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									To: IFT Executive Committee From: Barbara Byrd Keenan Date: October 27, 2003 RE: Executive Vice President's Report This report highlights key activity of IFT since July 2003. It is being presented in the format traditionally used by IFT, with input from key staff and focused by department. I plan to shift the content and format of the report in the future, focusing more on results, achievements, challenges, problematic issues and tying this information more directly to the strategic plan. Your feedback on how my report can be more useful to you is important. Your suggestions are welcomed. Over the past 2% months, I have focused my energy on several key areas, including: 1. Assessing staff structure, function, responsibilities and performance. 2. Learning about the Washington, DC office operations. 3. Comprehending background documents, including past surveys and research on various aspects of IFT governance and operations. 4. Briefings with FDA, USDA, Allied Organizations, and coalition partners. 5. On-site visitations with members, including exhibitors. 6. Evaluating progress on key, ongoing IFT revenue generating activities, such as the Annual Meeting and FOOD Expo@, Food Technology magazine, Science and Technology projects and membership. 7. Assessing our technology resources, both internally and on and mylFT portal. 8. Reviewing IFT's business relationships in the international arena. I look forward to spending time with all of you to gain your insights and perspectives on IFT and to learn about your aspirations for IFT's future. Your thoughts will be most helpful as we move ahead together to achieve the goals of the association. Please let me know if you have any questions. FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION (Mike Cernauskas) Executive Summary: Accounting:


The Accounting Department completed closing the books for fy02/03 and respective financial statement preparation in a timely fashion. The accounting firm Clifton Gunderson completed their audit field work on schedule. IFT's Audit Review Committee will meet during the October meetings. The final audit report will be issued in early November.

Information Services:   The Information Services Department completed the necessary software upgrades to integrate IFT's membership database with the mylFT Portal application. The fulfillment of international member and nonmember subscriptions to Food Technology and Journal of Food Science experienced significant delays during the first six months of 2003. The delays resulted from a severe logistic backlog encountered at several international" postal distribution centers. IFT has taken action to: 1) communicate to members/subscribers, 2) correct the service delays, 3) establish a monitoring system, 4) develop a contingency response plan, 5) offer members/subscribers a credit against 2004 renewals, and 6) negotiate a settlement with a logistics vendor. A full report will be presented during the Executive Committee meeting.

Foundation/Development:   IFT member contributions generated through the dues check off amounted to $74,000 for fiscal year ended 8-31-03. This represents a 9% increase over fy01/02. The IFT Foundation expended $963,800 in support of IFT programs for fy02/03. Programs funded are as follows: Direct Funding to IFT IUFoST World Congress Base Program Funding to IFT Expert Report on Functional Foods Diversity Program $425,000 192,100 92,600 34,400 $744,100

Other Program Expenditures Scholarships & Fellowships Awards (Loncin, Chang, Oser) $187,600 32,100 219,700 $963,800

Total: Administration: 

IFT has contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide staff medical insurance

effective October 1,2003. The action was taken to forego a reduction in benefits and a 31 % rate increase. As a result, IFT will maintain a high quality program and redube its medical insurance cost by approximately $130,000 for fiscal year 2003/2004. Foundation (Tekla Syers) Contributions @ August 31.2003: $452,410.00 25,000.00 67,600.00 21,612.00 38,792.66 46,943.40 1,716.75 9,500.00 3,445.00 $666,749.81 33 Gifts from Corporations 1 Gift from Corporate Foundations 1 Gift from a Family Foundation 240 Gifts from Emeritus Members 957 Gifts from Professional Members 1,712 Gifts from Members 164 Gifts from Students 4 Gifts from Section 124 Gifts from Non-members 3,236 Gifts from all sources

122 donors (all sources) of $100 or more donated a total of $590,835.39 compared to131 donors (all sources) of $100 or more donated a total of $525.498.20 in FY 02 Acknowledgments have been issues to all donors of $10 or more. Pacesetter:  Twelve of fifteen non-student IFT Foundation Board members contributed $14,555 to the IFT Foundation. Nine members made Pacesetting gifts. All contributions from board members are included in this total. Board members who made gifts at or above Pacesetting levels during the fiscal year were not asked to make an additional gift. Totals do not reflect gifts from ex-officio members, students, or staff.

Thirteen of eighteen non-student IFT Executive Committee members contributed $2,228 to the IFT Foundation. Seven members made Pacesetting gifts. IFT Executive Committee members who made Pacesetting gifts in the current fiscal year were not asked to make an additional gift either. Fun Run:  This year's Fun Run raised $5,397.40 net ($11,230 gross) for the IFT Foundation. The IFTSA designated this year's proceeds for scholarships. There were 188 registrations, which generated $3,315. There were four corporate sponsors for the event ($6,000). There were 21 individual sponsorships ($1,040). We also received two corporate matching gifts ($875). Accountjng (Mark Barenie)

  

With the adit complete the Accounting Department will begin working on federal and state tax returns for the fiscal year 8/31/03. Michael Barski and Iwona Kossak recently completed the FRX-report writing seminars. In September, Mark Barenie attended a not-for-profit tax conference. Information Services (Paul Grassman)

Information Systems:  The 2004 membership dues renewal campaign began in early September. On September 2, a blast email was sent to all U.S. and Canadian members inviting them to pay their membership dues online. The online dues payment option was offered for the first time last year with excellent results, as over 19% of members last year chose to renew online. Two weeks after the blast email, a paper dues notice was sent to all U.S. and Canadian members who had not yet paid. In mid-October, paper notices were sent to all remaining international members.  The Information Services department continues its efforts to implement additional functionality in the TIMSS (IMA Resources, Inc. integrated Members Services Solution) association management software system. In recent months, the TIMSS system was upgraded to the latest vendor software release. This was necessary to most effectively interface the TIMSS system with the new mylFT portal. The upgrade also provided other functionality improvements.

Electronic Services:  mylFT will be launched on October 30, 20031/ This is a milestone date for IFT as mylFT will provide both members and staff with a new suite of personalized and interactive web-based capabilities to more efficiently deliver products and services to members. mylFT will help us deliver on the promises articulated in the March 2002 Strategic Plan. While the initial implementation of mylFT will provide our members with a rich and personalized experience, mylFT will also provide the framework for additional functionality and further improvements in program delivery in future years. The flagship IFT World Wide Web site ( continues to attract new visitors. Activity reports show that the site attracted nearly 150,000 visitors in both June 2003 and in July 2003. With the sponsorship of the Information Systems Committee, a new electronic. balloting system for electing Section/Division officers has been implemented and used for the second year. Sections/Divisions using the new system have seen significantly higher voter participation rates and have sharply reduced their costs by eliminating postage, paper, and handling expenses. For their Spring 2003 elections, the system was used by the Aquatic Food Products

 

Division, the Biotechnology Division, the Food Engineering Division, the Food Laws and Regulations Division, the New York Section, the Nonthermal Processing Division, the Sensory Evaluation Division, the Student Association, and the Toxicology and Safety Evaluation Division.   The questionnaires needed from Food Technology subscribers for Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) purposes are now being completed online. This should improve the response rates. There continues to be great interest among IFT Sections and Divisions in establishing and operating both Web sites and listservs. IFT provides free web site hosting services, and 24 Divisions and 27 Sections currently have web sites hosted at IFT. Many Sections and Divisions now also have listservs. IFT also provides free listserv hosting services. Many of these lists are now being used to distribute Section/Division newsletters. Staff:   On April 7-9, 2003, Frank Koenig, Joan Nolan, and John Nolan attended the TIMSS Annual Users Group (TAUG) meeting in San Antonio. On July 15, 2003, Paul Grassman gave a presentation entitled "Electronic Communications: Web Sites, Mailing Lists, and More" at the New Officers Workshop at the IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago. On August 23, 2003, Paul Grassman gave a presentation entitled "Using Today's Technology To Make Your Job Easier" at the IFT Leadership Conference in Chicago. On August 25, 2003, Tim Hyde was hired at Portal Administrator. Tim previously had significant Oracle portal software experience. On September 9, 2003, Paul Grassman gave a presentation on my IFT at the annual Oracle World conference in San Francisco. MEETINGS & EXPOS (Stan Butler, MA, CMP)  Based on responses from a number of exhibitors, efforts are being made to secure June dates for meetings already secured for the IFT Annual Meeting and FOOD Expo@. Except for Chicago, future dates presented will reflect June dates that avoid Father's Day. Many participants considered the 12th World Congress of Food Science and Technology Meeting, following the 2003 IFT Annual Meeting and FOOD Expo@ in Chicago, very successful. Newsline, an official publication of IUFoST contained a glowing report from Dr. Ted Hood, IUFoST President, 1991-1995, regarding the program, the destination as well as the support of IFT members and staff. Total registration reached 541, and included attendance from 49 countries from around the world. The 2003 IFT Annual Meeting and FOOD Expo@ recently held in Chicago was a success in many ways. Total attendance reached 20,707 with 11,120 attendees, 8,225 exhibitors and 1,362 others including family members, media, IFT staff, guest and others. This information has been shared with exhibitors. Planning for 2004 is already

  






underway and a number of exciting new events and activities are planned. The 2004 IFT Summit will take place in New Orleans, Sunday, February 15th through Tuesday, February 17th, and will focus on the topic, Obesity Conundrum: Is There a Food Solution? Fred Shank is working with members of the planning group including Eileen Kennedy, leading the planning group and Daryl Lund, Chair, ad hoc Food Summit Conference Committee. The third offering of the IFT International Food Safety and Quality Conference and Expo will take place in Orlando, Florida, November 5-7,2003. As of October 16th, total registration including staff, speakers, and media reached 213. The number of exhibiting companies as well as attendance is currently less than projected. 2004 IFT Annual Meeting and FOOD Expo@ promotional activities begin next month. Members of the Marketing, Sales, and Meetings Departments will meet in early November to discuss innovative ways of reaching potential customers for next years' meeting. A push to attract the international member and international-based companies will be a part of the discussion. Currently 538 companies contracting for 1,791 exhibit booths have been secured.

SALES, FOOD TECHNOLOGY, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE PUBLICATIONS, INTERNET MARKETING & MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (Roy Hlavacek)   Food Technology display, classified and Web advertising projected to increase for fiscal year 2003-04 by 8% for display and 2% for classified with introduction of new print and Web programs Upgraded and expanded sales database management systems are being implemented too more effectively integrate sales efforts for all products and sales people-FoOD Expo@, Food Technology, IFT Today, AMFE Exhibit Directory, Web newsletters/banner/sponsorship, Buyer's Guides. Foreign buyers' program to bring in 80-100 Latin American and Asian buyers to Food Expo 2004 is being developed with USDA. International mutual sales/marketing representation arrangements for foreign exhibitors at Food Expo and U.S. companies at FiEurope and other Fi, Hi shows are continuing.

 

Food Technology:      244-page, June 2003, issue on IFT Annual Meeting + FOOD Expo@; 160-page September issue was almost entirely devoted to coverage of the event. May issue preview of the IUFoST 12th World Congress on Food Science and Technology, and the October issue provided coverage of the event. The Developing Foods Special Reports - continued with "Frozen Desserts" in May, "Food and the Aging Consumer" in July, and "Foods for Infants and Toddlers" in October. The Sloan State-of-the-Industry Reports - "Top 10 Food Trends" (April) and 'What, When, and Where Americans Eat: 2003" (August) have in cited in news publications/media. Food Technology published the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers' Expert Panel reports on GRAS flavoring substances, with publication of the 21st GRAS list, "GRAS 21" (May).

Staff:  Food Technology published two articles on IFT's Research Summits: "Dormant Microbes: Research Needs" (June); "Kinetic Models for Microbial Survival During Processing" (August). Two additional publications in 2003: IUFoST 12th World Congress Program book and 2003 IFT Membership Directory. Pierce Hollingsworth resigned as Food Technology contributing editor after 11 years. Assistant Editor Sara Langen left the Food Technology staff on September 29 to become Science Information Manager in the Science and Communications Department Staffing, organization, and revitalization of Food Technology editorial department have been assigned a top priority for action Publications Dept. Assistant Arnina Holliman has been given expanded responsibilities in FT's magazine production practices and procedures.

    

IFT Internet:        IFT.ORG averages 128,000 user sessions/month. Site has been redesigned with improved navigation and content management tools. Launch of major new Web initiative on Oct. 30 Lori Conley, formerly Associate Internet Editor, promoted to Portal Content Developer to work full-time on Catherine Keich, formerly with Encyclopedia Britannica Online, hired as . Associate Internet Editor. New 2003 Food EXPO Online Buyers Guide with paid banner sponsor program Launched redesigned joint IFT/IUFoST site Improved graphics and content management system. Weekly IFT E-Newsletter generated and sent to more than 20,000 members each week. The newsletter has had paid sponsorship throughout the year.

Journal of Food Science and Web Journals CRFSFS (JFSE):  JFS papers are "fresher than ever," This issue (October) represented a time lapse from acceptance-to-publication of less than 10 weeks-an all-time low. (Median time for peerreview was about 3.5 months for this issue) Desirability, feasibility, and cost of scanning entire JFS back file for use on the Web is being investigated to allow subscribers to full history of research published in JFS, Online JFS Readership Survey to be announced and opened in November, after conferring with the Peer-Reviewed Publications Committee. Reference linking of JFS articles continuously investigated regarding desirability, feasibility and cost. Many technical facets are involved with this type of service, along with considerable costs, so deliberations have been ongoing for several years. Three-tier member-subscription JFS pricing in 2004: 50 for Web-only access, 70 for Web and Print, and 90 for Print only. Targeted marketing efforts, especially to research libraries, being developed. Cost comparisons among it and other food-related journal have been received and are being circulated to editors and committee for consideration.

    

Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safetv (CRFSFSJ & Journal of Food Science Education (JFSEJ):  Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety o Paul Singh replaced Dave Lineback as Science Editor for CRFSFS o Second issue, third Quarter posted to the site on October 15, o Five manuscripts are in the review process for CRFSFS Journal of Food Science Education o o o Wayne Iwaoka remains as Science Editor Second issue, third quarter posted to the site on October 15th Eleven manuscripts are in the review process for JFSE .


Marketing Communications:  Theresa Gargano has led programs to improve and expand marketing services. All marketing materials have been rethought, reworked and retooled to clarify the content, engage the reader and produce a call to action. Examples: o Food Technology Promotions used by our Salespeople monthly to sell advertising space in IFT publications, o mylFT Promotion Program so that IFT members can become familiar with the benefits and uses of this portal o Communications to support the monitoring and customer support issues surrounding the delayed delivery of IFT publications to International members and subscribers o 2004 Expo Prospectus to attract exhibitors to the show o 2004 Media Kit (and Intermediate Media Kit while Media Kit was under revision) to use as Sales aids to showcase IFT publications by promoting advertiser

o o

o o o o o o

o o

incentives and other advertiser incentives 2004 Marketing Kit to assist exhibitors and communicate IFT's integrated marketing solutions 2004 Annual Guide to Food Industry Services that was renamed as such. You'll recall this resource as the Classified Guide to Food Industry Services, which is now renamed for clarity and totally retooled Promotional Materials for the Food Safety & Quality Conference were strategized, organized and deployed Online Buyer's Guide promotional piece was developed to attractively market online advertising space Recruited 2,795 new members 2 recruitment pieces to Annual Meeting + FOOD Expo@ non-members included in May & September Food Technology Worked with the Qualifications Committee to generate a mailing soliciting Professional Membership. Sent to 6,300 IFT members with 536 responses, 501 acceptances 12th World Congress promotion material for 2004 Exhibitor Prospectus online prepared Updating, The Power of IFT Divisions, IFT Member Services Guide, and Membership Recruitment Brochure, Annual Guide to Classified Services, Online Buyer's Guide

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (Dean Duxbury) Continuing Technical Education Committee (CTEC):  Three IFT Continuing Education programs scheduled for the 2003-04 fiscal year have been held, and 5 more are scheduled for the Winter/Spring season. One is cosponsored with a university. (See listing for dates, topics, locations, and sponsors. ) 2003-2004 CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS 9/8-9 10/8-10 10/13-14 10/29-31 Food Laws and Regulations Confectionery Technology and Processing Labeling Requirements for Food Marketed in the United States Process Control for the Food Processing Industry 11/4 3/1-2/04 Targeting Biofilms In the Food Industry Labeling Requirements for Foods Marketed Orlando, FL Orlando, FL IFT IFT, FDA & Orlando, FL Chicago, IL Ithaca, NY Providence, RI IFT IFT/Cornell U. !FT, FDA & USDA IFT

in the United States 3/3-5 3/3-5 Functional Foods Flavor Interactions Orlando, FL Orlando, FL


The CTEC will meet at the October committee meetings to select additional programs for the Pre-Annual Meeting Programs and for the fall of 2004. Career Guidance Committee (CGC):  Committee 'members have scheduled attendance at 3 regional convention meetings in October, November, and December, and the National Convention in March 2004, of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). They will present a seminar for the teachers, set up an exhibit booth, and signed up educators interested in receiving food science educational materials. To maximize the number of educators that can be provided with the educational materials the committee has developed over the past several years, including videos and food science experiment booklets, the committee has arranged to have most of these materials placed on-line (currently on a temporary location) and then transferred to the IFT Web site, when a better presentation is completed next month. Users will then be able to copy them all off the Internet. Or, if they cannot, the same information has been placed on a single CD-ROM diskette, which the committee will supply. Only a very limited number of video tapes will be supplied at the NSTA meetings, if requested. Technical Presentation Committee (TPC):  The TPC task of soliciting and collecting symposium topics and volunteer papers for the 2004 Annual Meeting Technical Program has started. Seventy (70) symposia have been submitted for review and scheduling. Guidelines and submission formats for New Products & Technologies sessions and Forums are also now open on the IFT Web Page. Scheduling of the entire Technical Program will be through electronic handling by the TPC this year for the second year, eliminating the personal meeting of this large committee in January. The TPC will enforce the new policy of "non-notified no-shows" by presenters, which will disqualify them from presentation for 2 years. The annual "Help Desk" organized for several years by the TPS continues to be unused, while many rejected papers are disqualified for grammar, poor English, and lack of understanding of the intent of the abstract. Cooperation of supervising Professors and the author is being encouraged in reject notifications. The Desk is available again this year. Hot Topics Committee:  This committee met on October 1 sl and selected two topics and a tentative third topic. Subcommittees have now been appointed to develop these concept topics and source

speakers. The final topic will be selected March 1. Forums Committee:  This committee will not be activated until several abstract submissions are available for peer review in December and January.

OFFICE OF SCIENCE, COMMUNICATIONS, AND GOVERNMENT RELATIONS (Fred R. Shank) Partnership for Growth:  The sixth annual meeting was held in conjunction with the 2003 Annual Meeting and FOOD Expo@. Betsy Holden, Co-CEO of Kraft Food, Inc. and President and CEO of Kraft Foods North America provided the Keynote Address titled Staying Connected with Public Expectations. The other major topics for the meeting were Obesity: Current Crisis - A Major Public Health Concern, BioPharming: Industry Perspectives and Roundtable Discussion, and Update of Key and Emerging Issues Facing the Food Industry. David MacNair and Hamed Faridi provided the leadership for this program.

Third IFT International Food Safety and Quality Conference and Expo:  This event is planned for the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida for November 5 - 7, 2003. Dr. Elsa Murano, Undersecretary for Food Safety, USDA, will provide the Keynote Address. The other major themes for the meeting will be Reaching the Consumer with Food Safety Information, PreHarvest Controls: A First Step in Assuring a Safe Food Supply, New and Alternative Technologies for Microbial Control to Increase Safety and Quality,New Methods for Isolation and Identification of Contemporary Foodborne Pathogens, and Risk Assessment: A Food Safety Paradigm for the Future. Dr. Charles Manley is providing the leadership for this program. This year IFT welcomes the partnerships for this event with the National Alliance for Food Safety and the National Center for Food Safety and Technology. ROC Exhibitions, Inc. continues to be our business partner for the event.

IFT Summit Conference:  The third IFT Summit - The Obesity Conundrum - Is There a Food Solution? is being planned for February 15 -17,2004, New Orleans, LA. We are fortunate to have Dr. Eileen Kennedy (formerly Undersecretary for Research, Education and Economics, USDA) to be serving as the Organizer for the Summit. Two key note addresses are envisioned for the opening session. These will address the theme of the worldwide epidemic; first, from the environmental causes and control, and second, from the behavioral influences of consumption. There will be a Synthesis Paper to lead each of the next 2 sessions of the program, as follows: (1) Obesity Conundrum One: Is there evidence that a food solution can impact overweight through biological mechanisms: appetite, satiety, and energy balance? and (2) Conundrum Two: Is there evidence that a food solution can influence long term eating behavior? All three sessions will have 2 discussants to augment the key

presentation(s) along with ample time for open discussion and critique by all participants. The final session will be devoted to arriving at a consensus on future research needs and a summary of conclusions from the Summit. Dr. Daryl Lund is providing the leadership for this event. Expert Reports:  IFT's Expert Report on Functional Foods is being developed under the leadership of Dr. Fergus Clydesdale as Chair. This report, currently in draft form, will enhance understanding of this category of foods and to further develop some of the scientific issues related to functional foods, such as safety and efficacy testing, nutrigenomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics. This report is expected to be completed shortly after the first of next year. IFT's Whitepaper on Performance Standards for Inspection Systems is being developed. (A whitepaper is an abbreviated expert report, one developed by a smaller expert panel with a more narrow scope.) This report is to address microbial criteria as performance standards in production and regulatory programs for food safety and related issues. This initiative is lead by Dr. LeeAnn Jaykus as Chair, and is expected to be completed shortly after the first of next year.


Staffing:  Cory Bryant has joined IFT as a Research Scientist in the Department of Science and Technology Projects. Cory's most recent experience was in R & D at International Flavors & Fragrances. His Ph.D. is from the University of Massachusetts with prior studies at Purdue University. Ted Cartwright has joined IFT as the Director, Department of Science and Government Relations. Ted comes to us from the American Society for Microbiology where he was manager for Public Affairs. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and is attending Johns Hopkins University. Danielle Hein has joined I FT as a Program Specialist. She will be assisting with various programs in the Washington office and serving as the office manager. She is a recent graduate of California State University, Fresno with a degree in Food Science and Nutrition. Department of Science and Communications (Rosie Newsome) Media Relations:  Fielded news media inquiries, at an increasing rate over 2002 and 2001. To date (midOctober), responded to nearly the same number of inquiries addressed in all of calendar year 2001 (239 calls to date in 2003 compared with 250 total in 2001). News placement highlights of IFT and its food science and technology expertises are routinely reported in Jim Klapthor's IFT Newsmakers column of Food Technology. Recent columns noted placements in Associated Press and other wire services and The New York Times



Magazine and other widely circulated magazines.  Issued 19 news releases about Food Technology features, Journal of Food Science articles, Annual Meeting + FOOD Expo@ activities, and leadership and staff changes. For three of these news releases and one media advisory, placement results were: Food trends, appearing in Food Technology April 2003 and August 2003 News releases issued: April and August, 4/25 United Press International, 4/28 HealthNewsDigestcom, 4/28 WebMD,4/29, 4/29 Billings (MT) Gazette, 4/30 Louisville Courier-Journal, 5/7 The Indianapolis Recorder, 5/9 Cincinnati Inquirer, 5/14 The Kentucky Enquirer, 5/14 Atlanta Journal Constitution, 5/15 St. Paul Pioneer, 5/16 The State Journal Register, Springfield IL, 5/19 The Seattle Times, 5/21 The Kansas City Star, 5/28 Whole Foods magazine, June issue Snack Foods & Wholesale Bakery Magazine, June issue Tri-State (PA) Food News magazine, June issue Modern Grocer magazine, June issue Knoxville (TN) News-SentineLcom, 6/3 Centre Daily Times, 6/4 Houston Chronicle, 6/11 The STAR-LEDGER, 6/18 Akron Beacon Journal, 6/25 The Daily Journal, 6/26 Charlotte (NC), 5/14 Chicago Daily Herald, 6/30 Pensacola (FL) News Journal, 7/1 Cincinnati Post com, 7/23 CN8 News (CATV Newschannel) Philadelphia, 8/27, 7 & 10 pm NBC 2 News at 4 pm WBBH-TV Ch. 20, Ft Myers/Naples FL, 8/27 KABC- TV Los Angeles, 9/1, 9/1, 9/1, 9/1, 9/1

Healthy, 9/2 Mad cow disease in Canada, news media advisory offering IFT experts Advisory released: May 2003 National Public Radio Morning Edition, 5/21 Reuters, 5/22 USA Today, 5/22 Reuters, 5/30 U.S. News & World Report, 6/2 Peanut butter contains as much vitamin E as raw peanuts, JFS article Research article published: September 2003. News release issued: September 2003 HealthCentraLcom, 10/2 and, 10/3 WKRC-TV Ch. 12 (CBS), Cincinnati, 10/7, 11 pm WCPO-TV Ch. 9 (ABC), Cincinnati, 10/7,5 pm KCPQ-TV Ch. 13 (FOX), Seattle/Tacoma, 10/8, 10 pm KPHO-TV Ch. 5 (CBS), Phoenix, 10/8, 5 pm WTKR-TV Ch. 3 (CBS), Norfolk/Newport News, VA 10/8, 5 pm Codex Alimentarius:  Coordinated IFT participation in Codex Alimentarius activities. President Mark McLellan and Frank Busta participated in the Commission meeting; Busta also participated in the General Principles committee meeting and Robert Conover participated in the Food Labeling committee and Intergovernmental Task Force on Foods Derived From Biotechnology meetings. Coordinated AM+FE Special Forum, "The New Codex?" sponsored by the Global Regulations and Policy Committee (formerly the Committee on Codex Alimentarius Activities). Issued statement regarding issues, e.g., traceability, within the Intergovernmental Task Force on Animal Feeding.

 

Food and Nutrition Science Alliance (FANSA):    Refocused the partnership on fostering intersociety communication on nutrition issues and public policy, during a meeting in May of the member society Presidents. Invited the American College of Nutrition (ACN), American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, and Society for Nutrition Education to participate in future FANSA dialogue. ACN responded with interest. Issued news release applauding selection of experts appointed to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.


   

Provided scientific support to the mylFTteam in developing the site's taxonomy and related aspects. Continued providing support for the Science and Technology Projects Department, with Rosie Newsome serving as Project Director for FDA/IFT Contract Task Order 7 and the FDA/IFT Cooperative Agreement and contributing to the drafting of a grant proposal. Continued fielding technical inquiries via the services of Sara Risch, Science by Design (Chicago). The level of inquiries remains similar to 2002. Upon request of the International Visitors Center of Chicago, briefed a Japanese government agricultural policy advisor (Senior Researcher at the Japan Research Institute for Local Community and Culture) on IFT and scientific perspective on food safety and biotechnology.

Staffing:  Hired Sara Langen in September to fill the vacant Science Information Manager position. Sara was previously an assistant editor of Food Technology magazine. Before joining IFT, Sara was a reporter with The Smithfield Herald in North Carolina. Sara holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University. Department of Science and Government Relations (Ted Cartwright) 2003 Congressional Support for Science Awards:  On June 19, Dr. Mark McLellan presented the 2003 Awards to two distinguished members of the United States Congress. Representatives Rush Holt of New Jersey and Frank Lucas of Oklahoma were presented the awards during a reception on Capital Hill. Mr. Holt, in his third term, is a strong advocate for science through his work in education, health and food safety. Mr. Lucas, in his ninth year, is a strong supporter of food and agriculture research, and science based food safety policies.

ResearchuFunding and Other Coalition Activities:  National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research (N-CFAR) IFT continues its leadership role in N-CFAR. Dr. David Reid serves on the Board of Directors and the research committee. The major initiative this year has been development of the Dittus proposal. This initiative is a strategy to assist N-CFAR in bringing greater awareness to the need to double food and agricultural research funding.  Coalition on Funding Agriculture Research Missions (CoFARM) IFT continues its involvement in the activities of CoFARM. IFT participated in the eighth annual Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Days. David Lineback, Director of the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN),

represented IFT as a part of the CoFARM delegation. The goal of this event was to convey to Congress the need for an increased funding and balanced federal investment in research and development that is essential to U.S. global leadership.  Nutrition Briefing On April 28, IFT, along with the American Dietetic Association (ADA), American Society for Nutritional Sciences (ASNS), The American Society for Clinical Nutrition (ASCN), and the Council on Food, Ag. & Resource Economics, held a briefing designed to inform Congressional staff of the scientific issues associated with the programs being reauthorized under the 1966 Child Nutrition Act, and the National School Lunch Act. IFT member Dennis M. Bier, Professor of Pediatrics, and Director of the USDA's Children's Nutrition Research Center at the Baylor College of Medicine represented ASNS, ASCN and IFT at the briefing. The staff turnout was tremendous, at three times the expected numbers.  Alliance for Continuing Nutrition Monitoring IFT continues its involvement in the activities of this Alliance, which is working to set forth a framework to consider elements of a bill to reauthorize the National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Act. Nominations to Federal Advisory Committees:   Gil Leveille was nominated to the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics (NAREEE) Advisory Board. Fergus Clydesdale, Sandra Bartholmey, Roger Clemens, and Susan Nitzke were nominated to the USDAlDHHS Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Department of Science and Technology Projects FDA Contract Task Orders:    The fifth Task Order for the Evaluation of Operational Risk Management Applied to Food Security has been completed. This is a secured report to the Agency. Task Order No. 6 is a 2-year project with the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis to provide BSE/CWD Risk Assessment and Technical Support. This project is to be completed in the fall of 2005. Task Order No.7 is underway to provide An In-depth Review of the Preventative Controls that Industry May Take to Reduce the Risk for an Intentional Act of Terrorism or Contamination Using the U. S. Food Supply (a secured report). This Task Order is nearing completion.

FDA Cooperative Agreement:


Work has begun on a Cooperative Agreement for the Development and Implementation of a Risk-Ranking Framework to Evaluate Potential High Threat Microbiological Agents, Toxins, and Chemicals in Food. This project is scheduled for completion in September 2004. FIELD SERVICES (Pamela Pierson)

IFT Divisions:     Divisions prepared approximately 61 symposia for the Annual meeting, in addition to reviewing approximately 1,739 papers that were put into 68 technical sessions. IFIS started the trial alert program with the Marketing and Management Division, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Division, Nutrition Division, and Sensory Evaluation Division. Fifteen IFT Divisions held Student Paper Competitions during the 2003 IFT Annual Meeting. The Fermented Foods and Beverages group is applying for Division status.

IFT Regional Sections:   Many Regional Sections concluded their calendar year with golf outings or picnics. Attendance at meetings and lack of volunteers continues to be problems. Regional Meetings (three or more Regional Sections) are as follows: Midwest Food Processors (Wisconsin, Chicago, Minnesota, Iowa) November 10, Chicago; Eastern Food Science Conference (participating Regional Sections not listed) October 26-28, Philadelphia; Northwest Regional Meeting, (Oregon, Puget Sound, British Columbia, Intermountain, and Lewis and Clark Regional Sections) January 20,2004, Portland, Oregon.

I FT Leadership Conference:  The August 2003 Leadership Conference was another resounding success. The participation of the IFT Executive Committee was again a definite benefit to the participants and will be encouraged each year. In addition to the Executive Committee members, officers, staff and speakers, 62 Section and Division officers attended.

Constitution and Policy & Procedures_Manual:  An up-to-date Constitution and Policy & Procedures Manual has been distributed to the officers and is available on the Web. IFT Student Association (Jaime Rudolf, IFTSA President will also report):  IFTSA secured another 3-year contract with Masterfoods USA to sponsor the IFTSA Product Development Competition. In addition, Masterfoods USA increased the award

amounts to 1 sl place, $4,000; 2nd place, $2,500, and 3rd place $1,000. IFT Scholarship and Awards Program and Student Competitions (Patti Pagliuco)     The IFT Achievement Awards Program received a total of 86 nominations for 13 awards in 2003. 56 nominations for IFT Fellow were received, with the maximum of 18 being elected. A new Award this year is the Myron Solberg Award to recognize an IFT member for providing leadership in the establishment and successful development and continuation of industry/government/academia cooperative organization. Deadline for the receipt of this years' nominations is December 1, 2003. You can obtain the information by visiting the IFT Web site at 142 Scholarships and Fellowships for 2003-2004 school year have been awarded and accepted by the students. The total value of the program is $200,250. The Degree and Certificate Programs Committee re-approved six undergraduate food science programs this past year. The committee is scheduled to review ten programs during their October meeting.

 

IUFoST World Congress:   16 Students were given scholarships to attend the IUFoST World Congress. The Scholarship covered their registration fee, least expensive airfare, a daily stipend for food, and a stay at the Harris Family Hostel on Congress. The two student sessions were excellent and well attended.

Allied Organizations:   The revised procedures for Allied Organizations are being implemented. We have decided for this first year to continue to extend the complimentary membership to the correspondent. We will notify them of the changes in November. In accordance with instructions from the Committee on Worldwide Interests, a disclaimer is being written to put on the IFT's Allied Organizations Web Page. Annual Meeting Employment Bureau Revenue (Nora Schabold)  Advance Registrations (received prior to deadline) Job Seekers (176) Member 39 @ $50 = $1,950 Unemployed Mbr 48 @ $35 = 1,680 Student Mbr 89 @ $35 = $3,115 Sub Total $6,745

Employers (63)

44 Interviewing Companies 19 "Post Job Only" Sub Total 

17,985 3,150 $21,135

Onsite Registrations (7/12 thru 7/16/2003) Job Seekers 180 job seekers registered onsite 7/12 40 $1475 (35 @ $35; 5 @ $50) 7/13 93 $3450 (80 @ $35; 13 @ $50) 7/14 36 $1305 (33 @ $35; 3 @ $50) 7/15 11 $445 (7 @ $35; 4 @ $50) Sub Total $ 6,675

Employers 40 Companies registered onsite 7/12 4 $ 700(4@$175) 7/13 19 $4145 (12 @ $175; 6 @ $325+) 7/14 11 $2275 (9 @ $175; 2 @ $325+) 7/15 6 $ 950 (5 @ $175; 1 @ $75) Sub Total $ 8,070

Revenue TOTAL: $42,625.00 [$31,760.00 ‘02] Annual Meeting Employment Bureau Activity Report:  Registration Totals Job Seeker Registrations Job seeker Pre-registrations Job seeker Onsite registrations Total 176 (169 '02) 180 (106 '02) 356 (275 '02)

Company Registrations Total Companies conducting onsite interviews 52 (45 '02) Companies postings jobs only 49 (36 '02)

103 (81 '02)

Job Vacancy Postings Jobs submitted prior to meeting Jobs submitted On-site

Total 301 (300 '02) 131 (108 '02) 170 (192 '02)

Employment Bureau Interview Booths Rented Each Day: Sunday 18; Monday 28; Tuesday 31; Wednesday 9

IFT Employment Referral Services:  Statement of Income and Expenses for Fiscal Year Ending 8/31/03 Employment Referral Services: Income: $65,852 Expenses: $67,914 Excess Income (loss) (2,062) 2003 Annual Meeting Employment Bureau: Income: Expenses: $42,625 19,369

Excess Income (loss) $23,256 Total Employment Services excess income or (loss) $21,194 Diversity Committee:  The committee is managing a $250,000 grant secured from private sources to encourage more under represented populations into food science careers. Activities included: o Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANNRS) o Sponsored and manned booth at the Minority in Agriculture, Conference in Atlanta, March 2003. o Sponsored summer 2003 internship program *Held Forum at 2003 annual meeting. *Awarded diversity scholarships

Career Development Skills Committee (formerly Employment Committee):  The committee is working on new programs to reflect new charges. New programs will provide services for targeted groups within member demographics (Le., students and 30-39 year olds). The committee plans to utilize Internet (online courses, Web resources) as well as hold symposium at annual meetings.


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