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Skydiving - Dropzones
ESC operates its skydiving experiences and courses from a number of dropzones (DZs), here in the UK and abroad. These are our key partners, but we can introduce you to a number of alternative DZs, if they aren’t suitable for whatever reason. Tell us where you are located, how far you are prepared to travel & we’ll get you to the most convenient site….

Spain – Tandem Jumps, IFF & AFF Courses
We operate in partnership with the team at CPCB (Centro de Paracaidismo Costa Brava) located in Northern Spain at Empuriabrava, north of Barcelona. Ideally located on the Mediterranean coastline and on the foothills of the Pyrenees. Check the photo – we’re near the beach!! It is not only cheap when you get there, but its cheap to get there as well (EasyJet & Go offer great prices to Barcelona whilst Ryanair do cheap flights to Perpignan). ESC can offer competitive rates for car hire and accommodation in Spain with our travel partners. We can offer complete Fly-Drive packages. Just ask us for details…. The weather is great for skydiving all year round (unlike the UK!). Our skydiving courses here offer the very best value and can’t be beaten on price, back home. The British Parachute Association was established to organise, govern and further the advancement of parachuting in the UK. In order to skydive at a BPA affiliated drop zone in the UK, you must have been on a BPA approved course, given by BPA Rated Instructors. Kevin McCarthy & his team are BPA Rated Instructors, so the qualifications you attain in Spain are valid in the UK upon your return, ensuring you won’t have to complete a costly conversion course. Furthermore, BPA members are recognised worldwide – so you’ll be welcome at any overseas dropzone. CPCB hosted the 2002 Skydiving World Cup on the 4th through 13th of October 2002.

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Scotland - Tandem Jumps & AFF Courses
St Andrew’s is the most skydiving centre in Scotland. modern and progressive

Located in the beautiful ‘Kingdom of Fife', and just 5 miles south of the ancient city of St Andrews, it combines a beautiful and convenient location with superb facilities and training. The superb purpose built facility is able to offer you the opportunity to experience the fantastic thrill of a parachute jump in comfortable but professional surroundings.

Scotland - Tandem Jumps
We also operate in partnership with the team at Paragon Skydiving who are based at Errol Airfield, Grange, Errol. The drop zone is situated mid way between Perth and Dundee on the banks of the Firth of Tay. Paragon Skydiving Club is located on an airfield, originally used during the Second World War. The site has been used as a parachuting drop zone since 1988 and the professional skydiving school has been there for 3 years. The facilities provide everything you need to learn to skydive in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.

England – Tandem Jumps & AFF Courses
In the North: Target Skysports. The team operate 7 days a week from morning to dusk & are based in Hibaldstow, North Lincolnshire – just off the M180, between Doncaster & Grimsby. Whilst most of the dropzones we work with will take you to an altitude of 13,000 feet, the team at Target are rather unique – they take the aircraft up an additional 2,000 feet & you’ll exit the aircraft at 15,000 feet, which means a little longer in freefall ;-) Quote: “We provide fully for everyone – from the weekend fun jumper to the highest level competitor, but having fun is a priority”. They were the 2002 Host to the British Formation Skydiving Nationals and New Age Regionals. Our partners in the South include: The Army Parachute Association (APA), is based at Airfield Camp in Netheravon, Wiltshire. 1962 was the year that the APA was formed, and it has gone from strength to strength since that date to become the premier parachuting club in this country. The APA was primarily a military club but has been open to civilians for Come on, ESC…ESCape!
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many years. It is probably the oldest parachute club in the world and is where parachuting, as a sport, was born in the U.K. Not many clubs have a pedigree going back to the very early days of freefall parachuting!

England – Tandem Jumps
The Cornwall Parachute Centre (CPC), near Newquay, Cornwall. The Cornwall Parachute Centre has been affiliated to the British Parachute Association for its 26 years of operation. During that time they have trained and jumped many people from all walks of life and all age groups. A number have gone on to become international champions. The centre has excellent training facilities, modern equipment, good food and a friendly atmosphere. If you want to skydive in the Midlands, we’ll hook you up with the team at Hinton. Situated near Banbury and Silverstone, on the Oxford/Northampton border, the dropzone is available to jump at Tuesday – Sunday each week and Bank Holidays and is only 10 minutes from Junction 11 on the M40. The team there will ensure you have a safe, but fun jump. Of particular interest – last year, the team at Hinton broke the British Record for the number of Tandem Jumps in one day (from one aircraft). The new record, which beat the old one by 10 jumps now stands at 136!!

So, what’s it to be and where’s good for you?
A Tandem Jump: where you can be in the air and jumping out of a plane strapped to an instructor quicker than you can say 'I'm not sure about this....' Or perhaps an A.F.F. (Accelerated FreeFall) Course: where on your first jump you leap out of a plane 2.5 miles up in the air with two highly experienced instructors, quickly followed by your cameraman.

Whatever your choice, ESC has the knowledge, equipment, skills and people to change your life, forever...


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