Tajima Creative Turns Nuclear Metal into Designer Jewelry by forrests


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Tajima Creative Turns Nuclear Metal into Designer Jewelry
SAN FRANCISCO – June 10, 2008 -- Tajima Creative has released its latest in a series of thought-provoking and award-winning corporate gifts – the “Peace is Disarming™” charm. The San Francisco Bay Area-based marketing and design studio has received several design awards for past annual corporate gifts distributed to clients and prospects. This year’s gift, a charm made from the recycled metal of a nuclear weapon, highlights a trend in companies giving unique corporate gifts that reflect their social responsibility programs and company values. Tajima Creative developed this year’s gift based on a concept inspired by their pro bono client, the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund (GNDFund). The international non-profit makes it possible for the public to participate in nuclear weapons dismantlement by donating to reclaim and recycle the metal. Tajima made a donation to GNDFund and created a stylish piece of jewelry with the metal, hoping to create awareness and encourage others to donate to the fund. Tajima partnered with Guy Rozenstrich, jewelry designer and founder of Phoenix Roze in New York City, to design the charm. The initial response has been so overwhelming from both non-profits and for profit companies wanting to buy and sell the charm that Tajima Creative teamed up with Los Angeles-based creative agency My Eskimo Friend to create an offshoot organization called Peace is Disarming, LLC. Through Peace is Disarming, LLC, the companies are
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developing more products with the aim of raising awareness about dismantling nuclear weapons and other critical issues within the peace movement. “We always advise clients to integrate their social responsibility ideals into as many of their marketing activities as possible,” said Elaine Tajima, CEO and Founder of Tajima Creative. “So for our own annual gift, we wanted something that not only reflected our creativity, but also demonstrated the social responsibility commitments of our agency.” In a related endeavor, Tajima Creative hosted the debut screenings of the GNDFund’s documentary, Atomic Flame: Three Minutes to Midnight in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The documentary tells the story of three Japanese monks on a peaceful journey to return the embers of the atomic bomb from Japan back to the place of its inception at the Trinity Test Site in New Mexico. Established in 1996, Tajima Creative is a marketing and design studio that delivers insanely great ideas for clients, community, and society. Based in Menlo Park, California, Tajima Creative also has an office in Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.tajimacreative.com. ###

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