: Buying & Merchandising Job Profile Buying Administrator Reporting Lines: Reports to the Head of Merchandising Job Purpose To assist the two Buyers (Managing Director and Head of Gadget Shop respectively) in the administrative aspects of the buying process. The job will include bringing new products into the business, creation of the product on our merchandise system, setting up initial stock levels and managing the stock from the supplier into our distribution centre. The job will also support the buyers in additional tasks such as arranging and attending supplier meetings. Responsibilities

1. To create product on our merchandising system and set up the initial stock
levels so that stock is distributed to shops upon arrival.

2. To raise orders for the products and bring these into the business. For both
new lines and manage continuity lines. To raise the orders accurately for free stock orders and maintain information on orders accurately on excel based cashflow spreadsheets.

3. To develop good relationships with the suppliers to make chasing for delivery
and other requirements as easy and effective as possible.

4. To maintain accurate SKU level information on the merchandising system.
Maintaining the data as requested by the Head of Merchandising and the Buyers. 5. To support the buyers by dealing with emails and other communications from shop and suppliers where appropriate to free their time for other business priorities. Values  Demonstrates the Company's values in behaviour. Seeks to build trust in relationships through these values.
Care Demonstrating care and respect towards customers, staff and other stakeholders. Fairness Objectivity in dealing with others. Enthusiasm Excited about our work and positive in approach. Loyalty Commitment that works both ways Honesty Truthfulness. Outstanding Service Aiming for quality and excellence in all we do in relating to one another and to our stakeholders



Buying Administrator Job Profile Mar 2008

Skills 1. Well developed organisational skills with an ability to multi -task and prioritise effectively. Job Profile Buying Administrator 2. Numerate, accurate, and PC Literate. 3. Competent and professional written and verbal communication skills with an ability to maintain calm under pressure. 4. A team player who is people/results orientated. Competencies

1. mad about toys. Enthusiastic about the brand and our ranges. 2. Fun: Naturally outgoing and positive 3. Flexibility. Prepared to work in a changing environment and understands the need to offer flexibility at times of pressure. 4. Accurate: Excellent administration skills, quality driven and attentive to detail 5. Articulate: Able to communicate clear instructions in order to achieve results. 6. Self Motivated: Self driven and able to work effectively without supervision 7. Implementation focus. Delivers against agreed objectives, plans and deadlines. Personally committed to achieving targets.


Buying Administrator Job Profile Mar 2008

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