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									Demo: A Final Exam in One Act
Just a reminder
n   Final exam period:
    n   Thursday, May 24th
    n   10:15am - 12:15pm
    n   ICL6

n   Final demonstration
    n   Invited guests
         n   Other VT faculty (Marla Schweppe, Walter Wolf, Tina
         n   CASCI admin (Guy Johnson, Gurcharan Khanna)
         n   U of Utah (Jimmy Miklavcic)
         n   Feel free to invite family/friends
Final demo
n   Scripted demo
    n   Will send copy of script this evening
n   Will be recorded
    n   Participants and screen shots
         n   Anyone have objections?
         n   Anyone have an extra camera?
         n   Anyone want to be camera person?
n   Timeline
    n   10:15 - 11:15 setup
    n   11:30 - 12:15 demo
    n   Perhaps even lunch!
Requirements -- Audience
n   Initial FOV to cover stage
n   Indication of controls
    n   L, R, Zoom, clap, boo
n   Rose colored glasses?
n   Can we have 20 audience members?
Requirements -- Puppet
n   Spiffier models?
    n   Theatre façade
    n   curtain?
    n   Seats?

    n   People?
Requirements -- Staging
n   Cues:
    n   Preset -- dim light on stage
    n   BLACKOUT
    n   Full Stage Lit
    n   Stage Dim / spot on couch
    n   Sound cue to match moCap actor + puppet
Requirements -- Audio
n   Streaming audio
    n   From keyboard
    n   From Microphone
n   Set up speakers in ICL6
n   Assist in getting sound fx for staging

n   Chat?
Requirements -- moCap
n   Smooth motion
n   Translational motion?

n   HMD (team audience?)
One last thing…
n   Team documentation
    n   Due on Thursday as well
n   Peer/Leader eval
    n   Will be on mycourses by week’s end
n   Course evaluations
    n   Thursday
    n   Mycourses as well.

    n   Next Fall’s VT class will be reading these.
Questions / Issues
n   Any?

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