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					Brigitte Willers Brigitte Willers 6/5/2008

1. Concept Overview of Glamour Aid 2. Power Seminars 3. The Glamour Aid Calendar 2009 4. Sponsoring Change

1. Concept Overview of Glamour Aid:
Glamour Aid is a non profit organisation that has been established by Brigitte Willers as a mechanism for celebrities and public personalities to give back to their communities. Our organisation’s key focus is towards helping women and children that are current or past victims of all forms of abuse.

2. Power Seminars
GlamourAid is hosting 3 Ladies Power Seminars one in each city. Starting on the 19 June 2008 at the Cedar Square Shopping Centre in Johannesburg, the women of South Africa can now expect to empower themselves and at the same time help fight women and children abuse with David De Villiers. David De Villiers is South Africa’s biggest and is renowned internationally for his motivational speeches and mind coaching. The evening will be a special occasion with a 3 course meal, great prizes and a chance to meet and mingle with celebrity guests. And bookings are done via The topic for the Ladies Power Seminars is “Ten Steps to changing your life” “In our lives we all aspire to be, to have and to become great. Yet most of us simply aren’t creating those results that we want. We tend to think that we don’t have enough money, romance, success or joy in our lives to achieve them. What we need to understand within ourselves is that we all have a inner genius, but it is up to us to find that inner genius within ourselves and how to apply it in our lives and achieve that greatness we aspire to be. These Ten Steps will make you aware of the possible actions that you need to take to become successful in our personal lives, at our companies and all other encounters with humanity. A special celebrity guest will be sharing his/her success story. We, at GlamourAid aim to equip women with positive outlooks and provide them with the guidance and support to move forward and be strong and also be proactive in eradicating all types of abuse that are opposed upon women and children in South Africa. WMACA and POWA are the two beneficiaries, both organizations are extremely proactive in creating awareness about women and children abuse and both have

been assisting in the process of eradicating all types of abuse. POWA and WMACA have also provided a great amount of support for women and children, who have been victims of abuse, Its time to give back to those communities who have been engulfed by abuse!

3. The Glamour Aid Calendars 2009
We have initiated Glamour Aid by launching our first celebrity project which is a 2009 Glamour Aid calendar which encompasses celebrities and personalities photographed with children and victims of abuse. Our key objective is to bring the publics’ attention to their plight and the everyday reality that women and children are abused in our communities. The calendars are to be sold nationwide to raise funds for the education against; victim support and future prevention of abuse in our country.

The calendar will be available in Two Formats:
CD Box Calendar A2 Sized calendar

The Calendar Layout and Content:
The calendar contains a front page that illustrates the 12 photographic images of the celebrities used for each calendar month.

The Glamour Aid Celebrities Calendar 2009:
The 12 celebrities involved in the 2009 Glamour Aid calendar have dedicated all their effort and time into this project. The celebrities chosen and approached are viewed as ambassadors for our country and respected by our diverse community and they represent a comprehensive demographic spectrum of our country with representation from all cultures, races, sexes and age groups within South Africa. They have committed themselves to make a difference and help educate against all forms of abuse. The celebrities involved in the 2009 calendar are; Miss South Africa Megan Coleman, actresses Michelle Botes and Llethi Khumalo, Thuli Sitole, Loyiso Bala, Francois Pienaar, Zola, Oscar Pistorius, Roland Shoeman, Watershed, Gary Player, Edith Venter and Brigitte Willers. Veronica Coetzer, an extremely talented photographer, has pledged her commitment and support to this Glamour Aid initiative she has donated her time and resources to photographing 12 high profile celebrities and illustrating their involvement with victims of abuse for the 2009 calendar.

The Glamour Aid Artistic Calendar of 2009
The second calendar is a calendar involving 12 of South Africa’s leading Artists. Each of these artists will be given one photograph to interpret in his style and these works of art will be reproduced and incorporate into the calendar to accompany each corresponding calendar month. The Artists used their own interpretation of the monthly photographs, which were created especially for the Glamour Aid calendar. The Artists have given their full support by joining together as a gesture towards combating abused against women and children in their communities.

Branding Opportunity
The calendar provides you with an opportunity to put your branding on the calendars with the name and logos. The calendar can be distributed to all clients as an end of year corporate gift from the company. The company can also choose the option of selling the calendars to the consumers thereby creating more awareness for themselves.

The Beneficiaries
POWA and WMACA are the two charities selected to benefit from the range.

POWA strives to be a powerful, specialized and multi-skilled service provider that contributes towards the complete eradication of violence against women in society, in order to enhance women's quality of life.
WMACA, a Women and Men Against Child Abuse, has been extremely outspoken in its offensive against child abuse. The organisation has also been instrumental in raising awareness, which has led to growing public support.

Awareness against Abuse
By supporting these calendars and other Glamour Aid initiatives you can be part of creating awareness against women and child abuse and also be part of preventing all forms of abuse in our country. Let us be the mechanism for change.

4. Sponsoring Change
Glamour Aid’s key objective is to create awareness about all types of abuse happening in our country as well as trying to eradicate all forms of abuse and help those who have been or who are still being abused. By being a sponsor you can be part of this project you can help us achieve our aims to equip women with positive outlooks and provide them with the guidance and support to move forward be strong. Your sponsorship will also help in the eradication of abuse that has engulfed so many communities in our country.

The benefits of being a sponsor for change: Pre-event benefits:
 Two months event notifications on the Glamour Aid website prior to the event. The Glamour Aid website generates a large scale of hits per month providing an enormous amount of exposure You company logo on the Glamour Aid website, your logo will appear on the ‘Sponsorship’ page with a link to your company website. Two month event notifications on prior to the event. Glamour Aid’s Facebook page


 

Television and media exposure in all well know media publications and television programmes that will be generated from the Glamour Aid celebrity projects. Brand association with exclusive brands such as Glamour Aid and Fashion TV. Event notifications over the next month and a half to all patrons visiting the various FTV branches. Advertisement opportunities in magazine publications covering the Glamour Aid project Company logo on special VIP invitations to celebrities, press and FTV Platinum VIP Members. Company logo on all event notifications and invitations.

    

During the event benefits:
  Media coverage and exposure during the event by all the media present. On the night of the event your company will have the opportunity to do any form of awareness on the night of the event this could be in the form of banners, gift hampers, promotional girls, sampling and any other form of branding you wish to set up. Exposure on the night of the seminar via plasma screen advertising.


Post event benefits:
  Being Glamour Aid sponsor you will be the first to be notified when new projects are to be launched with first option of sponsorship and involvement. Advertisement opportunities in magazine publications and other media opportunities covering the Glamour Aid project after the event has occurred.

Let us be the mechanism for change!
We look forward to working with you

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