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VOL. 28        NO. 4            ISSUE NO. 299                                               April 6, 2013                     CIRCULATION: 5,800 RESIdENCES; 200 BUSINESSES

  Sponsored by the Rockridge Community Planning Council • 4123 Broadway, PMB 311 • Oakland, CA 94611 • 869-4200

Rockridge Kitchen Tour: RCPC Town Hall: Meet Councilmember Dan Kalb
How You Can Help        An Interview                  was also comfortable not
                                                      answering questions on
by: Natalie Mehta                                                                          With Dan Kalb
                                                                                                                                                             subjects he felt he needed
        a rk you r ca lend a r                                                             by Stuart Flashman and                                            to know more about.


        now: t h e Ro ck-


                                                                                           Don Kinkead                                                           Excerpts from the inter-




r idge K itchen Tour


                                                                                                t’s a lot of work, about                                     view follow:




will be held Sunday,         Rockridge


                                                                                                what I expected, but I’m


                                                                                                                                                             City Operations

September 29.                 Kitchens                                                     a workaholic generally,” said                                         It was an eye-opener in



    This RCPC biennial


                                                                                           dan Kalb, characterizing                                          his early council experi-


fundraiser has been a



                                                                                           his first months as the City                                      ences, Kalb said, to realize



Bay Area favorite since its


                                                                                           Councilmember for Council                                         the extent of the influence


inception in 1995, and much of                                                             district 1 which includes                                         wielded by the city adminis-
its success is due to the enthusiasm of the                                                Rockridge.                                                        trator over city affairs.
community volunteers who make this event
                                                                                               Kalb met late in March                                            “Oakland has a strong-
possible. How can you help?
                                                                                           with RCPC board members                                           mayor system in name
     Recommend a K itchen: T he
                                                                                           Stuart Flashman and don                                           only,” he said, referring
committee has toured a number of
                                                                                           Kinkead to discuss a range                                        to the arrangement put
spectacular kitchens and is looking for
                                                                                           of Oakland and Rockridge            Councilmember                 i n place du r i ng Jer r y
more recommendations to ensure the tour                                                                                        Dan Kalb /D. KinKeaD
                                                                                           issues in anticipation of his                                     Brown’s mayoral terms as a
features kitchens in a variety of styles, sizes,
                                                                                           attendance at the RCPC             of questions prepared by       “convoluted kind of hybrid.”
and budgets that will inspire our guests.
                                                                                           April Town Hall meeting.           the RCPC board, discussing     The position of the mayor,
If you know of a beautifully renovated or
                                                                                               For one so recently            city-wide and Rockridge-       separate from the person
remodeled kitchen, please let us know soon.
The committee makes its selections in May.                                                 elected to public office, Kalb     centric issues with equal      occupying it at any one
     Spread the Word: Ticket sales are
                                                                                           was at ease with the range         comfort and depth. He                ➧ Dan Kalb, page 13
the primary source of the fundraising, and
each tour brings guests from all over the                                                               April Election: RCPC Board of Directors
Bay Area. Help us publicize the event by
sharing the date with your networks, family,
and friends.
                                                                                           R   CPC’s annual election for its board of directors will be held at the April town hall
                                                                                               meeting Thursday, April 18. Voting will follow statements by incumbents seeking
                                                                                           reelection and new candidates seeking a board position who will discuss their interest
     Become a Sponsor or Advertiser:                                                      in board service. Voting will also be held the following Saturday for those residents
Is your prime business target an audience                                                  unable to attend the town hall session. Residents will be asked to confirm a Rockridge
interested in homes and renovation?                                                        address within RCPC boundaries, and should therefore bring a driver’s license or DMV
Advertising and sponsorship opportunities                                                  ID card showing their address. See bottom of page 3 for further details.
are available. Contact Natalie; see below
for information.
     Volunteer: If you have a few hours
(or more) to contribute, join the team that                                                    18        AGENDA: RCPC Town Hall Meeting, April 18
makes this fantastic event happen. We are                                                        Meet Dan Kalb                                  RCPC Board Candidates’
looking for volunteers to add to the pub-                                                        y New District 1 Councilmember               Forum and Elections
licity, photography, food, and registration                                                    Dan Kalb is the featured speaker at the          y Candidates for RCPC’s board of
                                                                                                                                              directors will discuss their positions on
committees, and docents to show off our                                                        April RCPC Town Hall meeting. Come hear
                                                                                                                                              Rockridge and Oakland issues and their
                                                                                               his views on Oakland and its future, and his
fabulous kitchens. Volunteers are treated                                                                                                     interest in being on the board. Rockridge
                                                                                               thoughts about Rockridge and Council Dis-
to a preview of the tour kitchens.                                                                                                            residents may vote at this meeting or
                                                                                               trict 1. For a preview, see above for Kalb’s   on Saturday, April 20, at the Rockridge
To find out which job may suit you, to advertise                                               interview with RCPC’s Stuart Flashman          Branch Library between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
and/or sponsor, or to recommend a special                                                      and Rockridge News Editor Don Kinkead.          See more details, page 3.
kitchen, contact Natalie Mehta at 415/279-5148
or natalie.mehta@yahoo.com.                                                                     Thursday, April 18 | 7:30-9 p.m. Rockridge Branch Library, 5366 College at Manila
2.                                                                                                                                            April 6, 2013

                                Essays on matters of local interest are invited for consideration      ROCKRIDGE BRANCH LIBRARY
                                as Op-Ed pieces for The Rockridge News. Please limit length to
                                450 words and submit to editor@rockridge.org.                                 5366 College Avenue
 Views expressed in Op-Ed essays do not necessarily reflect those of The Rockridge News,                                   597-5017
 its editor, or the board of directors of the Rockridge Community Planning Council.                                      HOURS:
                                                                                                                  Mon, Tues: 12:30 – 8 p.m.
Broadway Safeway Project Ignores Neighborhood                                                          	
                                                                                                            Weds, Thurs,Tue: 10 a.m. –85:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                        Sat: 12:30 – p.m.
                                                                                                              Wed, Thu, Sat: 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                     Friday: 12 ––5:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                     Friday: 12 5:30 p.m.
by Rachel Grossman                                traffic flooding into Rockridge and adjacent                      Sunday: CLOSED
                                                                                                       Sunday and Monday: CLOSED

T    he Safeway rebuilding project at             areas, but it’s also about the serious health
                                                                                                       Library program details: See Calendar, page 15.
     Pleasant Valley and Broadway presents        problems caused by the emissions generated
an opportunity to revitalize the southern         by cars sitting in gridlock.
part of Rockridge, connect it with nearby         Alternative: Mixed Use                                The Rockridge News, founded in 1986 by Don Kinkead,
                                                                                                    is published monthly in Oakland and is sponsored by
walkable areas such as Piedmont Avenue                As an alternative, a mixed-use project        the Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC),
and Temescal, and serve as a gateway to           involving not only retail but also residential    a nonprofit public benefit organization founded to:
the Broadway corridor. A successful project       would be a vast improvement. There would          preserve and enhance the unique character of the
                                                                                                    Rockridge neighborhood; promote the health, safety
would require a radically different approach      still be significant traffic, but it would be     and quality of life of its residents; furnish a forum for
to the one Safeway is currently taking and        distributed over the course of the day as a       community involvement, and provide leadership and
that Oakland is too eagerly embracing.            function of varied land use.                      representation of neighborhood interests.
    Safeway’s design is disconnected from             A strong design concept would also                        Rockridge News Production
                                                                                                         Don Kinkead.......................Editor
the fabric of the Rockridge neighborhood          accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, and               Ortrun Niesar ..................... The Muse
and completely automobile-oriented. It will       those who use public transportation. It                Barry Kaufman ...................Food
                                                                                                         Jo Ellis ...................................Advertising &
substantially increase traffic and pollution      would integrate public spaces where friends,                                                       Community Calendar
without providing any significant civic           families and neighbors could meet. Modern              Theresa Nelson ....................Neighborhood Merchant
                                                                                                         Susan Montauk ...................Business Manager
asset. Is there a garden in the project? A        retail design employs those principles.                Don Kinkead.......................Graphics & Layout
dedicated pedestrian walkway? A real              Safeway and City Must Listen                           RCPC Board of Directors, 2012-2013
plaza? Benches? A single fountain? So far,            Let’s be honest: Safeway wants profits;            Andrew Charman ..............Chair
                                                                                                         Christopher Chin.............. Vice-Chair
the answers are no. Instead, Safeway has          the city wants tax revenue. The citizens of            Laura Schlichtmann ...........Secretary
presented a design where delivery bays for        Rockridge should also get something positive           Bernard Baltaxe .................Treasurer
                                                                                                         Stuart Flashman .................Chair Emeritus
big box stores invade a primary pedestrian        from the new shopping center.                        Virginia Hamilton, Michael Kan, William Kaufner,
pathway.                                              There’s a lot we can do to improve                   Don Kinkead, Lisa McNally, Greg Pasquali,
                                                                                                      Ronnie Spitzer, Zabrae Valentine, Ann Winterman
Inward-Facing Design                              this proposed project if we can persuade               Contact the board: chair@rockridge.org
    The proposed design (available on the         Safeway and the city to listen and to enter              For information: info@rockridge.org
city’s website or by appointment with City        into respectful dialogue with the public.         Newsletter subscriptioNs
Planner darin Ranelletti, 238-3663, e-mail        The approval process has been accelerated           To subscribe to The Rockridge News, send
dranelletti@oaklandnet.com) is completely         so the final vote will come in June or July
                                                                                                    your check for $20, payable to Rockridge News
                                                                                                    Subscriptions, to: Rockridge News Subscriptions at
inward-facing, raising a line of opaque walls     of this year. Then it goes to construction.       the address below.
along Broadway and Pleasant Valley, with          Now is the time to get involved.                  Contacting The Rockridge News
few actual store fronts and entry points.         Getting What You Want                                Are there community issues you’d like to see
                                                                                                         covered in The Rockridge News?
    Pedestrians or bicyclists attempting to           What do you want to see in this project?         Do you have questions about newsletter

access the shopping center from the College            Collaborate with neighbors after set-
                                                                                                       Want to volunteer to be a Rockridge News
Avenue direction and only reach an entry                 ting up a username and password at:             block captain?
by crossing a hazardous driveway/street                   www.neighborland.com/pleasantval-
                                                                                                       Would you like to write a letter to the Editor?
                                                                                                    Contact us at one of the following:
that serves as the primary entrance to the                leysafeway                                   Editor: editor@rockridge.org
three-story parking structure.                           Share opinions and ask for the               www.rockridge.org
                                                                                                       The Rockridge News, 4123 Broadway, PMB 311,
No Viable Public Transportation                           documentation and transparency               Oakland, CA 94611
    In its current form, the project fails to             you expect from city government              RCPC Voice-mail: 510/869-4200
offer viable public transportation options.               at: http://safewayrockridgedialogue.      Articles submitted for publication may be e-mailed
A bus stop on Broadway has been relocated                 blogspot.com                              to the above address. Submissions are limited to
                                                                                                    600 words; must include the author’s name, phone
to be closer to the center’s shopping street,            Contact district 1 Councilmember          number, e-mail address, and city or neighborhood
but there are no integrated bus stops or                  dan Kalb: dkalb@oaklandnet.com            of residence; and are subject to editing. To reprint
                                                                                                    a Rockridge News article, please contact the editor.
shuttles to BART stations.                               Contact dan Pryor, Safeway’s vice
    The Environmental Impact Report vastly                president of communications: dan.         Newsletter Advertising/Deadline
                                                                                                    Publication date of the next issue is:
underestimates the traffic challenges that                pryor@safeway.com
                                                                                                      May 4, 2013
will be caused by this significantly enlarged            Lobby the Planning Commission for the       May deadline is April 18, 2013
shopping center, claiming the problem can                 project you want to see: http://www2.     Advertising rates are $26/column inch. Six-
                                                                                                    month pre-pay rate available. For display ads,
be solved by fine-tuning the timing of a                  oaklandnet.com/Government/o/PBN/          call Jo Ellis at 653-3210 (after noon), or e-mail
few traffic lights. It’s clearly not just about           OurOrganization/PlanningZoning/o/         joellis1@hotmail.com. RCPC reserves the right
                                                                                                    to refuse any display or classified ad that it deems
the inconvenience of well over double the                 Commissions/index.htm                     inappropriate. (Classified ad contact, page 14.)
April 6, 2013                                                                                                                            3.
   RCPC Financial Report
     Posting Delayed                            RCPC Board Candidates: 2013 Election
D    ue to technical problems, publication
     of the Rockridge Community Planning
Council’s annual financial report in the
                                                Andrew E. Charman                               Bill Kaufner
April issue of The Rockridge News has
                                                Lawton Avenue                                   Taft Avenue

                                                I                                               I
been delayed. It will be published in the
                                                  joined the RCPC board                           would like to continue the
May 2013 newsletter.
                                                  to help preserve and                            work I am involved with
    Copies of the report will be available
                                                enhance Rockridge’s unique                      on the Rockridge Community Planning
to the community after April 25. Residents
                                                character as an “urban                          Council in the areas of Rockridge schools
who wish to receive a copy of the report
                                                oasis,” a neighborhood deftly                   and land use issues. The council helped
prior to the May newsletter publication
                                                balancing residential and commercial            work through the Safeway designs, and
should e-mail info@rockridge.org or write to
                                                uses, with well-preserved architecture and      the Caltrans 4th Bore mitigations, and has
RCPC, 4123 Broadway, PMB 311, Oakland,
                                                beautiful gardens, friendly to families, and    worked to bring exciting projects to fruition
CA 94611.
                                                amenable to pedestrians and cyclists.           including the BART plaza, and a dVd
                                                   I have served as vice-chair and chair        project for the Rockridge Library. Should I
City Releases                                   of the board, liaison to the Friends and
                                                Neighbors of College Avenue (FANs),
                                                                                                be granted another term, I look forward to
                                                                                                working for the gains from projects to come.
Soundwall Study                                 a neighborhood group concerned with
                                                Safeway’s expansion plans, Fourth Bore          Lisa McNally
Petitions                                       Coalition representative, and chair of
                                                RCPC’s Transportation Committee, which          62nd Street
by Victoria Eisen, Oakland Caldecott

                                                addresses issues concerning traffic, transit,
outreach coordinator                                                                               ’ve lived in Rockridge for

                                                and pedestrian and bicycle safety.
     ollowing the process presented at                                                             nearly three years after
                                                   I hope to continue to serve in these
     the September and January RCPC                                                             having lived in Piedmont
Town Hall meetings and in articles in the                                                       for four years. I live on 62nd
december 2012 and January 2013 issues of                                                        Street in a rare rental unit
The Rockridge News, the city of Oakland         Michael R. Kan                                  on a street of predominantly single-family
has released petitions that eligible property   Keith Avenue                                    homes. Civic engagement is important to
owners can use to indicate their support of

                                                                                                me, and being a part of an historic and
further study of two potential soundwalls              y name is Michael R.                     dynamic neighborhood planning group such
along eastbound and westbound SR-24 in                 Kan and I’ve had the                     as RCPC allows me to stay informed while
Rockridge (see January issue for map).          great opportunity to serve                      actively contributing to my community. I
    If at least two-thirds of these property    on the RCPC board both in                       believe that space informs a sense of place,
owners sign the petition by March 26,           an appointed and elected                        with our environment affecting how we
2014, the studies will be funded through        capacity. Serving on the RCPC board has         interact with others and shaping our personal
Oakland’s $8 million Caldecott Tunnel           been a great experience, working to preserve    development.
Settlement Agreement with Caltrans. If          the fabric of our community and bring
fewer than two-thirds sign, these funds will    the issues necessary to the enhancement
flow to pedestrian lighting and intersection    and preservation of our community to our
                                                                                                Greg Pasquali
improvement projects and other potential        neighbors.                                      Lawton Avenue

soundwall studies.                                 If re-elected, I would work to continue
    For more information, see w w w.            my efforts with the RCPC board to best            am running for the RCPC
fourthbore.org or contact Oakland Caldecott     serve our community. Thank you.                   boa rd because I a m
outreach coordinator Victoria Eisen at                                                          excited to help make this
victoria@eisenletunic.com or 510/525-0220.                                                                      ➧ Board Candidates, page 9

                                                                  RCPC Board Election Procedures
                                                 A    t the RCPC Town Hall meeting Thursday, April 18, five candidates – three
                                                      elected incumbents and two recent appointees to previously vacated seats
                                                 – will introduce themselves and describe their interest in RCPC Board service.
                                                 There will then be two opportunities to vote for the candidates of your choice.
                                                 Balloting will be held at the meeting on Thursday, April 18, and on Saturday, April
                                                 20, in the entryway or lobby of the Rockridge library, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
 The paint chips flaking from the pillars
 in the BART parking lot recently
                                                 ➧ Voter Eligibility: Persons age 18 and over who live within RCPC boundaries
 revealed a possible cause of the blight         are eligible to vote. Verification will be by driver’s license or DMV ID card showing
 lurking beneath the surface. /D. KinKeaD        an address within RCPC boundaries, depicted on the RCPC website at rockridge.org.
4.                                                                                                                             April 6, 2013

Gateway to History for Centennial Bash                                                           2013 Tech Auction a
Possible future
C l a re m o n t                                                                                 Smashing Success
                                                                                                 by Tech Auction Committee

Middle School
students strolling                                                                                    hank you to the Oakland community for
past the original                                                                                     supporting the 2013 “This Is It” auction,
entry gate to the
                                                                                                 our school’s most significant fundraiser.
school. In careless
storage since the                                                                                    We are pleased to report that we grossed
school was rebuilt, the                                                                          more than $85,000, a new record. The total
timeworn gate is now                                                                             includes 350 tickets sold, and income from
slated for restoration.                                                                          online, silent and live auctions.
The gate’s position                                                                                  We appreciate the generous donations
in the original school                                                                           from Rockridge businesses and residents
building, pictured
                                                                                                 to our auction. Your special items, food,
lower right, was inside
the arched portico.                                                                              and generous gift certificates enabled us to
                                                                                  /D. K inKeaD   offer a tantalizing array of dinners, clothing,
by Lyn Hikida, Claremont/Chabot parent                                                           food, vacations, wine and outings to the

A    s Claremont Middle School celebrates
     its 100th birthday this year, efforts
are under way to restore the historic gate
                                                                                                 Tech community.
                                                                                                     Funds raised at our annual auction touch
                                                                                                 all areas of the school, from classroom
that may be the last remaining piece of the                                                      support to grounds beautification, from
original school. Claremont, along with other                                                     athletics to music, and from lab supplies
beautiful Oakland public schools from the                                                        to technology.
early 20th century, was deemed seismically                                                           Thank you to these Rockridge merchants
unsafe in the 1970s, when it was torn down                                                       for their generous support of the school and
and rebuilt.                                      school’s 100-year history.                     the auction:
    According to Claremont parent Kristofer           One alumna who plans to attend is            À Côté                  Namaste Yoga in
Brekke, who is leading the restoration            Charlotte Coomber, who attended Claremont                                  Rockridge
                                                                                                   Arellano Salon
campaign, the gate was saved but placed in        in the early 1940s. She and her junior high                              Oliveto Cafe &
                                                                                                   Atomic Garden
an interior courtyard, where it deteriorated      friends have been meeting annually for                                     Restaurant
                                                                                                   Bella Vita
from exposure to the elements. Today, the         lunch for more than 30 years. “My days                                   Pavé
gate stands at the corner of College Avenue       at Claremont were full of learning and
                                                                                                                           Pegasus New &
and Birch Court.                                  pleasure. Now we can look forward to the
                                                                                                   Ben ‘n Nick’s
                                                                                                                             Used Books
                                                                                                     Bar & Grill
    Brekke is researching multiple scenarios      next 100 years!”                                                         Pharmaca
for gate restoration, ranging from cosmetic           If you attended Claremont and have                                     Integrative
                                                                                                   Body, Mind & Spirit
repair and protection from fur ther               memories, photos or memorabilia to share,                                  Pharmacy
                                                                                                     Massage Therapy
deterioration to more extensive historic          please contact Claremont 8th grade parent          Center                Pizza Rustica Cafe
preservation. To donate to the gate restoration   Michelle Bilensky at mdb.pta.oakland@            Bosko’s Picture         Prez, Inc. Hair
project, visit www.claremontms.org.               gmail.com.                                         Framing               Rockridge Barber
Join in the Claremont Centennial                      Spread the word to family, friends,          Breema Clinic             Shop
                                                  neighbors, and Claremont alumni who

Celebration                                                                                        Brow Lounge             Rockridge Cafe
       ark your calendar for the Claremont        have moved from Rockridge. donate to the         Cole Coffee             Seven 7 Salon, Inc.
       Centennial Celebration, Saturday,          Claremont Fund in support of our cherished       Collins Plumbing        Spasso
June 1, 3 to 5 p.m.                               school. Visit the school website at www.         Diesel Bookstore
    Reunion festivities will take place in        claremontms.org to make a donation and/          Elizabeth H
                                                                                                                           Stella Karakasi
the garden and on the school yard, with           or find out more about the plans.                Filippos
                                                                                                                           The Pasta Shop at
live music, special guest speakers, birthday          To help with the celebration outreach        Homesteader
                                                                                                                             Rockridge Market
cake and a display of memorabilia from the        and planning, contact Michelle Bilensky.
                                                                                                   In Full Swing           Toast Wine Lounge
                                                                                                   Katrina Rozelle         Tootsies Rockridge
Claremont Thanks                                  and will be sending $6,000 to enhance the
                                                  Claremont Middle School music program.
                                                                                                   La Farine
                                                                                                                           Trader Joe’s
                                                                                                                             College Avenue

Chabot for Support                                   This kind of support makes a very big
                                                  difference and is much appreciated. The
                                                                                                   LOOT                    Transports

                                                                                                   Maison D’Être           Uzen Japanese
     huge thank you from the Claremont            Claremont Middle School PTA Music                Market Hall Foods         Cuisine
     Middle School community to the               Committee will begin immediately to put          Moderne Eye             Vero for Hair
Chabot School community for the support           the funds to use and report back on the            Optometry             Vino!
and energy shared at the March auction.           progress made.                                   Mr. John’s Dog          Zachary’s Chicago
Chabot families stepped up in a big way                                                              Grooming                Pizza
April 6, 2013                                                                                                                                     5.
                                               The RCPC Land Use Committee meets the fourth Wednesday of the month
                                               at the Rockridge Branch Library, upstairs meeting room, 7:30 p.m. Next
                                               meeting: Wednesday, April 24. Topics will include updates on the College Avenue
                                               Safeway and Rockridge Shopping Center projects, as well as possible discussion of the
                                               zoning ordinance’s off-street parking requirement and tightening up College Avenue
                                               zoning. (Subject to change. Check www.rockridge.org for updates .)
                                                 Land Use Meeting Agendas: Contact                       aol.com) for a copy of the current Land Use
Land Use Update                                Stuart Flashman (652-5373 or e-mail stuflash@             Committee meeting agenda.
by Stuart Flashman, RCPC Land Use
Committee chair                                take the community by surprise. The first                 comment period on the draft Environmental
 College Avenue Safeway                       group of drawings have just been released,                Impact Report (EIR) closed last month,
   Project: College & Claremont                and, at first glance, don’t appear to contain             and the city and its consultants are now
   Avenues                                     anything alarming. However, the architects                working on preparing responses to the many
    This project was approved by the City      in the groups will review them carefully.                 comments received.
Council last december, with the final              Construction of the project will probably                 Representatives of RCPC, Piedmont
project a result of a settlement negotiated    begin towards the end of 2013, and is                     Avenue, and Temescal community groups
between Safeway and neighborhood groups        expected to last about a year.                            met with our new council member, dan
(including RCPC). Safeway is now in the         Rockridge Shopping Center:                              Kalb, and with darin Ranelletti (238-3663,
midst of converting the pretty pictures            Rebuild and Expansion                                 dranelletti@oaklandnet.com), the planner
presented to the City Council into the             Project, Broadway & Pleasant                          handling the project, to discuss community
working drawings that will guide the actual        Valley Avenue                                         concerns and how the Final EIR will address
construction. The settlement agreement calls       This project would, in three phases,                  them. Two topics were uppermost – housing
for periodic meetings between Safeway          replace the current shopping center with                  and traffic.
and the community groups as construction       an expanded center, enlarging the Safeway                     Safeway’s master lease with the owner
preparations move forward to ensure that       from 50,000 to 65,000 sq. ft. and adding                  of the shopping center property prohibits
any last-minute changes in the project don’t   120,000 sq.ft. of retail and office space. The            any residential use on the site. All the
                                                                                                         community groups, and several planning
                                                                                                         commissioners, felt this was unfortunate, and
             LAW OFFICES OF
                                                                                                         that the community would be better served if
    KYLE M. JOHNSTON                                                                                     the project included a residential component.
                    5315 COLLEGE AVE.                                                                    Council member Kalb has promised to try to
                     OAKLAND, CALIF.                              Design, Installation and Maintenance   arrange a meeting with the property owner
                                                                                                         to discuss whether the prohibition against
                                                                  Native Plant Gardens & Stonework
                    510.527.1880                                                                         residences can be modified.
                     CALL FOR YOUR FREE
                    INITIAL CONSULTATION
                                                                                                             Of the many traffic concerns raised by
                                                                                                         the project, perhaps the most important has
 PROBATE LAW ♦ WILLS & TRUSTS ♦ FAMILY LAW        Andrea Hurd, Horticulturist and Stonemason             been the prospect of increased cut-through
   WWW.KYLEMJOHNSTON.COM                          License #883905 h tel. 510.558.8429
                                                                                                         traffic on nearby residential streets. The
                                                                                                         draft EIR dismissed         ➧ Land Use, page 9
6.                                                                                                                                               April 6, 2013

DaVita lanDscaping

               Scenic Streets (File)
pRoposal /Courtesy                                                          Letters to the Editor
R enDeRing of

                                                                            The Rockridge News welcomes letters to the editor. Your name, address, phone
                                                                            number, e-mail address and city/neighborhood must be included for verification.
                                                                            Only your name will appear with your letter. Letters may be edited for clarity
                                                                            and brevity at the editor’s discretion. Views expressed in any letter are the
                                                                            writer’s own, and may not necessarily be shared by the editor, or by RCPC.

DaVita Edges Closer                                   Safeway Ad Banners Don’t Fit                              these should go away much sooner than
to Landscape                                          Editor:
                                                      I recently noticed the tall banners that have
                                                                                                                that, here are some people to contact:
                                                                                                                  y George Arias, Safeway district

Renovations                                           gone up around Safeway advertising their
                                                      gas promotion with Chevron. I think they are
                                                                                                                     manager (covering our Rockridge/
                                                                                                                     College Avenue store):
by Sean Riley, Local Resident

                                                                               totally hideous and                   925/516-7137
      aVita dialyisis Corporation hopes                                        out of synch with                  y Wendy Gutshall, Safeway Public
      to break ground on landscaping                                           both the aesthetics                   Affairs for Northern California:
renovations to its Claremont Avenue                                            and signage of our                    925/467-3000, or e-mail: wendy.
facility this summer, according to Peter                                       neighborhood.                         gutshall@safeway.com
Lund, founder of Scenic Streets, a local                                           I spoke with the                I’m also going to be in touch with the
volunteer group.                                                               store manager. She               Planning department to see if Safeway has
    Scenic Streets has been negotiating                                        said there’s nothing             a permit for these signs. (And, if they do,
improvements to the prominent property at                                      she can do about it,             why was there no request for neighborhood
the corner of Clifton Street and Claremont                                     and the signs will be            comment?)
for nearly two years. The removal of blight                                    up for the next four                Thanks so much for your help in keeping
and addition of greenery promised by daVita                                    months. If you are               our neighborhood as lovely as it can be.
last summer remain eagerly anticipated by                                      like me and think                — Laura Mytels
local residents and businesses.
    Lund reports that daVita claims to have
provided property owner Jim Falaschi
of Transbay Holding with the necessary
documentation several months ago. Falaschi’s
approval is the last significant hurdle before
work can begin.
    Falaschi did not return calls from The             INTERIOR-EXTERIOR LEAd
Rockridge News regarding the status of                     CERTIFIEd PAINTERS
the paperwork.
                                                      Professional preparation. Many local

   a cross-cultural congregation
  striving to partner with
                                                        references. All work Guaranteed
                                                                 (510) 654-3339

          the Rockridge community
      in lifestyle and service.                                            Specializing in Rockridge Real Estate
                                                           with the most real estate transactions in Rockridge from 2011 to 2013
    College Avenue Presbyterian Church                  Inventory levels remain low, and buyer demand is very high. This makes it a great window of time to
          5951 College Avenue, Oakland 510 658-3665
    Sunday worShip 10:30 aM • Visit: capcchurch.org
                                                        sell. Call for a free home evaluation!
    our wonderful community meal, fridays, 6-7pm        PENDING:
            a great opportunity to serVe
                                                        •	3BD++/2BA	 on	 main	 level	 &	 1BD+/1BA	 legal	 in-law	 unit	 on	 lower	 level,	 combined	 for	 a	 grand
                                                        	 4000sf	4BD	3BA	stately	home	@	5932	Ocean	View	Dr	in	Chabot	District.
                                                        •	2BD,	2BA	@	5335	Lawton	Ave,	Chabot	Dist.	w/	FP,	large	bonus	room,	yard,	garage.	Sold	@	$870,000.	
                                                        COMING SOON:
                                                        •	2BD,	2BA	in	Peralta	School	Dist.	w/	cute	detached	art/work	studio.		
                                                        •	Any	and	all	properties.	There	is	a	shortage	of	supply	in	all	size	homes	and	investment	properties.
                                       Lic. 691894

                                                                                                    Happy Spring!
                                                                                                                                                        L A W T O N

                                                                                               Call for a real local expert opinion.
                                                                                      Perry Riani, Senior Real Estate Specialist
                                                                                        Lawton Associates DRE# 01402540
         Martin Coyle  510-655-8717 Mike Tracy                                                      510.813.3799
           5221 James Ave. Oakland Ca. 94618                                                    priani@earthlink.net                                   A S S O C I A T E S

                                                                                                                                                       R EAL E STATE
                                                                              LAWTON ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE
                                                                                                                                                       B R O K E R A G E
April 6, 2013                                                                                                                                7.
Lower Rockridge Parents Group Sets 12th Annual Community Sale
T    he Lower Rockridge Parents Group
     (LRPG) holds its annual Community
Yard & Bake Sale Saturday, April 20,
                                                   neighborhood moms who had two specific
                                                   goals in mind: to build community support
                                                   for Peralta, their neighborhood elementary
                                                                                                   opportunity for friends and neighbors to
                                                                                                   do some spring cleaning, shop for great
                                                                                                   stuff, meet new friends, catch up with old
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. The sale, proceeds of which        public school, and to increase the general      friends, and/or have coffee and a brownie
benefit Peralta Elementary and Claremont           level of community within the Lower             in one of Peralta’s many gardens.
Middle schools, is held on the Peralta School      Rockridge neighborhood.                             This Yard Sale is like no other – it’s one
playground on Alcatraz Avenue between                  One LRPG event has become an annual         of the East Bay’s largest and has raised over
Telegraph Avenue and dana Street.                  rite of spring – the Annual Community           $38,000 to help support our neighborhood
    LRPG was founded in 2001 by three              Yard Sale Benefit. The event is a great                        ➧ Peralta Yard Sale, page 9

Rockridge’s New BART Rep Has Change in Mind for Trains and Board
by Rebecca Saltzman                                                                                connections. I will be working with AC

                                                                              District 3
        y name is Rebecca Saltzman, and I                                     BART rep             Transit to improve connections between
        am the recently elected BART Board                                    Rebecca              buses and BART.
Member for district 3, which includes                                                                  I’m thrilled about the new Rockridge
                                                                              wants to
Rockridge.                                                                    improve              BART plaza, which connects the BART
    I’m excited to represent Rockridge on the                                 connections          station to the surrounding neighborhood
board. For five years, I lived a short walk                                   between              and adds inviting public open space. I
away from the Rockridge BART station and                                      BART and             greatly appreciate the hard work and the
used it frequently.                                                           ACTransit.           vision of the Rockridge community and
    I have advocated for transit, bicycle, and                                     /R. saltzman    my predecessor, director Bob Franklin, in
pedestrian issues in Oakland and the East          are purchasing new rail cars, replacing the     making this project happen.
Bay for many years. When I’m not at BART,          train control system, and expanding the             I will work with the Rockridge community
I’m Government Affairs Manager for the             Hayward maintenance facility.                   to further improve the BART station and
California League of Conservation Voters,              Reinvesting in our core system is my        BART service, and I’d love to hear your ideas.
where I help pass state laws protecting our        number one priority as a BART director.         Please e-mail me at RebeccaForBART@
transit systems and environment.                   I am also working to increase access to         gmail.com or leave a phone message for
    It’s an exciting but also a challenging        the BART board and our decisions. I have        me at 510/464-6095.
time at BART. Ridership is rapidly growing,        proposed holding board meetings in the              The BART board meets every 2nd and
approaching 400,000 average weekday                evenings, when working people can attend,       4th Thursday of the month at 9 a.m. in
ridership. The system is more than 40 years        and the board will address this proposal        downtown Oakland. The public is invited
old, and growing ridership is stressing BART       soon. I want to make it easier to access        to attend and provide comment on agenda
infrastructure. To keep BART reliable, we          BART board materials online.                    items or general comment. You can also
need to reinvest in our aging system. BART             Another one of my priorities is improving   watch BART meetings online live or
has billions of dollars in capital replacement     access to BART stations, particularly by        archived. Learn more about the board and
and improvement needs. Our biggest needs           increasing transit, bike, and pedestrian        its meetings at www.bart.gov/board.

                         st t
                       Li Jus

                             5486 Kales               5344 Shafter            5347 James

                                  Daniel Stea                                   Rockridge
                                   Broker/Owner/                               and beyond
                                                                               since 1997
8.                                                                                                                                   April 6, 2013

   A Stellar Store                                                                The Neighborhood MerchaNT
    for Women                                                                                       by   Theresa NelsoN

T      he open, clean lines of the Stella
       Carakasi store echo the smooth and
       wearable styles of the clothing and
accessories. Every woman I saw who entered
the store was drawn to the flowing lines and
                                                  Winning Ways cardigan.
                                                      The clothing comes in sizes from 4 to
                                                  18, is aimed at fitting many sizes and shapes
                                                                                                                     Stella Carakasi
                                                                                                           5410 College Avenue | 510/658-5410
                                                                                                               Open 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily
interesting cut of the varied separates in        of women. The store offers complimentary                    Yarra McClure, Store Manager
organic fabrics and luscious colors.              hemming so that the fit is perfect. And
    Bearing the name of the designer Stella       because their headquarters is in Berkeley, a                                       Store
Carakasi, who for 20 years has had the design     different size or color can usually be easily                                      Yarra
studio and catalog Two Star dog, this is the      gotten. Accessories include a wrap belt in                                         McClure
signature store for her new line of clothing      Havana (brown) or Caviar (black) that fits                                         models
that combines a casual California style           over various tunics and dresses, and floaty                                        the store’s
with a European architectural sensibility.        scarves dipped in multiple coordinating                                            clothing in
They offer eight seasonal collections each        colors or studded with small silver disks to                                       its website
                                                                                                                                     videos. She
year, with each collection building on the        complement many of the outfits.                                                    enjoys the
previous ones, allowing customers to build a          In addition to the beautiful clothes, the                                      friendliness
wardrobe of certain basics and adding new         store carries a variety of stunning jewelry,                                       of the
colors and styles over time.                      ranging from earrings at $18 and necklaces                                         Rockridge
    The fabrics are almost all soft and drape     that start at $26 – perfect for a quick gift or                                    area.
beautifully, and for spring include organic                                                                                               /D. KinKeaD
                                                  to add something to an outfit. The Karine
cotton, linen jersey, printed georgette, twill,   Sultan line from Paris includes wear-with-             stingray. Zina Kao from Emeryville shows
Tencel® cotton, and wool-silk blends. Winter      anything double and triple strands of small            jewelry made of a series of delicate disks,
fabrics include boiled wool, alpaca, hemp and     linked disks in rose gold or sterling silver           simply and with a lot of style.
cotton sateen, and the clothing is all made       with matching earrings, and a bold rose                    Store manager Yarra McClure noted that
in the USA. Ranging from tops, cardigans          gold over pewter cuff. Lauren Wolf from                she finds the neighborhood “awesome, really
and tunics to jackets, dresses, skirts and        Oakland shows ocean-inspired jewelry,                  friendly, a great area for women to shop for
shrugs, all the pieces work together in a         some featuring a texture like the skin of a                             ➧ Stella Carakasi, page 9
variety of interesting combinations, and
almost all are wash and wear.
    The early spring collection included
colors like Bliss (taupe), Haze (pale grey),                                                                                       3rd Floor
and Aloe, a lovely green, along with black                                                                                  TM
                                                                                                                                   Market Hall
and white. Up next is the spring collection,
which includes Lemongrass, Havana (a                                       510.653.6677             rockdent.com                    Ste. 312
warm brown) and Apricot, along with a
beautiful new print. Each collection adds                                        Bruce D. Fong, D.D.S.
seasonal colors to the neutrals and basics
to build a wardrobe.                                                         Filippo Cangini, D.D.S, M.S.
    The separates all have interesting names
                                                      Advanced Preventive, Restorative, Periodontal Gum Care, and Dental Implants.
as well. You can try on the basic Sure Thing
Tee, the floaty Cloud Cover Tunic, the Ready
To Wear Leggings, the long-ish After All
Tunic, the simple Front Page Pants, the
lined Ever After Skirt, the Headliner Tunic
layering a print tunic over a chiffon under
tunic, the draped Made You Look Tunic, the
day Tripper pants with inverted pleat front,
and the Second to None Tunic. Many of the
styles feature gentle draping, unusual twists
and asymmetrical cuts that flatter almost
every shape and size. The website offers
more info on the collections, and even has
a video of store manager Yarra McClure
showing three ways to wear their lovely
April 6, 2013                                                                                                                                           9.
FROG Park & Creek: Earth Day Call to Action                                                                   Redondo and Cavour parks for the creek site.
                                                                                                              Questions? E-mail info@frogpark.org.
by Howard Ferrier, volunteer                            the creek flow.
coordinator, Friends of the Rockridge-                      We will weed, sweep, sift, seal, clean              FROG Notes:
Temescal Greenbelt (FROG) Park                          and, in general, do the things needed to

                                                                                                                 Next       Frog
   oin your neighbors for a community work              keep the park up to snuff for our children              meeting: April 9.
   day on Earth day, Saturday, April 20,                and community members to enjoy.                         Please e-mail info@
9 a.m. to noon.                                             This is your chance to pitch in to show             frogpark.org for
    We will remove debris and trim the                  you care about FROG Park, and to make                   details.
plants around the park. Even an hour of your            a difference in keeping it clean and fun                 First Saturday Clean Up Reminder:
time will make a difference. There will be              for everyone as we work with the city to                The next family-friendly First Saturday
kid-friendly jobs and families are welcome              support our park.                                       cleanup is May 4. Join Oakland Tech
but childcare is not provided.                              There will be tasks for all ages. Bring             Community Club students to rake,
    The dMV Neighbors Association is                    gloves and hand pruners if you have them,               plant and tackle family-friendly tasks.
                                                                                                                   Meet at Big Frog (Hardy Circle),
coordinating clearing the creek bed and                 marked with your name. Other tools will
                                                                                                                10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Park remains open
cleaning up along the Greenbelt between                 be provided on-site.                                    during the clean up. Rain cancels.
Clifton and Redondo playgrounds to get                      Sign in with FROG at Hardy Park at                              Carol Behr, FROG Chair
ready for the creek to flow again. Also, the            Claremont and Hudson for the park cleanup                Friends of the Rockridge Greenbelt
pond will be cleaned out in preparation for             and with the dMV Neighbors Association at

Board Candidates Peralta Yard Sale Land Use
from page 3                                             from page 7                                           from page 5

Greg Pasquali, cont’d                                   public schools. Through the years, LRPG               the project’s effects on this traffic as
                                                        Yard Sale proceeds help support music,                insignificant, but the neighborhood groups
great neighborhood even better. Since my
                                                        art, physical and science education at both           are united in insisting that a more thorough
wife and I moved to Rockridge a year ago,
                                                        Peralta and Claremont. Collaboration among            study is needed.
we’ve been really happy with the strong
                                                        the schools’ communities, neighbors and                   Presently, the only measure the city
sense of community, great events, and
                                                        businesses has helped buoy Peralta and                uses for traffic impacts is congestion, as
beautiful neighborhood.
                                                        Claremont during difficult financial times.           measured by intersection level of service
   I’ve worked for progressive urban
                                                            Items not sold will be donated to other           calculations. However, cut-through traffic
planning and development organizations
                                                        charities. Past charities receiving donated           can destroy a residential community’s peace,
in Oakland that focus on making cities and
                                                        items include Clausen House, Elizabeth                quiet, and safety even if the traffic isn’t
neighborhoods more livable and sustainable
                                                        House, Bananas, Alta Bates Thrift Shop                slowing to a crawl.
by building buildings that positively impact
                                                        and The Salvation Army.                                   The groups are pushing the city to find
their neighborhoods, making public spaces
                                                            donations still welcome.                          better ways to measure traffic impacts on
safer and more beautiful, and giving people
new transportation options.                             If you have questions about the sale and/or want      residential streets. The groups also suggested
                                                        to donate or volunteer, please contact Chris Moraes   that the city report back to the community
                                                        at chris@ridebrazil.com.                              on how it’s dealing with this and other
                                                                                                              important issues before it finalizes and
                                                                                                              issues the final EIR and moves ahead on
                                                                                                              considering project approval.
                                                                                                                  At the moment, the city says it expects
                                                                                                              to publish the final EIR early this summer.

                         Rockridge Market Continues to Heat Up
                                                                                                              Stella Carakasi
    Closing date BR BA     Address                     Original price   List price   DOM     Selling price    from page 8
       3/12/13 3     1     6100 Taft Avenue            $869,000         $869,000     15      $1,050,000
       3/16/13 1     1     320 51st Street             $409,000         $409,000     13      $450,000         a variety of clothing, and the merchants are
       3/21/13 4     2     5355 Broadway               $825,000         $825,000     16      $910,000
                                                                                                              all very supportive and welcoming of each
                                                                                                              other.” She noted that women who have
      Average original list price to sales price is currently 114% vs 99% last year · Median sold price       bought Stella Carakasi clothing on the East
       is currently $910,000 vs. $585,500 last year · Properties are selling in an average of 15 days ·       Coast often visit this signature store when in
                                There is a one month supply of active inventory                               the Bay Area, since it is only a short BART
                                                                                                              ride from San Francisco. So take a walk on
                                                                                                              College Avenue and stop by Stella Carakasi,
                                                                                                              a half-block from the Rockridge Library.
10.                                                                                                                             April 6, 2013
                                                happy to pay for. But, as more fundraising      galore. Buy a raffle ticket and you might

                 The                            events enter the field, competition for
                                                donation dollars rises, pushing event
                                                                                                win the grand prize, a week’s stay in
                                                                                                a beautiful beachfront villa in Mexico,

                                                planners to of fer ever-more exciting           complete with cook and chauffeur. For
                                                themes, competitive prices, convenient          more information, see www.ligureclub.com .
                                                dates and enticing food and beverages.                The Annual Luncheon Benefit
                                                    Event location is critical. The winning     for Oakland’s Elizabeth House,

              Muse                              location this year is the Uptown Body
                                                and Fender Building on 26th Street , a
                                                noisy, hip environment where you can
                                                                                                located in Rockridge, will be held at the
                                                                                                Claremont Country Club April 25. This
                                                                                                is a more reserved event. Be prepared
                by Ortrun Niesar                dance and not worry if an hors d’oeuvre         to bid on some beautiful and substantial
                                                falls on the floor.                             items, such as a one-week vacation on
The Growing Need for                            The April/May Line-Up                           Galway Bay in the west of Ireland. The
Community Fundraising                              We ad mire t he P TA s of C h a b ot         goal is to raise $50,000 to help sustain
                                                Elementary School, Claremont Middle             Elizabeth House’s residential program for
E   very year, as soon as the weather
    warms, local fundraising events spring
up like daffodils all around our community.
                                                School , and Oak land Tech for t heir
                                                great successes in March. Now, three
                                                                                                women and children. Visit oakehouse.
                                                                                                org/events for more information.
                                                more events:                                          The Peralta in Bloom Spring
    Fundraising is something all of our
                                                     The Ligure Club’s “La Dolce                Festival 2013, open to the community,
schools and 501c(3) charitable institutions
                                                Vita IV” takes place April 20 at the            will be held May 18 from noon to 4 p.m
rely on these days to fulfill their missions.
                                                Fratellanza Club, 1140 60th Street. This        on the Peralta School grounds, 460 63rd
Most missions are designed to help fill a
                                                annual wine tasting event, raffle and silent    Street. The event, “Art Making,” is built
basic human need that has fallen between
                                                auction raises funds for the Ligure Inc.        around school and children and is largely
the cracks in our social system.
                                                Scholars Fund. If you like freewheeling,        dependent for success on sponsorships.
    If it’s parks and libraries we want ,
                                                noisy events, go to this one. There will        To help, contact Tara Horton at 510/333-
enriched education or restoration of
that historic gate at Claremont Middle          be food and music and fun and games             2580 or tara.mcculoch@gmail.com .
School, it’s up to us as a community to
raise the necessary funds.
    Org aniz at ions l arge or sm all are
getting better at it all the time. Your
talent and time are needed. Volunteer,
and you will find out just how involved
and complex a good fundraiser can be...
and how rewarding.                                                                                   Rockridge: 5400 College Avenue
                                                                                                     Elmwood: 2930 College Avenue
      Putting the Fun                                                                                 Weekend Brunch in Elmwood
      Into Fundraising
    To ask for money without making
people feel they are being pressured is a                            $5 FREE DRYCLEANING with garment orders over $28
lot easier if the objective is coated with                                              or $3 OFF orders over $15
activities that people enjoy and will be                                        Dry Cleaning only  Present with incoming order
                                                                                                       Garden Cleaners
                                                                         EXPERT            5808 College Avenue, Oakland
                                                                          SHIRT                      601-1188
                                                                     LAUNDERING!                    Mon – Fri 7 – 7 • Sat 8 – 6
                                                                                               Across from Trader Joe’s and Zachary’s Pizza

                                                                                               24      Years         in     Rockridge

                                                                                               Highest Sales Prices +
                                                                                               Lowest Commissions
                                                     (510) 428-0757                                  realtyadvocates.com
April 6, 2013                                                                                                                                           11.
                                                                                                                  “I’m a Hudson address, but they let us
                                                                                                              in,” says Annie Goglia. “It’s really nice to
                                                                                                              have a sense of community.”
                                                                                Sara Robb, left, and              “The organizing plan is two soups and
                                                                                Deborah Putnam,               bring stuff,” Greg Robb offered. “Stuff” is
                                                                                who started her
                                                                                                              salads, breads, side dishes, desserts, drinks.
                                                                                block’s monthly
                                                                                Soup Nights,
                                                                                                              “Sometimes there’s a theme – like Indian
                                                                                display a T-shirt             or Mexican.”
                                                                                commemorating the                 “We never know how many are coming,”
                                                                                fact that most of the         Sara says. And since no foods are assigned,
                                                                                houses of the Boyd            it can be heavy on one thing or another. “But
                                                                                Avenue Soup Night             no one ever goes home hungry.”
                                                                                neighbors were built              This night, no theme. To sample the
                                                                                one hundred years             soups, we headed to the kitchen where two
                                                                                ago.                          big pots simmered on the stove. Labels
                                                                                              /JuDith BeRne
                                                                                                              identified them as ‘Pozole’ (a Mexican pork
                                                                                                              and hominy stew) served with sour cream
When “Soup’s On,” a Neighborhood Gathers                                                                      and chopped onion, and ‘Curried Lentil.’
                                                                                                              One soup is always vegetarian.
by Judith Doner Berne                                       by her down-the-street friend, Sara Robb.

                                                                                                                  Gary Sponholtz, a three-year resident,
     very February, in the heart of our mostly                  As we all filed into the Robbs’ cozy
                                                                                                              says he relishes both the home-cooking and
     cloudy, cold winters back in the suburbs               home, we found a group already gathered
                                                                                                              interaction with his neighbors.
of detroit, I hosted a soup party for 10-12                 around the dining room table, filled by a
                                                                                                                  “By this kind of connection, we get to
(depending on who was not in Florida) of                    potpourri of side dishes – with desserts on
                                                                                                              talk about issues like honey mushrooms
our good friends.                                           a nearby buffet.                                  (the Armillaria fungus that invades trees
    I would generally make one soup,                            Putnam doesn’t remember exactly how           and shrubs), offer gardening tips and
someone would bring at least one other,                     many years ago Soup Night began. Sara             exchange seeds,” Sponholtz says. “We bring
and the rest would chime in with salad,                     thinks it was seven or eight. “I saw an article   embellishments and good California wines.
bread and dessert.                                          in Sunset Magazine about how a woman              We’re foodies and wineys.”
    On moving here, going on two years                      new to her neighborhood came up with a                Margaret Garms signs up each month’s
ago, I’ve thought about hosting something                   soup party to meet her neighbors,” Putnam         host and e-mails everyone the information. “I
similar. But, truth to tell, it’s taken us that             says. “I copied her idea.”                        lean on people a little bit if I need volunteers.
long to acquire enough friends. And winter                      She started with two soups and 10             Everyone has almost the same house, so no
here is mostly sunny and warm, by Midwest                   homes. It grew to encompass the rest of           one’s embarrassed.”
standards.                                                  the block, occasionally taking in a stray             (Indeed, last July a block party celebrating
    Recently, however, I discovered that                    from a neighboring street, house guests or        the 100th anniversary of many of the block’s
soup parties aren’t necessarily subject to                  visiting relatives.                               Craftsman bungalows took the place of the
old friends and weather.                                        “We’re interlopers,” acknowledges Jane        usual soup affair.)
    As we pulled up to Sara and Greg Robb’s                 Courant. She and husband Michael Gliksohn             “Our conversations range from talking
house on Boyd Avenue, we saw two groups                     have been coming for a few months although        about our families – kids and grandkids – to
walking, bowls and spoons in hand.                          they live a block away. “We’ve met so many        politics, to the neighborhood, to how we’re
    No, they weren’t looking for a hand-out.                nice people.”                                     renovating our homes, to vacations we’re
They, like us, were headed to the block’s                       “It’s wonderful, delicious and neat           taking or have taken,” Sara says. “And that’s
monthly Soup Night, initiated by long-time                  to know people in the neighborhood,”              just a few of the topics.”
resident deborah Putnam, aided and abetted                  Gliksohn says.                                        “It’s a real community builder,” says
                                                                                                              Roger Howland, who attended with his wife
                                                                                                              Lisa, daughters, Emily, 20 .and Madeleine,
                                         Announcing a NEW Sunday evening Mass                                 16, and Madeleine’s boyfriend. “Whenever
                                              Faith for the iPod generation!
                                                       on the following dates                                 we can make it, we’re here,” he says.
                                                April 21st, May 26th, and June 30th                               But all the news exchanged at this month’s
                                                         Sundays, 6:00 p.m.                                   event wasn’t pleasant. Kevin Kuo, a senior at
                                                     Powerful & relevant liturgy
                                                                                                              California College of the Arts, detailed how
   Saint Augustine Catholic Church
  400 Alcatraz Ave • Oakland, CA 94609   Contemporary music - A new time for busy schedules
                                                                                                              he had been mugged a couple of weeks ago,
                          Also join us Saturdays, 5:00 p.m. Mass and                                          walking home from an evening class. He
                          Sundays, 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses
                                                                                                              had already put out an e-mail so everyone
      Watch us live via webcam every Sunday (8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. )                                       would be extra -cautious. He now rides his
                                                                                                              bike to evening classes.
                 Please visit our website: www.staugustineoakland.com
                                                                                                                                     ➧ Soup’s On, page 12
12.                                                                                                                             April 6, 2013

                 Claremont Avenue Newsletter Routes Available to You Now
                     W      e are looking for a replacement
                            for Michelle Beaudoin who
                     faithfully delivered The Rockridge
                                                                   neighborhood and hopes someone
                                                                   will volunteer to keep her Rockridge
                                                                   readers abreast of the news. Call
                                                                                                            minutes once a month delivering to:
                                                                                                            Route 20A: On Claremont from
                                                                                                             5900 even numbers up Claremont
                     News to residents along Claremont             510/547-3855 or e-mail smontauk@          to former Shell station.
                     Avenue for many years. She has                gmail.com if you are ready, willing      Route 21G: Along the odd numbers
                     reluctantly moved out of her beloved          and available to spend about 20           of 6000 Claremont

                                                town. “We’re missing an anthropologist, our
Soup’s On                                       geologist and our art professor,” Howland
from page 11                                    tells me. “It’s a cast of characters. It’s a          April Town Hall Agenda:
                                                lot of fun.”                                              • Councilmember Dan Kalb
   As the youngest person attending on his           “We’ve all gotten much closer through                talks about his expectations
own, Kuo is grateful for the Soup Nights as     this,” Sara says. “I just hate it when I miss. We         for Oakland and Rockridge
“a place people can gather. We need more        all feel much more of a sense of community
community,” he says.                            warmth, friendliness, safety and support.                  • Election of RCPC board of
   I counted 20 people this night. Sara says    It’s a way for neighbors to become friends.”               directors members
they vary between 20 and 40. Indeed, founder    Judy Berne welcomes your comments and column              Details, Agenda box page 1.
Putnam and husband Bob Hale were out of         ideas. You can reach her at judyberne@att.net.

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                                                         family eyecare providers
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April 6, 2013                                                                                                             13.
                                Dan Kalb                                          NCPC Role in Crime Reduction
                                                                                      As an existing crime reduction strategy,
                                from page 1                                       Kalb supports Neighborhood Crime
                                                                                  Prevention Councils as providing a good
                                time, he noted, “has no veto authority and        place to share crime tips and information,
                                can only break a council tie vote, but since      both at their regular meetings and on
                                council members are allowed to abstain,           the various group listservs. Patterns can
                                there are few ties to break.”                     be recognized and communicated to the
                                    day-to-day operation of the city is left to   Problem Solving Officers (PSO) attending
                                the City Administrator, including the hiring      the meetings. Neighborhood Watch groups
                                and firing of department heads and staff. The     are also important, he believes.
                                mayor can appoint people to commissions,          Rockridge Zoning
                                some of which have lots of authority, but             Kalb said that he supports Rockridge’s
                                “that may be the most significant thing the       current CN-1 zoning, but he also said, “I
                                mayor has.” In the end, the mayor gets either     am definitely open to considering more
                                the credit or the blame for city policies.        requirements on conditional use permits
                                Community Concerns: Crime                         and variances,” while also noting that not
                                    during his door-to-door campaigning,          all district 1 neighborhoods have the same
                                Kalb said he heard from Rockridge residents       needs. He cited the interest that San Pablo
                                – and many others in the larger district – that   Avenue area residents in the Golden Gate
                                they want more of a police presence. “Every       neighborhood have in more housing and
                                part of Rockridge has gotten more crime           retail development.
                                in recent years than residents have been          Local Schools
                                used to.” Thus, he supported the hiring of            “The biggest factor of how well a student
                                the Strategic Policy Partnership consulting       does in school is home life,” Kalb believes.
                                team headed by Robert Wasserman.                  Suggesting a return to the view that the
                                    “I am hopeful that the strategies and         primary responsibility for student success
                                recommendations that come out of the              lies with the family, rather than the school,
                                consulting team will be helpful,” he said.        he believes it would be beneficial for young
                                He also said that he thought the reforms          students if parents throughout the city would
                                being required of the police department in        take more responsibility for creating an
                                the wake of the “Riders” scandal would, in        environment more supportive of learning,
                                the long run, be beneficial in restoring trust    both in the school and at home, as a part
                                in the police, especially among the city’s        of the answer to public school children’s
                                minorities. As to why those reforms have          performance. While recognizing the role
                                taken so long to implement, he said he wasn’t     that intra-district transfers play in promoting
                                sure, but it appeared to him that the current     diversity, Kalb thinks that, ideally, children
                                city administration was making them a top         should attend schools near their homes. He
                                priority, an approach he approves.                said that he grew up being able to walk to
                                    Kalb added that whatever decisions are        his local school. He’d like to see Oakland’s
                                made in the redeployment of new police            schools improve to the point where every
                                resources in the future, “I want to make          neighborhood’s schools would be schools a
                                sure district 1 gets its fair share.”             parent would be happy to send their kids to.
                                    Kalb believes that, in addition to                Acknowledging the limited role of the
                                structural changes in policing, such as           city in school affairs, Kalb has already met
                                expanding investigative capacity with well-       with district 1 School Board member Jody
                                trained civilian personnel, a multifaceted        London and has committed to meeting with
                                approach to reducing crime is important:          her on a monthly basis to learn how he, and
                                “More police is one essential thing, and          the city, can better support the schools. “I
                                how they are deployed is another. How the         intend to be an active partner with Jody.”
                                department is structured is important, and        dan Kalb had more to say on these and other
                                working effectively with ex-offenders as          issues. Join him and your neighbors at RCPC’s
                                well as youth before they get started in the      April 18 Town Hall meeting at the Rockridge
                                criminal world also needs to be a part of         Branch Library for a full discussion.
                                the overall approach.”
                                    As to the result of crime reductions,
                Lic. #0670129
                                Kalb said, “I hope that feeling safer and
                                being safer end up being the same thing.”
                                                                                  Shopping? Find it in Oakland!
14.                                                                                                                               April 6, 2013

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                                                    experience. All ages, levels. Contact Janet      schedule, first 30 minutes discounted. Contact
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April 6, 2013                                                                                                                                                                     15.
E-mail Rockridge	 News Community Calendar items to: joellis1@hotmail.com, phone 653-3210 (after noon), or mail to:              (and other events and discussion groups): 653-9965
Rockridge	News Community Calendar, 4123 Broadway, PMB 311, Oakland, CA 94611. Deadline is the next to the last                  or events@dieselbookstore.com.
Tuesday of the month.                                                                                                          “Concert for a Cure” Benefit Show
                                                                                          Compiled by Jo Ellis

   Communit y Calendar
                                                                                                                                One of the featured acts is Rockridge rock band Dear
                                                                                                                                Indugu (hear them at www.dearindugu.com). This
                                                                                                                                is the final concert in the series to raise funds for the
                                                                                                                                Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This show will be
Neighborhood Crime Prevention                                     y Rockridge Ninjas: watch Anime. 4/9 and 5/14 from
                                                                                                                                filmed as part of a documentary on the Concert Series.
Council (NCPC)                                                      5-6:30 pm.
                                                                                                                                Sat., April 13, 9pm-12:30am (doors open 8pm). $8-15
                                                                  y Teen ‘Scape: Play video and board games; make
  Residents and business members engage in discussions                                                                          sliding scale (all proceeds donated); 21+ ;wheelchair
  about crime and public safety with representatives                crafts; light snacks provided. Every Wed., 2 to 4pm.
                                                                  FOR ADULTS                                                    accessible; kitchen open until 10pm. The Starry Plough,
  of OPD. 2nd Thursday each month, 7pm. Rockridge                                                                               3101 Shattuck Ave, 841-2082.
                                                                  y Writers Support/Critique Group: All writers welcome.
  Library, upstairs meeting room, 5366 College Ave.
  Confirm mtg. info at www.rockridgencpc.com or chair@              Bring 17 copies of up to 5 pgs. (double-spaced, MS         California College of the Arts (CCA)
  rockridgencpc.com.                                                margins) of any prose for on-site reading/discussion       Spring Fair
                                                                    (also welcome to come empty-handed). Third Saturday
Rockridge Branch Library                                            each month; 1 to 5pm. Sponsored by the California
                                                                                                                                The Oakland campus becomes a bustling arts bazaar
                                                                                                                                for a day. The public is invited to shop for one-of-a-kind,
  5366 College Avenue, 597-5017                                     Writers Club, Berkeley branch. Info: 420-8775 or            handmade, affordable gifts created by the CCA staff and
  ***Find out how your library card allows you to get free or       Writefox@aol.com.
  discounted passes to museums and cultural institutions                                                                        students: paintings, drawings, prints, cards, jewelry,
                                                                  y Lawyers in the Library: Free legal advice and
  with the “Discover & GO” program. Some participat-                                                                            ceramics, hand-blown glass, clothing, photography,
                                                                    referrals. First Tues. each month (2/5, 3/5), 5 to 7pm.
  ing partners are the Asian Art Museum, the Aquarium,                                                                          textiles, and more while enjoying live jazz and tasty
                                                                    (Advance sign-up starts 4:45pm at adult reference
  Exploratorium, Oakland Museum, Cal Shakespeare                                                                                treats. Sat., Apr 27, 11am to 3pm. CCA campus, 5212
                                                                    desk). Volunteer lawyer leaves before 7pm if no more
  Theater, and Yerba Buena Ctr. for the Arts.***                                                                                B’way. 594.3600 or www.cca.edu/.
                                                                    people present.
  FOR CHILDREN                                                                                                                 Oakland Heritage Alliance
                                                                  ART EXHIBITS (subject to change; call to confirm)
   y Family Story Time: Stories/songs/rhymes (to age
                                                                  Gallery:                                                     Fundraiser
     5); Saturdays, 10:30am.
                                                                  Apr: Oakland Art Association                                  Great Estates In April: A House Tour of Claremont
   y Pre-School Story Time: (ages 2 to 5); Thursdays,
                                                                  May: Merritt College Figure Drawing Class                     Pines & Upper Rockridge
                                                                  Lobby Display Case:                                           Splendid examples of Tudor and Mediterranean revival
   y Toddler Story Time: (up to age 2); Thursdays,
                                                                                                                                style homes by distinguished architects.
     10:30am, upstairs.                                           Apr: Carla Dole: Handmade books.
                                                                                                                                Two different tours to fit your schedule and pocketbook
   y All story times followed by Play Time; parents and           May: Merritt College Figure Drawing Class
                                                                                                                                on Saturday, Apr 20, 1 to 8pm.
     caregivers invited.                                                            LIBRARY HOURS
                                                                                                                                y Vintage Vistas, 1-4 pm: View home interiors and
  SPECIAL EVENTS:                                                                  Tues, 12:30 to 8pm.
                                                                        Wed., Thurs. and Sat. 10am to 5:30pm.                      enjoy light refreshments. Street map provided for
   y Día de los Niños, Día de los Libros : Day of Children,
                                                                                    Fri., 12 to 5:30pm.                            self-guided walking tour to enjoy exterior views of
     Day of Books. Tues., 4/30, 7pm. Celebrate children
                                                                            Closed: Sundays and Mondays.                           additional homes, vistas, and landscaping. Tickets:
     & reading with your family: We’ll be acting out a few
                                                                                                                                   Advance: $30/OHA members, $35/general. On-site:
     of our favorite bilingual stories. Each family will go      Diesel Books/Readings/Events                                      $35/OHA members, $40/general.
     home with a gift book.                                       All FREE and open to the public.                              y Sunset Over the City, 5-8 pm: Tasting tour features
   y Bananas Parenting Workshop: Sleep Issues. New                y Sun., 4/7, 3pm. Poetry Flash with Joseph Campana,              music with libations and appetizer pairings at multi-
     and expectant parents; First of 4 classes: Helen                Jane Mead, and Kerri Webster.                                 venue reception.
     Neville, sleep expert and author of What	to	Do	About	        y Mon, 4/8, 7:30pm. Amnesty International Meeting             Advance registration required: $75/OHA members,
     Sleep	 Problems	 in	 Young	 Children,	 12	 Months	 to	  	       (2nd Mon. each month): All invited to exchange             $95/general. Includes access to “Vintage Vistas”
     5	Years. Sat., 4/13, 11:15am. Series will continue in           ideas on action.                                           tour from 1-4 pm.
     May & June, with workshops on Yoga, Massage, and             y Fri, 4/12, 7-9pm. Live music with local mandolinist,        Advance tickets: http://oha-greatestates.eventbrite.
     Language & Brain Development.                                   guitarist, and singer Lucas Gonze. Vintage Americana       com/. On-site and advance ticket check-in on April 20th
  FOR TEENS                                                          from the Civil War to the early recording era.             begins 12:30pm at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, 6013
   y Teen Advisory Board: (ages 14-18) Advise the library         y Sun., 4/14, 3pm. Gish Jen: Tiger	Writing:	Art,	Culture,	    Lawton Avenue. Un-metered street parking on B’way.
     how to better serve teens. Get community service                and	the	Independent	Self.                                  Use Church parking lot only after 3:30pm. More info:
     credit for school. Snacks provided. 1st Sat. each            y Tues, 4/16, 6-7pm. Everyone invited to a party with         763-9218 or info@oaklandheritage.org
     month, 1-2 pm. Confirm: 597-5017.                               free pie and door prizes one week in advance of
                                                                     WORLD BOOK NIGHT (on 4/23). (Designated “givers”
                                                                                                                               Square Dance in North Oakland
                                                                     who have signed up can pick up their boxes of books).      Music by The Squirrelly String Band. Calling by Jordan
                                                                  y Sun., 5/5, 3pm. Poetry Flash with Kazim Ali, Tony           Ruyle (with occasional guest performers). 1st and 3rd
                                                                     Barnstone, and Willis Barnstone.                           Fridays each month, 8 – 10pm. All levels welcome; all
                                                                  DIESEL, A Bookstore, 5433 College Ave. More info              dances taught on the spot. $5-10 sliding scale donation.
                                                                                                                                The Niebyl-Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave. Info:

                                                                                                                                 Norman H. Burg, DDS
                                                                                                                                  General Dentistry
                                                                                                                                             (510) 652-1517
                                                                                                                                   5700 Broadway, Oakland
                                                                                                                                  A Prevention Oriented Practice
16.                                                                                                                          April 6, 2013

                                                        Terry Kulka & Julie Bartlett                   aboutface&body
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                      Rockridge                                       B ro k e r
     Located on Market Hall’s Lower Level                                                                  sun-tues 10:30-5:30
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Rockridge versus a norm of 22-23 homes. The
medium days on market for the active homes is 6.                  O Residential Sales
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   FOR SALE ROCKRIDGE                                             O Commercial
30 Roanoke Rd, Claremont $699,000

                N                                                 O Property Management
2 Bed/ 1+ Bath

Fabulous European Feel to this 2 story home.
Loads of updating & newer systems.
Rockridge feel w/Berkeley Schools.
                                                                          Better Homes
www.30Roanoke.com                                                             Realty
5373 Shafter Ave. Call for pricing*                                      5353 College Avenue
2 Beds/ 1 Bath + a Studio in Back
On the cozy side, but very well located.
Bring your ideas and make it yours.
Award Winning Chabot Elementary School

+Discretely offered for sale
5500 block of Lawton Avenue above College                    Playing? Start in Oakland!
3+ Beds/ 1.5 Baths One story
Hardwood floors, fireplace, amazing detailing,
office, many upgrades
Award Winning Chabot Elementary School
Call Ron for Details 510-612-2547

       w/25 35K
5815 Lawton Ave $639,000

4+Beds/ 2Baths

         @ $9
Craftsman Bungalow on quiet tree lined street.

The perfect home for all of your remodeling ideas!
Award Winning Chabot Elementary School
www.5815Lawton.com                                                                                        ELMWOOD
                                                                                                          2991 College Ave
*NOTE: Because of Rockridge Newsletter lead                                                               510.883.7000
time, all prices are not available at print deadline.
  L A W T O N
                      Ron Kriss, Broker                                                                   www.mcguire.com
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                      Over 130 Homes Sold in Rockridge
 B R O K E R A G E     www.LawtonAssoc.com

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