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					Procedures for Gift Processing Gifts from Health Care Vendors in Support of UCSD
Gifts from Health Care Vendors received by UCSD departments in support of UCSD’s mission, and in compliance with the UC Health Care Vendor Relations Policy (HCVRP), should be handled as follows: 1. All charitable gifts to UCSD should be documented as such. A draft gift letter that may be used is attached for reference. Gift letters are required for all gifts of $10,000 and over. Due to the nature and constraints of the HCVRP, a gift letter is required for all gifts from Health Care Vendors. 2. Gifts should be made payable to the “UC Regents”. A Regents gift form should be prepared and signed by the department business officer. See Completion of the form is fairly self explanatory and must include a signature by a UCSD Business Officer as the person “Accepting by the Department”. 3. The department head should complete the Gift Certification noted below. For Medical Center departments, the department head is the hospital leader or director for the cost center. 4. All gifts should be submitted to UCSD Gift Processing, mail code 0940, and should include the following: o Regents Gift Form o Donor Gift Letter o Gift Check o Gift Certification for Compliance with HCVRP 5. UCSD Gift Processing will: o Set up a new departmental gift fund for the gift and future gifts for the same general use can be placed into that fund. o Notify the department of the gift fund number o Deposit the gift o Enter the gift in the Donor Database o Receipt the donor o Allocate the gift to IFIS for expenditure by the department


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Donor Company Letterhead

UCSD Department XXX Address, Mail Code City Dear (Insert UCSD Dept Head name or other leader): [X company name] wants to provide support to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Accordingly, a gift in the amount of $XX is enclosed. It is an irrevocable contribution to establish a current use fund for the benefit of the department of [insert name] at UCSD to support [insert purpose]. We understand that the University’s one-time 4% administrative fee will be deducted from the gift, and the remainder will be used by the department noted as needs arise. There are no terms and conditions, services, deliverables or other requirements related to this gift.


[donor's name and corporate title]


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FOR DEPARTMENT EXECUTION AND SUBMISSION TO GIFT PROCESSING Health Care Vendor Relations Policy Compliance Gift Certification

I, ________________________, Chair or Director of the UCSD Health Sciences unit of ____________________________, do hereby certify that the charitable donation from ___________ ________________________ (vendor) is submitted to UCSD Gift Processing in full compliance with the UC Health Care Vendor Relations Policy. This is a charitable gift. There are no underlying terms and conditions related to performance, product purchases from the vendor, or contracts to be awarded to the vendor. No services were performed in exchange for this gift and no other valuable goods were received in exchange. I will make the determination of the use of the gifted funds and the noted vendor will not have a part in the decisions.

Signed:____________________________ Date:____________________________


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